Blue World City Development Updates 2022

Blue World City Development Updates 2024

Blue World City Islamabad is the newest housing scheme developing near the twin cities to offer the best lifestyle to all the residents and investors. Moreover, the country’s housing schemes are growing fast to provide a sustainable lifestyle. Most importantly, the housing societies will be available to all investors at inexpensive rates. Furthermore, the master plan includes several plots, including commercial and residential properties.

Not only this, several sizes will be available where the investors can invest according to their requirements. Moreover, the development status is the main factor that all investors look forward to making a sustainable living here. Lastly, continue reading about the Blue World city development updates here.

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad is a unique residential project with outclass facilities. Moreover, the housing society is looking forward to getting its approval from the concerned authorities again. Furthermore, the developers have included several properties in the community with all the basic and high-end facilities. And the blue group of companies are now developing a housing scheme with the best possible features and facilities. Most importantly, the accessibility of this housing scheme is high as it is at the M2 Motorway and near Srinagar Highway, Rawalpindi Ring Roan, and Islamabad International Airport. Therefore, investment here is now mandatory, especially for the investors from the twin cities. Lastly, the blue world city development updates are here.

Blue World City Development Status

The residential project is developing fast because the developers are keen to provide the best lifestyle to all the future residents soon. Moreover, the investors are also looking for this development. Lastly, the details are as follows:

Blue World City Development Updates 2022

World’s Tallest Horse Mascot

The world’s tallest horse mascot is complete. Moreover, the blue world city development status shows tremendous growth. Furthermore, the developers are pleased to announce the news by releasing a video. The video indicates that it has blue and green lights, enhancing the mascot’s beauty.

Second Cup Coffee Franchise

The famous coffee franchise is now part of the community. Moreover, Blue World City second cup coffee venue is making waves and hype among the masses. As this will be the favorite blue world city development that all investors will love. Furthermore, the developers believe in offering a world-class lifestyle to all the residents. So, they no longer need to go out to spend quality time with friends and family.

Overseas Block Gate Construction

The overseas block is simply incredible and magnificent. So, about the development – it is safe to say that the overseas gate is under construction. Moreover, this blue world city development will facilitate overseas investors. And as we know, the housing scheme’s overseas block is here with the outclass features and facilities. Furthermore, the housing scheme is here to bless the residents with the most peaceful and secure living standards. Not only this, there will be CCTV Cameras at the construction site that will record all the tasks happening there.

Water Theme Park Construction

The construction of Blue World water theme park is also under construction. And it is also an exciting feature that all investors are looking forward to under the blue world city development. Moreover, this is the first time in Pakistan that a housing scheme will offer a water theme park, and as the construction world is going on, the investors will soon benefit from this facility.

Forces School Flagship Campus

The developers are concerned with providing high-quality living standards to all the investors. Moreover, education is the primary facility that all future residents will need. Therefore, the construction of this school is going at on fast pace. And all five floors are almost completed. Lastly, the soon the developers are going to facilitate this feature.

Business Square Development

The business opportunities are available here to housing society residents. Moreover, the investors are also looking forward to this blue world city development. Because once the business square construction works entirely to its full potential, the residents can benefit from it.

Sports Arena Construction

Another Blue World City development that will be completed soon is the sports arena. Moreover, the idea behind building the airport arena is to provide investors with the best living conditions. And it will also improve the investors’ and future residents’ health and longevity. Furthermore, the construction work will soon be completed here with the best facilities.


The blue world city development work is soon going to be complete. Moreover, the developers are building this magnificent housing scheme with international urban town planning standards. It will have all the basic and luxurious features and facilities available to let the residents live a happy and sustainable life. Moreover, the construction work here is also growing daily, indicating that all the investors will soon be living here with all the facilities.

Due to construction work, the investment ratio here is increasing, and the worth of the residential endeavor is expanding. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing has all the development updates, so visit their official website.

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Top 5 Commodity ETFs To Invest In [UPDATED 2022]

Top 5 Commodity ETFs To Invest In [UPDATED 2022]


Commodity ETFs have been in the talk for the past few years. And investors are keen to know the reasons for its popularity in detail, just like the metaverse. The Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are a pooled investment security, similar to mutual funds. Furthermore, the benefits of using the ETFs are lower operating costs, more transparency, and flexible trading. Similarly, several commodities are e that can be a beneficial aspect of them when it comes to the economic contributor. And the significant example would the gold and silver, and these commodities have a lot of risks involved. Thus, investing in ETFs is a more secure and reliable investment opportunity. Lastly, to know the details of Commodity EFTs, continue reading.

Commodity Exchange-Traded Funds (EFTs)

Commodity ETFs is a stock trade funds investable in Physical commodities. Moreover, several things are available as a commodity, but the ETFs mainly focus on one type of commodity. Furthermore, f investment is becoming famous because it involves less cost and risks for all the investors. Moreover, it encourages the investors to make valuable investments in their lives. And the investors will not own the physical commodity but have contracts of these commodities as an asset.

Moreover, it is like the digital version of the physical entity like real estate. And if you know how to buy digital real estate metaverse, you can earn several benefits. Lastly, a few types of ETFs investment options are here:

Types of the Commodity ETFs

There are mainly four types of this investment option. All of them have their pros and cons. So an adequate guide is mandatory before becoming part of the field. Lastly, the names are as follows:

  • Equity ETFs
  • Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs)
  • Physically-Backed Funds
  • Future-Based Funds

Top 5 Commodity ETFs To Invest In

Several options are here available, but we have picked up the top 5 choices that will provide the reader with the best possible profits. And the details of them are as follows:

iShares Silver Trust

Storing silver cab be a difficult task; by doing it with the help of commodity ETFs, the investment opportunity may become a more reliable and profitable investment. Moreover, in comparison with gold, silver acts distinct in the market. And like solar panels and medical devices, silver tends to have more common applications. Lastly, the iShare Silver Trust (SLV) that holds physical silver acts similar to the SPDR Gold Trusts (GLD).

Invesco DB Base Metals Funds

The Invesco DB Base Metals Funds offers a platform to invest in the different types of metal. And The future of the investment is highly profitable. Moreover, the metals involved are Zinc, copper, and aluminium. And these are the common metals used in many industries. Furthermore, the pipes, wires, pipes, zippers and all the possible stuff used in industries use these metals. Lastly, the prices of the metals may fluctuate according to the industry’s trends.

SPDR Gold Trust

Gold is a commonly used metal. And from investing point of view to usage in many forms, the gold has proved itself to be the best metal investment. But moreover, several risk factors are here that might make the investor think twice before investing. Furthermore, it is a difficult option to sell. However, a lot of investors find gold a trustworthy investment option. And for those investors, investing in SPDR Gold trust will help eliminate all the risks involved in gold investment.

Tuecrime Corn Funds

Corns are a widely used commodity used worldwide. Moreover, the United States agriculture industry depends a lot on this commodity. Furthermore, according to the department of agriculture, around 97 acres of corn were planted in 2020. However, growing and cultivating corns can be a question as it involves many risks and efforts. So, Tuecrime Corn Funds is here to offer the best investment option for all the investors who want to use corn as an investment opportunity.

Invesco DB Commodity Index Tracking Funds

For all the investors looking to make a profitable investment, the Invesco DB Commodity Index Tracking Funds is here to help the investors with the best investment opportunities. Moreover, it shows the future contracts of the world’s 14 most valuable commodities. Therefore, investors are looking to make a profitable investment in various sectors like grains, energy, metals and many more. The platform is here to help out all the investors.

Risk Factors

Like all other investment options, the risks are also part of this investment opportunity. Moreover, the types may have specific risk factors, but now we will look into the overall risk. And the funds are in two forms one is Contango, and the other is backwardation. Moreover, Contango means the prices will see a spike in the future, and the opposite is in the case of the backwardation, which means the costs will be lower in the future. So, ETFs might influence the future price on their own. Furthermore, the bidder can increase the prices according to the current scenario. Therefore, guidance and presence of mind are mandatory to yield the desired results.


The commodity ETFs are the latest trend in the investment world. Moreover, the investors globally are looking to make a profitable investment, and this platform provides opportunities to all. Furthermore, several types here will ensure the variety for all the investors. And the best aspect is that commodity trading is always there but giving a new view to this investment is bliss. Moreover, it helps eliminate all the risks in trading and investing in commodities. Lastly, visit the Estate Land Marketing official site for similar updates regarding this investment option.

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andslides are blocking roads in Gilgit-Baltistan

Landslides are blocking roads in Gilgit-Baltistan, so work is done

ISLAMABAD, GILGIT, and PESHAWAR: Multiple landslides caused by rain have blocked a major road in the upper parts of the country between Gilgit and Skardu. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has warned the relevant departments to stay on the lookout after a series of heavy rains from Monday to Wednesday, which may cause more landslides and flooding in cities.

Also on Monday, the upper parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa continued to get hit by rain.

The latest forecast from the Pakistan Meteorological Department says that the heavy rain, wind, and thundershowers that started on Monday in the upper and central parts of the country will last until Wednesday. All provincial departments, the National Highway Authority, the Frontier Works Organization, and other organizations have been told to stay alert and take precautions.

The new rain could cause landslides in areas like Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Galiyat, Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan that are prone to them. It could also cause flash floods in the local nullahs in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, KP, Punjab, Kashmir, GB, and northeast Baluchistan, where windstorms could damage old buildings.

The NDMA has also told people living in low-lying areas to report emergencies immediately.

“[The weather pattern] could cause flooding in Peshawar, Mardan, Nowshera, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, and Lahore during the forecast period,” the Met Office said, advising travellers and tourists to be extra careful during the forecast period and avoid travelling if they don’t have to.

The Met Office also thought the monsoon would start at the end of June.

It is likely to rain more than usual during the monsoon in Punjab and Sindh and a little more than usual in the rest of the country. As a result, the first part of the monsoon, from July 1 to the middle of August, is expected to be wetter than the last part (mid-Aug to end-Sept).

Skardu road blockades

In the last 24 hours, Skardu’s Deputy Commissioner Kareem Dad Chughtai has been tweeting pictures of the Jaglot-Skardu road being blocked at multiple points by landslides. On Monday, he said that a 160-kilometer stretch of road that connected Gilgit and Skardu and was a major link to the Karakoram Highway was blocked at Chamachu, Maloppa, Tormik, and other places in Skardu because of heavy rains.

He also said that the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) was working to clear the road, and he told tourists not to use the route until it was clear. In addition, he told people not to travel at night until Thursday and not to travel during the day when it was raining.

Mr. Chughtai also tweeted to tourists coming to the area for their summer vacations that heavy rains were still falling in the Deosai plains and that tourists shouldn’t travel from Skardu to Astore and back during rains. “No one can go through Deosai at night tonight.”

At the same time, scattered rain across Great Britain lowered the mercury, and snow fell in hilly areas. In the Ghanche district, flooding caused by rain also hurt homes and roads. After the Jaglot-Skardu road was blocked and the weather suddenly changed, many tourists in the area had trouble.

The Met Office says that it will rain and thunder in GB and other parts of the country.

Earlier on Friday, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) warned its GB chapter and other district disaster management authorities to stay alert because of the weather and the possibility of a glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF).

Rain in KP

On the other hand, the rain kept falling on and off in the upper parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Monday, but officials said no one was hurt.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) said that the flow of rivers was normal. However, a GLOF was reported in the remote Ishperu Gol area of Terich village in Upper Chitral, where it damaged a 50kV micro-hydel power station.

The PDMA also said that in the last 24 hours, land slides had blocked the Kalkot Daba Road in Upper Dir and the Swat-Shangal main road in the Machar area of Alpuri in the Shangla district, but the streets were later cleared.

The Met Office in Lahore said on Monday night that the gale reached speeds of up to 55 knots and brought winds of more than 100 km/h to the area around the airport.

Read more: Roads are cleared hours after a cloudburst drenched the city 

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NHA gives a contract to build the M-8 Motorway for CPEC

NHA gives a contract to build the M-8 Motorway for CPEC. On Monday, the National Highway Authority (NHA) gave a contract worth Rs 8 billion to build a missing 168-kilometer link in the M-8 Motorway.

Read more with EL news: The Punjab government has agreed to fix up 10 roads in Gujrat

A Gwadar Pro said on Tuesday that the M-8 Motorway is open between Ratodero and Khuzdar for 250 kilometres and between Gwadar and Hoshab for 193 kilometres. In the same way, work is also being done on the 146-kilometre-long Hoshab-Awaran section, which will cost Rs9.12 billion.

A joint venture of Habib Construction Services and Matracon Pakistan has been given the Rs 8.08 billion contracts to build the last missing link between Awaran and Naal (near Khuzdar).

NHA said that once this section is finished, the shortest route will connect Islamabad, Peshawar, and Lahore to the Gwadar Port. It will also be the first time that the Gwadar Port and the northern parts of the country will have a link that controls who can get in and out.

The M-8 Motorway starts in Sindh at Ratodero and ends at Gwadar Port in Balochistan. It goes through Khuzdar, Awaran, Hoshab, and Turbat.

The east-west motorway will connect Gwadar to Sukkur in Sindh. From Peshawar and Islamabad to Sukkur, Pakistan has already built a network of roads controlling who can drive on them.

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The Punjab government has agreed to fix up 10 roads in Gujrat

The Punjab government has agreed to fix up 10 roads in Gujrat. At a cost of Rs312 million, a six-kilometer stretch of the Gujrat-Jalalpur Jattan Road will be fixed up all the way to the Hafiz Hayat campus Road at the University of Gujrat.

Read more with EL news: RUDA urges buyers to register for Chahar Bagh Condominiums

Before, a five-kilometer stretch from Jalalpur Jattan city to UoG Road had been widened and fixed up with money from the federal government for PML-Q MNA Hussain Elahi’s district in 2021.

The Punjab government has agreed to fix up 10 main roads, most of which are in rural areas of Gujrat. In the development budget for the next fiscal year, there are no plans to build roads in Gujrat City.

Official sources said that most of the Rs500 uplift schemes proposed by each PML-N lawmaker and former ticket-holder could not be included in next year’s Annual Development Program (ADP) because the proposals were late and the ADP had already been set.

A six-kilometer stretch of road leading to UoG will be fixed.

The officials said that the plans could be added to the ADP as extra grants in the future. However, they said that few of the road infrastructure plans proposed by Gujrat’s only PML-N MNA Abid Raza Kotla, the prime minister’s adviser Qamar Zaman Kaira, and former MPA Mian Tariq Mehmood Dinga had been approved.

The officials said that PML-Q MNA Moonis Elahi had proposed fixing up a six-kilometer section of the Gujrat-Jalalpur Jattan Road and three other roads long before Usman Buzdar quit as chief minister of Punjab. Former PML-N lawmakers from Gujrat also supported the scheme.

The road has been in bad shape for a long time, and the number of accidents that happen every day on that part of the road is alarming, according to officials from Rescue 1122.

Residents of both Gujrat and Jalalpur Jattan cities and the UoG administration had been asking for the road to be widened and fixed up. The road leads to the Sialkot-Lahore motorway and the Sialkot international airport via the Shahbazpur bridge over the Chenab river.

The Gujrat-Sargodha Road’s 18 km from Shaheen Chowk to Mungowal will cost Rs475 million, the Gujrat-Bhimbher Road’s 8.25 km from Bhelesar Morr to Daulatnagar will cost Rs300 million, Head Ali Beig (Bhimbher’s border with Azad Jammu and Kashmir) to Sara-i-Alamgir city’s 19 km will cost Rs636 million, Guj.

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RUDA urges buyers to register for Chahar Bagh Condominiums

RUDA urges buyers to register for Chahar Bagh Condominiums

A notice on the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) says that people can now pre-register for the Chahar Bagh Condominiums – Ehata Almigir Smart Residential Complex. There are studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments, as well as penthouses, in the project.

Read more with EL news: After eight years, the ‘Islamabad Eye’ project is still not in sight

The project’s name is “Ehata Almigir,” which means “Neighborhood of the Emperors” in English. The project is part of Lahore’s first smart residential project. It is called “Modern, Majestic, and Smart” and is the first of its kind in the city of gardens.

The government hasn’t said what amenities the project will have or how much it will cost before it starts. RUDA welcomes interested buyers to register for the ‘Chahar Bagh Condominiums’.

Keep up with Estate Land Marketing for news and updates.

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After eight years, the 'Islamabad Eye' project is still not in sight

After eight years, the ‘Islamabad Eye’ project is still not in sight

After eight years, the ‘Islamabad Eye’ project is still not in sight. The plans to add a Ferris wheel and make Lake View Park bigger have been put on hold.

Since 2014, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has said that a Ferris wheel would be put in the park, but it hasn’t done anything to make that happen yet.

Read more with EL news: NAB urges citizens to report fraudulent housing developments

A few months ago, the proposed project was shown to the CDA’s Development Working Group (DWP), which told the city agency to hire a consultant to test the soil before moving forward.

Irfan Niazi, who is in charge of the environment, said that the CDA will hire the consultant soon. He said that the proposed Rs1.6 billion project was shown to the DWP a few months ago, and the DWP told him to hire a consultant to test the soil. He said, “Now we’re going to hire the consultant.”

CDA had said that Lake View Park would grow and that a Ferris wheel would be put there in 2014.

Last year, the CDA said that the Ferris wheel, which would be called the “Islamabad Eye,” would be 180 feet tall and give people a view of the city.

Last year, the CDA said, “It will be like the London Eye.” The London Eye is one of the best places to look out over the south bank of the River Thames. It is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular paid tourist destinations.

In 2014 and 2015, the CDA said that a Ferris wheel would be put in F-9 Park. Later, the city government said that it would be put in Malpur. But it couldn’t turn the announcement into something real.

In addition to the Ferris wheel, the CDA said last year that it was going to build a new park in the national park area near Bhara Kahu. The CDA said that, among other things, the park will have a separate area for women and children.

It would also have a walking track, places for kids to play, exercise equipment, an area for water sports, a mini-golf course, and a forest.

Officials from the CDA said that the park would be built on about 350 acres of forest number 8.

They said that the CDA owned more than 350 acres of forest land from the Shahpur road stop to Bhara Kahu on the Murree side before Bhara Kahu began. They said that the park would be built in this area.

The DG of the environment said that the Bhara Kahu park project and the Ferris wheel project were both shown to the DWP at the same time. The DWP told the DG environment to hire consultants to test the soil for both projects.

“It’s not fair to say that we’ve put both projects on hold. “Instead, in a week we will call for bids to hire the consultant,” he said. He also said that after the consultants give their reports, the CDA will call for bids to start building on both projects.

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NAB urges citizens to report fraudulent housing developments

NAB urges citizens to report fraudulent housing developments

NAB invites citizens to submit applications against fraudulent housing schemes. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has asked people whose money was stolen by the management of an illegal housing scheme, companies, or individuals, to file report, complaints or claims for compensation by July 20. This will help them get their money back.

Read more with EL news: The fares of the railways were raised for the second time in a week

According to a statement from NAB Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the bureau was looking into the claims that Messers Qartaba Model Town in Peshawar stole money from people by telling them they would get plots in a housing scheme that didn’t exist.

Complaints and requests for compensation should be sent to the Deputy Director (Coordination), Investigation Wing II, National Accountability Bureau, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Phase V, Hayatabad, Peshawar.

The NAB, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has asked for compensation claims from people who were cheated by different housing schemes. This includes the management of Al-Haram Society, Kohat, Pakistan Railways Employees Housing Society, Nowshera, and individuals such as Faheem ur Rehman, Waseem ur Rehman sons of Abdul Aziz, Shahzada son of Abdul Wadood, Akhtar Nawaz Khan son of Umer

The applications should be sent to the Deputy Director (Cooperation), Investigation Wing III, NAB, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Phase V, Hayatabad, Peshawar, along with supporting documents like a copy of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), authentic copies of the original manuscripts, payment receipts for the money that was stolen, and an affidavit.

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The fares of the railways were raised for the second time in a week

The fares of the railways were raised for the second time in a week

The fares of the railways were raised for the second time in a week. The Pakistan Railways (PR) is likely to raise the prices of express and goods trains again on June 21. This is because the prices of oil products have been going up over and over again.

Read more with EL news: CDA will invest PKR 100 million on jogging tracks in the capital city

Dawn has learned that there are no plans to raise prices for people taking local passenger trains on short-distance routes that start at different stations around the country.

“On Saturday, at a high-level meeting, it was decided in principle to raise the prices of all express and mail trains by 5% and freight trains by 10%. An official told Dawn that the new prices are likely to go into effect on June 21 (Tuesday). “It’s because the government raised the price of oil,” the official said, asking not to be named.

The PR had already raised the prices of all express passenger trains by 10% and freight charges for all goods trains by 15% on June 14. This was done in response to rising oil prices and other financial problems. But it dropped the idea of raising the prices of local passenger trains to help a lot of workers, labourers, salaried class, and other people who take these trains to work in different cities.

According to the minister of railways, the organisation is taking a huge financial hit of Rs8 billion because oil prices are going up. This can’t be fixed without raising fares and freight charges. Khwaja Saad Rafique said at a press conference on June 14: “Since we have no other choice, we have decided to raise the prices of all express passenger trains by 10% and freight trains by 15%.”

He criticised the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf government for doing a lot of damage to the PR, which he said was making money when the PML-N was in power from 2013 to 2018.

According to reports, the PR needs more than 1.5 million litres of oil (diesel) worth Rs20 billion every year to run its passenger and freight trains. This is 30 percent of the total cost of running the PR. Around 70 million people travel by train every year, and many freight companies use it to move their goods. There are 15 places where the fuel tanks of locomotives can be filled.

The PR had previously had a third party evaluate or audit the above-mentioned sites and found several holes or leaks that were costing it around Rs1.5bn in revenue. There were old fuel storage tanks, no modern fuel dispensers, bad calibration, fuel theft and waste, and no system that was based on performance and technology.

On May 16, the PR and the PSO signed an agreement that said the PR would rent out its different pieces of land to the PSO so that it could set up or update the storage facility to make sure oil supplies were always on time. The PR had rented out some of its land to the PSO earlier in 1982. The PSO continued to use this land to store oil for the PR.

Later, a fight broke out between the two state-owned companies, and the land agreement hasn’t been signed or extended since 2018. After some problems were solved, the legal teams of both organisations worked together to write the new agreement. One site was rented in Akora Khattak, Kundian, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Sahiwal, Mahmoodkot, and Hyderabad, and two sites were rented in Kot Lakhpat, Faisalabad, Badami Bagh, and Vehari. Starting on June 30, 2018, the sites were rented out for six years.

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CDA will invest PKR 100 million on jogging tracks in the capital city

CDA will invest PKR 100 million on jogging tracks in the capital city

News sources said on June 17 that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had given PKR 100.2 million to build jogging paths all over the capital city. The authority will build the jogging track and plant trees, as well as build parks and improve them.

Read more with EL news: The Margalla Road realignment is approved by the CDA board

Supposedly, the jogging tracks will be built on the green belts that run along the city’s main roads. For the project, the following jogging tracks have been planned:

Along the green belt of Faisal Avenue, from Luqman Hakim Road (West) to Sector G-7/1 and 2,
Along the green belt from Sector G-6/2 (North) to the Fazl-e-Haq Road
Another one will be built on G-6/3 (North) and the Fazl-e-Haq Road right next to it.
One track is being built between Sector F-7/4 and Sector F-5, Punjab House, along Parbat Road.

Along the jogging track, the government will also put in benches and create new greenbelts with plants to make it look better. Also, CDA has asked its environmental arm to start planting campaigns to keep the city’s environment healthy.

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