How to start Real Estate Holding Company Business an investor guide

How to start Real Estate Holding Company Business

Real Estate Holding Company Business

A real estate holding company is a lawful entity that aims to protect business owners from dangers from their investment properties. Starting such a company has now become a time valued norm for most talented businesspersons. It might be frightening for any business individual to venture into this business for the first time. A holding is a lawful entity that structures your entire organization. It is also called a Limited Liability Company that does not participate in business procedures itself but does have various assets. Such companies are also used as an apparatus to lessen personal exposure to lawful and financial danger.

To protect your business assets from any liability, a real estate holding company is an ideal option. Investors can easily benefit by keeping the income of real estate from personal income. Starting a holding company is not much expensive, and its benefits can be more than its total cost.

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Ways to start a new Real Estate Holding Company

Determine the Status

You have to decide that what type of business entity you prefer for the real estate investment venture. Will it be a proper corporation or some kind of Limited Liability Company? What would be the type of taxation status? There are several advantages and disadvantages of every structure, and the guidance of a lawyer or accountant is a compulsory step in corporate regulation.

Type of Real Estate

It would be better to determine the real estate you would prefer for your company for a venture. Is it going to be business or household real estate? If you go for residential, would you buy single-family homes, apartments, or duplexes? The real estate investors would have to deal with the type of laws and taxes in the area where they plan to acquire properties. Are you willing to specialize in tax lien investing or foreclosure, in which you may have acquired less properly maintained properties for a discount? Would you like to support and operate properties within or outside your local area? It is also essential to decide whether your main reason for real estate purchase would be rental income or capital appreciation.

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Determining the capital situation

How will you invest in your real estate purchases, alongside payments of real estate taxes, management of property, and other subsidiary organizational expenses? Are you willing to invest a limited amount of capital and accept more outstanding interest payments per month? Are you willing to invest more to start with to reduce financial expenditures alongside improving your situation of cash flow? You have to carefully analyze different circumstances and their effect on the overall value of your position of cash flow and properties. How much do you get from property derived or rental income? For instance, will you have enough intake from other properties to get rid of your debt and handle other expenditures? Would you prefer to go for operating capital if there is any liquidity problem? Would the money be available to you in a manner that does not damage your business?

Gather a talented Management

You would have to form a talented management team that would help you in handling the company’s affairs. You need to decide whether your company would personally manage the acquired properties or hand over those responsibilities to other management firms. Once you start, the management tasks might not be big enough for the superiors to handle. When your company expands, you will look for on-board managers that help you in executing your strategic plans. You need to make sure that your team understand the broader strategy of your company. They should have the freedom to think strategically and come up with better decisions.

Relationship with other real estate agents

Having links with other real estate agents or brokers would be an advantage. Their on-field experience could be valuable in the search for potential opportunities along with avoiding catastrophic money pits. The main aim of real estate agents is to sell the property at a rapid pace. You need to demonstrate that you have enough knowledge about your area of investment, so they would be very honest with you and come up with a fair business partnership.

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Assigning your interest in real estate to a holding company would be helpful in protecting your business assets. For example, your real estate holding company owns your cafe, the owner of that property would be responsible for any disturbance caused to the customer. In such cases, your assets would be shielded from the lawsuit, while your holding company would have to compensate.


Apart from benefits, there are several risks involved in the holding company business. It requires a massive level of administration, which not be suitable for an inexperienced business owner. Without a professional service attorney, you would not be able to manage your company.


If you have an experience of real estate investment, you must know that the real estate industry has several dangers. A real estate holding company can assist you to eliminate all kinds of hazards. If you follow the procedures of your LLC correctly, then your business will not face any threat.  It is now a common trend among investors, as they have primarily benefited in terms of taxation and protection of assets.

In some circumstances, it might not be a good choice. However, it depends on you that how you would make a benefit out of it with your skills regarding structuring or start of your company. For more information regarding writing a real estate marketing plan or establishing your brand, among other exciting topics that are sure to pique your interests, Estate Land Marketing has you covered.


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