The renovation of the Narowal-Zafarwal Road has begun

The renovation of the Narowal-Zafarwal Road has begun

The renovation of the Narowal-Zafarwal Road has begun. After Prime Minister (CM) Sardar Usman Buzdar announced a 1.36 billion rupee investment in the Narowal Zafarwal Road project on December 24th (Friday), the Ministry of Endowments began construction on the road on December 25th (Saturday).

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Following the details, it has been revealed that work on the 29-kilometer Narowal-Zafarwal Road has already begun and is projected to be completed by the end of December in the year 2022. Since the 1970s, roads have remained bleak and unusable.

Several feasibility studies have been carried out in relation to the renovation, but no work has been carried out thus far. According to reports, sewage from nearby villages and communities was responsible for keeping the roadways in such poor shape. In order to mitigate this, sewerage pipes are installed along the street.

According to Buzdar, the release of Rs 1.13 billion from the Annual Development Program (ADP) was approved in December in order to fund multiple road projects in the Naroir area. The project will entail the construction of a two-lane road between the Lansiwar railroad crossing and the Narowal station, which will cost 100 million rupees.

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The RDA plans to begin work on the Kutchery Chowk Project in January

The RDA plans to begin work on the Kutchery Chowk Project in January

RDA to start Kutchery Chowk Project in January. Beginning in January 2022, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) will begin construction on the Kutchery Chowk project. The project consists of a one-kilometer-long, two-lane-wide underpass that will relieve traffic congestion at the city’s most congested intersection.

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According to the quoted sources, the approximate cost of the project’s establishment is PKR 3.8 billion dollars. Afterwards, NESPAK’s completed project and study were presented to the Planning and Development (P&D) Board for consideration and approval. Construction work on the Defense Chowk project, which is intended to reduce traffic congestion, is another huge project that will be completed shortly after.

Obtain additional information about how the Rawalpindi Cantonments Board is shutting down schools and business centers in residential neighborhoods.

Tariq Mahmoud Murtaza, the chairman of the RDA, revealed that the project had undergone significant adjustments. The much-anticipated underpass project would be beneficial to double-decker buses. The Chowk will be connected to the Mall Road, Jhelum Road, Rashid Minhas Road, and Adyala Road through a pedestrian bridge.

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CDWP approves Rs191 billion health and housing projects

CDWP approves Rs191 billion health and housing projects

CDWP approves Rs191 billion health and housing projects. On Monday, the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) approved two major projects worth Rs191.722 billion. They were in the fields of health, physical planning, and housing. The CDWP approved the projects on Monday.

The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Jehanzeb Khan, presided over a meeting of the CDWP, which approved one project and sent it to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council for more review.

There will be a blood transfusion project in Islamabad that costs Rs528 million to ensure it’s safe.

An official statement said projects in health, physical planning and housing, education, and information technology were shown at the meeting.

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The meeting of the CDWP talked about the first revised project of the Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme K-IV 650 million gallons per day, which is now called K-IV (MGD). At the cost of Rs191.194 billion, the project was put forward by the Ministry of Water. After much thought, the CDWP recommended that the project be sent to Ecnec for more consideration.

260 MGD of water at the cost of Rs126bn was recommended for the project. Before the project was sent to Ecnec, a committee was set up to deal with issues.

PC deputy chairman: There was a lot of water shortage in Karachi, so the project had to be done quickly.

The CDWP approved a project worth $528.383 million. The money will set up safe blood transfusion services in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). The project is supposed to be paid for with money from the Public Sector Development Program and other countries.

Its main goal is to build a high-tech Regional Blood Center (RBC) in Islamabad to provide safe blood and blood products to the linked blood banks of the ICT in Islamabad. Putting hospital blood banks under RBC 3 Islamabad to supply safe blood products eliminated duplication of services, made things more efficient, and cut costs. More people will donate blood without getting paid for it in this project, and blood and blood products will be used in the right way.

The CDWP also agreed to two Position Papers (PP) worth Rs3.176bn at the meeting. The first PP came from the Ministry of Federal Education and cost Rs1.253 billion. It was used to set up the Directorate General of Religious Education. The second PP came from the Ministry of Information Technology and cost Rs1.922bn for Cyber Security for Digital Pakistan Phase-1 ICT, the first part of the project.

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Nasla Tower builders and city officials were charged with crimes

Nasla Tower builders and city officials were charged with crimes

Nasla Tower builders and city officials were charged with crimes. In Karachi, the police filed a case against the builder of the Nasla Tower and officials from a number of government agencies and departments on Monday. This is because the Supreme Court ordered them to.

The Supreme Court ordered the police and the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) to take departmental action and file separate cases against the owners of the building, the Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society, and other government departments for giving the go-ahead for a building that was against the law.

The bench said that the SBCA officials had broken the law, and each and every one of them could face departmental probes and be charged with crimes under the Pakistan Penal Code and the Prevention of Corruption Act.

The bench ordered that two separate first information reports (FIRs) be filed against the SBCA officials and other government officials at the ACE and the police station where they work. It also told the ACE and the DIG-East to file compliance reports in one week.

FIRs were filed at Ferozeabad police station on Monday under sections 34 (common intention), 161 (public servant taking gratification other than legal pay for an official act), 167 (public servant framing an incorrect document with the intent to cause injury) and 218 (public servant framing an incorrect record or writing with the intent to save a person from punishment or their property from being forfeited).

A copy of the FIR, which is available on, says that the city commissioner was told to write a report for the court after a number of different departments looked into the tower.

FIR: “When the Karachi commissioner looked into the plots from all departments, it was found that the plot for the Nasla Tower is 780 square yards in the SMCHS papers,” the FIR said.

According to the report, the owner/builder, Abdul Qadir, had built a tower on 1,121 square yards of land, illegally building on 341 square yards of a service road. He sold flats and shops to people. The report said the society had given him 780 square yards.

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It said that the Supreme Court had told the DIG East to file a case against everyone who was involved in the construction, allotment, and mapping of the Nasla Tower. That’s what the FIR said. Records show that the building was built with “mala fide intent and collusion of other departments.”

As a result of the court order, the FIR said that a case would be filed against Abdul Qadir, his accomplice builders, the SBCA chairman and secretary, the SMCHS officials, the MPD director and deputy director, their officials, as well as those of other departments that were involved in the scheme. This is how it works:

Demolition orders have been given for the Nasla Tower in the middle of the city
Nasla Towers was built on land that should have been used for a service road on June 16. A three-judge SC bench, led by the CJP, ordered that the 15-story building be demolished.

The court detailed its order on June 19, and it also told the builders of the Nasla Tower to refund the money to the registered buyers of both residential and commercial units in three months.

In the future, the builder of the Nasla Tower filed a review petition against the June 16 order, which was denied by the supreme court a few weeks ago.

On Oct. 25, the Supreme Court told the city commissioner to demolish the Nasla Tower through “controlled blasting” in a week and write a report. Companies were then told to send in their demolition costs until two were chosen.

Then, in October, the residents of Nasla Tower were given notices by the district administration. They were told to leave the 15-story building by Oct 27 or face coercive action from the authorities. Most families had moved out of their apartments by October 28.

Then asked for a final decision on how to demolish Nasla Tower. One company wanted to pay Rs220 million for a controlled high-rise implosion, but another company wanted to do the job for free.

The demolition of the tower finally started on Nov. 24, when the supreme court scolded the Karachi commissioner for not tearing down the tower. After that, the work to tear down the building began in earnest.

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Palm City Sialkot

Palm City Sialkot

Palm City Sialkot

Palm City Sialkot is a high-end real estate project by the Royal Builders and Developers. This housing project is locatable at Airport Road near Sialkot International Airport. It has introduced a lavish lifestyle in Sialkot, and guarantees an advanced lifestyle for its residents by providing them with world-class facilities. The developers are well known for developing Royal Orchard Multan, which also ranks among Multan Real Estate Market Trends 2021.

Owners & Developers

Royal Builders and Developers are the developers of this real estate project. They are well known for taking their residential projects like Royal Orchard Sargodha and Royal Orchard Multan to success. Apart from this, the firm focuses on building more gated societies. To become a leader in the real estate industry, this organization has successfully gained recognition due to its community services. The owners of this project have carried out the construction of housing and commercial buildings in the housing society, as per the defined construction standards.

NOC Status

Tehsil Municipal Authority(TMA) Sialkot has approved the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the Palm City Sialkot. Likewise, all the other design procedures, construction, and instalment plans have also been approved. The constructions of numerous projects are taking place within the locality of this project. After the NOC approval, this housing project is now legal. As a result, now it is free of any other land encroachment, or any other scam concerns.

Location Map

The location of this housing society is fascinating for real estate investors, as it is situated near Sialkot International Airport on Airport Road.

Palm City Sialkot location map

Apart from that, following other landmarks are near to this real estate project.

  • FBR Regional Tax Office
  • Post Office
  • Nadra Office
  • University of Sialkot
  • Citi Housing Society
  • City Center
  • Lahore Sialkot Motorway Interchange
  • Sialkot International Airport
  • Passport Office
  • Sialkot Cantonment


Palm City Sialkot is a state of the art housing project efficiently planned by the developers. It spreads over a huge land area with a greater number of residential and commercial buildings, towers, and lavish apartments. By and large, 50% of developmental work is completed, and the remaining 50% work is taking place at a rapid pace.  All the sectors have carpeted roads that are 80 feet, 60 feet, 40 feet, and 30-feet wide. Such roads are laid for easy travelling along with the smooth traffic. Apart from that, it also has a wide main avenue, lined with lush green trees, that runs throughout the entire project.

Palm City Sialkot master plan

Another important factor of this housing society is that it includes Children parks, mosques, educational institutes, and parking lots that can accommodate many cars. Furthermore, the developers are planning to reserve a separate area for the green belt, which would increase the charming quality of the entire housing project.

Payment Plan

The prices of the plots are comparatively low than the rates of other neighboring housing societies. Currently, the bookings are open for every type of residential plot and house. The owners have introduced easy instalment plans, where investors would pay 5% of advance along with a 30% down payment. The investor can pay the remaining amount through 4-year instalments. Moreover, this project also offers a 10% discount on lump sum payment alongside a 5% concession on half payment. Below is the payment plan of this housing society:

Residential Plots Prices

Palm City Sialkot residential plot prices

Houses Prices


palm city sialkot houses prices


Main Facilities 

Apart from the location, the developers are offering several state of the art facilities at reasonable rates. Following are some of the main facilities provided in this housing scheme:

24/7 supply of Water, Electricity, and Gas

The Housing project offers a continuous water supply, Sui gas, and electricity to the residents. There would not be any issue power blackout, as the developers are planning power generators and other electricity backups to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Also, the residents will not have to face any issue of Gas shortage, especially in winter season. Apart from that, more filtration plants would be built, so that the residents would also have an access to clean drinking water.

Educational Facilities

Schools, colleges, and vocational institutions throughout the housing society will provide the best educational services to the inhabitants. Some of the main educational institutions, such as Punjab College UCP Campus, Concept Schools, Government Zahoor Ilahi Degree College, and the University of Sialkot are next to this housing society.

Medical Facilities

The housing society aims to provide world-class hospitals, and clinics with state of the art facilities. In those hospitals, the majority of the doctors would be foreign-qualified.


Religion is an important part of any person’s life. To fulfil the religious needs of the residents, the developers would construct a grand mosque with huge space.

Lavish Restaurants

The owners of this project are planning to build stylish restaurants with national, and international cuisines. Likewise, they plan to reserve a huge area where all the eating places for residents would be established.

Parks and Playgrounds

This housing society also offers huge parks, where the residents could get rid of their boring routine. There would be a Main Park with jogging tracks, where the adults would jog, or walk, especially in the morning.

Efficient Drainage System

There would be complete drainage systems in the entire housing society. Each sector would have main holes and drains for easy water flow with a faultless sewerage system for waste disposal through an underground pipe system.

24/7 Security

The developers are planning to deploy several security personals for the safety of residents. Similarly, they also plan to construct several walk-through gates at different sectors. The developers are planning to install CCTV cameras in various places, which would help observe every movement within the housing society.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Reasonable payment plans
  • Effective Supply of water
  • Clean and Green Environment


  • High rates perception
  • A limited number of plots

Why Invest in Palm City Sialkot?

Palm City Sialkot is one of the main real estate projects that attracts investors due to its affordable payment plan. This housing project also has other facilities such as sports clubs, cinemas, and beauty salons. It offers residential, and commercial plots at lesser rates in an ideal location. Before buying a plot in this project, the investors must look for its rate first. As a matter of fact, the rates of the plots would increase, once this housing society is fully completed. Furthermore, the owners have even designed this project, as a safe, and an environment-friendly project.


In conclusion, it can be said that Palm City Sialkot is the best investment choice. The main purpose of this housing project is to provide luxurious facilities of international standards. Now, is the best time to invest in this housing society as the plots are available at affordable rates. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Estate Land Marketing for more details. We have a team of marketing experts, who personally guide the investors about rates and payment.


Q1. Who owns Palm City Sialkot?

Royal Builders and Developers own this project.

Q2. Where is Palm City Sialkot located?

It is locatable at Airport road near Sialkot International Airport.

Q3. Does the society have its NOC Approval?

The developers of this project have successfully received the NOC from Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA), Sialkot.

Q4. Is it a good investment?

In the real estate sector, investment in houses, or residential plots is a rare business option to maintain the revenue. Therefore, investing in this project would be a feasible choice to increase the capital.

Q5. How to book a plot?

You will get all the details about the Palm City Sialkot from Estate Land Marketing. You can visit our office in City Arcade Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, or contact our marketing experts through our official number.

Q6. What are the sizes of the plots?

The sizes of residential plots are 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

Q7. What is the concept of this housing society?

Palm City Sialkot is a housing project by Royal Builders to deliver sustainable housing in Sialkot.

Q.8 Does it guarantee a high return rate on investment?

Yes, it does. In the light of its ideal location, the investment return rate is projected to be extraordinary.

Q.9 Are there any commercial plots available?

As of now, the owners have not told anything about the availability of

commercial plots.

Q10. Does it have an instalment plan?

Yes, a 48 monthly instalment plan is available for residential plots, and the ten quarterly instalment plan is available for the houses.

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Paradise Enclave Islamabad

Paradise Enclave Islamabad

Paradise Enclave Islamabad

Paradise Enclave is an upcoming real estate project in the capital city. It has a wide range of residential & commercial plots, which provide the investors with a better choice, as per their income. It will be one of the most elite housing societies with reasonable rates. Furthermore, this venture aims to provide a unique and Eco-sustainable environment with very inexpensive rates.

Owners and Developers

Rafi Ullah Shirazi, a prominent developer, has started this project, and Aura Business Solutions Ltd. is working as its advertiser. Aura Solutions has stepped into the real estate industry by working on several other multi-billion ventures. Aura Solution has a team of skilled individuals experienced in the real estate sector and media.

It has a team of experienced individuals in information technology, mass media, and real estate. Apart from that, Aura is also moving rapidly with the contemporary dynamics of the construction and real estate sector. Ozsaphire, a prominent Turkish enterprise, is also working on this project. The developers of this project have an excellent record of delivering state-of-the-art projects.

NOC Status

The owners of this project are currently negotiating with the Rawalpindi Development Authority and other concerned entities for the No Objection Certificate. As soon as they receive the NOC, they will speed up the development work.

Locations and Map

This housing society is located right near the New Islamabad International Airport, adjacent to Nova City Islamabad. It will be an ecologically friendly point on Pilo Road, near Lahore Motorway and Thalian Interchange. This housing society is just few minutes away from Capital Smart City.

Paradise Enclave Islamabad location map

This housing society is near prominent places, whose distances are as follows.

  • 5 Kilometers from the I-16 sector in Islamabad
  • 9 Kilometers from the New Islamabad International Airport
  • 3 Kilometers away from Thalian Interchange
  • 12 Kilometers from GPO Saddar Rawalpindi
  • 30 Kilometers from Zero Point Islamabad


Paradise Enclave aims to become a secured gated society that includes a healthy lifestyle that would leave the residents with more leisure time to discover the entire society. It has always been a desire of real estate investors to live a quality life. Paradise Enclave considers the desires of its potential investors as the utmost priority.

Payment Plan

Paradise Enclave Islamabad is offering plots on a cash sale and easy instalments. This project offers 4 years’ instalments given below. There are only few plots available, which the developers would provide on the basis of first comes first.

Paradise Enclave payment plan

The development work is already taking place. However, now is the best time to invest for the investors to build their own house for their living or other commercial purposes. All the prices of plots would increase soon after the completion of this project.


Paradise Enclave Islamabad is a luxurious housing project with world class facilities that nurture the living conditions and deliver all the provisions to the inhabitants, such as well-maintained parks, hospitals, and educational institutions. Along with that, the Paradise Enclave Islamabad caters to other entertaining desires of the inhabitants, such as health clubs and civic centers, with a public library.

The Paradise Enclave Islamabad will have all other smart features within the housing society, which are as follows.

World Class Infrastructure

This housing society involves technological innovation with a sustainable environment that would give a magical expression. The top-notch concreted boulevards would be twisting, turning, or linear. Furthermore, all the educational institutions, hospitals, and civic centers would be a marvel of dedicated engineering.

It will be similar to Blue World City Rawalpindi, which also provides easy convenience to its residents with projects like these.

Gated Community         

The housing project will be a protected gated society, safer for the residents than the other housing ventures. It would have a secured gate with 24/7 surveillance for the individuals who would enter or leave the society’s premises, along with a check post. Moreover, the developers would also construct a boundary wall surrounding the entire society.

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls act as a dominant factor in any real estate project as they enable customers to spend their leisure time and buy the items of their choice. They act as a source of comfort for families in a particular housing society. The significance of shopping malls for families is to encourage them to go out from their residents for some time and do something entertaining.

The shopping malls in this society would include all the social activities such as Sales, New Product launch festivals, or dun concerts.

Apart from that, the visitors would also have a facility of a retail center in those malls, where they can buy things for their daily necessities. The developers have allotted a separate commercial area, where the residents would find all types of malls. The visitors would fulfil their shopping requirements while getting a unique, peaceful shopping experience.

Grand Mosque

The developers would also construct a grand mosque that would fulfil the spiritual requirements of residents. A prayer area inside a gated society guarantees that the residents would search for their religious uplifting. The developers ensure that the mosques would also beautify the entire housing society.

Why Invest in Paradise Enclave?

The main purpose of Paradise Enclave is to develop an environmentally sustainable housing society. The developers are utilizing smart technological innovations to make this project a success. Moreover, they would be integrated with the best facilities while ensuring a faultless and comprehensive methodology of a luxurious lifestyle for others to follow. The highly skilled team of this project fully comprehends and appreciates client desires. So that they transform these concepts into a luxury residence that summarizes the lifestyle of residents’ imaginings. Therefore, it also deals with the accurate notion of an elegant living in a protected society. The practicality and convenience are amalgamated to construct the most up-to-date and first-class housing society. The master plan of this project is somehow similar to Blue World City Rawalpindi and Kingdom Valley Islamabad which is way beyond the imagination.

Advantages & Disadvantages 


  • Paradise Enclave Islamabad offers a comfortable lifestyle to its residents.
  • This housing society aims to develop technological innovations, which have not been witnessed before.
  • The developers are planning an efficient system of waste disposal and sewerage.


  • Its further expansion would take more time than mandatory as it does not have the NOC.
  • Many real estate experts consider it more expensive due to the high level of wealth that the developers of this project are targeting.


The Paradise Enclave Islamabad is an elite housing project with a world-class infrastructure and innovations. The main purpose of this project is to provide its residents, a commercial experience with global standards. So, now is the best chance for investment, as the plots are available at affordable prices. For more information about this project, please contact Estate Land Marketing. We are the authorized dealers of this real estate venture. We have a team of real estate professionals and marketing specialists who discuss this project’s rates and payments in detail.


Q1. Who owns Paradise Enclave Islamabad?

Rafi Ullah Shirazi, a prominent developer, owns this project.

Q2. Where to locate it?

It is locatable on Pilo Road and a few miles away from New Islamabad International Airport and Thalian Interchange.

Q3. Does the society have its NOC Approval?

The owners are currently negotiating with the concerned authorities for the NOC.

Q4. Is it a good investment?

In a real estate market, investment in Residential plots is a feasible business choice to maintain your income. So we can say that investing in the Paradise Enclave is the best option to increase capital.

Q5. How to book a plot?

You will get all the details from Estate Land Marketing. You can visit our office in City Arcade Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, or contact us through our official number,

Q6. What are the sizes of the plots?

The sizes of residential plots range from 4 Marla to 20 Marla.

Q7What is the concept of this housing project?

Seven Wonders City is a project by Rafi Ullah Shirazi to deliver the concept of an environmentally friendly housing society.

Q.8 Does it guarantee a high return rate on investment?

Yes, it does. Due to its ideal location with state of the art infrastructure, the return rate of investment will be extraordinary.

Q.9 Are there any commercial plots available?

As of now, the designer of this project have not informed anything yet about the availability of

commercial plots.

Q10. Does it have an instalment plan?

Yes, a four-year instalment plan is available for residential plots, as mentioned in the payment plan.

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The CDA wants to buy drones to keep an eye on wildlife and forests

The CDA wants to buy drones to keep an eye on wildlife and forests

The CDA wants to buy drones to keep an eye on wildlife and forests. The city managers have decided to buy drone cameras to keep an eye on wildlife and forests.

It’s a pilot project, and the CDA wants to buy a drone camera for the Model Forestry Park in Malpur with the most up-to-date technology for $6.8 million.

If drones are used, it will be easier to find encroachments in the forest. It will help us take action against the encroachers quickly.

Read more with EL news : Taxila, Kotli Satian, Murree Tehsils erased from jurisdiction of RDA

A press release from the CDA says that the camera will also help them figure out what kinds of animals live in the forests around Islamabad. It will also help them figure out which animals migrate.

It said the technology could be used for other things, like stopping illegal logging. Other problems, such as forest fires, could also be found and dealt with on time.

Read more with EL news : Launch of Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul freight train to boost trade

The Model Forestry Park is being built under the direction of Rana Tahir Mahmood, the director of the environment protection cell. Mahmood has been trying to get drone technology for the park, sources say.

It is being built on 350 acres, and so far, 50,000 trees have been planted. On January 13, the CDA will put out a new tender for 50,000 more trees, including cheer pine, amaltas, and kachnar. They will be planted in the spring.

Read more with EL news : Park View City has put land for sale in a golf estate in Lahore market

A CDA official said that the civic agency was also planning to get more than 100 closed-circuit TV cameras for the park to keep plants and people safe.

The CDA will purchase drones to monitor wildlife and forests.

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Taxila, Kotli Satian, Murree Tehsils erased from jurisdiction of RDA

Taxila, Kotli Satian, Murree Tehsils erased from jurisdiction of RDA

Taxila, Kotli Satian, Murree Tehsils erased from jurisdiction of RDA. The Punjab government has decided to remove the Rawalpindi Development Authority’s control over nearly six tehsils in the Rawalpindi Division from the Punjab government (RDA).

In a newspaper article published on December 22nd, the news featured the six tehsils of Kahuta, Kotli Satian, Kalar Syedan, Gujjar Khan, Murree, and Taxila, among others.

Read more about EL news : DHA Lahore permits commercial plazas to have rooftop sitting

According to the sources, the RDA now controls 64 communities across the country. The chairman of the RDA, Mr. Tariq Mahmood Murtaza, informed the media that a new structure would be put in place. RDA was in charge of 138 housing developments at the survey. There are 80 of them who are legitimate, and there are 58 who have been vetted.

Read more with EL news : ECNEC approves Rs23.6bn Rawalpindi Ring Road Project

Aside from that, the government would enforce business regulations and even take legal action against illegal housing developments that arise under the new jurisdiction. Only those proposals are permitted to develop publicly advertised to sell the plots.

The tehsils of Taxila, Kotli Satian, and Murree have been removed from the jurisdiction of RDA.

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DHA Lahore permits commercial plazas to have rooftop sitting

DHA Lahore permits commercial plazas to have rooftop sitting

DHA Lahore permits commercial plazas to have rooftop sitting. The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) management in Lahore will assist in bidding for restaurant and coffee shop companies during the ongoing pandemic. Additionally, the administration has chosen to allow rooftop seating at properties’ commercial plazas.

Read more with EL news : The government now concentrates on CPEC Phase-II SEZ

DHA In March 2020, Lahore closed its offices and public venues because of the Covid 19. Now that office activity has resumed, the authority has adhered to standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Other changes will be made following this move to establish the business on the rooftop. Additionally, a sub-office of Jacaranda Family Club will be established in Islamabad.

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The government now concentrates on CPEC Phase-II SEZ

The government now concentrates on CPEC Phase-II SEZ

The government now concentrates on CPEC Phase-II SEZ. The chairman of the Board of Investment (BoI), Muhammad Azfar Ahsan, said that the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) as part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Phase II is the main goal of the government.

Used to build the CPEC project have been repaired, and a parliamentary committee has been set up to look into the project.

At a CPEC Industrial Cooperation B2B Investment Conference, nine out of three SEZs are already being built. Among them are the projects in Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and Punjab: Dhabeji SEZ in Sindh, Rashakai SEZ in KP, and the Allama Iqbal Industrial City SEZ in Punjab.

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Besides that, the chairman said that the businesses and developers who set up in the Special Economic Zones were given money. In addition, the imports of capital goods were not taxed for 10 years.

As of this writing, 70 businesses have been given active SEZ status.

Khalid Mansoor, a Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (PM), said that the government will focus on four Special Economic Zones (SEZs) this year.

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