Master plan for Rawalpindi Surmounts Initial Obstacle

Master plan for Rawalpindi Surmounts Initial Obstacle

Rawalpindi: RDA and the district administration have set this month as the deadline for the completion of the master plan for Rawalpindi. However, thus far, the authorities have only succeeded in finalizing the land classification map, which serves as the initial stage in the undertaking.

Within the subsequent fifteen days following the approval of the land classification map for the Rawalpindi district by the District Planning and Design Committee, the administration resolved to solicit the opinions of all relevant parties.

The project was approved on December 16, 2020, and a contractual arrangement was finalized on December 24, 2020, specifying a funding of around Rs50 million over twelve months. MMP was granted an additional three months to complete the endeavor as of September of this year.

Stakeholder input is solicited following the “finalization of the land classification map.”

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In the interim, local government administrators in Rawalpindi authorized the development of the master plan within their respective local government regions.

As a consequence, the development of land use classification plans was halted in Murree and Kotli Sattian. “…exclusively the master plans for Gujar Khan, Kallar Syedan, Taxila, and Kahuta were submitted to the relevant administrators for approval, with the corresponding local government also providing notification.”

A senior official of the district administration stated that a decision has been made to involve the relevant parties in the development of the Rawalpindi master plan.

He stated that the district land classification map for Rawalpindi has been approved by the District Planning and Design Committee.

In constructing the land classification map, settlement (or built-up area) is accounted for. Following the notification, the consulting firm will formulate a development plan for the next two decades in Rawalpindi district that takes into account the population’s requirements and follows the revised land classification (zoning).

Following the finalization of the master plan, he stated, the RDA will initiate construction on an economic zone surrounding the Rawalpindi Ring Road. According to the official, while the provincial government intended to create an economic zone, the location of industrial units will be determined by the master plan, and the administration will prohibit business operations outside of designated zones.

Rawalpindi was designated an interim federal capital in 1968, at that time, when its initial master plan was formulated. After the relocation of government agencies to Islamabad, the strategy was subsequently abandoned.

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