Earthquake-Proof Architecture in Pakistan

Earthquake-Proof Architecture in Pakistan


The earthquake-proof architecture is the need of the hour in the country. Moreover, after 2005 earth quick the country has seen several losses. Furthermore, to help the country’s citizens, the disaster management department has focused on the architecture that allows a healthy and sustainable living standard. And we know that several residential schemes are developing in the country at a fast pace. Moreover, some prominent ones are 1947 Housing, Kingdom Valley, and Blue World City. All these societies must follow the architecture proof guidelines to avoid inconvenience later. Lastly, to learn more about earth-quack proof building, continue reading.

Why does Pakistan need Earthquake-Proof Architecture?

Pakistan comes third in the row after Japan and Turkey are the most earthquake-prone countries. Moreover, Pakistan has seen deadly tremors that have contributed to a lot of damage. Furthermore, the region has a web of more than ten fault lines that increases the risk of having a higher magnitude of tremors. All these issues indicate that necessary actions in this regard are mandatory. And to mitigate the situation, the concerned authorities have to take a step to curb the problem effectively.

Moreover, building exemplary architecture also enhances the resistance against such natural disasters. Therefore, some of the architectural styles are in this article. So, without further ado, let’s explore them.

Earthquake-Proof Architecture

The building must have earthquake-proof architecture to avoid any hazards afterwards. Moreover, the countries like Pakistan that are on the fault line must take preventive measures. Furthermore, the disaster management department has guidelines for a sustainable development procedure. And numerous residential societies are built in the country to fulfil the living requirements of the residents. Moreover, the significant architecture developing in Pakistan is Capital Smart City, Park View City, and Seven Wonders City. All these residential projects offer all the investors residential and commercial properties. Lastly, continue reading to learn about earthquake-proof architecture.

Vernacular Infrastructure

Vernacular infrastructure refers to the building the traditional procedure and materials. Moreover, the materials used in this architecture are the clay, wood, and other natural substances. Furthermore, these types of infrastructure are closer to nature, so they are resistant to natural disasters. Lastly, these earthquake-proof infrastructures are available in the country.

Smart Housings

The Smart houses are also earthquake-proof shelters. Moreover, they are here as rehabilitation centres for the people affected by the earthquake. Furthermore, timber wood is the material mainly applicable in such architecture. And it adds flexibility to the infrastructure and protects the building during earthquakes. Lastly, these are the buildings widely used after the natural disaster.


Another form of earthquake-proof architecture needs the hour technique used to protect against natural disasters. Moreover, the method involves a flexible approach that strengthens the infrastructure. And help the building in resisting the building during earthquake jolts. Moreover, these structural designs have been available in Pakistan since the early 20th century. However, they still provide the best services to protect the inhabitant from natural disasters.

Adaptable Foundations

These foundations work wonders in earthquakes. Moreover, they are known as the best earthquake-proof infrastructure. Furthermore, these are available in vast regions in Pakistan. And after the 2005 earthquake, the authorities are keen to build such architecture in the country. Moreover, materials like rubber, steel and lead are usually present in such architecture. Therefore, architecture like this is the need of the hour to protect inhabitants from any mishap.

What is the Significance of Earthquake-Proof Architecture?

An earthquake is a natural disaster that can happen anytime, anywhere. Moreover, there is no tool to predict earthquakes. Therefore, the right kind of infrastructure is the need of the hour to mitigate any damage and inconvenience later. Furthermore, the earthquake-proof architecture is also vital for adding the habitant’s life expectancy. Finally, and most importantly, such infrastructures are also available in Pakistan. Moreover, more than ten fault lines are present in the country, creating a risk of being affected by the earthquake jolts. Therefore, timely decisions and the proper building technique will significantly protect the building and the inhabitant.


The earthquake-proof architecture is the need of the hour for the country to add value to the building infrastructure. Moreover, architecture is all about using suitable materials and techniques. And as we know, Pakistan is the third country in the world to get the tremors. Furthermore, the developers are also nowadays focusing on building magnificent development projects. And some of the superb real estate options are Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Park View City. Moreover, the developers also need to focus on developing projects with safety precautions and earthquake-proof infrastructure. Lastly, to know more updates regarding the relevant topics, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

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Arrested Development: The 34 historic sites in Punjab need to be restored

Arrested Development: The 34 historic sites in Punjab need to be restored

34 historical sites in the Punjab province have had problems with restoration and renovation projects because of things like a lack of building materials and rising construction costs. 19 of these projects had been approved in the past, and 15 new schemes were added in the last few years. All of them have been left to die off over time.

The secretary for tourism said that a list of major projects has been sent for re-approval.

At a total cost of Rs2821.858 million, Punjab Archeology approved 19 ongoing and 15 new projects this year, but not one of them has come close to being done yet. Most of the money that was released for most projects has to be given back. Sources who know about the situation say that more than 34% of the money has been spent on projects.

Documents from Punjab Archeology show that the 19 projects above also include the restoration and protection of Rohtas Fort, which will cost Rs218 million. Nandanafort is also being restored and preserved with a budget of Rs126 million, which is a lot of money. A five-year project to restore and protect Shalamar Bagh has been put on hold because of the lack of the rare red stone used to build it. The project will cost more than Rs290 million.

Read more with EL news : The Shahkam Chowk flyover in Lahore is expected to be delayed

Work on the mausoleum of Jahangir, the tomb of Noor Jahan, and the mausoleum of Asif Jahan has also been put on hold because of a lack of red stone.

According to Punjab archaeological officials, the Ministry of Commerce had given the go-ahead to import the red stone from India. However, because the dollar has changed a lot, the red stone importing contractors say they won’t do business at the prices they had agreed to. People were bidding on red stone when the dollar was worth less than Rs150. In the last few years, the border has been closed because of Corona; now the price of the dollar has risen sharply, and no contractor is willing to import stones from India, the contractor said.

On the other hand, the PHA is working to restore and protect part of the Dravar fort in South Punjab, while grass lawns are being made in the Jahangir and Shalamar Bagh mausoleums.

Almost half of the money, or Rs259.927 million, has been spent so far. The rest of the money has been given back.

As for the 15 projects that were done by Punjab Archaeology this year, Rs75 million was set aside for 12 different projects in Taxila, which is where they were. To do this, bids have been put out, but the work hasn’t begun yet.

Similar to this, construction is going on at the Mughal Garden in the city of Wah Cantt, the Mulut Temple in Chakwal, Sher Shah Bowli, Mianwali, Sheikh Ali Bin Hassan’s tomb, and deer enclosures in Hiran Minar.

Some work on Ali Mardan’s mausoleum in Lahore has been done, but the funds for more work have run out.

In addition, plans have been made for a museum in Harappa that will cost Rs81.88 million to build, and work is also being done to restore the Multan Museum.

Sources who know about these projects say that the Chief Minister is in charge of the Ministry of Archaeology and Tourism, and he has chosen his own advisers for these areas. “Advisers and secretaries have also changed over the past three years,” the source said.

Assadullah, the secretary of tourism and archaeology, said that there were two reasons why archaeological projects took so long to finish: the lack of red stone and the contractors’ new prices. It was a long time ago when the work order was made. The dollar rate was much lower then than it is now. It has now been prepared and sent for approval. If it is approved, work on the major projects will start soon. There are no problems with money, but it takes a long time and a lot of work to restore ancient sites. This gives the impression that work has stopped here or that there has been a slowdown in the work done there.

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The Shahkam Chowk flyover in Lahore is expected to be delayed

The Shahkam Chowk flyover in Lahore is expected to be delayed

The Shahkam Chowk flyover in Lahore is expected to be delayed. There will be more time to finish the huge Shahkam Chowk flyover project, but the Lahore Electric Supply Company and the National Transmission and Despatch Company are not ready to shut down the power off and on so that workers and engineers can finish the girder launching and the deck slabs and then finish the asphalt work.

There is still work to be done on the ground, such as road construction and other jobs, that will take about 15 days.

The Shahkam Chowk project hasn’t been finished on time because of technical problems, not because of money. We were even supposed to finish the project by March. The Lahore Development Authority’s (LDA) Director General Ahmad Aziz Tarar told Dawn on Tuesday that the work on launching girders had been going on thanks to power shutdowns from the public sector organisations Lesco and NTDC, but it had to be stopped because Ramadan meant there would be no more power shut downs.

If the Lesco and the NTDC start shutting down for certain hours off and on, there will be no light in a large part of Punjab, including Lahore, the DG said. He said he was expecting the shutdowns and the resumption of the girder launching work after Eid, and that the project would be done by June 5.

Lesco didn’t want to shut down during Ramadan, which was the main reason for the delay.

On time: The work on a new bridge over the Shahkam Chowk started in July of last year. However, the land acquisition (64 kanal) took a long time because of some problems with the way things work. It was only in November of last year that the contractor got all of the land.

Read more with EL news : The route of Peshawar Road via Pindi would be signal-free

The total cost of the project is said to be more than Rs4.233 billion, which includes the construction cost of Rs2.5487 billion. Project: It will cut down on traffic at Shahkam Chowk. It will also cut down on time and money. Before December 5, about 55% of the work was done. The DG said that he hoped that the Sheranwala Gate flyover project would be finished in the next few days. The Sheranwala project, which began in June of last year, was also supposed to be finished by March, but it didn’t happen. But there are some technical and administrative problems that haven’t been worked out yet. The Rs5 billion project cost Rs2.634 billion to build and the rest to buy land. At 1,000 metres long and 17 metres wide, the flyover with ramps has 19 spans.

The parts of Lahore that will benefit from the project are in the north (railway station, Walled City, Akbari Mandi, Azam Cloth Market, Lunda Bazaar, Badami Bagh, Shadbagh, Misri Shah, GT Road, Shah Alam Market, Data Darbar area, Brandreth Road and Azadi Chowk).

The Rs2bn Gulab Devi Underpass project, which was supposed to start in June or July of last year, was put on hold because of problems with the rails.

Most of the problems have been solved by now, but there are still some problems. It’s also possible that we’ll start work on lane marking in the underpass soon. Some time in the next few weeks, all the work would be done. The underpass was already open to traffic in December of last year.

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The route of Peshawar Road via Pindi would be signal-free

The route of Peshawar Road via Pindi would be signal-free

The route of Peshawar Road via Pindi would be signal-free. DCI Noorul Amin Mengal said a proposal has been made to make the Rawalpindi section of Peshawar Road from Koral Chowk to Motorway Chowk signal-free. Mengal said that efforts are being made to include this project in the Annual Development Program for 2022-23.

Before the meeting about the project, he said this: The director of development and planning and the people who work for the Punjab Highway Department came to the meeting.

Read more with EL news : The Lahore development project is running behind schedule

He said that it will cost Rs10 billion to build one flyover, and four underpasses will also be built. The man says that Ammar Chowk will get a flyover, and four underpasses will be built at GPO Chowk, GHQ Chowk, Qasim Market, and Military Hospital Chowk.

The commissioner said that the project’s master plan and design have been done. It will cut the time it takes to get from Koral Chowk to Motorway Chowk from an hour to 10 minutes.

Read more with EL news : GHQ suggests the establishment of strategic oil reserves in Gwadar

He said this: “The PC-1 has been sent to the chairman of the Planning and Development Board in Lahore,” he said. The government is also planning to start a bus route on this signal-free corridor that will be a cheap way to get around.

he said that this project is in the public interest because Peshawar Road is a major city highway and a lot of people use it every day, which leads to traffic jams.

He said that if this project gets the go-ahead, it will be a big help to the traffic in the city. The Peshawar Road route via Pindi would be signal-free.

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The Lahore development project is running behind schedule

The Lahore development project is running behind schedule

A $250 million “Punjab Intermediate Cities Improvement Investment Project” (PICIIP) that was started in 2018 isn’t done yet because different departments’ poor planning and procedural delays. This has caused the project’s costs to go up even more.

Improved governance, integrated planning, better service delivery, efficient local transportation and climate-resistant infrastructure are some of the ways the  Lahore project aims to make the cities green, inclusive, resilient and competitive smart cities. IT will be used to improve city service delivery in the framework of a smart city.

An ADB investment lending program would be used to pay for the project, with a loan from ADB of $200 million and a contribution from the Punjab government of $50 million.

The Punjab Directorate General Monitoring and Evaluation Planning and Development Board was in charge of the project’s monitoring and evaluation, and they did a good job of it. Dawn has a report that says the project was supposed to be done by June 30, 2023. After almost four years, the Lahore project has only made about 34% progress, which is behind schedule.

Read more with EL news : On the opening day, almost 4,000 passengers used the metro bus

The project is having a lot of problems, such as getting permission from different departments, moving utilities, traffic jams, and so on. This means that the project’s progress is being hampered by inefficient planning, which will make the project more expensive and take longer.

The project was started to improve urban transportation and traffic management infrastructure and services, such as bus terminals, stands, and services, traffic signaling and signs, roadside works, and road junctions. Until the time of the visit, these activities had not been done.

The director of the PICIIP program changed almost every six months, which caused financial problems and slowed down the work that was being done on it. The Lahore project required the excavation and refilling of soil after the sewers and conduits were installed. At the time of the visit, it was found that no record of surplus soil was kept and no such data was shared with the M and E monitoring team director-general.

The report also suggested that the PICIIP be finished on time to avoid cost overruns, and that a strong monitoring system be put in place to make sure the sachems were finished on time.

As a safety measure, the site should be properly barricaded to avoid any kind of accident. Field density tests should be done at the end of each layer of the road to make sure that the soil is properly compacted.

Resident consultants must make sure that work is done at the site according to standards and specifications. They must also make sure that work that was rejected or not approved by the contractor is done again by the contractor and that the department’s higher-ups help speed up the process of getting a NOC and providing a site for work so that the pace of the work can be sped up.

It says that a regular person should be in charge of signing checks to make sure the contractors get paid on time. To save money for the public purse, the next phase needs to be started after this phase is done. To make sure that the engineering estimates are accurate, the engineering staff from the Local Government and Community Development Department should be the main person to look over them first. The M and E DG may be able to help speed up the work for the program under PICIIP. They might do this by monitoring. Visiting the sites once a quarter might be a good idea in this case. Efforts to improve the city of Lahore are going behind schedule.

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On the opening day, almost 4,000 passengers used the metro bus

On the opening day, almost 4,000 passengers used the metro bus

On the first day, almost 4,000 passengers used the metro.. On Monday, PM Shehbaz Sharif opened the Peshawar Mor to Islamabad International Airport Metro Bus Service. It took four years for the project to finish.

Over 4,000 people used the free bus service in Ramazan on the first day it was open. Another bus service between Rawat and Faizabad, called the “Blue Line,” is also in the works. It could start in a few months.

PML-N leaders, including Marriyum Aurangzeb, Hanif Abbasi, Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, Anjum Aqeel, former Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz, and Chinese diplomats, were there when the service was opened. The PM also took a bus ride and looked at the development and repair work done in the last four days.

A bus would go from Peshawar Mor to the N-5 station every five minutes, said the head of the CDA (Chungi No 26). Passengers going to the airport will be served by four buses that can also carry their luggage. Each of these four buses will leave the station at Peshawar Mor after about 25 minutes of not seeing each other.

Read more with EL news : GHQ suggests the establishment of strategic oil reserves in Gwadar

By next month, China will send 10 buses to Rawat and Faizabad. They will be used to get people from Rawat to Faizabad.

The head of the CDA also said that a fleet of 30 buses would be coming from China next month. Out of those, 10 would be used to go from Rawat to Faizabad.

In a meeting on Monday, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif talks to people who work for the metro bus service — The White Star
A few days ago, the prime minister told the civic agency to start the bus service in a few days. The CDA, after finishing work on war footing, also took 15 buses from the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service. These will be sent back when the buses from China arrive next month.

Prime Minister: The project that should have been done four years ago is now dead because the previous government didn’t finish it. He said the PTI government didn’t care about the public welfare project.

He thanked Nawaz Sharif, the former prime minister of Pakistan, for setting up the project for the people of Islamabad in 2017.

He was told that there was a Rs20 million fund for the development of horticulture along the metro track that was not being used. However, now that the CDA has the money, they will use it right.

He thanked the chairman of the CDA and his team and other officials from other groups, like the NHA, for their efforts to get the bus service up and running in just four days. The premier also told the CDA to look into whether or not metro buses could be used on the Bhara Kahu-Peshawar Mor and Rawat routes.

When the PML-N government took office in 2017, work began on a 25.6-mile metro bus track worth $16 billion. It was supposed to be done in a year. But when the government changed in 2018, the project took a long time.

Project: The National Highway Authority (NHA) was in charge of the project. The CDA took it over last year and started the process of buying buses and setting up ticket and command systems.

A few months ago, the CDA ordered a company from outside China to make 30 buses in China. The buses were supposed to arrive in Islamabad last month for the project to open on March 23. They didn’t make it in time.

They could not be sent to Pakistan because of the Covid-19 cases in Shanghai. They are now expected to arrive in Karachi on May 5, though. However, the CDA set up 15 buses from the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service to run on the airport route as a stop-gap measure.

During the first day he was in charge, he told the CDA to start working on a new service in five days. There have been a lot of people working for the CDA, the NHA, and other groups since then to get the service going.

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Housing Market Predictions 2022

Housing Market Predictions 2022


The housing market has been here for a decade now. Moreover, the world is constantly seeking development in this field. Furthermore, even after the pandemic, the world has seen a spike in real estate projects. And not in developed countries but also the developing countries like Pakistan. Moreover, numerous developers are building housing societies that offer most properties to all the country’s investors. And the most notable residential projects are the Rudn Enclave, Kingdom Valley, and the Blue World City. All these residential projects offer the best lifestyle to all investors. Lastly, keep reading to get more updates about the housing market predictions for 2022.

Housing Market Predictions 2022

The housing market has seen a drastic shift toward digital platforms. Moreover, the investors benefit by investing in virtual real estate. Furthermore, the post-pandemic world has seen a change in the digital world. And these virtual real estates are opening new doors for all the investors globally. Moreover, developed countries and developing countries are racing to reach the top real estate investment opportunities. And as we know, Pakistan is coming up with a variety of housing projects like the Capital Smart City, 1947 Housing, and Park View City. Lastly, continue reading to learn about housing market predictions for 2022.

Post-Pandemic World & Housing Market

The world is seeing a drastic development pace after the pandemic. Moreover, investors and buyers seek to invest in residential and commercial projects to get more profits. Furthermore, the world got to know what comes in what way, and this is the only business venture that will help it grow economically. Moreover, we can say that the world is transforming its business model to online status. Furthermore, everything is shifting towards the virtual world, from buying and selling to keeping the records. Therefore, the investors seek to invest in digital real estate to yield higher financial benefits. Lastly, to know more about the housing market predictions, continue reading.


Metaverse is the best housing market prediction for 2022. Moreover, globally investors seek to invest in metaverse to generate higher monetary benefits. Furthermore, the best aspect is that this uses blockchain rather than the traditional banking system. And investors around the globe are investing in metaverse because it is a more reliable and trustworthy form of investment. And it will not be wrong to explain that online platforms are seeing a boom in the real estate industry.

Moreover, several benefits are here with investing in the metaverse. Furthermore, investors can generate higher financial results. And the investors can also rent out their properties to earn money. 

Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)

The other housing market prediction for 2022 will be REITs. Moreover, the trend is not only in developed countries and developing countries. Furthermore, this is a vast future for real estate investment in Pakistan. And the best aspect is that it does not involve any traditional digital way it is on the stock exchange. However, the investment might be time consuming and risky, but the return will be a valuable asset. Therefore, investing in this real estate business model will be beneficial.

Tourism Promotion

Another housing prediction for 2022 will be a spike in tourism globally. Moreover, investors around the globe are looking for tourism options. Furthermore, more tourism requires more real estate projects to facilitate tourists globally. And not only in developed countries, but the developers are also building grandiose housing schemes in Pakistan to promote tourism and generate higher financial benefits. And some of the marvellous housing societies developing in the country are Capital Smart City, Kingdom Valley and Blue World City.

Asset Tokenization

It is another booming form of real estate investment option. Moreover, this business model also uses the blockchain method. And as we know, blockchain real estate investment is in demand globally. Furthermore, it uses a digital token for ownership rights. Moreover, the best aspect is that it is the trend that is not only seen in developed countries but also developing countries like Pakistan. Furthermore, all investors love transparency about this business model, as there is no middle man involved in the process. Therefore, this can be the best housing prediction and trend for 2022.


The housing market trends are booming globally and in Pakistan as well. Moreover, this is the only form of a business model that helps generate higher monetary benefits for all the investors. Furthermore, a clear and drastic shift toward the digital platform is visible globally. And the best aspect is that it is the most trustworthy and transparent form of real estate investment. Moreover, investors can easily make it a valuable passive income.

Furthermore, some famous and notable predictions will be the most renowned metaverse. And other is real estate investment trust and asset tokenization. Lastly, visit the official Estate Land marketing website to get more housing market predictions and trends updates.

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Best DIY Home Improvement Websites

Best DIY Home Improvement Websites


Home improvement websites are the need of the hour for all homeowners. Moreover, during the pandemic, individuals were looking for renovations and improvements in the household. Furthermore, the modification enhances the home’s beauty that all homeowners want. And several websites offer the best services to all the visitors that will also add value to their lives. Moreover, as we know, several real estate residential projects are growing in the country to provide homes to needy individuals. And some famous are Capital Smart City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Blue World City. Lastly, to know more regarding the home improvement websites, continue reading.

Home Improvement Websites

Home improvement websites provide the best guidance to all homeowners to enhance the beauty of their homes. Moreover, these websites are accessible to understand and focus on the needs of the homeowners. Furthermore, many residential projects are growing in the country that are offering homes to the majority of the citizens. And some of the popular housing societies are Rudn Enclave, Park View City, and 1947 Housing. All these real estate projects offer residential facilities to investors. Therefore, through these renovation websites, individuals make their homes suitable places according to their preferences. Lastly, some of the popular websites are here:

Family Handyman

The first home improvement website is the family handyman. Moreover, this website is part of the Reader’s Digest family of publications. Furthermore, it is a one-stop shop for all visitors looking for home renovation ideas. And the best aspect is that the information available on this website is easy to understand and helpful. Therefore, using this site as a home improvement tool will be beneficial.

Bob Vila

Bob vila is another one of the best home improvement websites working on adding value to home designs. Moreover, the website has several blogs that suggest and guide the individual to get complete information. Furthermore, the guide is so simple that anyone can do it by themselves to get the desirable results. And the best aspect of this website is to add value to the homeowner’s lives.

Retro Renovation

Home improvement websites are also famous among homeowners. Moreover, this DIY website mainly deals with vintage and retro home remodelling. Furthermore, the website also offers safety measures in dealing with old homes. And this DIY website explains all the issues and the renovation ideas to all the homeowners.

DIY Network

One of the town’s best DIY home improvement websites is the DIY network. Moreover, the website has all the homeowners’ answers during the renovation process. Furthermore, the website also has a tutorial that includes detailed guidance regarding remodelling. And the best part is it teaches everything step by step to ease the renovation process. Moreover, the latest renovation ideas are also available on the website. Therefore, this website is a must for all homeowners.


Remodelaholic is another one of the best home improvement websites. Moreover, its central aspect is focusing on the budget while doing home renovation. Furthermore, the website offers an in-depth guide to all the homeowners so they can easily do the renovation by themselves. However, the website is a little hard to understand for some visitors. Otherwise, it also offers the best experience to all home renovators.

Today’s Homeowner

It is not wrong to say that today’s homeowners are among the best home improvement websites. Moreover, the visitors find this website the best option among multiple websites that guide all renovation areas. Furthermore, a variety of videos are also on the website that covers the majority of issue and solutions. Therefore, using this website as a renovation tool will be valuable.

Another one of the famous home improvement website is Moreover, the website has different DIY projects ensuring valuable information for all visitors. Furthermore, the best aspect is that all the projects are budget-friendly. Therefore, using this renovation website is beneficial for getting cost-effective ideas.

The Home Depot

The website is also available with a variety of DIY projects. Moreover, the exciting fact is that the website also suggests the future expenditure in the renovation process. Furthermore, the homeowners will save time and energy while exploring this website while planning for home renovation. Therefore, it can be one of the best home improvement websites.


All the home improvement websites available have magnificent home renovation ideas that will add value to the homeowner’s life. Moreover, all these websites are available with a click, and at any point in time, all visitors can get complete information. Furthermore, the visitors can also get desirable cost-effective ideas. And the primary purpose of these websites is to offer the best renovation ideas. Therefore, websites can benefit all the homeowners sitting at the homes. Lastly, to get more valuable guidance regarding the DIY home improvement websites, visit the official website of Estate Land marketing.

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GHQ suggests the establishment of strategic oil reserves in Gwadar

GHQ suggests the establishment of strategic oil reserves in Gwadar

GHQ proposes strategic oil reserves near Gwadar. A report in the press on April 12 says that the General Headquarters (GHQ) has asked the federal government to make Gwadar, Pakistan’s coastal city, a 0.7 million ton strategic petroleum reserve (SPR). The new building will add 30 days to the maximum SPR.

Read more with EL news : Ministry to start a project for 167 capital schools and colleges

According to news sources, the GHQ said the SPR should be used because the country needs to grow more on its coast and diversify its oil sources. People in Karachi, Hub and Mehmood Kot could also get 2 million tons of SPR. The Hub facility will be able to store 1 million tons, with 0.7 million tons in Karachi and 0.3 million metric tons in Mehmood Kot.

Read more with EL news : Files seized during a search of the CDA’s revenue directorate

According to a report from GHQ to the government, people in charge of the military want to strengthen strategic resilience, diversify oil supplies, and ease traffic and reliance on the Karachi SPR. As a way to get more fuel into Pakistan, the proposed plan calls for building a pipeline from the Karachi SPR to the Mehmood Kot.

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Global Real Estate Market Value

Global Real Estate Market Value


The real estate market value is increasing day by day globally. Moreover, the world has seen a boom in the real estate industry in a few years.  And even though the pandemic has hit the earth. Furthermore, the investors and developers globally are building magnificent projects. Moreover, developed countries and developing countries contribute to the development of real estate sectors. And in Pakistan, several housing societies are growing at a fast pace. And some of the prominent are Captial Smart City, Kingdom Valley and Blue World City. Lastly, to know the global real estate market value, continue reading.

Real Estate Market Value

The real estate market value has been here for centuries now. Moreover, investors around the world trust this business model. Furthermore, real estate is not for making profits; it is the basic need of all individuals. And to fulfil this requirement of the people, investors globally are building magnificent real estate projects. Moreover, projects like Rudn Enclave and Seven Wonders City are notable projects in Pakistan. So, if you are interested to know the global real estate market continue reading.

The real estate market value has been here for decades and centuries now. Moreover, this is the most trustable and scalable business model that attracts most investors globally. Furthermore, developed countries have the highest real estate investment privileges. However, the developing countries are also showing good indicators in the real estate investment world.

Global Real Estate Market Value

The real estate market value is growing fastly globally. Moreover, this indicates that the real estate business will make tremendous monetary benefits. Furthermore, real estate involves both residential and commercial investment. Also, developers and investors from around the globe are finding this business model a scalable business option. And here are some of the details of real estate developments globally.

Residential Real Estate 

Residential investment is the most popular and in-demand real estate investment globally. Moreover, China is the first number in residential real estate investment, with 21% of overall residential investment worth 3.94 Trillion USD globally. Furthermore, the united states come in second with 3.41 Trillion USD of residential investment globally. And other developed countries have the majority of residential real estate investment globally. Moreover, developing countries like Pakistan contribute to residential real estate with magnificent projects like the Blue World City

Commercial Real Estate 

Commercial properties also contribute to real estate globally by making higher monetary benefits. Moreover, the United States of America is first in commercial real estate investment with 8 trillion USD. Furthermore, other developed countries like the Japan, UK, China, Brazil, Itlay, France, and Russia are at the top commercial real estate investment globally. And soon, developing countries like Pakistan will also contribute to commercial real estate globally. Moreover, the CPEC will also bring a positive boost to the retail investment in the country. Lastly, several residential schemes also provide commercial real estate investment in the country.

Real Estate Market Value Significance

The real estate market value signifies that the investment will yield higher monetary benefits in whatever condition. Moreover, this business model helps pay higher financial benefits. And even in pandemics, the world has seen a significant rise in real estate investment. Furthermore, the majority of the developed countries are at the top of real estate investment globally. However, the developing countries are also trying their best to reach the top level of investment value. Lastly, this is the only business model helping investors generate suitable revenue for ages.


The real estate market value is growing fastly. Moreover, the real estate investment globally clearly indicates that the investors trust this investment option that helps them gain the best financial profits. Furthermore, most developed countries are at the top of residential and commercial real estate investment. And the developing countries are also showing increasing indicators in this business model. Moreover, the best aspect is that investors around the globe find this business option trustworthy and scalable. Therefore, they invest in this endeavour. Lastly, to know more about the real estate market value globally, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

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