Why do investors need a commercial property strategy?

Why do investors need a commercial property strategy?

Commercial real estate properties technically are all about retail businesses, corporate office, or any mixed-use building. Every real estate investors understands that investing in commercial real estate offers frequent rewards and possible benefits to the knowledgeable investor. Such rewards include stable cash flow, willingly available occupants, inferior job risks, and advanced income potential with commercial property strategy. However, before just purchasing any commercial property, investors must work with due thoroughness, to guarantee the property aligns with their investment policy. Even for commercial properties, investors need to implement eoi real estate strategy.

Commercial Property Strategy and benefits

Similar to residential real estate, commercial real estate investment would also require the due diligence of investors. Such complex real estate contacts would help investors to learn, whether potential property fits the appropriate investment strategy for financial goals and desires. Commercial property strategy also involves following elements for its success along with property portfolio strategy.

Cash Flow

A cash flow strategy includes understanding and handling of investor’s expectations. Before moving ahead on such king of strategy, one should think about following kinds of questions.

  1. A property with a lower monthly cash flow is good or bad deal?
  2. If the property has a Huge cash flow on monthly basis, but comprises of other risks. One should introspect, whether it is a suitable choice for any portfolio, or not.

While answering these queries, one needs to think that the real estate investment strategies might be different for every property. One must identify his expectations, manage them, and then with an impartial view, determine whether the property would meet such expectations and thus reach the financial aims. Lastly, the aim of cash flow properties is to become more submissive investment strategy, needing a less hands-on approach (particularly when associated to a value-add property).

Value Add

A property may also be a huge value add, which indicates that it needs some work completion before it can attain a higher monthly rent values. There might also be a huge possibility of the property to be rented out to inhabitants. On such basis, a value-add property naturally meets the following criteria:

  1. It needs makeover.
  2. There is delayed preservation.
  3. The external redesigning of the property must be better than before.

The important thing to note about a value-add property is that this is an energetic plan. Moreover, it might have a lot of touching parts, which means that you might need to trust on your local team in order to efficiently complete every stage. Lastly, as you add value to the property, you should identify that your cash flow will characteristically be inferior. Core real estate funds might be helpful for value-add properties.

Understand Commercial property Strategy funding

Commercial property strategy financing is typically dissimilar than any residential property. In fact, a lot of commercial opportunities need investors to have bigger income or net worth values, along with being able to make a huge monetary commitment. Rental property investment strategy is best way to realize commercial property strategy in depth.

Interest Rates

Such type of rates for commercial properties are dependent on on the current prime rate, along with understanding of how banks would borrow the cash anticipated to provide you a credit with a floating, or fixed interest rate.

  • Main Rate. The lowest amount of cash that may be borrowed commercially.
  • Banks Borrowing method: The banks normally get their cash by deriving for the prime amount, which you take as loan. Then you would total the overall interest rate on top of it, after which the bank spreads of the entire cash.


For commercial property strategy, banks may have to give out the repayment phase. For example, one might have a 10-year loan with a repayment phase of twenty years. The lengthier the  repayment is, the less debt individuals would need to pay on every month. The shorter the repayment, the more payment would might increase in passing months.


An asset administrator can help in implementing commercial property strategy when buying a multi-tenant stuff. An asset executive would be really helpful, if investors are trying to get a multi-tenant or multi-unit funded, and the process becomes compound. Asset directors are specialists in their ground, have widespread experience acquiring and handling these kinds of assets, and can guide investors about the entire procedure. If you are at learning phase, then asset managers would be very cooperative. Please talk to professionals of estate land marketing to learn about such properties, as we have professional real estate agents.

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Role of Technology in Short-term Rental Investment Funds Growth

Role of Technology in Short-term Rental Investment Funds Growth

A lot of real estate investors are looking into various tech startups for past few decades. A lot of them have come across innumerable bitcoin investors who have earned huge amount due to blockchain appreciation. Although such investments are of high risk, yet their adopters have become millionaires in crypto business. Short term rental investment funds have also integrated high tech means, which mainly relies on digital currency. The best part about role of technology in short term rental investment is the digitalization of core real estate funds.

Short-term Rental Investment Funds

Growth Of Short-Term Rentals

A lot of Explorers have moved towards short-term rental investment funds, like vacation houses that we see on Airbnb. It also includes some other booking platform like Expedia, which has contributed to the global sharing economy. Generally, short-term rentals produce more than 30% more profits for landowners, or stockholders than long-term occupancies. The overall estimation of this as per global market valuation is around $100 billion in 2018 alone. The expenditure is huge, particularly when yearly holidays are around. As per short-term rental data provider known as Transparent, metropolises like Karachi witnessed their average increase in daily rates by more than 100% on Eid.

Though such kinds of substitute housing started taking off 10 years before. All this was possible due to startups like Airbnb, the hoteling industry saw growth at a quicker pace than hotels. Due to Airbnb, the rental properties have become more tech-enabled, with a intense concentration on professionalization. As per the latest report of Bloomberg, Airbnb produced a huge ecosystem of hospitality startups, which ranges from noise monitoring system to keyless tools. One must follow proper rental investment property strategy for rental growth.

Millennials noticing current trend

Many millennials recognized the opportunity for rental real estate investment funds by listing their own rooms or houses across Airbnb. Some other apps like Expedia.com, and Booking.com have also enable millennials to achieve financial prosperity and independence by renting out accommodation. There have been some other side gigs too that have become full-time because of new-age property managers. Now a lot of entrepreneurs are achieving monetary independence by creating sustainable businesses out of this transforming trend.

However, they are not the only ones who saw such tremendous opportunity. In 2013, some other companies have been creating a short-term property management platform that identifies opportunity  to tech solution. That tech solution would help in decreasing the annoyance of continuous guest statement and handling schedules across booking platforms. Such innovation resulted in creation of a platform that mechanizes and rationalizes the operations linked with short-term rentals. Millennials are also getting experience in learning about property portfolio strategy.

Entrepreneurs facing problems

Some modern property entrepreneurs have shared the similar pain points when one talks about their property management dealings. They are not willing to prefer to be less hand on, as they take pride in facilitating a guest experience. They are willing to create a consistent and sound procedure, which seems to be difficult in a regulatory atmosphere. Their reliance on various distribution channels to boost their visibility is creating hurdles in scaling their business. They are unsure about the starting point of real estate investment strategies.


With the addition of short-term rental properties and short-term real estate funds, things have drastically changed. Such trend has had huge impact on their investment portfolios, where new property kinds have emerged. Such trends is visible throughout Pakistan, and has resulted in progressively auspicious growth. This trend involves co-living spaces on college campuses along with some furnished rooms available for rent. All of this has been possible due to innovation in tech solutions that push this space forward. It has even enabled renters to manage their Airbnb business from their comfortable living room couch. Please reach out to professionals of Estate Land Marketing to learn more details about this trend.

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Understanding the Core Real Estate Funds Investment Strategy

Understanding the Core Real Estate Funds Investment Strategy

Core Real Estate funds strategy is one of the big outdated method of investment. The sole objective of such core strategy is stable returns by operative core real estate assets that produce unchanging cash flow. Furthermore, real estate investment methods are also used to control the risk-reward aspect of real estate business. Productive investors might make their own evaluations and identify the proper investment strategy when evaluating real estate contracts. This strategy is one of the best method to get huge return apart from rental property investment strategy.

Core Real Estate Funds Strategy

The concept of core real estate funds strategy is similar to essential strategy as it aims for huge value assets. The entire strategy targets high value real estate assets with rents for long term. However, this strategy is slightly more belligerent as it involves higher risk investments due to location mainly. This strategy also involves very less to moderate risk investment properties that may be negligible metropolitan parts with huge potential of growth. They have the skill to produce huge return with tactical developments. Strong renters occasionally inhabit core plus properties with long term rents but with fewer eminence, in contrast to other ones. One should learn effective real estate tax strategies for core real estate funds.

The ones utilizing this strategy may need investors to implement only less physical improvement. It would also increase management productivity for smooth flow of cash. Some real estate investors might suppose stable rental income with methods of capital obligation with their investment. For example, entertainment places, student hostels, and some storage spaces might need huge room for improvement. Some of the main benefits of such strategy are below:

Lesser fees free of disturbance

Some Real Estate investors are not assured to pledge a huge deal of politeness on the treatment of such properties. As occupancies might be available for the long term, investors don’t need to make any effort in the daily management of the properties. They should instead go for third-party property individuals to perform such responsibilities. They need to hire a professional property manager, who would also manage the tenants on the basis of the leasing contract. That is why searching for the best real estate investment strategies can be viable for all investors.


Based on fundamental high-quality assets, core real estate funds strategy would display a more reliable act through the commercial sequence. This would also help in holding up better during financial downturn. The stability of such investments provide investors the expectable return with less risks. They generally do not experience any significant appreciation in capital value, and would preserve the value through commercial cycle. Even SEO for real estate investors also provides opportunities to learn more about stability with such strategy.

Investment in opportunistic properties

The Opportunistic properties are the ones that need a huge degree of improvement to be lucrative. It may also contain hypothetical development on an empty land for further profit. Properties in such category involve huge risks like structural matters, huge vacancy, or fiscal suffering that has to addressed. New expansion would need a dedicated team with a proper skill set to determine the viability. Such viability would help in managing the execution of the project in longer term. Opportunistic properties are one of the important part of core real estate funds strategy. As, they provide the huge investment advantage but at the same time also pose a huge risk of lessening of principal. Other than this, core plus real estate investment strategy is also useful in such cases.


The core real estate funds strategy is useful for traditional investors who want to lessen risks in their collections. Whereas core assets produce moderately minor returns than core plus properties, and other opportunistic  strategies. They also offer a foreseeable and steady income that is probable to remain so, even in the future terms. The entire strategy is outstanding for investors who are willing to prioritize only passive income. Please reach out to professional agents of Estate Land Marketing for more details. Our agents would personally provide counselling to real estate investors about this strategy.

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A Complete rental property investment strategy Guide

A Complete rental property investment strategy Guide

Real estate investors thinking about buying any investment property must learn about a rental property investment strategy. Buy rental property needs knowledge about leasing, occupant, mortgage loans, and links between landlord and property manager. Purchasing rental real estate might be profitable but it also involves many challenges along with other real estate businesses. Like Property portfolio strategies, one needs to apply several strategies to make rental real estate business successful.

Rental Property Investment Strategy

In order to formulate Rental Property Investment Strategy, one needs to look into several thing in rental real estate. Some real estate tax strategies are also applicable for rental property in variety of ways. Some of the important strategy for rental property are below

Choosing a good location

A location where the population is increasing and a renewal idea is proceeding highlights a potential real estate investment opportunity. A good location contains the neighborhood with less crime rate, with access to public transportation. It also includes increasing job market, which may result in larger pool of renters. One should also search for location with less property taxes, and variety of facilities like Restaurants, shopping malls and parks. One can use several property sites like Graana.com to get information about home rental prices with current property values. The property sites also involve some of the information about the ways to implement real estate investment strategies.

Funding Your Rental Property

The way to get a loan for rental property is similar to primary residence mortgage with some minor differences. With huge rates of default on rental property loans, the additional risk means lenders characteristically charge more interest rates on rental properties. A real estate investor may select a traditional mortgage loan or may qualify for some other governmental loan. One needs to underwrite standards that might be harsh for the applicants of rental property. Mortgage lenders mainly emphasize on down payment, credit score, and debt to income ratio alongside other factors that apply on rental mortgage. The borrower of loan might be held to high credit score that would be dependable on minimum down payment. Proper usage of rental real estate strategy also helps in funding of rental property.

Making Rentals Money

Operating expenditures on some innovative rental property would be between 40% and 80% of your total operating income. If the monthly rental charge is $1,500, and expenditures are $600 per month, that counts around 40% for operating expenditures. A lot of real estate investors utilize the 50% rule. For instance, the rent of $2,000 per month, is payable at $1,000 in total expenses. The investors should investigate that insurance provider is bundling landlord insurance with homeowners’ insurance policy, and also to lower costs. Some huge companies that purchase distress properties normally aim for 5 to 7 percent of return. The ones who have given their properties for rent might get huge returns on profit after few years. Since the inflation rate might change with the passage of time, so the return would highly depend on it.


The Rental Property Investment Strategy is a helpful strategy that helps in getting profits at rental properties. With all other investments, rental real estate property also remain a profitable investment for longer term. Also, they are a very lucrative method to invest in real estate business, as they provide passive income. Rental property investment also require abundant of knowledge about laws for occupant and landlord. Other than that, the knowledge of leasing mortgages, and management of property is also beneficial for rental real estate business. For more details about rental real estate, please get in touch with the agents of Estate Land Marketing. Our agents are professional with their experience of more than a decade in housing industry.

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Does property portfolio strategy benefit investors?

Does property portfolio strategy benefit investors?

One of the important questions that real estate clients ask is that how can they utilize their property portfolio strategy. It is often a confusing thing for investors, even if they try to consider it. A lot of real estate investors believe that it might be a piece of cake. Along with that, some of the experts of finance and real estate business also tell the same thing. But the fact is that investment in numerous properties might be a huge way to build future wealth. Also, it would be helpful to achieve financial security in longer term. There are various other types of real estate investment strategies that guarantee huge amounts of profits in return.

Property Portfolio Strategy

One needs to have a proper property portfolio strategy to empower their financial strategy. If there is an appropriate strategy in place, then the real estate investor would also consider variety of financing options. This might involve negotiating with mortgage broker with whom one can discuss borrowing capacity and kinds of loans available. It is mandatory for real estate investors to select those investment goals with which they can afford repayments. Some of the important investment strategies along with buy to let for property portfolio are as following.

Better cash flow

One of the important benefits of utilizing a proper property portfolio strategy is its potential for better cash flow. With the ownership of multiple properties, one can get numerous streams of rental income. That income would be helpful to supplement the wages and offer a dependable cause of passive income. This can be predominantly attractive for those looking to attain monetary independence or willing to go for earlier retirement.


Another big advantage of utilizing an investment property portfolio strategy is the huge diversification potential. If the investors are owning numerous properties in different locations, then the monetary risk would spread. Such spread of risk would help to reduce the influence of any oscillations in the real estate sector. This would be helpful to ensure that the general investment portfolio would be steady and secure, even in times of financial decline.

Growth of capital

The investment property portfolio strategy would also be obliging in quickening capital growth and can be regarded as one of the best real estate investment strategies. As property values aim to increase with time, so owning numerous properties would help in magnifying huge returns. Such returns would be helpful in building more wealth quicker than with any particular property. This might be very beneficial for the ones looking to achieve financial goals for longer terms. The financial goals in longer-term are helpful in getting early retirement, or a prosperous future. Utilizing real estate tax strategies also helps in capital growth.

Developments and Renovation

Another benefits of investment property portfolio strategy is to easily buy properties that need some major renovations. Such renovation are factors such as  cosmetic improvements, or improving the entire building. One may enjoy a low purchase value and immediate huge returns with the appropriate property. Commercial property strategies would be helpful in renovation of properties.

Although the renovation investment strategies seems to be an instant win, but they too offer many tests. Renovations need luxurious and long property development work, which last for long. The real estate investors need to budget their expenditures i.e. physical labor, property licenses, examination troubles, and many more. The development of property might take more of the personal time as well since one needs supervise all changes.


The growth of investment property portfolio strategy might be a huge way to increase wealth and attain financial security. With the possibility for huge cash flow, all the benefits of diversification, capital growth, and equity creation would offer huge profits. Along with that, investing in various properties may provide some more benefits that might not be available within a single property. Please connect with the real estate representatives of Estate Land Marketing for further guidance about such strategies.

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What are major types of real estate investment strategies?

What are major types of real estate investment strategies?

Any decision about real estate investment is investor’s own choice, whether he goes for it or not. The entire decision depends on his objectives like risk tolerance, economic situation and style to invest. Numerous real estate asset modules have various risks and opportunities, which might differentiate on the basis of investment strategy that investor works on. Tax strategy for real estate investment alone offer variety of benefits to the real estate investors. There are also some other types of real estate investment strategies that provide benefits to investors. The strategies of real estate investment have become easier for investors to implement.

Types of real estate investment strategies

Majority of the types of real estate investment strategies are main driver behind return on profits. One can also properly analyze a deal on the basis of these strategies. After house hacking, there are also some other strategies that would help the real estate investors in getting better returns. Following are some of the main investment strategies that investors use nowadays.

Opportunistic Strategy

Such type of real estate investment strategies include the development of a new structure. It may also involve renewal by the widespread restoration of the current structure with addition of extra floors. Also, it would certainly include relocation of the huge building structure in the market. It might have to then change the tenant outline or practice of a building to understand or capitalize on rental and capital worth. With the improves cashflows with less capital rates, the succeeding appreciation in worth of property after renovation is most important criteria for return on investment. Property portfolio strategy is also a mandatory thing for such strategy.

Value-Add Strategy

Value add type of real estate investment Strategies contain increase of property’s cash flow by renovation of substantial tenancy spaces, re-tenanting. It also includes elimination of losses-to-lease by narrowing operating expenditures, and normal repositioning of any real estate property. Investment return are often reliant on forced appreciation as a result of value-added work or strategy rather yearly returns. Business strategies for value-add properties normally call for departure after value creation. Especially in cases where investors would look to redistribute funds into some new opportunities. Other than that, they might have to go for cash out refinance to understand worth of their value creation. They would also realize that how much their property is stable for a longer term.

Core-Plus Strategy

This os one of the best types of real estate investment strategies emphasizes on getting high-quality assets in subordinate locations. It might also involve a little old-fashioned assets in main locations, which would somehow retain their previous value. Looking for investment property that produce healthy yearly income returns over holding period of longer term. It might involve a lot of risk, and would also expect huge return in core strategy. Overall, the investment returns are estimated to be somewhere in between 7 to 10 percent of net equity.


All types of real estate investment strategies can be available to any real estate investor. Especially the ones, who are looking to invest in Islamabad and Karachi. There are several other best real estate investment ideas in the market. It entirely depends upon the real estate investors that which type of strategy he aims to implement. There several real estate agents, who would help and provide guidance for real estate finance. The investors must work with reliable and famous real estate investment consultants with best track record. For more details about such strategies, you should visit the office of Estate Land Marketing. The real estate consultants of our company are professional, and experienced enough to guide the investors about strategies of investment.

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5 effective tax strategies for real estate investors

5 effective tax strategies for real estate investors

The individual making plans to start their real estate investment must know about implication of tax that might affect them. Although the aim behind taxation is to boost the investment in real estate more than before, yet the investors might feel the effect. So, one needs to learn some tax strategies for real estate investors to make investment more profitable. The investors have to prepare some efficient tax strategies after House hacking strategy of real estate investment.

Best Tax strategies for real estate investors

It would be important for real estate investors to hire some financial advisors to learn about the taxation process. After that, they can easily optimize tax strategies for real estate investors. After-tax strategies, SEO real estate strategy seems to be more profitable for real estate business. Some of the important tax strategies are mentioned below

Decrease or Ignore Capital Gains Tax

When one talks about tax strategies for real estate investors, there are short- and long-term taxation methods. Short-term capital gains are appropriate to any property that investors buy and sell for a profit within one year. They are somehow taxed at a similar rate as that of income tax. On the other hand, Long-term capital gains taxes are quite lesser, as it enables individuals to hold the property for around one year. One of the finest means to ignore capital gains tax on any property is to make it your main house. Core real estate funds strategy also provides benefits by decreasing capital taxes.

Taking Advantage of Suppositions

There are several tax decreases that one can make utilize on their own. While they might minus their mortgage interest on their home, it’s particularly true when one talks about investments beyond their house. Here are some huge factors of what persons can minus on their taxes as a real estate investor:

  • Property assurance alongside taxes
  • Preservation price
  • Property managing rate (if one uses a property management business)
  • Marketing charges to get new inhabitants
  • Legal and accounting subscriptions
  • Business expenses such as software programs, computers and other gadgets and assets.

Minus for Depreciation

Accounting for depreciation is another one of the main tax strategies for real estate investors. Some properties don’t always escalate in value, and if they incline in their value, then they are unable to deduct the damage from their taxes. Such deduction would lower the overall taxable income, along with plummeting the amount that they pay. If one takes a deduction for depreciation, then the revenue system would definitely notice it. If one sells the property and makes a huge profit from it, then one needs to report it to the revenue department as depreciation recapture. The revenue system may charge an extra tax on such gain to make up for the depreciation which they deducted. Such tax and real estate investment strategies for real estate investors would guarantee huge profits after a few years.

Accept Tax with some Incentives

There is a variety of ways through which to defer real estate taxes. The government utilizes these two programs to encourage further investment:

  • 1031 Exchange: It enables investors to sell their property at a profitable rate and defer paying capital improvements as long as they invest again in an identical kind of property within 6 months..
  • Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds: Investors may sell their property and submit capital gains by investing the revenue into a capable opportunity zone endowment within half a year. Such funds are usable to develop financial activity in troubled societies all around the country.

Borrowing Against the Equity

The investors may have sold the property at once, as they need to liquidate. Only, if they need to fund a new investment by freeing up some cash, then they better think about dipping into their equity. A proper cash-out refinance would provide you with a new mortgage on the property in cash exchange. This might be a suitable option, as one doesn’t have to pay tax on capital gains. One would also have a mortgage payment with interest but would have less wage than capital gains. Buy to let strategy is also important in terms of borrowing against equity.


Applying tax strategies for real estate investors is mandatory to have a fruitful real estate investment corporate. From maximizing further deductions to utilizing incentive programs to submit taxes are a few things that one should do to cut tax bills. A huge part of being able to take full benefit of these tax strategies is knowing about their existence. Please talk to knowledgeable agents of Estate Land Marketing, who would give you guidance in detail.

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Can Real estate investing house hacking strategy help investors build wealth?

Can Real estate investing house hacking strategy help investors build wealth?

Real estate investing house hacking strategy is a plan that would help witness knowledgably investors maximizing their return on investment. Investors can maximize wealth by physically living in their own property from where they generate passive income. However, hacking strategy offers various other strategies that investors can utilize to lessen their risk. House hacking can easily transform the prospects of some minor passive income investment into huge one. The property you aim to rent out would provide huge benefits just like EOI real estate strategy.

Real estate investing house hacking strategy

Real estate investing house hacking strategy for a duplex, would enable investors to live in a single unit. They can simultaneously rent out the other one while residing. Real estate investor would be able to charge rent of their tenant that is equal or more than mortgage. House hacking has also become identical with a number of benefits, which includes enabling the investor to clear their payments. Also, the investor would not have any need to pay down their mortgage with rent of tenant. They have to implement this strategy correctly with the appropriate numbers to also save their own housing expenditures. After Passive Investing Real Estate Strategy, house hacking is one of the smartest move.

Ways to Purchase any House Hacking Property

The advantages of Real estate investing house hacking strategy are evident, and as it helped numerous aspiring entrepreneurs. This helped entrepreneurs to test the benefits of real estate investing without widening themselves too slim. One needs to have an appropriate property in portfolio to benefit from a proper house hack strategy. Some of the easy steps conduct house hacking are as follow:


House hacking would need a huge level of commitment on behalf of interested real estate investors. So, it’s in their own interest to pledge to the notion as soon as possible. Before considering house hacking, one must commit to the idea by every means. Investors would have to convince themselves that house hacking is a strategy that would provide comfortable living in long term. It is better not to start house hacking even with the least reservations of not being ready. Opportunistic real estate funds are also a huge part of commitment.


The next important step of a proper house hacking strategy would involve secure financing of investors. They must be sure to line up their funding before they even begin looking for different properties. While doing that, they would get the exact amount they need to borrow. Whether it’s money from a private money lender or some traditional loan, line-up financing is mandatory. In this way, you may learn how much a house is affordable, and not look for properties out of your rate range.


With huge financing, one needs to study with due diligence. He should get an impression of the market that he intends to buy in. He must also look into the funds that would enable him to buy more properties. At this appropriate time, he may aim to lock down the exit strategy i.e. whether to buy a duplex or not. Possibly investors may want to try their hand at a triplex. An investor must determine the kind of property he aims to purchase and start managing the numbers irrespective of the case. More prominently, they just need to ensure that they are making sense. The only purpose is to reside in a mortgage-free place, while the tenants might pay down the principal making it one of the best real estate investment strategies.


Real estate investing house hacking strategy has proved to be valuable for investors willing to succeed in real estate. No other strategy would enable investors to capitalize on their efforts quite parallel to this simple strategy. The notion of having occupants pay down their mortgage without sustaining any extra mortgage expenses of their own is more. The entire strategy is a huge entry into the real estate sector, as it makes the transition into investing simpler. For more information about this strategy, visit the office of Estate Land Marketing. We have numerous real estate agents, who would provide good guidance about mortgage, and this strategy.


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What are Passive investing real estate Risks & Benefits?

What are Passive investing real estate Risks & Benefits?

With all the option of investment available out there today from buy and sell stocks, to rental property investment. All these business provide huge returns on investment dependent on the cash that investor has spent. Along with that the transforming era of cryptocurrencies is also an important part of decision making regarding real estate investment. It does not depend whether one is doing other job apart from real estate investment. Some persons cannot dedicate proper time and energy to get more expertise in numerous areas. Some individuals might be lethargic, as they might not be able to manage two or more works at one time. So, a lot of real estate investors have made career out of passive investing real estate business. It is one of the most leading tactics in real estate business apart from but to let strategy.

Passive Investing Real Estate

Advantages of Investing Passively

Having more free time to Avoid Headaches:

Passive investing real estate enables an individual to decline managing occupants, preservation and the annoyances that come with more investments. By providing the control of the daily operations to real experts, one would feel comfortable for the safe investment. So, that individual has a time to utilize his valuable time to get some other means of passive income. Any vertically integrated real estate company would be a good passive investment, as it helps in avoiding headache.

Achieving Correct Diversification:

A lot of commercial real estate investments have high attainment rates that a lot of individuals cannot access. Such opportunities often have numerous investors assembling capital together and investing as a total group.  Investing un receptively in a group might enable an individual to invest in numerous asset types. Those assets might be in multiple locations and with fluctuating investment extents, and one is able to achieve actual diversification. hence this can be one of the best real estate investment strategies, that can helpful in generating higher returns.

Avoid Credit and Liability Risk

Passive Investing Real estate also helps individual to evade being exposed to risk of credit or liability.  One does not need to generally guarantee loans worth millions of dollar through value add real estate model. So, they can easily avoid the liability that normally comes along with ownership of real estate.

Risks of Investing Passively

Select a Bad Location

Location must always be first consideration of real estate investor, when purchasing an investment property. Since, it is extremely difficult to move a house to a more preferable neighborhood, nor one can move any retail building out of some unrestricted strip mall. Location is the main factor that determine the ability of making profit, and rental properties demand. That demand might depend on the type of properties, with huge potential of appreciation. General rule of thumb says that best location would be able to generate highest return on investment in future. Property portfolio strategy is sometimes suitable for finding good location.

Negative Flow of Cash

Cash flows in some Passive investing real estate business highlights the money that is left over. That leftover cash involves payment of expenditures, taxes, protection, and mortgage costs. Negative cash flows often occur, if the money coming in is quite less than the money going out. Some other important reasons behind negative cash flows are as following:

  • Huge vacancy rates
  • Expensive maintenance
  • Huge funding costs on loans
  • Charging lesser rent
  • Not utilizing proper rental strategy

Less Space in property

Whether one lives in single-family house or some office building, he might need to fill those parts with occupants. The lesser space within the premises of property might be helpful to generate more rental income. Since, there is always a risk of huge vacancy rate in real estate investing. Those risks would increase further, if one counts on rental income to pay for the mortgage, insurance, and property taxes, maintenance, of the property.


To reduce any risk in Passive investing real estate business, one must do its homework before purchasing any property. It takes a lot time and calculation to predict income and expenditure. Also, one needs to make sure that they are investing in a good location, so they wont regret after returns. For more details, please visit Estate Land Marketing, as we have knowledgeable agents of real estate business.

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Al Kabir Orchard: Developer updates 3-marla payment plan

Al Kabir Orchard: Developer updates 3-marla payment plan

According to a post on the developer’s official social media handle, Al Kabir Developers has modified the payment plan for 3-marla residential plots in Al Kabir Orchard.

Read more about EL news: LDA must develop TORs for the Lahore Master Plan 2050

According to the information provided, the new price of 3-marla residential plots in Al Kabir Orchard is PKR 1,200,000, with a PKR 250,000 booking fee and a monthly instalment of PKR 8,500. Furthermore, in Kings Town Phase-2, the developer is giving 5-marla on-ground commercial plots with plan and possession. These plots can be reserved for PKR 4,000,000 with a monthly payment of PKR 125,000.

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