Hateem City Multan

Hateem City Multan


Hateem City Multan is a magnificent housing society developing in the surrounding of the Multan, like the Citi Housing Multan. Moreover, the developers bring the best housing scheme for investors and residents. Furthermore, the developers are here with several residential and commercial properties that include all facilities to offer a sustainable lifestyle to all future residents. And the best aspect is that the developers are known for building magnificent housing schemes. So, investors trust the developers to their core. Lastly, to learn more about this real estate endeavour, continue reading.

Owners & Developers

The Faisal Movers Housing and MA Engineering are developing this magnificent real estate project. Moreover, the developers are known for their services given to the individuals. Furthermore, the developers aim to provide homes to the nation with the best possible features and facilities. And they have professionals in their team working vigilantly to deliver the best services to its investors and future residents. Moreover, the developers have proved their work by following housing projects like Faisal Cottages, Dream Gardens Multan and Mailsi Gardens. Furthermore, the developers have already established themselves as the best in town. Therefore, investing in their development projects will be valuable.

NOC Status

The housing society will soon receive its Noc status. Moreover, we know that the legal housing societies are always in demand, and investors find them more trustworthy. Furthermore, the developers seek its legal status to gain investors’ confidence. But the owner’s name is already enough to get a reliable investment here. All these factors are vital to check before making any long-term investment. So, without a dealy an invest here now.

Location & Map

Site is another significant aspect that investors look for before making any real estate investment. Moreover, the site is opposite PC Hotel Multan. Furthermore, the site is also accessible from the M4-Motorway, Multan Railway Station, and Multan International Airport. All these sites will add value to the residents’ lives. Therefore, investment here is not less than a blessing for the residents of Multan, like the DHA Multan. And to know the details of the location of the sitemap is here:

Hateem City Multan location

Payment Plans

The developers will share the detailed payment plan soon. Moreover, the developers have ensured that all the properties available here will be highly affordable, like the Prime Valley Islamabad. Furthermore, there will be the provision of an instalment plan that will encourage the investors to make a valuable investment here. However, the investors must first pay the 25% downpayment to start the buying process. Lastly, keep visiting the official website of Estate Land Marketing to learn about the latest updates.

Residential Plots Payment plan

The residential property prices will soon be available with all the relavent details. But the 5 Marla prices details are as follows:

Hateem City Multan Residential Payment plan

Quarterly Instalment Payment Plan

The Developers will share more relevant details of other plot sizes soon. And here is the quarterly payment plan.

Hateem City Multan Payment Plan

Master Plan

The housing scheme offers several properties to all the investors. Moreover, these properties will have all the features and the facilities that will enhance the value of living here. Furthermore, the housing scheme will soon share the detailed master plan to offer particular residential and commercial properties. However, the given details are as follows:

Hateem City Multan master plan

Residential Plots

The living space is the first reason for building this magnificent real estate project. Moreover, the developers are offering several sizes of residential plots. And that will, in return, allow investors to make a long-term investment according to their needs and preferences. Most importantly, they will be affordable and have all the basic and high-end facilities. Lastly, it will have several plot sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla

Commercial Plots

Commercial properties will also be available there to offer high-end living standards to all the investors. Moreover, the prices of these properties will be affordable, which will help the residents grow economically. Lastly, the speculated properties available here will be:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla

Development Status

The development work here will soon start. Moreover, the developers are seeking its legal status, and as there is a No Objection Certificate available, construction work will take place rapidly. Furthermore, the developers focus on high-quality deliverables that will take some time to complete the task. Therefore, investment here now is valuable because once the development work starts, the prices of the properties will see a spike. Lastly, to learn about the current development status of this great real estate endeavour, keep visiting the official website of Estate Land Marketing.


The Hateem City Multan has several features available to facilitate the investors in attaining outstanding living standards to all the investors. And some of them are as follows:

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Adequate Location
  • Apartments
  • Parking Area
  • Commercial Area
  • Grand Mosque
  • Theme Parks and Grounds
  • Salons and Spa
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Medical Units
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Malls and Groceries


Several facilities will be available here to offer the best lifestyle to all the investors. And some of the vital and exceptional facilities are as follows:

Provision of all Basics

The developers are offering all the basics, including electricity, gas and water provision, to all the investors. Moreover, access to these provisions will be available 24/7. Furthermore, the prices will be highly affordable, which will help future residents achieve the best lifestyle and sustainable living standards.

Eco-Friendly Environment

The developers offer a high-quality lifestyle that includes serene a and peaceful environment. Moreover, the developers are following urban town planning standards that will allow less wastage during the construction work. Finally, and most importantly, the plantation drive in the community will help make the environment more green and clean.

Health and Educational Services

The developers also offer the best educational services to future residents. Therefore, there will be schools and colleges that will add value to the residents’ lives. Moreover, to meet the medical needs of the investors, there will be health care units that will be open 24/7 in case of emergency.

Secured Gated Community

Security is the primary concern of all the residents. Moreover, to ensure a safe and secure environment for future residents. Furthermore, the developers will install CCTV cameras that record all activities. Finally, and most importantly, the security guards will guard the community.

Grand Mosque

The Mosque will also offer the best spiritual place for all the investors and future residents. Moreover, the infrastructure of the Grand Mosque will be high-quality, adding to the future residents’ lives while praying. Furthermore, the investment here will be a valuable option for all the future residents.

Pros & Cons

The Hateem City Multan has several benefits and advantages of investing. And some of them are as follows:


  • Ideal Location
  • Affordable Properties
  • Famous and Known Developers
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Society
  • Secured Gated Community
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Malls and Shopping Centres
  • Commercial Areas
  • Parking Areas
  • Apartment
  • Access to all Basics
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • High-Quality Infrastructure


  • Perception of high Properties prices

Why Invest in Hateem City Multan?

The housing society is h to offer the best living standards to all the investors. Therefore, they are offering the best living facilities to their future residents. Moreover, the developers are offering the best lifestyle for all the investors. Furthermore, the location and the facilities are what most investors will find fascinating regarding this real estate project. And the best aspect is that the developers are willing to provide all these features at a highly affordable price. Therefore, investment here will be valuable.


The Hateem City Multan is one of its residential endeavours that offers a high-end lifestyle and luxury to all the investors. Moreover, the location of this real estate endeavour is highly accessible to all investors. And whenever we look for real estate investment, the site and the facilities are what most future residents look into in the housing scheme. Moreover, the features and amenities here are uncountable and investing here will yield long-term benefits. Furthermore, several properties are available here to provide the best living standards to all the investors. Lastly, keep visiting Estate Land Marketing Official website to get more information.


Q1. What is Hateem City Multan?

Hateem City Multan is a magnificent housing society developing around the Multan.

Q2. Where is its location site?

The site is opposite PC Hotel Multan.

Q3. Is the site location approachable?

The location is also highly accessible from the M4-Motorway, Multan Railway Station, and Multan International Airport.

Q4. Who are the developers of this real estate endeavour?

The Faisal Movers Housing and MA Engineering are developing this magnificent real estate project.

Q5. When will the payment plan be available?

The developers will soon share the detailed payment plan.

Q6. What is its Noc Status of Hateem city?

The housing society will soon receive its Noc status.

Q7. Will it be a worthy real estate investment?

The developers offer the best lifestyle to all investors at a highly reasonable price range. Therefore, investing here is mandatory.

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Citi housing Multan

Citi Housing Multan


Citi housing Multan is one of the magnificent housing societies developing in Multan. Moreover, it is a legal residential society approved by the Multan Development Authority. Furthermore, the most vital aspect of this housing scheme is that the developers focus on providing the best living experience to all the future residents and the investor. Most importantly, all the facilities here are available at a reasonable price. Therefore, investment here will be a wise investment option. Lastly, to know more regarding the specifications of this residential project, continue reading.

Owners & Developers

The housing scheme is developing by Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd. Moreover, they are famous for building magnificent developing projects like the Citi Housing Faisalabad. Furthermore, their focus is to provide homes to all needy people at affordable prices. Therefore, the payment plan of this housing scheme is highly reasonable. Lastly, they have a team of experts and professionals working around the clock to deliver the best life experience to all the investors.

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is also one of the essential documents that all investors look for before making any residential investment. Moreover, this document is vital to gain the resident’s and investors’ trust and confidence. Therefore, the developers have achieved the NOC by the concerned authorities. And the housing scheme is legal under the Multan Development Authority (MDA). More precisely, the phase 1 NOC is approved. Whereas, for phase 2, the developers will soon receive the legal status. Lastly, investing here will be a suitable real estate investment option.

Location & Map

The location is the first aspect that comes into all investor’s minds before making any real estate investment. Moreover, this investment is not something investors do every day. And being a long term investment option, a suitable option is mandatory to invest. Therefore, to help the residents, the developers build this housing society at the ideal location. Moreover, the site is close to the Bosan Road Multan. Most importantly, it is near Canal Road, Multan Bypass, N-5 National Highway, Northern and Southern Bypass. All these access points make this housing society a worth investing option.

Not only this, the housing society is close to vital landmarks like the Sadarpur, Alampur, Bacha Basti, Kotla Sadaat and Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. Moreover, accessibility increases the worth of this housing society. Still, the payment plan of this housing scheme is highly affordable. Therefore, investing here will be bliss.

Citi housing Multan location

Citi Housing Multan Payment Plan

The payment plan is also a fascinating aspect that encourages investors to invest in this housing society. Furthermore, developers aim to offer the best possible living standards to all the residents and the investors at reasonable prices. Most importantly, numerous facilities are available here that will help the residents to attain a high quality of living to all the residents. Therefore, investing here will be a suitable and reasonable option for all the investors, as the Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Not only this, to ease the buying process further, there is an option of an instalment plan. Furthermore, quarterly instalments are available to facilitate investors from all economic backgrounds. Moreover, the buyers have to pay the downpayment to start the buying process. And the price range starts from 2,650,000/- to 14,950,000. Lastly, for an updated payment plan, visit the official website of estate land marketing.

Citi housing Multan payment plan

Master Plan

The developers have a team of professionals and experts working in the field for decades. Moreover, their main focus is building a high-quality infrastructure to provide the best living experience to investors like Blue World City in Islamabad. Furthermore, several properties are available here to fulfil the requirement of the residents.

Citi housing Multan master plan


There are two phases of this residential project. Moreover, several sectors are available in these two phases to ease the investors. Furthermore, there are nine sectors in this housing society that have a variety of properties, including residential and commercial properties. And the sectors here are as follows:

Residential Plots

Residential plots are a significant feature of this real estate project. Moreover, the developers have provided all the investors’ facilities with the best living experience. Furthermore, all these properties will be available at affordable prices. Most importantly, there are different properties available here for all the investors. Lastly, some of them are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The commercial properties are also significant to help future residents grow economically. Moreover, several properties will ease the residents to start the business according to their preferences. And the best aspect is all the properties will be available at affordable prices, encouraging the investors to start the company on a limited budget. Lastly, the plots here are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Development Status

The housing society is developing fast, and investors can soon start living there. Moreover, the developers believe in presenting high-quality deliverables to ensure a living standard for all the residents and the investors. Furthermore, as we know it is a leag residential project, investors trust that the housing scheme will soon be available for living purposes. Most importantly, the roads are developing to ease the investors and future residents during the visit to the housing society. Moreover, the plots are getting ready for construction work. Lastly, to get the latest update on the development work of this residential society, then visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing

Development Status

Citi Housing Multan Features

Facilitating the future residents is the aim of the developers. Therefore, several features are available in this housing society. And they are as follows:

  • Access to all Basics
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Parks and grounds
  • Health Care Units
  • Adequate Sewerage System
  • Parking Area
  • Shopping Malls and Groceries
  • Commercial Area
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Entertainment Area
  • Gym and Sports Club
  • Water Filtration Plants


Developers of this residential project are keen to offer the best living experience to all the investors. Moreover, some of them are as follows:

Availability to all Basic

There will be a provision of all basic like the electricity, gas and water. Moreover, all these facilities will be available 24/7 to meet the daily standard requirements of the residents. Furthermore, the best aspect is that all these will be present at reasonable prices. Therefore, investing here will be valuable.

Educational and Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are the basics that all residents need to strive for a healthy and sustainable environment. Moreover, the health care units will have international standards to allow the best medical experience for all the residents. And all these facilities will be present 24/7 in case of emergency. Furthermore, educational institutes also play a significant role in the community’s growth. Therefore, schools and colleges are also available here to help the residents.

High-Quality Infrastructure

One thing developers keep looking at is the high-quality infrastructure. Moreover, the high-quality infrastructure is vital to attain high-end living standards. Especially if the residents have any startup here, investors in this residential project will yield financial benefits.

Eco-Friendly Environment

The developers are following international urban town planning standards. Moreover, this technique will allow them to have less wastage that will, in return, maximize the use of construction supplies. Furthermore, a plantation drive is going in this housing society to add freshness and serenity to the environment.

Business Opportunities

The commercial area is also available in this residential project to help future residents grow economically. Moreover, several commercial properties are available here that will help the residents to choose the size of the property according to their preferences. Lastly, the properties will be available at an affordable price range with an instalment program.

Secured Gated Community

The housing society is a gated community that will give a sense of security to all the residents. As we know that security is a vital part of sustainable living standards. Moreover, there will be an option of CCTV cameras that will record all the activities going around. Furthermore, security guards will also be performing their duties to avoid any inconvenient situation.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Living in this residential project will yield many benefits in all residents’ lives. Some of them are as follows:


  • Provision of all basic
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational Units
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Affordable Residential Project
  • Ideal Location
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Secured Gated Housing Society
  • Shopping Malls and Groceries
  • Business Opportunities
  • Grand Mosque
  • Gyms and Salons 


  • The perception of high properties rates

Why invest in Citi housing Multan?

The housing society has serval perks and privileges that all residents will have while living there. Moreover, the location is ideal and will add to the beauty of this residential project. Furthermore, it is accessible from the main highways, which enhances the approachability of this real estate project. Most importantly, the prices of the plots are also highly reasonable. And the provision of an instalment program has increased the buying capacity of the investors.

Moreover, the best aspect is that this is a legal housing society approved under the Multan Development Authority (MDA). Therefore, the development work will soon complete here. Lastly, investing here will be bliss to all the investors.


The Citi Housing Multan is an exceptional housing society building to facilitate the residents and the investors from the Multan and the surrounding areas. Moreover, it is a legal housing scheme that has the trust and confidence of the investors. Most importantly, the payment plan and the site location are the best features of this residential project. Furthermore, the provision of instalments will be plus to attract the majority of the customers. And the amenities available here will help the residents again the high-quality living standards. Therefore, investing here will be the best real estate investment option. Lastly, to know more details of this residential society, visit the website of Estate Land Marketing.


Q1. What is Citi Housing Multan?

It is a residential project in Multan.

Q2. Where is its location?

The site is close to the Bosan Road Multan.

Q3. Is the location accessible?

Yes, it is near Canal Road, Multan Bypass, N-5 National Highway, Northern and Southern Bypass.

Q4. Is the payment plan of this housing society affordable?

Yes, the payment plan is reasonable.

Q5. Is the instalment plan available in the payment plan?

Yes, to help the investors from different financial backgrounds, the developers have provided the instalment plan option.

Q6. Is this is a legal housing society?

Yes, it has approval from the Multan Development Authority (MDA).

Q7. Who are the developers of this real estate project?

The housing scheme is developing by Citi Housing Pvt. Ltd.

Q8. Is there is a provision for a commercial property?

Yes, several sizes of commercial properties are available at affordable prices.

Q9. Is investing here a valuable real estate decision?

Of course, the features and facilities available here are unique and affordable.

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Wapda Town Multan

Wapda Town Multan

Wapda Town Multan

Wapda Town Multan is a residential development in Multan that has been authorized by the Multan Development Authority (MDA). Near Bosan Road, bordered by many major residential developments, Northern Bypass Road serves as its location. The WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme is responsible for the development of the residential scheme.Wapda Town is divided into three phases: Phase 2, Phase 2, and Phase 3. Phase 3 is the last. In addition, the Phases are subdivided into different blocks. Multan’s second most popular residential development is located here. For a reasonable price, the residential society provides a wide selection of plots. As a result, it offers excellent investment possibilities for individuals looking to purchase property in Wapda Town. Wapda Town is a housing estate found in several places across Pakistan, with Wapda Town Lahore being the most well-known. It is home to individuals from all walks of life, and it is the most famous society in the country.

Developers & Owners

The WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme is carrying out this society in Multan.A well-known real estate group established by one of the most important state agencies, WAPDA, has become a household name. The Housing Scheme is one of the biggest housing societies in Pakistan, with over 400,000 people. The developers have constructed several WAPDA Town housing developments in every major city across Pakistan. They began operations in 1989 with the establishment of their first project in the city of Lahore. The project’s goal was to give WAPDA workers property to construct their own homes affordably and practically, with payments made in monthly installments. The developers never fail to provide beautiful and high-quality residences that are within the financial reach of their clients.

Check Development status of : Capital Smart City

NOC Status

­The Multan Development Authority (MDA) gave the WAPDA Town Housing Society its No Objection Certificate (NOC), the society has established itself as one of the oldest and most dependable residential societies in Multan, and it continues to grow in stature today.The housing society is legal since it has all the necessary permission forms and documentation for all building projects on its property. Therefore, it indicates that the housing society has obtained legal approval for the developments that are taking place inside its walls. Most of the time, it is difficult for housing societies to get a NOC to provide electricity and gas. Still, Wapda Town is one of the few housing societies with both a NOC and a gas and electricity supply.

Noc status of Wapda Town Multan

Check NOC Status of : Blue World City

Location map

It is ideal since it is situated on the Northern Bypass Road, close to the Bosan Road. Moreover, there are a large number of residential and non-residential locations located near the housing society.

Phase I location

The first phase of WAPDA Town, Multan, is located on the Northern Bypass, close to the Bosan Road. Each of the five blocks of the phase – Block A, Block B, Block C, Block D, and Block E. You can quickly reach numerous educational institutions and healthcare services from Multan Public School Road, close by. Phase 1 is situated near Multan Public School Road.

Phase 1 location map of Wapda Town Multan

Phase 2 location

The second phase is located at wapda town, multan is situated on Khanewal Road, about a kilometer away from Phase 1, WAPDA Town, and is divided into six blocks, Block Q, Block R, Block P Block S, Block M, and Block N. Block P is the largest of the six blocks, with Block Q being the smallest.

Phase 2 location map of Wapda Town Multan

Phase 3 location

The Multan Road Phase 3 project, accessible via Asian Highway 2 and Khanewal Road, was announced by WECHS in 2013 and is now under construction. Commercial property and plots are available for purchase via the organization, with flexible payment plans. Aside from that, Phase 3 of WAPDA Town, Multan, has residential plots of 5 marlas, seven marlas, ten marlas, and one kanal in size, exactly like the previous phases.

Phase 3 location map of Wapda Town Multan

Nearby Landmarks

  • The Northern Bypass takes approximately 12 minutes to get to Royal Orchard Multan
  • Sunshine Housing Multan is located about 5 minutes away by car.
  • You can get to Gulshan-e-Wahid 1 in around 6 minutes if you take Chenab Blvd.
  • Nova Homes is a real estate development company. From Multan, it takes 10 minutes to travel to Green Town, located just 5 minutes through the Northern Bypass.
  • The PSIC Employees Housing Scheme is 3 kilometers distant, accessible through the Multan Bypass/Northern Bypass Tomb route.
  • Shah Rukne Alam is located on Qilla Kohna Qasim Bagh Road, about 9 kilometers from WAPDA Town.
  • The Bosan Road is the quickest route to Ghanta Ghar Multan, taking just 17 minutes.
  • The New Multan City Railway Station is about 10 kilometers away.
  • The society is located just 20 minutes away from the Delhi Gate in Multan’s inner city.

Access Points

  • Multan Public School Road is about 4 minutes away by car.
  • The distance between MA Jinnah Road and the hotel is about 7 minutes.
  • University Road is about 7 minutes away by car.
  • Samar Mubarak Road is about 14 minutes away by car.
  • It takes about 17 minutes to travel from Hamayun Road.
  • Masoom Shah Road is about 17 minutes away by car.
  • Piran Ghaib Road is about 18 minutes away by car.
  • It takes about 19 mins to travel from Khanewal Road and approximately 20 minutes from Nehr Naubahar Road.
  • Jinnah Avenue is about 20 minutes away by car.
  • Hafiz Jamal Road is about 21 minutes away by car.

Payment plan

Several homes, residential plots, and commercial plots of varying sizes are available for purchase in Wapda Town due to the housing scheme’s competitive pricing.

Houses in Wapda Town:

  • Category A – 1 Kanal Houses is available for purchase.
  • Category B consists of ten-marla houses.
  • Category C consists of seven marla houses,
  • Category C consists of seven marla houses,

Residential Plots

  • 1 Kanal
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Plots for Sale

Wapda Town provides a wide range of commercial properties of all kinds and sizes at competitive prices. The company also offers commercial real estate for lease.

Houses Price

houses price in wapda town multan

Residential Plots Price

residential plot price in wapda town multan

Master plan

The Master Plan for Wapda Town Multan has achieved the height of development, as seen in the pictures below

The master plan is just as easily accessible as Taj Residencia. The refreshing eco surroundings and ideal lifestyle are an excellent combination of holiday living.

Master Plan Phase-I

phase 1 Master Plan for Wapda Town Multan

Master Plan Phase-II and Phase- III

phase 2 Master Plan for Wapda Town Multan

Facilities And Amenities

Parks In And Around The Town

Residents may take a pleasant morning walk through one of the several parks located inside and around the community. Wapda C Block Park, Maple Park, and Daisy Park are all located in Block D, Phase 1, WAPDA Town, Multan, and are connected to the Afshan Ahmad Shaheed Park and Bilal Park in Block A by a pedestrian bridge. The Afshan Ahmad Shaheed Park and Bilal Park are located in Block A and are accessible by a pedestrian bridge from the Wapda C Block Park, Maple Park, and Daisy Park. WAPDA Sports Ground is located in the heart of the city. and Afshan Ahmad Shaheed Park is also located in Block B. The parks are less than a 5-minute drive from the major masjid in WAPDA Town, conveniently located.

Salons in The Town

Residents will have no difficulty maintaining their youthful appearance since they may take advantage of various beauty treatments at several salons and spas in the area. For example, fairies Beauty Salon in MDA Officers Cooperative, Phase 1 and Phase 2 of WAPDA Town, are just 8 minutes away from the Housing Society, making it a convenient stop for residents of both neighborhoods. A six-minute walk will take you to the Scissors and Blades Men’s Salon in Block A of Model Town, which is also within walking distance

Town Cinemas

Dreamland Cinema, located about 8 kilometers away on Ghanta Ghar Chowk, is a great place for moviegoers in WAPDA Town to see all of the newest releases. An inviting, family-friendly setting, a big screen, a comfortable atmosphere, and guest parking are all available at the theatre complex. Aside from that, the Rex Cinema Multan, which is located on Dera Adda Chowk in Tipu Sultan Colony, is about a 20-minute drive away. By user evaluations posted on Google Maps, it seems that the cinema’s ticket prices are reasonably priced.

Malls in The Area Of  Town

It is ideally situated in the center of Multan. Some of Pakistan’s most prestigious designer shops may be found in this area. Rung Ja, Chinyere, Minnie Minors, Borjan, Leisure Club, By The Way, Outfitters, Threads & Motifs, and Monark are just a few available brands. The mall also offers a variety of modern and international restaurants in style, where you may dine in comfort while enjoying great cuisine.

Restaurant and bakery establishments

People who live in WAPDA Town may choose from various restaurants inside and outside the community, regardless of the phase. Deewan, situated in Block A of WAPDA Town, Phase 1, is a great place for desi food enthusiasts to get their fill of delectable Indian cuisine. If you’re looking for fast food, Perfect Pizza & Fried Chicken and Food Reborn, which provide various pizzas, are two options.

As with this project, Park View City Islamabad, which is similar, offers exclusive features to its residents, much as this project does for its consumers.


  • 150 sq. ft. Main Boulevard
  • 24/7 Security
  • Boundary Wall
  • Broad & Carpeted Roads
  • Clean Environment
  • Drainage System
  • Filtered Water
  • Electricity
  • Gardens
  • Gas
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • International Jamia Mosque
  • Schools
  • MDA Approved
  • Markets for shopping
  • Mosques
  • Open Streets
  • Parks
  • Playground
  • Schools
  • Security Cameras
  • Security Guards
  • Sewage System
  • Shopping Malls
  • Street Lights
  • Well Gated
  • Mosques
  • Graveyard
  • Markets
  • Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Cinema

Why should I invest in wapda town Multan?

Wapda Town is near Bosan Road on the Northern Bypass Road, which connects to the main road. Several well-known housing societies are situated near the housing development. In addition, Wapda Town is located near Multan International Airport and Nishter Hospital. The housing organization provides a wide range of homes, residential plots, and commercial plots in various sizes at competitive prices. In the same way, it offers great financial possibilities for individuals who want to purchase homes inside the housing development.MDA has given its approval to the housing society’s certificate of occupancy. Throughout the residential community, the boulevards and roadways are broad and well-carpeted. In addition, because it has constructed many parks and playgrounds and intends to construct a few more, the residential development promotes an environmentally friendly environment. There is a wide range of services and amenities available to residents of the housing development. Furthermore, it offers an extremely safe and secure environment for its inhabitants to live,

Booking Procedure

placing a reservation is as simple as it possibly can be. Only the following steps must be followed in order to be successful:

  • Fill out your booking application form completely and thoughtfully.
  • Apply for a job and attach your CNIC copies. Be a down payment through check or pay the order in the name of Wapda Town Multan
  • Cash payments are also accepted, but only once they have been confirmed by the management.
  • Submit all of the necessary papers, make the payment, and get a receipt.

Pros and cons


  • Located close by the Northern Bypass Road in the neighborhood, The perception of increased pricing on Bosan Road
  • Multan International Airport is a short distance away.
  • Nishter is a small town nearby.
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) is situated nearby, as are several famous residential communities.
  • They are providing all main and secondary facilities at one location.
  • Several educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities, are located nearby.
  • Provides the residents with items that they can use daily
  • Homes, residential lots, and commercial lots are available at reasonable prices in various shapes and sizes.
  • MDA has given their approval.
  • Investment possibilities are plentiful in this country.
  • Extremely safe and environmentally conscious


  • Perception of higher prices


Wapda Town Multan is one of the most established and dependable housing developments in Multan. Several well-established residential neighborhoods border it.The Metropolitan Development Authority (MDA) has authorized the housing project. Wapda Town Multan is an authorized residential society growing with one goal: to offer residents a living experience known throughout the world. The primary characteristics of this community are the luxurious amenities and convenient location.


Q1: What is the location of the Wapda Town Multan?

Ans. Wapda Town Multan is conveniently situated near the Northern Bypass, Multan Road, and Khanewal Road. It is a great place to live.

Q2: Who are the developers of the WAPDA Town Multan?

Ans. Wapda Town Multan is developing by the Wapda Employees Cooperative Housing Society (WECHS) Multan.

Q3: Is it a housing society that has been authorized and is legal?

Ans. Yes, the NOC of Wapda Town Multan is approved by MDA.

Q4: Where is Administration Office Wapda Town, Multan located?

Ans: Administration Office Wapda Town, Multan is located at Chenab Blvd, Block A Multan, Punjab, Pakistan, West Punjab.

Q5: What land size of residential plots are available in Wapda Town?

Ans: The residential plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available in the housing scheme.

Q6: How can I buy a plot?

Ans: For booking and information, please get in touch with estate land marketing.

Q7 what is the feedback of the customers?

ANS: Customers are pleased with their services, as shown by their high rating.


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Model Town Multan

Model Town Multan

Model Town Multan

Model Town Multan is a joint Multan Development Authority’s and the Evacuee Trust Property Board project which has been approved by the Northern Multan Revenue Authority, the Multan Development Authority (MDA) it is designed for the peaceful environment of families which provides a luxuries services in affordable prices.

Owners and Developers

The Model Town Multan’s main project was initiated in 1999. Phase I and Phase II were developed, after seeking approval from Pakistan’s government. 99 acres of land its covered with 490 plots. The Phase III, which started in 2005, of the Residential Scheme is an MDA Scheme, completing all of the projects.

Location Map of Model Town

The location of Model Town Multan is easily accessible in the middle of Multan. Because of its green nature and its accessibility to the housing society it is very desirable to the inhabitants. The housing society is located on the main location on northern bypass that links to the outer Multan.

Model Town Multan location map

Places Nearby Landmarks

Below are the places and nearby landmarks.

  • In 3 minutes’ drive you may have reached to Wapda City through the North Bypass.
  • 8 minutes’ drive to satellite via Sharif Road N-5 and model town Boulevard
  • 12 minutes’ drive to Bahauddin Zakariya University
  • 20 minutes’ drive to DHA Multan through bosan road Jinnah Avenue and Education Avenue.

Access Points

The housing society is nearly

  • Three mints drive from Tahir Rasheed Avenue
  • Two mints drive from Graveyard Road
  • 10 mints drive from Iqbal Road
  • Nearly 9 mints drive from Service Road
  • Nearly 10 minutes’ drive from Main Road
  • 5 minutes’ drive from Multan Bypass

NOC Status

In 1999, the Multan Development Authority authorized the housing scheme NOC and the design plan authorization The information about the NOC may be found on the MDA website. MDA also approves payment and installment schemes.

Master Plan

The Masterplan of Model Town Multan, detailed in the following parts, achieved the quality of development:

  • Phase I&II covers a 99-acre area with 490 housing sites.
  • Phase-III has a surface size of 41 acres with 226 residential plots, there is a large road network throughout the whole housing society, with 40 feet per road width, around the houses, large streets and for simple mobility.

master plan of Model Town Multan


For easy management and continuous supply of installations, the company is separated into the following.

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C


Block A, the major block of the Model town Multan which is fully built and equipped with modern facilities. That block is close to Education Avenue Northern Bypass and contains business and residential plots of different sizes in a beautiful location.


Like Block A, this block is likewise a green and well-designed building for the residents. With all contemporary amenities, this block is fully developed. The development of this block is a genuine high quality of life for society. It is close to the North and many residential companies such as DHA Multan and Wapda Town Multan.


Block C is one of the most modern developments and is more advanced than the two other blocks. The residences are built to meet the newest trends and equipped with sophisticated equipment. It is on the northern bypass opposite Block-A. It is properly constructed and maintained that provides families with a safe and peaceful atmosphere.

Features of model town

  • Schools & colleges
  • shopping centers
  • Emergency medical centers and surgical hospitals
  • Availability of gas, water and electricity
  • Waste management disposal systems
  • Jamia mosques

features of Model Town Multan


Model Town Multan gives all the facilities required for every household.

  • Road Infrastructure
  • Emergency medical and surgical centers
  • Planned sewerage system
  • Recreational spaces and parks
  • Model Town Mosque
  • Quality educational institutions

Model Town Payment Plan


Model Town multan Plots price

Guild lines before transaction

 Financial Security

 Please confirm that your funds are covered by your purchasing plan before entering into a transaction to sell or acquire the property. This will finalize your buy or sell without any problems.

Document Verification

Before transaction make sure your documents are verified to avoid miscommunication or any kind of issue. Make sure the MDA requests the NOC and permission paperwork before you make any purchase or sale of the property.

 Property Visits

Please visit the site on the ground to make sure that written papers are in compliance with the plot requirements before any purchase and after the document’s validity is guaranteed.

Pros and Cons


  • Hospital
  • Budget-friendly Method
  • Schools
  • 24/7 Water, Gas and Electricity
  • Community centres
  • Gated community
  • Peaceful/ healthy environment
  • Close to the primary location, other societies
  • Lush Green society
  • Well-planned drainage systems


  • High price misperception
  • Processing fees


Model Town Multan is working with the Multan Development Authority (MDA) and the MDA-approved, Northern Multan Bypass Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB). Commercial and residential plots of 6 Marla to 2.5 channels are provided by the community at reasonable costs with the finest living conditions.

While investing money in property without knowledge always give us tough time to make a decision before any transaction. This is why a trustworthy professional guides the best approach to handle the property purchase process. Our estate land marketing expertise are local market specialists and have demonstrated histories of performance. It takes you step-by-step through the procedure and ensures all is proper. Have more questions about the Model town Multan Be sure to check out our website or directly connect with us.


Q1- What is the location of Model Town Multan?

ANS: The housing system is situated on the Bypass North Multan, next to the Multan Punjab Government.

Q2- Is the company’s NOC accepted?

ANS: This housing plan is approved by MDA for NOC.

Q3- Who are these home developers?

ANS: The Multan Development Authority and the Evacuee Trust Property Board are established to develop the residential system.

Q4 what is the condition of electricity?

ANS: electricity condition is very good compared to other area.

Q5 why should I invest my money in your company?

ANS: because we are giving a best service, it is designed for the peaceful environment of families which provides a luxuries services in affordable prices.

Q6 What is considered to be the best block location you are providing?

ANS: All blocks are providing best services but block A is the best one among all blocks.

Q7 What is a society in real estate?

ANS: Gas, Water, Parks, Hospital, Sewerage, Linking Road Network, Electricity

Q8 Who should I contact in case I face any issues?

ANS: Please contact on WhatsApp or call at +923006367316.

Q9 how can I get more information through website?

ANS: there is official website: mda.gop.pk after clicking onto projects menu you will get there.

Q10 what is the feedback of the customers?

ANS:  customers are satisfied by our services with a good rating.

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Royal Orchard Multan

Royal Orchard Multan

Royal Orchard Multan

The association of executive lodging initiatives in Pakistan is known for its Royal Orchard Multan housing developments. The projects are an ace piece of modern action and one-of-a-kind modern living amenities, with unmatched architectural planning, modern design, and adequate facilities. Each project may mirror its owners lifestyles, as each house could be custom-made to suit their identity and way of life perfectly. Each perspective is created and planned from a creative standpoint, adding a certain amount of beauty to each unit. Each lodging property is surrounded by lush nature, creating a fresh, airy atmosphere to live in this beautiful environment. Living in a property with a range of highlights and civilities may be appealing.

Multan, the City of Saints, has become relatively established in real estate in recent years. Several well-known real estate companies have contributed to this development by offering several luxury and clever projects that have resulted in the city’s premium living conditions. Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) limited’s Royal Orchard Multan is one of the most popular projects. This project has piqued the interest of investors and potential purchasers. The reason for this is that Royal Orchard provides a luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price. The housing society has approximately 4,000 Kanal of land. The project includes commercial and residential sites and fully finished ultra-luxury villas that are ready to move in.

Location Map

The property’s location is one of the key reasons it is already selling quickly. Royal Orchard appears to be appealing to buyers and investors since it is accessible from three key locations: Sheikh e Medina Road, Mattital Road, and the Northern By-pass. It is close to Women’s University’s Mattital Campus and a few miles from Bahauddin Zakariya University, located on Bosan Road. The Metro’s final station is situated on Bosan Road, making Royal Orchard very accessible. Defense Housing Society Multan, WAPDA Town, PIA Employees’ Society, Pace City, and a few other famous housing societies are within minutes of the property. The Multan International Airport is roughly 9 minutes away from Royal Orchard.

royal orchard multan location map

The location of Royal Orchard sells the property itself since it connects all of the city’s major attractions and commercial districts to the project while providing residents with a peaceful yet elegant lifestyle. With its 4000 residential apartments, this project is ideal for anyone wishing to improve their living level. The map below depicts how the property is central and accessible through three major city highways.

Developers and Owners

Royal builders and Habib Rafique PVT LTD have launched the Royal Orchard Multan home project. Royal Developers & Builders (Pvt.) Limited has created a magnificent project and a luxurious housing complex. Multan residents can enjoy a lavish lifestyle thanks to Royal Developer.

NOC Status

The Royal Orchard NOC is an approvable society. It is one of the housing societies that is legally functioning with the development work.

Master Plan

Royal Orchard Multan’s master plan is both unique and straightforward. It consists of seven blocks with various sizes of residential and commercial plots and exquisite villas for sale. In addition, the blocks are conveniently accessible from all of the society’s entrances.

royal orchard multan master plan

Block A 

The first block, block A, is now selling plots of 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal.

Block B 

This block currently has 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plot available for purchase.

Block C 

However, plots of 10 Marla, 12 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available in Block C.

Block D 

Similarly, Block D is currently selling plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

Block E 

Plots are available of 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots in Block E.

Block F 

Plots for sale in the sizes of 5 marla, 10 marla, 12 marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.

Block G

Finally, Block G is only selling plots of 10 Marla at the moment.

Read more about : Royal Orchard Sargodha

Important Characteristics

The following are only a few of Royal Orchard’s many features:

Modern Way of Life

Royal Orchard is known for incorporating high-end lifestyle elements into its designs. The project’s architecture is on worldwide standards, as well as cutting-edge technology and innovations. Royal Orchard also represents a contemporary lifestyle tailored to the upper crust. The furnishings and fittings are elegant, and the property meets international standards.

royal orchard multan facilities


Any property might be a hit or miss based on its location. However, in this instance, the place works for the lodging society’s benefit. The project is a few minutes away from the main commercial areas, and the Multan International Airport is approximately 9 minutes away. In addition, Royal Orchard

is easily accessible from three main routes, which is a bonus for the society and is only a half-minute drive from the Northern Bypass.

Masjid Jammiah

One of the primary characteristics of the property is that it attracts both tourists and residents in Pakistan’s largest masjid, which covers 25 Kanal and is there on a roundabout. The masjid was completely functioning and was created with the residents’ religious needs in mind, allowing them to fulfil their religious obligations in a tranquil environment.


The builder has assumed responsibility for the property’s upkeep. Without any bother or outside source, it will supply a lifetime of maintenance to stabilize living standards and quality. The builders ensure that the standard of living is maintained.

Commercial District

For the convenience of the residents, the project includes an ideal commercial space. It features a 590-foot Broadway that is not only practical but also has a charming architectural design. In Pakistan, Broadway is the most prominent commercial Broadway.


This facility is working with high-tech security. The developers ensure that the residents have a stress-free existence in their houses, which is why the property is monitored by security specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On the entrances, well-trained professional guards are there to examine every car entering or departing the society.

Know more about: Royal Orchard Sahiwal


Royal Orchard Multan gives all the fundamental amenities that lead to a good living experience to complete the living experience. The following are the amenities provided by Royal Orchard, in addition to certain distinctive features:

Shopping Center

Multiple shopping plazas are in the property’s commercial sector, which is conveniently accessible from every block. The idea is to give inhabitants a range of amenities, from essential to luxurious, without requiring them to leave the property. The plaza will feature a variety of local and international companies.

Food Halls

Nowadays, shopping isn’t complete without a stop for a quick bite to eat. The property provides food courts with various local and international food establishments to enhance the shopping experience for Royal Orchard residents.


The developers made cautious not to overlook the importance of entertainment by constructing a multiplex cinema. The cinemas contain four screens with highly comfortable seats that make watching movies a pleasurable experience.

Hotels and Restaurants

The property also has several restaurants where guests may dine and sample various cuisines from across the world in a relaxing and luxurious setting. It also has ultra-modern luxury hotels where visitors may stay and unwind away from the city’s bustle.


In the area, schools, colleges, and other educational institutes are there to provide high-quality education. Qualified academics and staff are there to maintain educational excellence.


It is critical to have a healthcare centre close to one’s house. Royal residency recognizes reality and provides continuous wellbeing for its residents by providing an excellent hospital and clinic facility with the most up-to-date and advanced technologies and equipment. They are cared for and operated by qualified specialists and trained staff.


There is a mini-golf course on the land where sports fans may play golf all day and enjoy the gorgeous views of society. The developers offer various sporting amenities and the golf course, including tennis courts, health clubs, fitness centres, children’s play spaces, indoor gaming areas, and much more. 


Royal Orchard also has picturesque parks where you can get some fresh air and spend the nights in solitude. Children can run around on the verdant grass, while adults can exercise on the jogging track. Furthermore, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the sunset simply by sitting on the park benches.


Because of this, Royal Orchard ensures that the residents are comfortable and they give several amenities. The following are a few of them:


Banks are one of the most commonly utilized facilities in our daily lives. With this in mind, various banks are also there within the property that provides all essential services, including an ATM, allowing residents to get their important work done without leaving the property.


This private venture is an entirely safe community, with all high-level security measures in place both inside and out. A security wall surrounds it is that has effectively barred any unwelcome entry into society. The entire project has cutting-edge technology and dedicated security officers and guards ready for any event or catastrophe. A working system of CCTV cameras is also installed throughout the zone to monitor all activities and provide a safe living environment for your family.

Plots for Sale in Multan’s Royal Orchard

In Royal Orchard, Multan, you can invest in 5 marlas, ten marlas, 12 marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal private plots for sale effectively. In addition, the enterprise features commercial properties for sale in the sizes of 2 marlas, four marlas, six marlas, eight marlas, and ten marlas for a commercial speculator. Meanwhile, Royal Orchard, Multan luxury homes are divided into five marlas, ten marlas, 12 marlas, and one kanal, each with three to five rooms.

Payment Plan

The instalment plans offered by Royal Orchard, Multan, are a convenient way to own property for 10% to 15% of the total amount at the time of booking. A quarterly instalment plan, available for residential and commercial plots, allows you to pay for your property over 36 months in 12 instalments.

Before the principal instalment, 10% down payment at booking and another 10% upon confirmation after 30 days. Paying the entire amount will also save you 10% of the total cost.

All plots with a view of a park, the main road, or a corner include an additional 10% of the total cost, with a 15% discount applied to plots located near any main boulevards. You’ll also have to pay PKR 10,000 as a membership fee at the time of booking.

Plot instalment plan

Different classifications and sizes of residential villas are also available for purchase, with monthly and quarterly payments spread over 30 months and a 15% down payment required at booking. It implies you have the option of paying the villa in 30 monthly instalments or ten quarterly instalments. In addition, a 5% surcharge applies to all park and road-facing villas, as well as corner villas, and a PKR 10,000 membership fee for each property.

Plot Prices

Royal Orchard Multan attracts a lot of attention from buyers because of its terrific location and inept facilities. But, on the other hand, the rates are highly stable and very cheap for anyone looking to invest in this property. The prices of plots available for sale at Royal Orchard are in the graph below.

royal orchard multan payment plan

Other Features

  • Postal service
  • Electricity from the ground
  • Water is available at all times.
  • Availability of natural gas
  • Plants that purify water
  • Exchange of telephone numbers
  • Excellent sewage system setup
  • Services related to transportation
  • Hospitals/Clinics
  • Golf course
  • Parks
  • Running paths
  • Arcade of shopping
  • Playgrounds
  • Banks
  • Cinemas
  • Food halls
  • Restaurants\Hotels
  • High-tech safety
  • Surveillance cameras
  • A well-trained security force
  • Residency with a fence
  • Boulevard
  • Entrances that will blow your mind
  • System for smart waste management
  • Roads with carpets
  • There’s also parking for cars and a lot more.

 Update on Royal Orchard Multan 2021

The main entrance, buildings, mosque, villas, and arranging are underway at Royal Orchard Multan, and bookings are currently open. Block F had a few land acquisition issues in the past, which is why some of it remained undeveloped. However, according to specialists, work on the streets is about to be complete.

Block G, on the other hand, has been moving at a breakneck pace. Furthermore, highways are already there with tight sewerage lines.


Q1. Who are the developers of Royal Orchard Multan?

Ans. Royal builders and Habib Rafique PVT LTD have launched the Royal Orchard Multan home project.

Q2. Is there a NOC for Royal Orchard Multan?

Ans. The Royal Orchard do have NOC.

Q3. How many residential and commercial plots are there in Royal Orchard Multan?

Ans. It consists of 7 blocks with various sizes of residential and commercial plots.

Q4. What is the area of Royal Orchard Multan?

Ans. Royal Orchard Multan has approximately 4,000 Kanal of land.

Q5. How much time is required to drive from Royal Orchard to the airport?

Ans. The Multan International Airport is roughly 9 minutes away from Royal Orchard.

Q6. What is the down payment for Royal Orchard Multan?

Ans. The instalment plans offered by Royal Orchard, Multan, are a convenient way to own property for 10% to 15% of the total amount at the time of booking.

Q7. What is the location of Royal Orchard Multan?

Ans. The project is hardly any minutes away from the main commercial areas, and the Multan International Airport is approximately 9 minutes away. In addition, Royal Orchard Multan is easily accessible from three main routes, which is a bonus for the society and is only a half-minute drive from the Northern Bypass.

Q8. What is the minimum plot size of Royal Orchard in a residential area?

Ans. 5 Marla.

Q9. What is the minimum plot size of Royal Orchard in the commercial area?

Ans. 2 Marla

Q10. Is Royal Orchard Multan worth living and investing place for the future?

Ans. Definitely yes.


Royal Orchard Multan is a well-known housing society dedicated to providing residents with a world-class living experience. Its luxury amenities and handy location distinguish this society. As a result, Estate Land Marketing strongly advises that it is a lifetime opportunity to invest in this society. To get the similar amenities being supplied at low pricing, read about Taj Residencia.

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DHA Multan

DHA Multan

DHA Multan

DHA Multan is the recent addition to Pakistan’s DHA housing society system. Like other DHA complexes, DHA Multan offers inhabitants luxury and convenience, as well as security and confidence. In addition, the society provides investors with a wide range of residential and commercial possibilities and world-class amenities.

Multan is not one of the country’s largest and most prosperous cities, yet it is well developed. DHA Multan is the only modern, productive, and secure society in Multan and south Punjab.

Information of DHA Housing Societies

DHA Multan will offer Multan inhabitants a variety of residential and commercial possibilities and a green and clean environment, modern and state-of-the-art living, entertainment for its residents, safe and secure surroundings, and primary and luxurious facilities. To summarize, it will serve as a model society for Multan residents.

DHA Housing Society is one of the reliable housing societies. DHA’s initial project was DHA Lahore, which is currently operational. DHA now has several successful and beneficial projects in several of the country’s major cities, including Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, and Quetta, which was primarily in Lahore for the armed forces.

Multan City Information

Initially built this society, DHA, for the military, it is currently open to the general population.

Multan is an ancient city with several historical sites and a long history. It is also known as the South Punjab Metropolitan Area. Multan is the fifth-largest city in Pakistan and the capital of Punjab’s south-central province.

Multan is at the confluence of five rivers. It’s a cotton-rich city with a thriving trading community. The Chenab River flows through Muzaffar Garh on its western side, while the Sutlej River separates the town from Bahawalpur. DHA Multan will increase the city’s demand and value.

Developers and Owners

No one person owns a DHA housing society. Instead, retired or senior military commanders manage DHA housing society projects. For example, lt. General Muhammad Naeem Ashraf is the chairman of the DHA Multan project, and Muhammad Shoeb Anwar Kayani is the project director. He envisioned DHA Multan as Multan’s social, economic, and political hub.

The owner of DHA Multan has signed a contract with ProMag for DHA Multan’s development and construction. It is the ARETE Group’s flagship company.

ProMag Pvt Ltd

It is a management consulting firm with a wide range of services. It is involved in several national and international projects. The company’s national projects include EMAAR-Crescent Bay, Airport Circle, waterfront Condominium, eighteen housing society, Ocean heights, and DHA Bahawalpur. In contrast, its foreign projects include Rajagirya, United Mall Gugasht, Abrar al-Jamia Omdurman, and mix development Srilanka.

The DHA Multan Housing Society receives the following services from them.

  • Management of a project
  • Consultancy services
  • Planning a master plan
  • Development of architecture
  • Controlling the construction process
  • Engineered projects


Aside from that, four renowned construction firms have been handed contracts to develop DHA Multan sections. Frontier Works Organization (FWO), National Logistic Cell (NLC), Tahir Builders, and Zahir Khan & Brothers (ZKB) (Pvt) Ltd are the names of these companies. FWO contributes its expertise and years of experience.


DHA’s Location Map Multan

Multan’s DHA Multan is on Bosan Road. It is close to Bahauddin Zakariya University. Because DHA Multan is there on such a large piece of land, it has two leading ends: one on Bosan Road and Marital Road. At both extremities of the society, DHA Multan has an entrance gate. DHA Multan’s headquarters are on Multan Public School Road, near the Northern Bypass.

DHA Multan Location map


DHA Multan is the intersection of three Mauzas: Mauza Sangi, Mauza Kotla Sadaat, and Mauza Garay Wahan. This expected DHA Multan area is also conveniently located near Bahauddin Zakriya University, Bosan Road, and Mattital Road.

Access Points

  • Bahauddin Zakriya University,
  • Bosan Road,
  • Sakhe Madina minor road
  • Mattital Road

Housing Societies in the Neighborhood

  • Wapda town
  • MDA officers colony,
  • PIA employees housing
  • Al Falah modern city
  • Gulistan homes
  • Buch Villas
  • Faizabad colony


Master Plan of DHA Multan

DHA Currently, Phase 1 of the Multan master plan consists of sectors referred to as sectors A, B1, B2, D – V, W1, W2, and X.

The image of the plan of DHA Multan is below.

Master Plan of DHA Multan

Masterplan Area of DHA Multan

DHA Multan is a 9000-acre development with two main entrances, one on Bosan Road and Mattital Road.

Plot Dimensions

DHA Multan offers a variety of plot sizes.

  • Plots for residential use
  • 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla
  • 5 Marla, 8 Marla.
  • Plots for business

Development Status

DHA Multan’s growth and building projects are moving at a breakneck speed. The main entrance and side walls are complete. More plots in the community have already been into sizes. Sectors A and V are currently developing. In addition, customers have possession of plots in sector M, and development is complete. Authorities have declared a complete waiver of development fees for new housing construction. Therefore, the disclaimer on development and utility charges for sector M is as follows.

Furthermore, the Villa Shopping Arcade’s groundbreaking ceremony was on April 23, 2020. Now, work on the DHA Multan villas retail mall has begun, with authorities aiming to finish it within a year. As a result, the building is progressing quickly but with high-quality results.

A Development Charges Waiver

  • DHA If construction will complete within one year, Multan will waive all development fees.
  • Suppose the construction will complete in 14 months or less. In that case, Waiver of Development Charges of 80% If the project is complete in fewer than 16 months, 60% of the development fees will waive off if the construction will complete in less than 18 months; waiver of 50% of Development Charges.
  • Fees for utilities are not required to be payable.
  • If the construction of 5 to 10 residential units begins within 12 months, it will waive utility charges in half.
  • If the construction of 11-19 residential units begins within 12 months, will waive utility charges in 75% of cases.
  • If the construction of 20 or more residential units begins within the next 12 months, will waive the utility charges entirely.
  • If the construction of 5-9 commercial units begins within 12 months, will waive the utility charges in half.
  • If the construction of 10 or more commercial units begins within the next 12 months, will waive the utility charges entirely.

A Development Charges Waiver in DHA Multan


Development Status of DHA Multan

As previously stated, development work in DHA Multan is progressing quickly. In 2014, management started working on the DHA Multan housing society. Almost ten sectors are complete. Many plots have been handed over to their rightful owners to begin construction on their homes in DHA Multan. Water, Sui gas, and electricity are all supplied through wires and pipelines.

Payment plan for DHA Multan

Because the DHA Multan plan files of sectors are sale out, the DHA Multan payment schedule has come to an end. However, you can now purchase these plots at the total price. In addition, DHA villas with reasonable payment plans are still available. These plots’ average pricing is listed below.

Residential Plots

  • The cost of a five marla plot ranges from 15 to 22 lacs.
  • 8-marla plots range from 23 to 30 lacs.
  • Ten marla plots range from 32 to 38 lacs.
  • The cost of a one kanal plot ranges from 28 to 58 lacs.
  • The cost of a two kanal plot ranges from 115 to 150 lacs.

The prices of DHA Multan plot files began at less than ten lacs and have already surpassed a crore. It demonstrates due to the image of a dependable and secure community built under the moniker of DHA. These are the guaranteed profit return.

Plot Balloting at DHA Multan

DHA Multan proves to be an instant hit with potential clients. People from all across Pakistan and the world are interested in purchasing a plot in DHA Multan. This housing society began collecting applications in January 2017 and held a fortunate draw in June 2017 to determine the winner. These applicants came from a variety of backgrounds, including citizens and military personnel.

Balloting Ceremony and Results

The DHA Multan Phase 1 Plot balloting ceremony took place on July 31, 2019. Multan hosted the event. The Balloting comprised the results of all plot files, including 5, 8, 10, 1, and 2 Kanal residential plots and 4, 8, and 8 Marla commercial plots. The results of the location plot ballot have now been uploaded and made available on DHA Multan’s official website. You can check your plot’s status on the website.

Facts and numbers about the results of the DHA Multan housing society balloting:

  • In DHA Multan Phase 1, there are a total of 49273 residential plots. In each housing society sector, the number of residential properties is by plot size.
  • 15989 5 marla plots are available in DHA Multan Phase 1, P, T, and V.
  • There are 2891 8 Marla plots in DHA Multan Phase 1, Sector V.
  • There are 2947 10 Marla plots in DHA Multan Phase 1, sectors U and B1.
  • DHA Multan Phase 1 plots are one kanal in size, with all sectors totalling 26979.
  • The total number of plots in DHA Multan Phase 1, sectors A and N, is 467.

DHA Villas Multan

DHA Multan has announced DHA villas in addition to residential and commercial sites. They are the ideal pre-designed cottages for happy family life. The available villas are 6, 9, and 12 marlas in size. The privacy and reservation of those who live in mansions are likewise strictly protected.

The following are the details and prices of villas of various sizes:

DHA Multan Villas Dimensions

  • 3 BEDROOMS – 6 MARLA ( 1994 SQ FT )
  • 4 BEDROOMS – 9 MARLA ( 2751 SQ FT )
  • 4 BEDROOMS – 12 MARLA ( 3149 SQ FT )
  • 5 BEDROOMS – 12 MARLA ( 3530 SQ FT )

DHA Villas Payment Plan

DHA Villas Multan Payment Plan

DHA Multan Payment Plan

  • There is no reimbursement for the application processing fee.
  • They will adjust the booking cost in down payment based on the success of total applicants.
  • If an application is unsuccessful, the booking fee will be reimbursed to the applicant within 30 days after the Balloting.
  • To get the returned amount, you must present the original receipt and a copy of the applicant’s CNIC/NICOP.


DHA Multan Payment Plan Villas Masterplan

DHA Multan Villas Masterplan

Important Features and Services

  • A well-planned and ordered community
  • Community with a fence around it
  • Fascinating villas
  • Commercial zone on its own
  • A 300-foot main avenue connects to an extensive network of highways.
  • Electricity from the earth
  • Water, gas, and electricity are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Education on the internet for free
  • Centers for health and medicine
  • The most extravagant retail mall in the world
  • Gyms on a global scale
  • Plans that are simple to follow
  • Security is available around the clock.
  • Parks with lush greenery
  • Hypermarkets are stores that sell a wide range of products.
  • A skilled business will plan and maintain your project.
  • A five-star hotel
  • Arena – A significant event venue.
  • International golf course with the most advanced golf academy
  • Services relating to entertainment
  • On the sides of the highways, there are lovely green belts.
  • Club de Campagne
  • Plant nursery DHA
  • The profit potential is promising.
  • Many clothes and other brands have franchises.
  • Jamie Masjid and the Grand Mosque are two of the most important mosques in the city.

Amenities & Services 

  • Surroundings that are both safe and sound

DHA Multan is well-known for its most contemporary security measures, and providing the safest location in town is a top focus for the organization. They put the safety of each resident first, which is why this home project is known as Pakistan’s safest home initiative. They’ve devised a comprehensive safety system backed by expert employees and cutting-edge technology and equipment. They use secure gates, correct setup, and safe video surveillance.

  • The atmosphere that is both clean and green

It is one of those abundant home societies that employs cutting-edge technology to provide every conceivable amenity and ensures that its residents live in a green and healthy environment. There are well-designed amusement parks and green ballets, ensuring that the environment is fully pollution-free for all citizens. If you want a healthy lifestyle for your loved ones in Multan, DHA Multan should be your first pick.

  • Planning and management are essential.

Because DHA Multan comprises numerous businesses, a dedicated team is in charge of all of the tools and facilities for every resident. The project management team is in order of it all. DHA Multan has a society maintenance agreement with ProMag. ProMag is a well-known provider of municipal and planning consulting services.

  • Property for Commercial and Industrial Use

Commercial plots are provided alongside residential properties and are an essential aspect of the overall housing project. It benefits the residents of the home society and opens up numerous economic prospects for investors and traders from outside the community. In addition, there is a designated area for business niches where inhabitants can conveniently obtain life’s fundamental necessities. Malls, on the other hand, can be a terrific business opportunity.

  • Center for Hospitalizations

Personal and family health is your most important resource, so it is so essential to the social authorities. Therefore, DHA Multan is putting a lot of effort into providing the best hospitalization facilities for its residents.

One can take advantage of all of the emergency medical services as well as the best doctors available.

  • Education Facilities

You are planning for Educational Facilities in Society Inside DHA Multan, university campuses, schools, and colleges. There are also the best schools for education and a college-level education center. It ensures that your children’s futures are in safe hands within society. The residents of DHA Multan will benefit from outstanding educational possibilities as a result of this. SICAS is a unique foundation that is established solely for academic reasons to ensure children’s educational achievement.

  • Theme Parks

All of the abundant and appealing features are available in DHA Multan Theme Parks. Another goal of DHA Multan is to provide wholesome entertainment inside its bounds. Therefore, developers aim to construct a large number of open themed parks for the city’s residents. You’ll also have access to the attractions of a theme park, where you can spend quality time with your family. Overall, the atmosphere is open and healthy. Luxurious villas are also available today in DHA Multan, which you may buy to enjoy a superb standard of living.

  • DHA Golf Course in Multan

The Defense Housing Authority (DHA) in Multan, Pakistan, will build the first golf course of its sort. The Faldo Design firm has also struck an arrangement with the DHA Multan authorities. Sir Nick Faldo, a six-time major champion, is the firm’s owner. He promises to send one of his signature golfers to the event. The area is, of course, a 7,500-yard stretch of land.

This golf club will set new golfing standards in Pakistan and is a GEO Certified golf course. The golf course’s services include:

  • Engaging new players.
  • Providing different golf holes for professionals.
  • For all golfers Providing an exciting and memorable challenge

The DHA Multan golf course will also offer international tour opportunities in Pakistan.

  • Gym on a Global Scale

There is a world-class gymnasium center where you may stay in shape and stay healthy. DHA Multan will be able to live a healthy lifestyle thanks to these gyms. Professional gym coaches will soon be on hand to assist you in practicing and adopting a healthy lifestyle while using the most up-to-date exercise equipment.

  • Electricity from Below

DHA Multan home project will be a community free of electricity lines. The entire power system will most likely be underground, allowing you to take in the beautiful scenery. Internet, phone, and other wire-based services will also be underground. The essential utilities are adequately coated and wired underground, including gas, electricity, phone, web, internet, and sewage.

  • Infrastructure on the Roads is Wide

Due to the well-organized road infrastructure, the network of roadways within the home project will be flawless. In addition, because there will be less traffic and wider roads, you will be able to get to your desired area in less time.

  • The drainage system of exceptional quality

Multan’s DHA will create new sanitary systems. The developers’ goal is to make a cutting-edge sewage system to make life easier for the residents.

  • Club and Community Center

DHA Multan aspires to create a sense of belonging among its citizens. Therefore, DHA Multan will also have a community center and club for its cherished residents, as is customary in DHAs around Pakistan.

  • Developer of Masjids and Grand Mosques

In each housing society block, sufficient ground is for constructing a gorgeous mosque with some lofty Domes and traditional Islamic architecture. Every sector has its masjid where people can fulfil their Islamic obligations.

  • The Battlefield

The Arena is located just after DHA Multan main entrance. This Arena isn’t simply a retail mall; it’s also a full-fledged entertainment complex. It has everything you need. A fantastic play area for children and a food court, cafes, gaming zones, a Multi-Screen Cinema Complex, shops and marts, a hyper mart, and various other enjoyable activities are there. The sounds of animals and lovely and green sceneries are missing from 360 Zoo Parks and pleasure sites; DHA Multan has both. The 360 zoos will expect to grow into a society with many wild and unique creatures.

  • Bilal Masjid

Masjids and mosques will find in every sector of DHA Multan, but one of the most notable will be the Bilal Masjid, a grand mosque. It will top it with a stunning dome.

Why should you invest in DHA Multan?


  • In terms of safety, amenities, and modernization, DHA Multan is the most comprehensive housing development.
  • DHA Multan is under the supervision of retired army personnel; as a result, people may rely on this housing community.
  • All of the amenities accessible in the society meet the community’s global standards. DHA Multan offers the best schools, colleges, institutions, parks, theme parks, zoos, and other attractions.
  • To summarize, DHA Multan is the most proper place for families to live. Furthermore, society’s essential services are incredibly cost-effective.
  • DHA Multan plots are currently available at a low cost. However, it will take at least 1 to 2 years to see a profit. However, the gain will very certainly be substantial.
  • The usual price in a well-developed housing society in Multan and Multan Cantt is between 1.2 and 2.5 crores. In contrast, DHA Multan filings rates for one Kanal are between 45 and 48 crores, significantly less than other societies but far superior in quality.


How do I reserve a room at DHA Multan Villas?

  • Online Application Instructions
  • A single Application Form is valid for one villa; if you want to reserve two villas, you’ll need two application forms.
  • On-site DHA Multan challan forms are there.
  • Complete all of the application fields.
  • Anyone can apply, both Pakistanis living in Pakistan and Pakistanis living abroad.
  • The pricing at DHA Multan is there in stone.
  • The Benefits of Living in DHA Multan Villas
  • You are not required to create your dwelling.
  • For the entire family, a safe and secure living environment is essential.
  • The environment is green and clean.
  • Vital services such as gas, water, and power are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The house planning and maintenance team are always available by phone.

How do I make a reservation at DHA Multan?

You will require the following documents to reserve your plot or location in DHA Multan.

  • Application for DHA
  • Multan DHA form
  • DHA Villas challan Multan
  • Instalment form for DHA Multan (in case of villas)
  • Affidavit
  • 2 x CNIC (Certificate of National Identification)
  • Two copies of your nearest relatives (father/mother/brother/wife/sister)
  • Two photographs (passport size)
  • Considerable payment must be in the form of a cheque, a money order, or cash.
  • The applicant’s actual address, which is reachable


Note: Under the DHA Multan process, a name change is not allowed if a name is with incorrect spelling.


Other Things to Ensure When It Comes to Processing

  1. The initial processing of the file and issuing the Intimation Letter in the buyer’s name takes 5 to 7 working days.
  2. A photocopy of the Intimation Letter will be sent to you by mail/sent to you for your records, with DHA Multan verifying its authenticity if needed.
  3. Once the buyer has confirmed the legitimacy of the Intimation Letter, they must submit the remaining balance of the file, together with a fee of Rs.10,000 for the Intimation Letter and Rs.69,160 for the Allocation Letter.
  4. The buyer has the option of confirming the legitimacy of the file over the phone or by physically visiting the DHA Multan Office until the Intimation Letter is issued.
  5. They will hand over the allocation letters in 5-7 working days, and the buyer must be physically present at DHA Multan to obtain them.

 Askari Housing DHA Multan


The Army Officers Housing Scheme (AOHS), commonly called Askari Housing, is a beautiful project within the DHA Multan housing community. The Askari Housing Project has 150 acres in size. The first phase of development began in September 2017 and has now entirely complete. Phase 1 Askari home in DHA Multan is stretched across 50 acres of land and contains 439 plots.

According to the master plan provided by the DHA Multan administration, Askari phase 1 would contain the following sizes of dwelling units.

  • On a Kanal, SU Houses are there.
  • SD Houses are on 12 Marla plots.
  • Three-Bedroom G with Three-Half-Block Units
  • 3 QTR Block Units with 3 Bed G

How to Reserve a Place?

  • Application Instructions for the Web
  • If you wish to book two villas, you’ll need two applications.
  • The on-site challan form for DHA Multan is accessible.
  • Complete the application form in its entirety.
  • Local and international Pakistanis alike are welcome to apply.

Advantages of a DHA Multan Villas Residence

You don’t have to create a home design.

  • The complete family may live in a safe and secure atmosphere.
  • Reasonable pricing that is within the means of middle-class and upper-class families
  • An environment that is both green and clean
  • Essential services including gas, water, and power are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The team in charge of housing planning and maintenance is always available by phone.

In DHA Multan, how do I make a reservation?

The following documents are required to reserve a plot or location in DHA Multan.

  • DHA Multan challan and application form
  • Instalment form for DHA Multan (in case of villas)
  • Affidavit
  • 2 x CNIC (Certificate of National Identity)
  • 2 Copies of your Nearest Relatives (father, mother, brother, wife, sister)
  • Two photographs, passport size
  • Payment in the form of a check, a money order, or cash is required to secure a reservation.
  • The applicant’s current, reachable address should be there.

Note: Changes in names are not permitted under DHA Multan policy if the word is in incorrect spellings.

Other Processing Facts

  • Initial file processing and issuing the Intimation Letter in the buyer’s name will take 5 to 7 working days.
  • A photocopy of the Intimation Letter will be sent via mail /sent to you for your records, with DHA Multan verifying its authenticity if needed.
  • Once the buyer has confirmed the legitimacy of the Intimation Letter, they must submit the remaining balance of the file, along with a fee of Rs.10,000 for the Intimation Letter and Rs.69,160 for the Allocation Letter.
  • The buyer has the option of confirming the legitimacy of the file over the phone or in-person at the DHA Multan’s Office till the Intimation Letter is issued.
  • The buyer must physically present themselves at DHA Multan to acquire the Allocation Letter, which takes 5-7 working days.

Askari Housing DHA Multan

The Army Officers Housing Scheme (AOHS), or Askari Housing, has been introduced by the DHA Multan Housing Society. The Askari Housing project spans 150 acres. The first phase of development began in September 2017 and ended in September 2018.

  • Phase 1 Askari home in DHA Multan has 50 acres of land and has 439 plots.
  • Askari phase 1 will feature the following sizes of dwelling units, according to the master plan provided by DHA Multan’s management.
  • On a Kanal SD, SU Houses are there. 3 Bed G with 3 Half Block Units 3 Bed G with 3 QTR Block Units are on a 12 Marla basis.

Units in Number

  • 39 3 Bed G+ Half Block Units SU Houses 44 SD Houses 284 Special Houses
  • Total 439 = 64 3 Bed G + 3 QTR block
  • Plots in DHA Multan are available for purchase.
  • DHA in Sector M, Multan claimed possession. As a result, this ownership received a 2.1 million development fee waiver from the jurisdiction.
  • The Annals of 100% increase charges for Sector M residents are incredible and heartwarming.


Those looking for the most significant property for sale in Multan may take advantage of this opportunity and buy DHA Multan. Because property prices are increasing every day, now is the perfect moment to invest. So make intelligent investment and join Pakistan’s “DHA Multan” initiative, which is rapidly expanding. Sector M, the core of DHA Multan’s, is still a business district. However, it is by far the most appealing and widespread social group. Sector M is currently home to roughly 1400 plots and is there with two critical boulevards. First, if you own a business plot, act quickly and hire for plot ownership.

In addition, the ownership of Sector Q, R, H, K, B1, and A is likely to be revealed in December 2020. In these storylines, you’ll quickly learn about possession.

In DHA Multan, Where Should You Invest?

It is good to put your money into areas that are more strategically locating or are still developing. It is the most significant moment to buy those plots because they are available at relatively affordable prices, with a one kanal plot costing around 50 lacs with amenities like DHA Multan.

If you decide to buy DHA Villas, keep in mind that obtaining a profitable yield may take at least one to two years. Compared to the average plot in this area, purchasing a corner or facing park plot will give you more significant outcomes.

The price of DHA Multan’s Stage 1 plots is lower than expected by stockholders. The high quantity of accessible schemes is a crucial issue that will keep costs down. Moreover, the current property investment market is not particularly favourable. Plot marketing isn’t a great idea because some blocks’ pricing is lower than file rates.


DHA Multan’s is a society where you will never lose money, either in terms of living or investing. That is why you must reserve a spot in this dependable and evil housing society. Residents of the community do not need to leave the society’s limits for any fundamental requirement or recreational activity; they can find everything within the gates. In conclusion, DHA Multan’s is the only ideal residential location in Multan. For any query and information, get in touch with Estate Land & Marketing for better information.


Q 1: Who is the DHA Multan owner?

Answer: There is no single owner of any DHA housing society. Retired or senior military commanders oversee DHA housing society projects. For example, lt. General Muhammad Naeem Ashraf is the chairman of the DHA Multan’s project, while Muhammad Shoeb Anwar Kayani is the project director.

 Q 2- Is DHA Multan a legally recognized housing society?

Yes, the DHA housing society is governed by the armed forces, making it a completely legitimate and trustworthy organization.

Q 3: How can I pay for a plot in DHA Multan?

Answer: Although the plots of DHA Multan sectors have already sold out, you can still purchase a property by paying the plots’ overall dues.

Q 4- How do I pay for a DHA Multan villa?

Answer: DHA Multan’s Villas come in various sizes and can be purchased on easy instalment plans, as detailed in the article.

Q 5-When will residents of DHA Multan begin construction on their homes?

Answer: As soon as you have a plot in DHA Multan’s , you can begin construction on your home. In society, you are free to build a home whenever you wish.

Q 6- When will the plots be available for purchase by society?

Answer: Transference of plots in numerous sectors. Other properties will soon be available to investors who have made all of their required payments.

Q 7- Is this a suitable place to invest in the short or long term?

DHA Multan’s is a society worth investing in; it is a great long-term and short-term investment opportunity. In general, the DHA Housing Society is a trustworthy name.

Q 8: How large is DHA Multan in total?

DHA Multan’s Phase 1 consists of 9000 acres of land for society development.

Q 9: In DHA Multan, what plots are for sale?

Answer: Residential plots of 5, 8, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal, as well as 5 and 8 Marla commercial plots, are there in the society’s sectors.

Q 10: In commercial plots, what possibilities do you have?

Answer: In this housing society, commercial plots of 5 and 8 Marla are readily available. 

Q 11- Is society a good place to invest or live?

DHA, of course. Multan Housing Society is a fantastic area to invest and live. 

Q 12- What is the procedure for reserving a plot in DHA Multan?

Answer: To reserve your plot, please get in touch with Estate Land & Marketing, and we will guide you thoroughly in the entire process of purchasing or selling your land. Sky Marketing specializes in providing high-quality services.

Q 13: What distinguishes this project from others?

Answer: The society provides its citizens with sophisticated and up-to-date amenities such as underground power, water, and gas. In addition, the community offers a variety of restaurants, parks, a zoo, and a world-class cinema and entertainment center for recreation. In addition to sector mosques and a Jamia mosque, the society of primary international schools and colleges.

 Q 14: When will the work on societal improvement begin?

Answer: Work on the society’s development has already begun; for example, work on the significant Boulevard is about to complete, and work on the mosque has already started. Also nearing completion is the arena. In addition, the DHA Villas project is now in the works. Please see the section on DHA Multan’s Development on the page above for further information.


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