Blue World Shenzhen City Lahore | Detailed Guide

Blue World Shenzhen City Lahore | Detailed Guide

The Blue World Shenzhen City Lahore is an innovative housing endeavor. An epoch of residential construction. Boasting a history of remarkable accomplishments in real estate like Blue World City Islamabad. We are here to introduce a novel lifestyle that everyone can attain.

Shenzhen City Lahore is not merely a residential area but encompasses more than that. It is a community that prioritizes the well-being of its residents. Moreover, our offerings range from state-of-the-art business and residential apartments to various amenities like educational facilities and community hubs. Every facet of this society is carefully selected and designed to enhance and improve your way of life. Also, experience luxury and comfort at Blue World Shenzhen City Lahore. Where you can find your ideal residence investment is accessible.

Blue World Shenzhen City Payment Plan

The payment plan offered by Blue World Shenzhen City Lahore ensures a comfortable road toward owning your desired home. It was also created to accommodate all requirements and financial constraints. Our four-year installment plan guarantees accessibility while maintaining high-quality standards. Furthermore, our precisely designed residential and commercial payment plans offer luxurious living. We provide choices to meet all investors’ needs, whether you want a secure residence or a radiant commercial area. Lastly, for more information regarding the plot prices, contact us right away.

NOC Status

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) for real estate developments is of utmost significance as it guarantees the developers’ credibility and reliability. The Shenzhen city Lahore NOC is still in the initial phase, as the required documentation has been submitted to the concerned department. Meticulously crafted according to global standards, it features distinct areas for youngsters and a wide range of dining choices. Lastly, please keep visiting our site for more Blue World City NOC.

Blue World Shenzhen City Location

Prospective purchasers eagerly anticipate additional details about the project, as its appeal resides in the potential to offer a comprehensive and convenient living experience like the Blue World City Location in Islamabad. The location map of Shenzhen City Lahore will facilitate convenient access to all significant destinations. Moreover, Shenzhen City Lahore is strategically situated along the busy main canal road, making it a highly desirable site in the city’s center. The strategic location of this place guarantees easy access to all prominent landmarks in Lahore, serving the requirements of residents, businesses, and visitors equally.

This location’s outstanding advantage is its proximity to the ring road. Facilitating travel and providing smooth connections between Shenzhen City and different city areas. Shenzhen City Lahore is a prime example of modern urban living, with its convenient services and well-developed infrastructure.

Development Status

The project, located on Canal Road in Lahore, demonstrates substantial advancements in its infrastructure and facilities. Moreover, the development status signifies ongoing building and careful strategic planning, emphasizing the dedication of the BGC-IGC Consortium to establishing a contemporary community. Given their history of prosperous endeavors, it is logical to anticipate that Shenzhen City Lahore is rapidly progressing towards its finalization.

The most recent development update of Shenzhen City introduces a cutting-edge Water Theme Park located in the lively Water Lagoon Community. This park offers a vast expanse of land and provides an engaging experience centered around water. With various exciting water rides and attractions. Also, the Water Theme Park enriches the amusing options in Shenzhen City and symbolizes a new era of quality time and enjoyment.


Shenzhen City Lahore is a captivating and promising residential community in the center of Lahore. Furthermore, given the developers’ impressive history of successful projects. Shenzhen City, Lahore, is in a favorable position to create a community that meets the needs of diverse people and enterprises. As the initiative progresses and additional information is accessible, it can significantly influence Lahore’s real estate environment. Lastly, contact Estate Land Marketing for more investment details.

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Blue World City Help Line | Complete Details 2024

Blue World City Help Line | Complete Details 2024

Blue World City Helpline is the first concern for all real estate investors when finding the ideal property in the community. Moreover, Blue World City is an expansive development endeavour to become a contemporary city. Given many investment alternatives and available plots, it is only regular to have inquiries. Also, this blog comprehensively introduces the Blue World City helpline, guaranteeing a seamless experience during your inquiry procedure.

Blue World City Help Line

The Blue World City helpline is a specialised communication channel created to handle your inquiries and issues regarding the project. If you are an aspiring investor, a landowner, or just interested in the project’s advancement, the Blue World City helpline is here to assist you.

Contacting the Helpline

There are multiple methods to establish contact with the helpline of Blue World City:

  • The most straightforward method is to contact their telephone helpline number. To obtain the precise contact number of the office, you can go to their official website. The availability of the contact number may differ depending on your terrestrial region.
  • If you prefer written communication, email the specified address in the Blue World City website “contact us” section.
  • Online platforms that allow users to initiate and spread content, interact with others, and engage in virtual societies. Although not a direct means of communication, Blue World City maintains a presence on several social media platforms. You may connect by sending a message explaining your inquiry clearly.

Optimising Your Help Line Experience

Before contacting the hotline, ensure clients have collected pertinent information regarding your issue. Also, this may encompass the plot number, reference IDs, or specific facts relevant to their inquiry. Providing more information will enhance the representative’s ability to serve its clients. Please express your question or problem clearly and precisely. Providing detailed information allows the helpline personnel to respond more quickly and accurately to your requirements.

Moreover, the helpline may experience a delay in answering calls due to the volume of incoming calls. Please maintain your patience and understand that the reps exert their utmost effort to support everyone efficiently. Record it for future use if the representative imparts any vital information to you, such as Blue World City Development Charges. Furthermore, this may encompass reference numbers for your query or deadlines for specific tasks.

Additional Resources

In addition to the helpline, other supplementary resources can be beneficial:

  • The website for Blue World City is a complete platform that provides detailed information about the project, investment prospects, payment options, and updates on its progress.
  • The website also has a section dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that provides answers to popular inquiries. Perusing this area may solve your query, eliminating the need to contact the helpline.
  • Latest information and recent developments: To stay informed about the project’s progress, keep track of their social media profiles or sign up for their newsletter (if offered).

Common Helpline Inquiries

Here is a brief overview of the frequently asked questions answered by the Blue World City helpline, including inquiries regarding specific facts about the plot, such as its dimensions, boundaries, and existing structures. Additionally, there are questions about the current ownership status, procedures for transferring ownership, Blue World City NOC and available payment plans.

Inquiries regarding the project’s present phase, infrastructural advancement, and projected completion schedules. Moreover, requests for information regarding the available investment possibilities, accepted payment methods, and prospective returns. Also, it answers questions requesting clarification regarding payment protocols and instalment specifications and resolves any payment-related concerns. Lastly, it provides support for the verification of documents and resolves any inconsistencies.


The helpline provided by Blue World City is an excellent resource for anybody seeking information or support about the project. Moreover, to ensure a seamless and enlightening encounter, it is crucial to comprehend the objective, different modes of contact, and strategies for optimising your engagement. Keep in mind that the helpline is there to provide guidance. Contact them with any inquiries during your Blue World City experience. Lastly, keep visiting Estate Land Marketing for contemporary developments.

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Blue World City Logo Complete Details 2024

Blue World City Logo Complete Details 2024

Blue World City logo suggests that this housing project is a modern and majestic endeavor. Moreover, in the realm of real estate development, there is an abundance of logos, each competing for attention and establishing a distinct brand identity in the minds of potential investors. Out of all these logos, the Blue World City logo is particularly notable, not just for its attractive appearance but also for its profound significance. In this analysis, we will examine the complexities of this emblem, deciphering its symbolism and comprehending the message it conveys about the enterprise itself. So, continue reading to learn more about the investment in Blue World City.

Blue World City logo

The first feature that immediately attracts attention is the unmistakable prevalence of blue. Furthermore, choosing this color goes beyond just visual appeal; it is a purposeful choice that conveys significant meaning about Blue World City’s ambitions. Also, blue associate with trust, security, and peace, essential traits for any real estate endeavor. The serene and dependable atmosphere of Blue World City instills a feeling of tranquility and trust, providing potential investors with the assurance that their choice to invest is a prudent one. Lastly, for more Blue World City updates, keep reading.

A Symbol of Global Community

Contained within the vast blue space lies a well-constructed sphere. Also, this element is a potent representation of Blue World City’s aspiration to surpass physical boundaries. It represents a project that embraces individuals from around the globe, promoting a varied and lively community. Moreover, the globe can also symbolize Blue World City’s dedication to adhering to global living standards, providing residents with a top-notch experience within Pakistan.

An Exploration of Future Innovations

Upon closer examination, one might discern a minor yet noteworthy detail – a little spark within the globe. The spark serves as a representation of the innovative spirit that propels Blue World City’s progress. Furthermore, the statement suggests a dedication to adopting innovative technologies and sustainable methods, guaranteeing that the project stays at the forefront of contemporary progress. Lastly, the spark symbolizes the promising future for citizens – a future filled with possibilities and advancement.

Blue World City logo -A Growth Symbol

The logo’s general style, characterized by its upward-sloping shape, generates a nuanced yet impactful perception of advancement and development. Also, the graphic representation effectively conveys Blue World City’s steadfast dedication to progress and continuous enhancement. Furthermore, the upward trajectory can reflect the growing value proposition that Blue World City provides to its investors, guaranteeing them a safe and lucrative future.

Exploring the Influence of Association

The efficacy of a logo extends beyond its visual components. Also, a logo gains influence from the connotations it elicits. Regarding Blue World City, the logo shows the project’s ambitious goal—to establish a top-tier, environmentally friendly, and diverse city. This correlation enhances the logo’s influence, transforming it into a powerful representation of the project’s ambitions. Lastly, for more Blue World City Reviews, please visit our site.


To summarise, the Blue World City logo possesses more than just aesthetic appeal. The narrative is meticulously constructed and effectively communicates the project’s fundamental principles. Also, the logo of Blue World City captures the core elements of trust represented by the blue color and the spirit of invention symbolized by the spark. Moreover, the logo of Blue World City serves as a visual representation of the grand vision it embodies, evoking confidence and enthusiasm and leaving a memorable impact. Lastly, visit Estate Land Marketing for more updates regarding Blue World City.

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Blue World City Rumi Square Complete Details

Blue World City Rumi Square Complete Details

Blue World City Rumi Square is a famous tourist destination. The monument is being developed in honor of the great Persian poet and Sufi mystic Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi of the 13th century. Several cafes and stores line the square, and a statue of Rumi adds to its popularity as a tourist destination. Also, there will be the Rumi Cultural Centre, a venue for events and exhibitions devoted to the poet’s life and work. Lastly, Rumi Square will be in the Blue World City Sports Valley.

The Blue Group of Companies & the Imperium Group of Companies collaborate on the fast-growing housing complex. Moreover, creating iconic landmarks like Blue World City Rumi Square, which draws in tourists from around the globe, is a big draw. Moreover, a theme park, retail centers, hospitals, and schools are all part of the project’s plans to offer contemporary conveniences to locals. So, let’s explore its further specifications.

Blue World City Rumi Square History

Initially situated in Istanbul, Turkey, Rumi Square boasts a wealth of historical significance. Jalal ad-Din Rumi, a notable Persian poet & Sufi mystic from the 13th century, inspired its name. The Fatih neighborhood of Istanbul is home to the square, close to the Golden Horn and the famous Galata Tower. Also, cafes, stores, and a massive statue of Rumi make it a popular spot for tourists. Furthermore, activities and exhibitions at the Rumi Culture Centre highlight the poet’s life and works within the square.

Rumi Square is one of the most prominent sites in the housing endeavor. Moreover, the site will pay tribute to Jalal-ud-Din Rumi, a saint, scholar, and poet from Persia. Rumi was famous for his innovative manner, revolutionizing understanding, awareness, and wisdom. At the square, guests can marvel at a meticulously carved sculpture of Rumi in his famous dervish pose, which will transport them to a mystical realm.

Blue World City Rumi Square Location

On the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, amid the Blue World City complex, you can find Rumi Square. Anyone seeking a tranquil setting close to the city’s many conveniences will see the Blue World City location as perfect. Accessible from anywhere in the city, the project is within a short distance of Islamabad International Airport.

Rumi Square Features

City of Blue Wonders Among the many impressive sights in Rumi Square is a sculpture of a dervish, standing nearly 70 feet tall and intricately sculpted. This monument honors the life and work of the 13th-century Persian saint, who significantly impacted literature and religion. The statue lights at night, setting a serene and mystical mood that draws many tourists.

In Pakistan, the Blue Group of Companies and the Imperium Group of Companies are working towards a lofty goal: to transform the real estate industry by providing first-rate amenities to buyers and boosting the economy. Several world-class attractions, such as the Villaggio Mall replica, Torch Hotel replica, Blue Mosque replica, Blue World City horse Mascots, Burj-al-Arab replica, and many more, are being developed within the housing project as part of this goal.


The cutting-edge facilities and design of Blue World City are generating a lot of buzz. Unlike other regional housing projects, it is distinctive because it is a city within a city. Also, the city is rapidly becoming Pakistan’s first purpose-built tourism destination, as historical sites and other attractions are accessible. Furthermore, putting money into this venture now could pay off handsomely later. Also, you can contact us anytime to get details on investment in Blue World City. If you need more information, reach out to us right away. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing has all the updated details, so keep connected with us.

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Blue World City Won the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2024

Blue World City Won the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2024

Blue World City is a prestigious housing project that is developing near twin cities. Moreover, the location and the payment for the housing project are the best features. Most importantly, investors globally want to invest in housing projects. The meticulously designed infrastructure will help investors find the ideal investment opportunity. Also, the developers are keen to offer the first purpose-built tourist city to the investors as soon as possible. The blog is going to highlight the achievements of Blue World City Management. So, stay here to learn more about the Blue World City Asia Pacific Property Awards.

We have great news to share with Blue World City’s present and future investors this time. BWC participated in the Asia Pacific Property Awards for the first time and took home two significant prizes. Congratulations to Blue World City Senior Management for their conquests at the Asia Pacific The Property Awards in the categories of Public Service Development Award for Horse Mascots & Leisure Development Award for Water Theme Park. Lastly, for Blue World City updates, keep reading.

Asia Pacific Property Awards 2024

The top developers, real estate agents, and projects in the Asia Pacific area are honoured at the annual Asia Pacific Property Awards. The International Property Honors has been an esteemed international program for more than 25 years, and these honours are a part of it.

The Asia Pacific Property Awards cover numerous categories. Commercial and residential real estate development, interior design, architecture, property development, agents, and consultation all fall under one umbrella. The four pillars of these accolades are design, construction, innovation, and sustainability—moreover, the expert and impartial professionals in the field host the Asia Pacific Property Awards. The strict judging process recognizes only the most worthy initiatives and specialists.

In addition, their accomplishments garner acclaim on a global scale. Aside from recognizing achievements in the Asia-Pacific real estate market, the awards ceremony also provides an opportunity to network with other professionals in the field. So, the awards hold precious status in the real estate world. And Blue Wor,d City has proved that investment there will be sustainable. Most importantly, the approval of Blue World City NOC is around the corner. So, investment here is a must.

Public Service Development Award

Public service and community development programs and initiatives that have achieved excellence are recognized. Innovations with far-reaching beneficial societal and community impacts are highlighted with this award.

The tallest horse mascots in the Blue World City are the reasons for receiving a Public Service Development Award. These 125-foot-tall sculptures of horses serving as mascots have finally reached completion. All lit up, they catch the eye of onlookers immediately. Another popular coffee business that uses this horse mascot is Second Cup Coffee. So, it’s safe to say that the charming Horse Mascots from BWC have won over fans all over the globe. These horse mascot provisions are at the Blue World City Sports Valley.

Leisure Development Award

The Leisure Development Award is one category that pertains to the property and real estate industry. Outstanding undertakings in the leisure and entertainment industry are recognized. This prize is for the developments that stand out when making first-rate recreational facilities and experiences.

Due to its development to worldwide standards, Blue World Water Theme Park has been chosen for this prize. On top of that, Pakistan has never before seen a project of this nature under development. Twenty first-rate roller coasters, the 70,000 square meters of the Water theme park, a playground, and several fast-food joints in the park make this block an investment opportunity.


Blue World City Asia Pacific Property Awards indicates that the housing project is a prestigious and trustworthy real estate investment. Moreover, developers are making one-of-a-kind real estate projects. Multiple features are available in the area that will help all investors make sustainable investments. Also, the Blue World City has won two awards. One is the best leisure development award for the water theme park. The second is the Public Service Award for the tallest horse mascot construction. Hence, it has been proved that investing here will yield higher returns. Lastly, kindly visit the Estate Land Marketing site for more updates and news.

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