The Punjab ETNCD will issue tax notices to property tax delinquents

The Punjab ETNCD will issue tax notices to property tax delinquents

On October 10, news sources said that the Punjab Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department (ETNCD) had decided to send tax notices to people in Punjab who had not paid their property taxes.

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The department will send notices to 50,580 people who haven’t paid their taxes, including people who live in Lahore, the provincial capital. According to the information released by the tax department, the tax notifications are an attempt to get more people to pay taxes and increase tax revenue for the national exchequer. The government will get PKR 7 billion from the project. Most of that money is expected to come from people who haven’t paid their bills for a long time. Here is a breakdown of the total number of people who haven’t paid their property taxes and how much is expected to be collected from them:

  • PKR 1,500 property owners in Lahore will have to pay back $2.4 billion.
  • Faisalabad will be able to get back PKR 2.5 billion.
  • PKR Rawalpindi will help get back $1.8 billion.

The Excise Department has asked the relevant groups to send a full list of people who haven’t paid their property taxes and an explanation of why they haven’t done so by tomorrow, October 12.

It’s important to remember that ETNCD has changed its tax goals for 2022. The department has put together special teams to go after people who don’t pay their property taxes.

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Top 5 Tools for Real Estate Appraisers

Top 5 Tools for Real Estate Appraisers

Real estate appraisers are the agents to help evaluate real estate projects. Moreover, they know the worth of the property and how to make the best out of them. Furthermore, it benefits the investors and the residents to attain profits. Most importantly, the developers and investors require the assistance of an appraiser to check out the property’s actual worth. Therefore, their role is beneficial and valuable. The blog will discuss tools that help them make the process easier and more efficient. Moreover, the tools are here to help the appraiser manage their time and budget. So, without waiting, let’s look at the best Real Estate Tools available.

Real Estate Appraisers

The appraisers are the real estate agents who help the investors and developers determine the property’s worth. Moreover, the property’s valuation applies in residential and commercial endeavours. Therefore, opportunities in the Real estate Business are countless, and being a real estate appraiser means adding value to buying and investing process for everyone. Most importantly, they can make profitable business and monetary gains via this job. Furthermore, in the property transaction, the role of an appraiser is vital. Therefore, their guidance can bring the best real estate deals and profits.

Tools for Real Estate Appraisers

Several tools available to assist the appraiser are available, but the top 5 software are available in this blog.

A la Mode

The first and most vital aspect of using this software is that it produces authentic and professional results. Moreover, multiple appraisal activities are doable through the use of this application use. Furthermore, a complaint report is necessary for the properties’ professional valuation. Most importantly, it can use as a free trial. Lastly, the aspect that all Real estate appraisers like about using this application is its ease to use. Therefore, these tools must be on the list of all real estate agents for authentic and efficient results.


Real estate appraisers are always in need of tools that help them in making the best and most effective results. Moreover, the realtors use it for its accuracy and the available tools to keep the data and valuation easier and more efficient. Furthermore, it programmes strategic techniques that are necessary for the appraisal. The sources that software uses are authentic and viable like several Real Estate Transaction Management Software. Moreover, the appraisal report is the most substantial part of utilising this tool. Lastly, the user has to buy the software because it will not be available for free.

ACI Analytics

ACI Analytics is another software that all real estate agents use to obtain the best results. Moreover, the tools conduct deep research for the appraisal task. Furthermore, the software has a database that includes property listings. Most importantly, it performs automatic reporting. Real estate appraisers like using this application because it manages report data.

Moreover, the application is integrable with other apps and tools as well. However, it is not available for free or on trial. Therefore, the realtors must buy it for an accurate and professional valuation of the properties.


The tool is one of the best available options for Real estate appraisers. Moreover, the reason is it does valuation for both residential and commercial real estate endeavours. Furthermore, different professionals can use this software, showing diversity and versatility. like the several Real Estate Mapping Tools. Most importantly, it is cloud-based architecture, making it highly accessible. Lastly, its trial period is short, so the realtors have to purchase it for long-term benefits.


A tool is an online-based software that produces quick and efficient results for all real estate appraisers. Moreover, it uses hybrid strategies to make decisions and data generation effective. Most importantly, it executes compliant appraisal and encourages integration with third-party tools. However, it relies on the appraisers’ expertise and how they use them to generate valuable data. Therefore, the device is highly versatile and can be worthy of use by real estate agents, like several Real Estate Market Analysis Tools. Lastly, it does not offer a free account or trial access to all; therefore, the agents must invest in making the most from it.


Real estate appraisers like using tools to increase efficiency and professional results. Moreover, the properties’ appraisal or valuation will help yield beneficial and profitable deals. All realtors use tools to do the tasks time- and cost-effectively. Most importantly. Some of the tools are free, and the realtors need to buy them for other applications. However, expertise matters a lot when it comes to adequate tools usage.

The tools will be useable for both residential and commercial properties. Therefore, using these tools mentioned in the blog will benefit appraisers in many ways. Lastly, related information will be readily available on the Estate Land Marketing website. Keep visiting their site for more related updates and valuable guides.

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Top 6 CMA Tools for Realtors

Top 6 CMA Tools for Realtors

CMA tools are the need of the realtors that help in making the right and profitable decisions. Moreover, a comparative market analysis is a report that provides details that compare the current and past sales activity. The data of a real estate property from the nearby projects enhance the investor’s and realtors’ ability to do a profitable business. Most importantly, several tools available will help make the right and authentic reports for all realtors. Moreover, using these tools will help them make cost- and time-effective property lists. So, let’s delve into the top alternatives Real Estate Tools available for all realtors.

What is CMA?

The comparative market analysis ensures the realtors’ value of the property or properties while keeping numerous factors in mind. Moreover, like the Real Estate Transaction Management Software, the CMA includes several data like the latest listed homes and prices, sold homes, asking and selling prices, average prices of properties, and the price reduction over time. Furthermore, the time frames also help make the right and accurate decisions. Most importantly, the investors and realtors will benefit from the analysis to decide according to the trends to produce profitable results.

Top 6 CMA tools for Realtors

Several tools will help investors and realtors make the best and most profitable decisions. Also, for investors there are several Real Estate Mapping Tools available that will be helpful in making the viable investment opportunity. Moreover, all realtors will have the names of the tools necessary to fulfil the client’s needs and to buy and sell criteria. Some of the tools are here for real estate assistance.

Cloud CMA

Several CMA tools at this one serve the realtors in the best way possible. Moreover, this tool is appropriate for creating, analysing, and managing comparative market analysis. Furthermore, the use is viable because it makes the process easier and smooth. Most importantly, the user interface is straightforward, and anyone can access the tools and create reports to do the best property analysis. Lastly, the presentation and information are device friendly, making it a more feasible option for all realtors.

Flash CMA

The other one of the best CMA tools is the flash CMA which offers several benefits to all realtors. Moreover, a user-friendly interface is ideal for all realtors to help generate authentic reports. Furthermore, the ten pages statements will be doable in fifteen minutes. And the property listings will help develop accurate data by adjusting them according to the current trends. Lastly, the realtors can send or share the data with the clients through email, text and prints.

Dash CMA

The comparative analysis is viable for making a profitable investment decision. Moreover, numerous housing ventures are now available in the country, like TAB City Rawalpindi, New City Paradise, and Blue World City. Furthermore, for a wise investment, the CMA tools work wonders. The software help in making a professional comparative report in just a matter of time. Moreover, it contains predictive analytics, explaining which property will sell out first. There are option of several Real Estate CRM Tools available for better real estate business.

Realty Property Resource (RPR)

The software is another best apps among the CMA tools. Moreover, it offers property listings and the owner’s history. The clients usually need the data before making any sustainable and profitable investment or selling. Therefore, the software helps the realtors make an efficient and fast way to make the spreadsheet containing all properties and owners’ information. Thus, the users will benefit the realtors and clients for appropriate business deals.

Toolkit CMA

CMA tools offer several advantages to all realtors. Moreover, the platform is a cloud-based option for all real estate agents. Furthermore, the toll will be the best option for realtors at the nascent stages and figuring out the usage of the tools. Realtors can create numerous reports with accurate information and comparative analysis. And all this is doable in a few minutes, helping the realtors and clients to make profitable deals.

Cloud Agent Suite

The tool is efficient in creating extensive comparative reports. Moreover, the Real Estate Market Analysis Tools work best for realtors willing to sell property listings. Furthermore, the dashboard available will offer all the property details and current trends. Most importantly, it saves the time that all realtors and clients need to make the best decision on time. Lastly, the other specification of tool usage is accessible free of charge as a trial for realtors. Moreover, they can purchase it for sustainable business deals if they like it. So, before buying, the realtors can explore the software.


The CMA tools are the need of all realtors in the modern age. Moreover, clients and real estate agents always look for an option that increases efficiency and produces more leads. Furthermore, for realtors who want to sell their property listing, the tools are the vital parameter. This blog has software to help realtors use them to gain profitable results. However, it is the choice of the realtors which suits their business goal and budget. All of them are efficient in making timely and cost-effective decisions. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing has several similar guides for all the realtors’ assistance. So, do check them and gain insightful details regarding profitable business deals.

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Faculty protest Bhara Kahu bypass using QAU land

Faculty protest Bhara Kahu bypass using QAU land

ISLAMABAD: The administration of Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad (QAU) has taken action after Capital Development Authority (CDA) allegedly included 600 kanals of the university’s land in the Bhara Kahu by-pass project without getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

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Faculty members held a protest at the project site. They asked that the project be stopped and that the university be given other land. The university registrar also sent a letter to the chairman of the CDA to get the land of the university out of the hands of the “encroachment mafia” and for the land to be marked.

The QAU faculty and Academic Staff Association (ASA) are working hard to stop the CDA from buying the university’s land without getting permission from the university’s syndicate. They are doing this through social media. The ASA and faculty members are also making the Bhara Kahu bypass project a trend on social media.

Captain (Ret.) Muhammad Usman Younis, who is in charge of the CDA, said that the project’s land will be bought from the university at the last meeting of the CDA Board.

“Professor Muhammad Ali Shah, who is the vice chancellor of QAU, is also a member of the CDA Board. He was told that the CDA has to give the university land in exchange for the land that was used for this project, he said.

On the other hand, QAU Vice Chancellor Prof. Shah says that the alternative land will be talked about at a meeting with CDA members on Monday [tomorrow]. He said, “CDA is making the document, and we’ll get it on Monday.”

Earlier, senior faculty members from the university’s Department of International Relations and Politics met to talk about the situation. They said that the university land can’t be given to anyone without the syndicate’s permission. Concerned, the faculty also decided to start a campaign to get the CDA to give back the 600 kanals of land or stop the development project.

In a letter to the head of the CDA, QAU Registrar Dr. Raja Qaiser Ahmed said that he was very worried about the university’s land being used to build the bypass. The registrar also asked for the university’s land to be clearly marked and for work on the bypass to stop until other land could be given.

University sources say that the fact that the vice chancellor is a member of the CDA Board is strange. But it isn’t clear yet if the vice chancellor was also in the room when the CDA Board supposedly agreed to buy the university’s land as part of the project. “Why didn’t he fight back if he was there? He can’t just give the land of the university to anyone in this way. “The sources said that no one knows what the conditions were or if the vice chancellor resisted or not.

A senior faculty member said that these issues will be brought to the forefront now that Dr. Muhammad Ali’s time as VC is almost up. The professors said that Shah had not called a single meeting of the ASA in the past four years.

“Instead of giving permanent jobs to the most important faculty members, he only gave these jobs to people he liked,” they said.

On Saturday, the faculty held a protest at the site of the project. At this time, ASA President Dr. Aamir said that the Bhara Kahu bypass project is the CDA’s latest attempt to hurt the QAU. “The QAU has nothing to do with this project at all. In the past, the CDA also did not keep the deals it made with the QAU. The new project has now begun. It doesn’t have permission from the QAU administration or the syndicate,” he said, asking the government to stop the project.

“QAU owns 1700 acres of land, of which the university has been given a few acres. Without the university’s permission, the CDA administration took 600 kanals of its land and put it into the development project,” he said.

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CDA said the fire at Centaurus Mall in Islamabad is "under control."

CDA said the fire at Centaurus Mall in Islamabad is “under control.”

The fire that broke out in the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad on Sunday was put out after two hours, according to the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Mohammad Usman Younis, the head of the CDA and the chief commissioner of Islamabad, said that the fire was put out by the fire department, the Pakistan Navy, the Pakistan Air Force, and Rescue 1122.

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Irfan Nawaz Memon, the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Islamabad, said that the mall and the residential towers next to it were being locked down until a technical team could report on how safe they were after the fire.

He thanked the people and organisations that had helped put out the fire.

DawnNewsTV said earlier that people living in the building were told to leave, and that the fire department was working to put out the fire as plumes of smoke rose from the building.

TV footage showed big clouds of smoke coming from the building, and other clips showed people trying to get out of the mall by using the escalators.

The Islamabad police said earlier that a search was going on in the mall.

At the scene were the city’s police chief, senior police officers, administration officials, and rescue teams.

The police also said that a helicopter was being sent to help rescue people and put out the fire.

They also said that the fire inside the mall was “under control” and that no stores were damaged, even though there were still flames on the outside of the mall that were being put out.

A spokesperson for the Pakistan Navy said that the organisation was also helping to put out the fire, and that a navy team and three fire trucks were being used.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif heard about what happened and said he had told the right people and institutions to act right away.

“It’s a shame that this happened in such a well-known business centre. I hope that no one gets hurt or killed. “I am sorry for the victims’ financial losses,” he wrote on Twitter.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah also heard about what happened and told the Islamabad government and fire department to do everything they could to put out the fire.

“The fire should also be put out with the help of a helicopter from the right departments,” he said. He also said that the cause of the fire should be looked into so that the people responsible could be found.

The interior minister told the Ministry of Interior to get a full report of what happened with the fire.

The CDA said that its chairman was also at the site and was keeping an eye on rescue and firefighting efforts.

“Everything is being done to put out the fire as soon as possible,” the CDA said.

The CDA said that most of the affected area was being cooled down and that the rest would also be under control soon.

Younis said that 60–70% of the fire was under control, and he also said that the fire was moving up through the apartments’ balconies.

“We have asked for the helicopter, and it will be here soon. “The helicopter will help stop the fire from spreading up,” the chief commissioner said. He also said that three or four teams were sent into the mall to make sure no one was inside.

He said that he was hopeful that the fire would be put out soon.

An inquiry committee was set up.
Later that day, the Islamabad district administration sent out a press release saying that an inquiry committee had been set up to find out what caused the fire, if the building had fire fighting equipment and alarms, and what the management did.

It also said that DC Memon ordered that other big buildings in the city be checked to see if they have firefighting equipment. If they don’t, they should be punished.

The committee was made up of the I-Area assistant commissioner, the Rawalpindi district emergency officer, the CDA directors for Building Control Section and Electrical and Mechanical Section (E&M), and the CDA additional director for E&M section, according to a notice from the office of the Islamabad Capital City district magistrate.


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DC Gujranwala issues rehabilitation orders for neglected parks

DC Gujranwala issues rehabilitation orders for neglected parks

News sources said that on Thursday, October 6, Gujranwala Deputy Commissioner (DC) Saira Umer told the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) to fix up 10 parks in the city.

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During a PHA review meeting about the city’s building projects, the instructions were given. DC Saira said at the time that the city needs more healthy outdoor spaces and that fixing up 10 parks will give families safe places to enjoy the outdoors. She also gave PHA an order to make up a budget deficit of PKR 80 million. The deputy commissioner also told the authority to make sure that all employees were present and that they all had biometric attendance. She was impressed by how hard the PHA worked to keep the city looking nice and how quickly it took action on its cleanliness drive.

It’s important to note that Gujranwala is the third biggest city in Punjab, and its population is growing. The city is famous for the way its people eat and for the way it is built. The government has also recently split Gujranwala into two parts, with Gujarat being the second part.

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Priority of the government is the completion of CPEC projects

Priority of the government is the completion of CPEC projects

Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif said on Thursday (October 6) in Islamabad that finishing the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects is the government’s top priority in order to help the people.

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The prime minister said that the projects are important for the economic growth and development of Pakistan because they will give people jobs. He said these things while talking to a group from the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), which is owned by the government and led by President Ye Chengyin. The PM said at the time that China’s relationship with Pakistan has always stood up to time.

Later, the premier and the envoy were told how different projects were going. People said that the government has already started the last stages of building the Karachi Coastal Development Project, the Rashakai Special Economic Zone, the Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, the Babusar Tunnel, ML-1, and the railway corridor between Karachi Port and PIPRI. The delegation liked what the prime minister did to make sure that the CPEC projects would be done on time. The CRBC also showed interest in the 10,000 WM solar power project.

It’s important to know that CPEC, which has a budget of about USD 64 billion, is one of the biggest projects to build infrastructure. The projects started as part of this ambitious plan involve investments in energy, transportation, ports, mines, and industrialization, among other areas.

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Islamabad receives get biggest Miyawaki forest in H-12

Islamabad receives get biggest Miyawaki forest in H-12

On October 5, news sources said that the largest Miyawaki forest in Islamabad is being built in Sector H-12 by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL).

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On 17 acres of land, 20,000 large seedlings of different species have been planted to make the Miyawaki forest. Soon, more saplings will be planted. The Miyawaki forest was opened by CDA Chairman Usman Younis and Managing Director of Mari Petroleum Faheem Haider. At the time, the chairman said that the forest would add a lot to Islamabad’s scenery and make the city’s ecosystem better, which would make it healthier. He said that the woodland is the biggest in the city and that it needed new and better security systems. He went on to say that the plan is a big step toward making the country’s environment better and healthier.

It’s important to remember that the government started the Miyawaki Forest Project in 2020, with plans to do so in every major city. The project is meant to stop pollution from getting worse and climate change from making things worse in the long run.

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Setting a deadline to connect the Thar coal mines to the railroad network

Setting a deadline to connect the Thar coal mines to the railroad network

News from October 6 says that Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif has told the government to connect Thar Coal Mines to the railway network by March 2023. Shehbaz gave the orders while he was in charge of a meeting to talk about how the project was coming along.

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The project would be run by both the federal government and the government of Sindh, according to the details. In this regard, Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Syed Murad Ali Shah and PM Sharif will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). But no date was set for when this MoU would be signed.

During the meeting, the premier told the people in charge of development to speed up their work. He went on to say that the local coal will be used in power plants instead of coal that is brought in from other places if the Thar coal mines are connected to the railway network. The news source said that this plan will save USD 2 billion every year.

Federal Ministers Khurram Dastgir, Ahsan Iqbal, and Ishaq Dar were there, as well as Special Assistants to the PM Jahanzeb Khan and Zafaruddin Mahmood and senior officers. Railway Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq and CM Murad Ali Shah joined the meeting through a video link.

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KP approves formation of the Shangla Development Authority

KP approves formation of the Shangla Development Authority

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister (CM) Mehmood Khan approved the creation of the Shangla Development Authority (SDA) on October 3, according to news sources. The goal of the SDA is to lead the modern development of the tourist destination.

Sunday, Provincial Minister for Labour and Parliamentary Affairs Shaukat Yousafzai told the public about the news (October 2). He said that setting up SDA will be an important step toward the modern and sustainable development of the Shangla district. He also said that the authority will be in charge of starting to build Shangla University, getting clean water to the people who live there, approving Rescue 1122, and improving the area’s elementary, middle, and high schools as well as its medical facilities. Also, the authority will be able to run the tourism business in the area, which will bring in money and give people jobs.

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It is important to note that KP is one of the provinces that is growing quickly because of its efforts to improve infrastructure. Under the KP City Development Project, the KP government has also signed a number of agreements with lenders and international financial institutions like the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank (WB) for the development of Smart cities. The banks would give the KP government $1 billion to help build smart infrastructure.

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