Top 3 Real Estate CMA Templates

Top 3 Real Estate CMA Templates


The real estate CMA templates are the need of the hour for all real estate agents to facilitate investors in making any long-term investment. Moreover, the Cma compares the latest and previous sales activity of the properties, indicating the worth of the properties. For realtors, this is necessary to let the investors guide efficiently regarding the prospect of the residential or commercial investment. Furthermore, the comparative market analysis report gives data about the latest listed properties in the nearby areas, recently sold homes, the average cost of homes in the sites, and many more. Furthermore, all the vital information is necessary to capitalize on rewarding real estate endeavours. Lastly, this blog will showcase the CMA templates that will help all realtors and investors.

Top 3 Real Estate CMA Templates

Among the several options, here are the top three options that are free for use. Moreover, the report and guide are necessary to make a profitable and sustainable investment in the country. Several residing opportunities are now growing in the community, like the MPCHS Multi Garden Phase 2, New City Paradise, and Faisal Town Phase 2. So, without delay, let’s explore the CMA templates.

Housing Market Analysis Template

The template will help evaluate the housing property’s worth and compare it with the available options. Moreover, the template will be the perfect option for investors looking to make a long-term and worthy investment in the community. Then, all realtors have to do is customize the content in the file and share it with all the stakeholders. Lastly, the template has all the necessary data to assess the property’s worth.

Real Estate Market Valuation and Analysis Template

Again, the template is one of the best that will help make a comparative study of properties available in the community and their worth. Moreover, realtors usually use this template to make appropriate residential & commercial investment prospects. The template has the necessary data space for the importance of location, price per square foot, and the property’s vacancy rate. Therefore, using the template will help in making a sustainable and wise residential investment.

Real Estate Market Feasibility & Analysis Template

The template is also available to check the feasibility of the property before making the purchase. The realtors will easily use the file, and the investors can better understand the residential or commercial investment. Therefore, using this as a tool to get the perfect investment decision for the maximum of the investors. The template will cover details of the location, property specifications, condition of the property, and the property’s square footage.

All this information is vital to learn before making a worthy investment. Moreover, real estate agents must use accurate data from any available Cma tool. The data will make the investment more trustworthy and reliable. Lastly, the template will be ready to share with all the stakeholders by customizing the data.

Real Estate CMA Templates Benefits

There are several advantages to using real estate CMA templates. The first and most considerable advantage is that it saves the realtor time and money. Moreover, the templates will help the investors get the information in a more managed and updated form. Furthermore, all they have to do is to consult a qualified realtor, and it is a must before buying any long-term asset. Several tools are also available that help all the realtors in creating the CMA reports. The top 6 CMA tools for realtors might be an excellent help for all realtors and investors. Lastly, the data is generated chiefly from automated tools. Therefore, the information will be more accurate and precise.


Real estate CMA templates are the need of realtors to make an ideal and profitable investment opportunity. Moreover, several options will be available online with the best guidance for all investors and realtors. The relators can use the data-driven from the automated tools to help create the optimal analysis and comparison. Furthermore, free options will also be available to assist the realtors in presenting the ideal and worthwhile property details in front of the investors and clients.

That will, in return, help them make the perfect and beneficial deals. Investors must also check the report before investing a considerable amount of money. All the details available in the real estate CMA templates are required to analyze the property’s worth in depth. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will offer all clients in-depth information about the properties, so contacting them will be suitable before making any long-term investments.

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Free Real Estate Templates for Social Media

Free Real Estate Templates for Social Media


Real Estate Templates for Social Media are helping realtors and investors in making the ideal investment. Moreover, real estate agents and marketing firms can benefit from this by generating good leads. Real estate leads are necessary to find potential clients, and thanks to social now, it is easy to find and reach the target audience with few clicks. Most importantly, templates can help create posts and stories to engage clients with the latest real estate updates. Lastly, the blog will cover all the templates from the Jigglar website that will offer feasible options for sustainable and profitable results.

Real Estate Templates for Social Media

The templates will help create awareness among the target audience regarding the real estate ventures, as we know that several residing complexes are now developing in the country with the plan of offering the best way of living to all investors and residents, like the New City Paradise. So, here are some of the exceptional Real Estate Templates for Social Media for all realtors.

Just-Lifted Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a new and trendier way of catching investors’ attention. Moreover, there will be several template options available that will help increase engagement rates. In addition, adding a detailed post link in the stories will be advisable to add value to the investors’ lives. Adding multiple stories will give the investors more depth about the properties. The Real Estate Templates for Social Media are necessary for all realtors to showcase the properties and their details.

Suburb Real Estate Prices

The particular template is for Instagram publications. Moreover, the template will help investors know the prices of the properties in nearby areas. So, anyone interested in making a long-term investment in the country can have a good choice. Furthermore, the results can become more desirable after adding the Google Maps screenshot, which will offer both the idea of prices and the location to the owners and investors. Lastly, the Real Estate Templates for Social Media are essential to make an efficient investment.

Facebook QR Post

Using new and trendy content and strategies helps in creating more engaging content. Moreover, several templates will be available on the Jigglar website, where all realtors can create innovative posts. The template option will allow the real estate agents to add a QR code upon which the investors or potential leads can scan and easily land to the realtor’s dm. Furthermore, living at this point, everyone looks for a time-saving and manageable way of working, which can be possible using this option.

For Sale Facebook Post

The template again allows the realtors to share the full property details. Moreover, the different innovative options available on the website will enable the realtors to create more engaging content. Numerous projects are emerging in the country, like the Faisal Town Phase 2, TAB City Rawalpindi and the MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2. These ventures are selling their properties via social media handles, and Facebook is the ideal platform for the promotion work. Lastly, using similar Real Estate Templates for Social Media will help create massively profitable leads.

Open Home Facebook Post

As the name suggests, the other template is for Facebook, one of the best platforms to showcase properties. Many audiences and potential investors look for real estate investment options via this social media platform. Especially in Pakistan, where now and then new residential opportunities are developing, Facebook shows as a reliable tool to use. Real Estate Templates for Social Media are making the life of realtors more efficient because it prevents wasting time and efficiency. Moreover, it also helps in creating more engaging content.


The Real Estate Templates for Social Media is making investing and selling easier for investors and realtors. Moreover, there will be several free options are now available in the market that can enhance the ratio of desirable results. However, a few of the possibilities are available in this blog. Furthermore, the templates are necessary to create innovative, creative, engaging content. The idea is to generate a good amount of leads without much effort and in minimum time. Using all social media platforms for promoting and showcasing properties will help investors make a durable and profitable investment. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will keep the investors updated with the best investment options, so stay informed with their websites and professional team.

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Pakistan Railways will establish a rail network for transporting Thar coal

Pakistan Railways will establish a rail network for transporting Thar coal

News sources said on October 20 that the Pakistan Railways (PR) will build a 105-kilometer-long railway network to move coal from the Thar coal mines to other provinces.

During a briefing by the PR on current development projects in Sindh, the information was given to PM Shehbaz Sharif. Reports say that the project would cost PKR 58 billion, which would be paid for equally by the federal and state governments. According to the plan, the railroad track will be finished by March 23 and will be used to send coal from around the country to brick kilns. From Islam Koat in Thaparker to the Chor in Sindh, near Umer Kot, the track will go.

Read more with EL news: CM Elahi will lay the Kalma Chowk foundation stone

Also, PM Shehbaz put together a group led by Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah to look into how much coal is available from the Thar Coal Mines and how much is needed on the local market. The group has 72 hours to report back. The Thar Coal Mines are Pakistan’s biggest coal mines, with the ability to produce billions of tonnes of coal. As part of the China-Pakistan Energy Corridor (CPEC) project, the government has just started looking into mines to cut down on the amount of coal it needs to import.

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CM Elahi will lay the Kalma Chowk foundation stone

CM Elahi will lay the Kalma Chowk foundation stone

A newspaper ad confirmed that Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Pervaiz Elahi will lay the first stone for the Kalma Chowk underpass renovation project in Lahore.

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The project to fix up the underpass is part of the Central Business District (CBD) boulevard project, which is meant to fix the city’s growing traffic problems. The project will cost PKR 4.2 billion and take 10 months to finish. The project will begin at the Kalma Chowk Underpass, separating it from the first underpass that leads to the Lahore Central Business District. When you turn from Centre Point toward Firdous Market, a new underpass will be built.

The following services will also be available to commuters and citizens:

  • LED street lights are able to handle more than 250,000 vehicles per day.
  • Underground sewerage and drainage on a two-lane road.
  • At-grade development works on Gulberg Main Boulevard.
  • CBD is an important part of the sustainable development projects in Lahore, which now include the city’s first downtown project.
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CDA and RDA are ordered to develop a plan for water conservation

CDA and RDA are ordered to develop a plan for water conservation

Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives Minister Ahsan Iqbal has asked the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to make a plan for saving water in the twin cities. This was reported in the leading newspaper on October 17.

Read more with EL news: CM Elahi inaugurates road infrastructure projects in Gujrat

During a workshop put on by the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) to show the institutional and governance models of municipal service delivery in urban cities, the minister stressed how important water is.

According to the details, the ministry provides a place for stakeholders to share their knowledge and work together, while AFD provides technical assistance on “Assessment of Municipal Services in Islamabad” and makes suggestions for workable institutional solutions.

Also, the minister said that there is no way to stop people from wasting water, even though there is a big problem with not having enough water. He told the people in charge to do what they could to come up with a plan of action because it was urgent.

Iqbal talked about how important sewage treatment plants are and asked the government to build them so that used water could be used. He said that people also need to change how they use water for the problem to be fixed.

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CM Elahi inaugurates road infrastructure projects in Gujrat

CM Elahi inaugurates road infrastructure projects in Gujrat

According to news reports, Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Parvez Elahi on Friday (October 21) lay the foundation stones for three huge road infrastructure projects in Gujrat, which are anticipated to cost a total of PKR 13 billion to develop.

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According to the given information, these projects include a 29-kilometer-long highway that would connect the Kharian-Sambrial Motorway to Gujrat city and two major flyovers beginning at the Chenab River and finishing at the entrance to Gujrat city. The anticipated cost of the highway is PKR 9.11 billion, while each flyover will cost PKR 4 billion to construct.

During the ceremony for laying the foundation stone, Communication and Works Secretary Mujahid Sher Dil informed the Prime Minister on the project’s key aspects. Prior to two years ago, the federal government had already approved both flyovers as part of the Samman-Dinga road project.

Punjab permits road restoration projects in the districts of Jhang, Chiniot, and Khushab, among others.

In addition, it was disclosed that a flyover will be built above the city’s entry at Bypass Chowk, near the River Chenab bridge, which will connect the national highway with the 35-kilometer-long Samman-Dinga Road, which is now under construction. The second will be constructed on old GT Road above the Kathala railroad crossing.

The projects will be carried out by Punjab Communications and Works, while the federal government will give the initial funding. Member of the National Assembly (MNA) Moonis Elahi, who was also present at the occasion, claimed that the expressway will help local merchants by providing a direct access to the highway.

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The CDWP approves the $9.1 billion ML-1 railway project

The CDWP approves the $9.1 billion ML-1 railway project

News sources said on October 20 that the USD 9.85 billion Pakistan Railways (PR) Main-Line-1 (ML-1) project has been approved by the Central Development Working Group (CDWP).

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The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) is asked to give the project its final go-ahead. The project is approved in principle, but the original estimate of how much it would cost to build has gone up by 45%. According to the revised cost plan, the project’s development work has been split into two parts. The first part, which will cost PKR 1.97 trillion, will involve building the ML-1. The security of ML-1 is a concern during the second phase, which would cost PKR 35.991 billion.

The new Project Concept-1 (PC-1) will fix up a route that is 1,733 kilometers long. Along the way, 130 stations, 130 bike bridges, and 482 underpasses will be built. It was pointed out that the first phase will be finished in three separate packages. Package-I has five parts: the Nawabshah-Rohri section, the Multan-Lahore section, the Lahore-Lalamusa section, the Kaluwal-Pandora section, and the Upgrading of Pakistan Railways Training Academy (Walton).

Also, these things were part of the project’s scope:

  • Putting down a new track with a better subgrade for 160 km/h to increase speed from 65 to 105 km/h to 120 to 160 km/h.
  • Important bridges are being fixed up and new ones are being built.
  • Putting in place modern signaling and communication systems
  • Level crossings are being changed into underpasses and flyovers.
  • Tracks are fenced off
  • The dry port was built near Havelian.

It’s important to note that the ML-1 project’s framework agreement was signed on May 15, 2017, when the prime minister was in China. On May 15, 2017, the business contract for the first design was also signed. At the 6th JCC meeting, the project was called “strategic,” and the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) had already done a feasibility study and given it the green light in August 2020.

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LDA binds transfer tax to the DC rate

LDA binds transfer tax to the DC rate

On October 19, news outlets reported that the governing body of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) had approved a proposal to standardize the property transfer fee, NOC issuing, and map approval processes.

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Instead of a flat price of PKR 7,000 per marla, the new fees will be based on the value of the DC, at 1% each marla. CM Pervaiz Elahi presided over the meeting where the decision was made. LDA’s fees for issuing NOCs, map certifications, and fines for breaking building standards and illegal construction laws would all be increasing under the new plan. In addition, the following changes have been made to the LDA Act of 1975 (as amended by Act XXVI of 2013):

Commercial File Voting Date Announced for LDA City

  • When it comes to commercial property, the transfer cost is one percent of the DC rate, while the price for residential land is PKR 10,000.
  • Transfer fees for heirs amount to 0.25 percent of the DC rate.
  • The cost of registry placement will be 0.25 percent of the daily compounded rate.
  • Copying property records will cost citizens one thousand rupees per page.
  • The cost of GPA publication is PKR 2,000 per Marla.
  • A 0.5% premium over the then-current DC rate will be charged if the construction term is extended.
  • The fee for a file check on a citizen’s property record in LDA is PKR 10,000.
  • Possession fees are 0.25 percent of the DC rate.

Importantly, the LDA’s service costs have been adjusted after an eight-year hiatus to account for the dramatic rise in property values. The LDA has already announced that the new pricing structure will be implemented company-wide.

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FGEHA and AJK government will launch Rawalakot housing project

FGEHA and AJK government will launch Rawalakot housing project

The news outlets report that on Thursday, October 20, the administration of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) reached an agreement to begin a housing project in Rawalakot.

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A contract has been made between the two entities in order to address the housing needs of the valley’s population. The FGEHA will provide technical and management assistance in the areas of engineering, planning and designing, cost estimation, and the execution and supervision of development activity under the provisions of this agreement.

Ghulam Bashir Mughal, the secretary of AJK’s Department of Physical Planning and Housing, and Amara Jabeen, the director of staff of FGEHA, signed the agreement. Many high-level representatives from both organizations were present for the signing event as well.

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Punjab mandates action against property tax defaulters

Punjab mandates action against property tax defaulters

It was reported on October 12 that Punjab Minister of Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Sardar Muhammad Asif Nakai had issued an order to all directors to increase the recovery of property tax arrears by cracking down on tax defaulters.

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Ministerial sources reportedly directed the department to prioritize property tax defaulters who had substantial outstanding balances. These directives came from Minister Nakai during a meeting he presided over on the collection of property taxes. In addition to the Excise Secretary, additional board members were present at such meeting.

At the meeting, it was determined to submit revised property tax regulations to the provincial government for endorsement. It was also stressed that citizen tax appeals should be settled as soon as possible.

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