CDA Sealed Over 60 Islamabad Buildings Over Violations

CDA Sealed Over 60 Islamabad Buildings Over Violations

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority has enforced the closure of more than 60 structures due to infringement of ordinances.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken action against illegal constructions within the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) as part of a campaign to eliminate unapproved structures.

The operation conducted by the Building Control Wing and the Enforcement Directorate targeted certain localities, namely the G-9/4 Sector and Gulberg Residencia.

38 buildings in the G-9/4 Sector were shut due to their non-conforming use, indicating they were not employed per approved regulations.

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During the crackdown, the Building Control Wing took action by sealing 22 buildings that were under construction in Gulberg Residencia. Also, this was because the construction was being carried out without the required approvals from the development authority.

Notwithstanding previous notifications to the building proprietors, unapproved work persisted, prompting the CDA to undertake resolute measures.

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