CDA remains unclear on Wasa's request for tube well installation

CDA remains unclear on Wasa’s request for tube well installation

The MNA from Rawalpindi wrote a letter and asked for permission to set up tube wells in Islamabad.
People in the civic group say they should make a choice based on what the capital needs.
ISLAMABAD: The Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) has asked the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to let it install tube wells in the federal capital’s jurisdiction for the people of Rawalpindi. This is because Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed’s nephew backs the agency.

Sheikh Rashid Shafique, a member of the National Assembly (MNA), wrote a letter to the city’s civic agency, asking it to let Wasa install tube wells in its area to meet the water needs of the people of Rawalpindi. The civic agency has his support.

It’s already running low on water, and the ground water level has been dropping quickly in Islamabad. Wasa wants to set up 15 tube wells in the city, which is already having problems.

Do you know that Wasa has asked us to install tube wells in Islamabad? It’s not like we’ve made a decision so far, says a spokesperson for the CDA, Syed Asif Raza.

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“We’ll make a decision that takes our own needs into account first,” Mr Raza told the crowd.

Even though a final decision had not yet been made, Islamabad’s civic body’s water directorate and planning wing said that the city was already in crisis with water.

The CDA is part of the interior ministry, which is led by Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, who was elected from the NA-62 constituency in Rawalpindi. The CDA is part of the ministry, which is led by Ahmed. His nephew, Sheikh Rashid Shafique, is also a member of parliament. He used to live in the garrison city’s NA-60 constituency, but he moved back to the city.

sources say that CDA got Mr. Shafique’s letter last year. It hasn’t closed the case.

Some people say that in 2015-16, the CDA let 23 tube wells from Wasa be built on the service road west of the expressway in Islamabad. Later, when the capital’s water table was quickly depleting, the CDA regretted it.

Officials from the CDA said that the city had grown a lot, there had been a lot more people, and the water table was quickly going down. This put the civic agency in a difficult situation.

On December 24, 2021, Sheikh Rashid Shafique wrote: “With reference to the letter mentioned above, it is stated that the subject matter is urgent in nature and a site plan showing the locations has already been sent to the town planner of the Planning Wing of the Planning Wing CDA Islamabad,” he wrote.

“Also, a part of the funds have been released so that the project can start right away,” Shafique said, asking the CDA to give the project a “No-Objection Certificate.”

It was last year that the Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) and the Pakistan Development Authority (PDA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to improve the water table by building 150 recharging wells to store rainwater. This will help the water table rise.

Last few decades, the civic agency could not bring in water from anywhere else except for two million gallons from Rawal Dam, which it brought back after more than two decades.

From three primary sources: Simply Dam, Khanpur Dam, and tube wells, the CDA gets 60 to 70 mgd of water now, but it needs 220 mgd, according to a study by the CDA. This is because the CDA doesn’t have enough water. Rawalpindi, too, is suffering from a lack of water.

When the proposed Ghazi Barotha project is done, both Rawalpindi and Islamabad will get 100 mgd each.

When the Senate asked Shehryar Afridi for a written response, he said that the groundwater level in the capital had dropped five times in the last five years.

A 6ft drop in groundwater level was seen in 2013, a 10ft drop in 2014, and 16ft, 23ft, and 30ft drops up to 2017. He said that the groundwater level in Islamabad was dropping because people and businesses were pumping a lot of water to meet their needs and because there had been less rain than usual.

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Citi Housing Sialkot

Citi Housing Sialkot


Citi housing Sialkot is the exceptional housing scheme available in the surrounding of Sialkot, like Palm City Sialkot. Moreover, the developers are willing to offer upgraded living standards to all future residents. Furthermore, the location is highly approachable, which attracts most investors. Another mesmerizing feature is the prices of properties that are highly affordable. And to facilitate the buying capacity of the investors, the developers have also offered the instalment plan. So, investing here will yield long-term benefits. Lastly, to know about this residential scheme, continue reading.

Owners & Developers

The developers are famous in the field and have been working for decades. Moreover, Citi Housing Developers are building this magnificent project. Furthermore, they have developed similar projects like the Citi Housing Jhelum, Citi Housing Multan, and Citi Housing Gujranwala. And they have a group of experts working professionally to provide the best living standards to the investors. Moreover, the investors now have confidence in the developers and their projects. Therefore, investment here will be valuable.

Location & Map

Location is another prominent feature of Citi housing Sialkot. Moreover, the site of this residential scheme is on Daska Road. Furthermore, it is near Beerh, Model Town, Satellite Town, Gojra, and Nandipur. Another best aspect is this real estate project is close to all the vital sites required for sustainable living like schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, and companies. Therefore, investment here will lead to sustainable living standards. Lastly, the housing society is one of the best real estate investments in the surrounding area, like the Blue World City Islamabad.

Citi housing Sialkot Location

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is also the vital document all investors look for before making any real estate investment. Moreover, the developers have the legal status to help the residents make a real estate investment here. Furthermore, the residents know the developers’ delivery because of their previous projects. Therefore, the housing society is receiving a lot of investment. Lastly, the future residents and investors fully trust the developers and believe that their assets will be valuable.

Payment Plans

The prices of the properties here are affordable, encouraging investors from different socio-economic statuses to invest here. Moreover, the developers want to offer the best living standards at reasonable prices like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Most importantly, the instalment plan is the critical feature that further helps investors make this real estate investment. And there are several plots sizes available here that will help the investors in the decision making process. Moreover, the prices here range from PKR 2,150,000/- to PKR 9,360,000/-.

There is a provision of thirty-six instalments payable after every three months. However, the downpayment is mandatory to pay initially to start the purchasing procedure. Therefore, the investment here will be a viable option for all the investors, such as the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Lastly, to get the latest payment plan for this residential scheme, visit the official website of estate land marketing.

Citi housing Sialkot payment plan

Master Plan

The developer’s concern is to arrange the best possible standards for all the investors. Moreover, eight blocks are available in this housing society; block A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. Furthermore, several residential properties are available to meet the living requirement. Most importantly, several sizes are present to ease the future residents in the decision-making process. Moreover, the prices of these plots are also highly affordable. And one aspect that all investors find interesting is the privilege of the instalment plan.

The other prominent fact is that the housing society offers a variety of amenities to all the investors and future residents, including the essential to the high-end aspects. Moreover, the housing societies are helping the residents grow economically as the availability of a commercial area will help future residents and investors start their customized endeavours. Therefore, investing here may reveal higher financial gains.

Residential Plots

The developers provide residential properties of several sizes to all the investors where they can reside and have the best of times. Moreover, these properties are highly reasonable with an option of an instalment plan. Furthermore, several facilities are also here to provide a high-quality lifestyle to all the residents. Lastly, some of the residential plots available here are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Several sizes of commercial properties are also available here with an ambition to offer business opportunities to the residents. Moreover, the properties are affordable as per the amenities it has to offer. Therefore, investment in this commercial area will generate higher monetary benefits. Lastly, to get the latest prices of commercial plots, visit the estate land marketing’s official website. Some of the properties here are:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Development Status

The Citi housing Sialkot is developing at a fast pace. Moreover, the majority of properties are in the investor’s possession. Furthermore, the roads are complete, and investors and future residents can easily take a trip to this residential project. And the quality is what the developers wish to deliver to their investors. Therefore, the infrastructure is of high quality.

Moreover, the developers follow urban town planning procedures that allow less wastage in construction projects. And that also promotes sustainable and high-quality deliverables. Furthermore, the residents are having a blissful time here with their loved ones. Therefore investing here will be an asset. Lastly, visit the Estate Land Marketing Official website to get more details.

Citi Housing Sialkot Features

Features are the attractive aspects of this housing scheme. And some of them are as follows:

  • Grand Mosque
  • Citi Parlour
  • Zoo
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Commercial Area
  • Gym and Fitness Area
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Cinema
  • Marts and Malls
  • Dancing Fountain
  • Water Fall Garden
  • Rafalgar Square Replica
  • High-Quality Infrastructure


The developers aim to provide the best facilities to their residents and investors. Moreover, some of them are as follows:

Provision of all Necessities

The housing society has all the essentials like electricity, gas and water. Moreover, the best aspect is the 24/7 presence of all the facilities to comfort the residents. Furthermore, the developers aim to offer a sustainable and healthy lifestyle to all the residents at affordable prices. 

Healthcare and Educational Units

Education is also one of the vital factors to grow any community. Therefore, educational institutes will be available here to help the resident achieve sustainable life goals. Moreover, health care units will be present, working 24/7 to help the resident in an emergency. All these aspects enhance the living standards of the residents.

Foolproof Secured Environments

The developers offer a secured environment to all the residents and the investors. Moreover, there will be CCTC cameras installed in the community to record all the activities going around. Furthermore, security guards do their job 24/7 to mitigate any inconvenient situation.

Theme Parks and Grounds

The developers will offer a healthy environment to all the residents. Therefore, there are theme parks and grounds available to increase the recreational activities for all the residents. Moreover, health is a vital aspect of all human life, so exercise and fitness activities will help the residents reach health goals.

Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is here to help the resident fulfil their religious obligations. Moreover, the architecture of the Mosque is beautiful. Furthermore, the residents will have access to the Mosque to meet their spiritual goals timely and effectively. Therefore, investing here will yield the blissful life of all the residents.

Eco-Friendly Environment

Lastly, the location and the development process is highly optimized. Therefore, there is less wastage is involved, which leads to sustainability. Moreover, a plantation drive is also in the housing scheme to create a more serene and fresh environment.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Living in this residential project will provide several benefits. And some of them are as follows:


  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Affordable Price Range
  • Ideal Location
  • Access to all necessities
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Fully Secured Environment
  • Commercial Area
  • Malls and Marts
  • Spa and Salons
  • Zoo
  • Nearby Police Station
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Parking Area
  • Grand Mosque
  • Cinema


  • Perception of higher properties rates

Why Invest in Citi Housing Sialkot?

The housing society is an exceptional living space for all the residents. Moreover, the location of this residential scheme is approachable with higher accessibility. Furthermore, a payment plan is here with the affordability factor with an option of an instalment plan. And the master plan is unique, with several residential and commercial properties. Most importantly, from essential to luxuries, all facilities are available to all the residents and the investors. Therefore, investing here will be a valuable decision. Lastly, all the relevant updates of this housing society will be available on the official website of Estate Land Marketing.


The Citi HousingSialkot is one of the magnificent residential schemes in the Sialkot. Moreover, the location is the most prominent feature that attracts most investors. Furthermore, the payment plan is also here to meet the economic condition of the future residents. Most importantly, there is a provision of instalment to facilitate the investors paying the due property amount. And the facilities available here are what all investors look for before investing in real estate investment. Moreover, necessities and luxuries will provide the best living standards to all the residents. Lastly, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing to get the latest updates.


Q1. What is Citi Housing Sialkot?

It is a housing scheme in Sialkot.

Q2. Who are the developers of this real estate project?

Citi Housing Developers are building this magnificent project.

Q3. Where is this housing society located?

the site of this residential scheme is on Daska Road

Q4. Is the Citi Housing Sialkot payment plan affordable?

Yes, the prices of the plots are reasonable.

Q5. Is there is an option of an instalment plan?

Yes, to ease the payment schedule, there is an option of an instalment plan.

Q6. Is investment here is good real estate investment option?

Of course, the developer’s primary purpose is to offer the best living conditions at affordable prices. Therefore investment here is valuable.

Q7. Is there is an availability of a commercial area?

Yes, there are commercial properties available in this real estate project.

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New CDA agro-farm scheme by laws restrict land subdivision

New CDA agro-farm scheme by laws restrict land subdivision

ISLAMABAD: The new agro-farm scheme of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has hit a snag because of new bylaws that don’t allow agro land to be split up.

CDA has given land for agro farms in the past. It showed 40 kanals of land and 80 kanals of land. Though the plan is still bad, it got another setback last year when the CDA changed its bylaws and banned sub-division, which was another setback for the scheme.

As per the old bylaws, the civic agency used to be able to split up farms, which meant two people could buy one agro-farm. This made it possible for more than one person to buy the property together, and they would just get it transferred to their names from the CDA. However, because of new by-laws, sub-division has been banned.

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Sources say the bylaws were told in 2020, but the CDA kept letting it until last year. Civic agency officials noted that subdividing would not be allowed under the current rules. It was put on hold for a while because of this.

CDA hasn’t been able to get enough food from farmers so far, says an official.

CDA spokesman Syed Asif Raza was asked about the ban on sub-division when he was asked about it. When asked, he said he would respond after getting more information about it from the officers involved.

“But, after two hours, he said: “The bylaws were sent out in 2020. I don’t know why because the people in charge are out of my reach.

It’s important to point out that the owners of agro-farms, instead of growing crops, have built stately homes on the land they were given. As a result, officials from the CDA say that they haven’t been able to get enough Agri products from the people who live there.

The CDA has said many times in the past that it will start taking action against people who break the rules of the agro-farm scheme, but it couldn’t make the promises into real things.

According to the CDA, there were supposed to be 539 farms in the city that were supposed to grow fruits and vegetables for the city’s residents. Instead, the owners have turned these farms into palaces.

The farms are spread out in different places, like Chak Shahzad, Kahuta Road, Murree Road, Tarlai Kalan, Sehana, and H-9.

LAST YEAR, the CDA said that it was ready for “a mega operation against agro-farms, which are not producing products under the allotment letter,” but then the civic body changed its mind.

In the 70s, when the CDA started giving out farmhouses, the allowed covered area was 2,500 square feet. But over time, the civic agency kept increasing the size, and now the covered area is 9,500 sq ft.

The sources said that agro-farms were sold to influential people in the country who didn’t care about meeting the needs of people in the federal capital by giving them fresh vegetables, fruit, and poultry products.

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New U-Turns on Srinagar Highway eliminate Signals

New U-Turns on Srinagar Highway eliminate Signals

New U-Turns on Srinagar Highway eliminate Signals. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has converted Islamabad’s Srinagar Highway into a signal-free corridor by implementing strategic U-Turns, which were opposed by the majority, to alleviate traffic congestion and improve traffic flow.

The Federal Development Organization’s (Capital Development Authority) administration is also implementing effective steps to manage traffic flow in Islamabad, including introducing several types of traffic management systems. In this regard, the administration has implemented Protected U-Turns to aid in the capital’s traffic flow under the Islamabad Traffic Police’s strategy (ITP).

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Highway to Srinagar, Signal-Free, U-Turn

With new U-turns, the Srinagar Highway has been transformed into a signal-free corridor.

According to specifications, the Srinagar Highway project would have three Protected U-Turns, the first erected between G-12 and NUST University. This U-Turn, dubbed the G-12 U-Turn, will be used by traffic heading towards Islamabad to access the G-11 service road, while traffic entering GT Road will use it to access NUST University and Shams Colony.

The second U-Turn, dubbed the G-11 Police Line U-Turn (a.k.a. Protected U-Turn 02), would be utilised by traffic heading towards Islamabad to access the G-10 service road, while traffic coming from GT Road will use it to access the NUST Police Line, H-11, Airport, and GT Road.

The third U-Turn on Srinagar Highway (Protected U-Turn 03), constructed between G-9 and G-10, will be utilised by traffic heading towards Islamabad to access G-8 and G-9. At the same time, commuters from GT Road will use it to access G-11, NUST, and the Airport.

Two of the three U-Turns are fully functioning, while construction on the third U-Turn is now underway and will be completed in two to three days. These U-turns have been designed with sufficient signage to allow drivers to approach them easily.

The interchanges constructed on the Peshawar Mor Interchange would have cost significantly more than Rs. 7.5 billion and taken at least three years to complete. However, thanks to a particular study conducted by the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), the CDA administration could finish the U-Turn project at a relatively low cost.

The completion of this project is projected to improve traffic flow on Srinagar Highway by eliminating unnecessary U-Turns and relocating previously built signal lights.

At this point, the Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) stated that the project’s work had entered the final phases of completion in light of the IG Police Islamabad and SSP Traffic Police comments. The project’s completion will alleviate traffic congestion and save travellers money and time.

Islamabad’s people (Islamabadians) have opposed the U-Turns on the Srinagar Highway, claiming that they have increased travel time and fuel expenses due to their pointlessness. Let us know what you think in the comments area.

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PM Imran to lay the groundbreaking for the Ring Road project

PM Imran to lay the groundbreaking for the Ring Road project

PM Imran to lay the groundbreaking for the Ring Road project. People in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, said that Prime Minister Imran Khan would likely lay the foundation stone for a long-awaited project on Saturday afternoon. The project is called R3, and it’s supposed to make the city more efficient and safe.

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The Punjab government has given Rs5.9 billion to buy land for the 38.3-kilometre road. Rs2.3 billion has been spent out of it, and more money is coming in.

Read more with EL news : PPP accuses PTI of preparing attack on Sindh House in Islamabad

Six lanes will be built in the road, and four interchanges will be built on Banth-Chak Beli Khan Road, Adiala Road, Chakri Road, and Thalian Roads. At the last year end, Prime Minister Imran Khan learned about alleged changes to the project’s alignment. These changes, which he said could have raised the project’s cost by Rs25 billion, also benefited some private housing societies.

Read more with EL news : Ecnec secures approval for three projects totaling Rs270 billion

After an investigation at the top level of the provincial government, it was found that changes had been made to the actual plan of the road to building new roads.

The Punjab government scrapped the old project and made a new one for the new alignment from Rawat to Thallian near the Motorway.

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PPP accuses PTI of preparing attack on Sindh House in Islamabad

PPP accuses PTI of preparing attack on Sindh House in Islamabad

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) warned Thursday that the government was preparing to attack Sindh House in Islamabad after the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) claimed that some of its legislators were hiding in the building at the opposition’s request.

The government claimed that the opposition detained several ruling party lawmakers at Sindh House ahead of the vote on the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan, following a statement by Punjab Assembly Speaker Chaudhry Parvez Elahi that approximately a dozen PTI MNAs had ‘gone missing.

In a public address on Wednesday, the premier said that opposition leaders were sitting in Sindh House with “heaps of money” to buy the loyalty of treasury legislators, and he urged the election commission to investigate the alleged allegations horse-trading.

Abdul Qadir Patel, Abdul Qadir Mandokhel, Abid Hussain Bhayo, Javed Shah Jilani, Ehsan Mazari, Naveed Dero, and Mehreen Bhutto, all PPP members of parliament, issued a joint statement in the early hours of Thursday alleging that “[Prime Minister] Imran Khan’s government is hell-bent on [carrying out] terrorism” and planning to attack Sindh House.

They claimed to have evidence indicating that the Islamabad police and the Pakistan People’s Party’s Tiger Force plotted the “attack.” According to the PPP legislators, if any damage is caused to Sindh House’s facilities or its members, the government will be held accountable, which would violate the law and the Constitution.

The PPP members stated that they requested housing in Sindh House because they felt unsafe at the Parliament Lodges following an Islamabad police operation last week to disperse members of the Ansarul Islam, a uniformed volunteer force of the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam, who had entered the lodges in large numbers.

The MPs stated that they sought protection from the Sindh police as a legal and constitutional right in light of the Islamabad police’s “illegal raids and endangerment of lives.”

However, in a brief interview with media Thursday afternoon, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid stated that no action against the Sindh House was planned. He responded to a journalist’s inquiry on allegations of a government action.

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“At the moment, we are not taking any action against anyone. [The date] is a long way off. “He was referring to the date on which the no-trust motion would be voted on.

“A few persons occupy sindh House. They have dispatched 300-400 police officers. There is no issue. There are numerous days remaining, “The minister of the interior stated.

Earlier this month, PPP leader Faisal Karim Kundi stated that several MPs will be staying at Sindh House during a press conference with PPP MNA Shazia Marri. “Each member has the right to remain. These individuals represent the opposition and our friends “He added that MNAs were detained there for fear of being kidnapped ahead of the no-trust vote.

Marri further rejected the prime minister’s “false news” during the press conference with Kundi that PTI dissidents were being held at the Sindh House.

‘Extremely flagrant infringement’

Meanwhile, Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Zaidi questioned the Sindh government’s decision to station 400 Special Security Unit (SSU) police personnel in Islamabad.

He wrote to the establishment secretary requesting an investigation into SSU Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Maqsood Memon for permitting the force to convene in the federal capital. Zaidi stated that the DIG should be suspended till the conclusion of the investigation.

Zaidi said a day ago that the force was posted at Sindh House to safeguard the “bags” of money intended to be used to “bribe” PTI MNAs.

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Ecnec secures approval for three projects totaling Rs270 billion

Ecnec secures approval for three projects totaling Rs270 billion

ISLAMABAD: Sindh and Punjab provinces have been fighting over how much water each gets. On Wednesday, the Ecnec (Executive Committee of the National Economic Council) approved three projects worth Rs270 billion, including the second phase of the Greater Thal Canal and other projects.

Also, the meeting of Ecnec led by Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin approved a project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa worth Rs30 billion to help poor people in that area.

Staff who work on development projects and are paid on a Project Pay Scale will get a 75% raise in their pay packages (PPS).

It also decided to use the right amount of money from the total budget for the projects in the PSDP to run an effective media campaign to make people aware of the Federal Government’s policies, projects, and initiatives that are meant to improve the lives of the people.

The meeting was attended by Energy Minister Hammad Azhar, Punjab Minister for Irrigation Mohsin Leghari, the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, and other high-ranking government officials.

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Controversial: The Greater Thal Canal has been given the green light.

The meeting agreed to build the Greater Thal Canal Project (Phase-II). The Ministry of Planning said that after meeting with representatives from the governments of Sindh and Punjab, it had come up with about half a dozen recommendations. ECNEC gave the project its blessing in principle at a cost of Rs38.372bn on December 22, 2021, and it will go ahead.

It was told that if water is given to provinces based on the principle in Para-2 of the 1991 Water Apportionment Accord, all of the projects in the WAA could be done. Due to a lack of water, Sindh says that the construction of the Greater Thal Canal (GTC) could make Sindh’s water shortages even worse because of the agreement.

The Indus River System Authority (Irsa) has again, by a majority vote, said that there will be enough water for GTC in 2021. “Irsa has made available enough data to show that there is enough water in the system,” said the planning ministry. The water should be used by provinces within their share of the water.

Because water projects are important, Ecnec approved the structure for implementing the GTC. At the same time, a credible monitoring system was set up to make sure that Punjab didn’t overspend.

Before the telemetry system can be installed, the Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) will keep an eye on the flow of the Indus River in the Chashma-Taunsa-Guddu (including Panjnad) reach. This will happen right away. Until the telemetry instrumentation is in place, fully installed, and tested by field teams that could include the third party, this would be how it would be done. People at Irsa would pick up the tab for this monitoring tool.

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Microfinance institutions to make low-cost housing loans

Microfinance institutions to make low-cost housing loans

KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) said that it has made it easier for microfinance banks to lend money to people who need low-cost housing and small businesses because of changes in prudential rules.

SBP: “Based on the steps taken in recent years to encourage financing for important areas, the central bank has revised prudential regulations for microfinance banks (MFBs) so that low-cost housing and small businesses can get the money they need.”

During CY2021, there were more than 4.6 million borrowers and an outstanding loan portfolio of more than Rs290 billion for MFBs. In total, there were more than 674,000 MSEs and more than 75,000 housing finance customers with loans totaling more than $77 million and $ 20 million.

“This shows that MFBs can help people who aren’t getting the money they need, especially in rural and remote areas,” said the SBP.

Read more with EL news : The Centre approves a ‘world-class’ KCR for Karachi

The changes made to the prudential regulations are expected to help MFBs reach out to the low-income parts of the economy that aren’t usually served by banks, it said.

The SBP thinks that the new regulations will make it easier for people who make less money to get loans for low-cost housing and small businesses (MSE).

Thus, the revised prudential regulations will help to meet the needs of people who haven’t been able to get loans in the past, especially in the MSE and housing sectors, it said.

Yields on PIBs can rise up to 115bps.

On Wednesday, the government sold Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs) for more than $200 billion. The government increased the cut-off yields for different tenors by up to 115 basis points, which helped the government raise more money.

It raised Rs192.8bn through an auction and another Rs7.67bn through non-competitive bids, which is how much money it made.

By raising Rs53.5bn for three-year bonds, the cut-off yield rose by 115 basis points to 11.85%.

For five-year bonds, the government sold Rs80.43bn worth after raising its cut-off yield by 100bps to 11.75pc. The government bought Rs58.915bn worth of 10-year bonds at 11.74pc, up 88bps.

The government got bids totaling Rs588.897bn, but it only raised Rs200.5bn from the public.

Microfinance institutions to provide low-interest mortgages.

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The Centre approves a ‘world-class' KCR for Karachi

The Centre approves a ‘world-class’ KCR for Karachi

KARACHI/ISLAMABAD: The Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) project was approved by the federal government on Wednesday. It will be built in three years at more than Rs200 billion, and it will be a “world-class transportation facility,” the government said.

Imran Khan was under attack from opposition parties when the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government and its leaders approved the training plan as a big deal. They said it was proof of their commitment to Karachiites and why the city had elected them.

There was a meeting of the National Economic Council’s Executive Committee in Islamabad. Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin was in charge of the meeting. The project was approved.

KCR was approved as a modern urban rail system under a public-private partnership at Rs201.572bn.

After the Central Development Working Party and the Public-Private Partnership Authority (P3A) Board had agreed on its cost last month, it was changed in a meeting of the Ecnec group, held this week.

Three years of work will cost Rs201.5bn. Ecnec has approved the project.

The project wants to build a 43.225-mile dual-track urban mass transportation system over the next three years. In a statement, the Karachi Circular Railways Management Company (KCRMC) will keep an eye on the project’s progress and maintenance.

The Ecnec also set up a committee led by the finance minister to look at how the federal government pays for viability gap funding (VGF).

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Groundbreaking was done last year.

When Prime Minister Khan visited the Karachi Cantonment Railway Station in September 2021, he began work on the Karachi Cantonment Railway. To rebuild the 44-mile KCR, the new plan calls for three underpasses and a flyover and new rail tracks for electric trains to run on most of the route.

With the start of the KCR and the Green Line bus service in January 2022, the federal government thinks Karachi’s transportation problems will be solved in “one of the best circular rail systems in the world.”

Asad Umar, the federal minister for planning and development, tweeted: “Great news for the people of Karachi.” The ECNEC has approved a new circular rail plan for Karachi. Like cities with modern rail systems, the people of Karachi will get the best and most up-to-date way to get around. The PTI has done its job from Karachi in the best way possible.

Service shut down in 1999.
In 1964, the KCR was built to help workers for Pakistan Railways get to and from their jobs at the City and Cantonment rail stations and their homes in Karachi’s eastern suburbs.

Services that used to be a half-circle turned into a full circle of 44 kilometres in 1970. They connected four main work areas in Karachi: the port and the SITE area, the city’s main commercial areas like Saddar, and the Landhi Industrial Area.

People in Karachi used the KCR to get around until 1984 when the number of trains was cut back.

The reasons for the move were said to be that there was not enough maintenance and repair, there was a massive gap between the cost of fuel and operating costs and the amount of money the government could make from subsidized tickets, and the government couldn’t spend money on improving the tracks and stations.

It took until 1999 for the KCR to be shut down, forcing thousands of people who used it every day to take the road instead.

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Citi Housing Jhelum


Citi housing Jhelum is one of Jhelum’s modern and magnificent housing projects. Moreover, the developers are notable in this field and have several residential projects that signify their efforts in delivering the best living standards to all the investors. Furthermore, their dream is to offer all the amenities in a single community at reasonable prices. Therefore, investing here will not be less than bliss. Most importantly, the location is the best aspect of this residential scheme as it is near to all the main routes making it one of the most accessible housing societies. Lastly, to know in-depth about this residential society, continue reading.

Owners & Developers

The developers of this housing scheme are Citi housing developers. Moreover, they are famous for coming up with exceptional real estate projects. Furthermore, their development projects are around the country, where they offer the best living conditions to all residents at affordable prices. And their focus is to provide investors with all amenities and high-quality features in a single gated community. Moreover, some outstanding residential projects are Citi housing Multan, Citi Housing Faisalabad, Citi Housing Sialkot, and Citi Housing Gujranwala. Lastly, they have a team of professional architects and subject matter experts to do suitable residential projects.

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is a crucial document in the eyes of all investors. And as we know, legality matters a lot in the long-term investment. Furthermore, to attain the confidence of the future residents, the housing society is here with all legal status. Most importantly, the developers have several housing projects around the country that gives confidence to all the investors. Moreover, real estate investment is not something you can do every day. Therefore, thorough research and proper guidance are mandatory before investing in any real estate project. Lastly, to know the legal status details visit the estate land marketing website.  

Location & Map

The location is also a vital aspect that works as a deciding factor in the real estate investment. And as discussed before, this is a long-term investment. Therefore, choosing a location close to the vital aspects like the main routes, schools, and hospitals will be wise. Furthermore, the site of this housing scheme is at the main Grand Trunk Road in the middle of Jhelum and Dina City. And the GT road helps in increasing the accessibility of this residential society. Moreover, it is near to Punjab University Jhelum Campus. So, the investment here will be a valuable decision as in the Blue World City Islamabad.

Citi housing Jhelum location

Citi housing Jhelum Payment Plans

Prices are another factor that comes into all investor’s minds before investing in any real estate project. Therefore, the developers make sure to plan an affordable payment plan that anyone can decide to invest in this housing society. Moreover, the developers want to provide living conditions to all the residents at reasonable prices, like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. And to help the investors in the buying process, the developers have offered them an instalment plan. Moreover, there are several blocks and properties available at reasonable prices. Lastly, the details of the payment plans are as follows:

Eifell Tower Block Payment Plan

The properties available here are from the five marlas to two Kanals. Moreover, the plot prices start from PKR 1,850,000/- to PKR 12,150,000/-. Furthermore, there is an instalment plan to help the investors. And the instalment program has quarterly instalments. However, the investors will have to pay the down payment initially. Lastly, all the other details are as follows.

Citi housing Jhelum payment plan

Hyde Park Block Payment Plan

There are also several properties available here at affordable prices. Moreover, the prices here are range from PKR 2,475,000 to PKR 1,45,00,000/-. Furthermore, a quarterly instalment option is also present here to ease the buying process. Lastly, the details of this payment plan are as follows:

Citi housing Jhelum payment plan

Master Plan

Developers provide several properties to all the residents and the investor. Moreover, the focus of the developers is to design a high-quality infrastructure for all the investors to provide them with a high-end living experience. Furthermore, both residential and commercial properties are available here. And several sizes of the plots are also available so the residents can invest here according to their preferences.

Citi housing Jhelum masterplan


Several blocks are present in the master plan—moreover, all these blocks have commercial and residential properties. Furthermore, numerous facilities will be current to offer sustainable living conditions to all the residents. Some of the blocks available here are the Eifell tower block, hyde park block, overseas block. And the best aspect is they are available at an affordable price range. Moreover, there are other blocks also available to fulfil the living requirement of the investors.

Residential Plots

These are most of the properties available here. And there are serval sizes of properties available here starting from the five marlas to 2 Kanal. Moreover, all the properties are highly affordable with an instalment plan. Furthermore, the payment plan is also discussed before to investors an idea about the prices of the properties. Lastly, professional guidance is vital before investing in any real estate project.

Commercial Plots

Commercial properties are also a significant feature of all societies. Moreover, it helps the residents grow themselves economically as they can start their own business according to their preferences. Furthermore, all the plots present here are reasons that will also be a plus to start any business endeavour. Most importantly, the instalment plan will help the investors in the initial investment. Therefore, investing here may yield better financial benefits.

Development Status

The housing society is developing fast. Moreover, the roads are ready to use. At the same time, the plots cutting is also complete. Furthermore, the residents also live here and enjoy high-quality living standards. And the investment in this housing society is growing day by day.

Similarly, the constriction work is also in full swing. Therefore, investment here now will be valuable. Once the development work is complete, the plots’ prices will also increase. Lastly, to get the latest details of the development status, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

Citi housing Jhelum Features

Several features are available here to meet the residents’ high end and basic requirements. Some of them are as follows:

  • Provision of all Essentials
  • Health Clinics
  • Educational Institutions
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Parking Areas
  • Commercial Properties
  • Shopping Malls
  • Groceries and Markets
  • Salons and Spa
  • Grand Mosque
  • Graveyard
  • Fitness and Gym Area
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Security System
  • Eco-Friendly Environment


This residential property developer is eager to provide all investors with the greatest possible living experience. Furthermore, here are a few of them:

Provision of all Basics

All necessities, such as power, gas, and water, will be available. Furthermore, these facilities will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet the residents’ everyday needs. And the best aspect is that all of this will be available at moderate costs. As a result, investment here will be beneficial.

Education and Healthcare Units

All residents require healthcare facilities to live in a healthy and sustainable environment. Furthermore, the healthcare units will meet worldwide standards, ensuring that all inhabitants have the most satisfactory medical experience possible. And these facilities will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in an emergency. Furthermore, educational institutions play an essential part in developing a community. As a result, schools and institutions are also available to assist the locals.

High-Quality Infrastructure 

High-quality infrastructure is one thing that developers keep in mind. Furthermore, to achieve high-end living conditions, high-quality infrastructure is required. As a result, investors in this residential complex will reap financial benefits, especially if the occupants have a business locally.

Serene Environment 

The developers are adhering to international urban planning guidelines. Furthermore, by employing this strategy, they will be able to reduce waste, allowing them to maximize the usage of construction materials. In addition, to bring freshness and serenity to the surroundings, a plantation drive is underway in this housing community.

Business Facilities

This residential complex also includes a commercial sector to aid future residents’ economic development. Furthermore, various retail properties are accessible in this area, allowing people to select the size of the property that best suits their needs. Finally, the properties are available at an affordable price with a payment plan.

Gated Community

The housing society is a gated community that will provide residents with a sense of security. Moreover, security is an essential component of maintaining a high standard of living. Therefore, there will also be the possibility of installing CCTV cameras to record all events. Furthermore, security guards will carry out their responsibilities to avoid any inconvenience.

Pros & Cons

There are numerous perks of living in this housing society. And the best of them are as follows:


  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Ideal Location
  • Affordable Payment Plan
  • Provision of all Necessities
  • Health Care facilities
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Markets and Malls
  • Fitness and Gym Area
  • Business Opportunities
  • Secured Gated Community
  • Community Support Centers
  • Farmhouses
  • Banks
  • Police Station and Fire Station
  • Zoo
  • Sports Club


  • The perception of expensive properties

Why Invest in Citi housing Jhelum?

While living in the housing society, all inhabitants will enjoy several benefits and privileges. Furthermore, the location is superb and will enhance the appeal of this residential development. Moreover, it is easily accessible from major highways, making this real estate property more approachable. Most importantly, the plot prices are reasonable. In addition, the availability of an instalment also encourages the investors’ purchasing power. Therefore, the investment here will generate long-term monetary benefits.


The Citi Housing Jhelum is a unique housing society designed to benefit residents and investors in Jhelum and the neighbouring areas. Furthermore, it is a fair housing project with investors’ faith and confidence. The main qualities of this home project are, first and foremost, the payment plan and the site location. Furthermore, the ability to pay in instalments will appeal to the bulk of clients. Moreover, the amenities accessible here will assist residents in maintaining high-quality living standards. As a result, investing in real estate here will be the most significant decision. Finally, visit the Estate Land Marketing website to learn more about this residential society.


Q1. What is Citi Housing Jhelum?

It is a housing scheme in Jhelum.

Q2. Where is its location?

The site is at the main Grand Trunk Road in the centre of Jhelum and Dina City.

Q3. Is the location accessible?

Yes, it is at the GT road close to Punjab University Jhelum Campus.

Q4. Who are the developers of this residential scheme?

Citi housing developers are the developers of this housing society.

Q5. Is the payment plan affordable?

Yes, the prices of the plots are reasonable.

Q6. Is an instalment plan available?

Yes, there is an instalment plan to help future residents in the buying process.

Q7. Is there is an option for commercial plots?

Yes, commercial plots are available to help the residents grow financially.

Q8. Is investing here a wise decision?

Of course, the housing society has a lot to offer at affordable prices.

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