MIVIDA City Islamabad

MIVIDA City Islamabad


Mivida City Islamabad would be a property development venture in Islamabad. Mivida Islamabad is currently undergoing rapid growth and is due to be finished shortly. Hands down, Mivida Islamabad is Pakistan’s first environmentally friendly, long-term, prosperous city. Khanal Builders (Pvt) Ltd., in collaboration with Mivida Developments (Pvt) Ltd., has launched a particular housing project.

Mivida City is located between the Capital Smart City as well as the Blue World City, two among the most exemplary communities. The position is on Islamabad’s main Chakri Route, close to the Current Islamabad International Airport. As a result, it is in a prime position to reach the city from various directions.


Maxim has given MIVIDA Pakistan with satisfaction-focused unique creative Huge frameworks while also providing the best return on customer investments since 1980, and is headquartered in Cairo, Egypt. Founded in 1955, with 51 offices around the globe and 4500 staff, it is the world’s leading engineering advisory company by profits. Meinhardt has demonstrated their technological capabilities in strategic planning and construction for environmentally sustainable civil and mechanical art and construction.

Mivida City Islamabad Location

Whenever a businessman is looking for a land to invest in, there are several considerations that they evaluate. Amongst the most important is the site. When purchasing a home, whether for private or investment purposes, the location is extremely important. The explanation for this is that the neighborhood provides residents with reassurance. Furthermore, having day-to-day necessities close by is important for living a stress-free life. Nobody wishes to commute to such a desolate place isolated from the rest of the city. So when you sign a contract, double-check that the venue is freely reachable from the city’s major attractions. The neighborhood of MIVIDA City Islamabad is in a central location near to Islamabad.

There are numerous amenities provided throughout the society, as well as stunning spectacular scenery. It’s front perspective connects to the M2-motorway as well as the Chakri road at the same time, providing a spectacular glimpse of the Margalla Hills. Aside from that, the society is ecologically responsible, with green grass, resulting in a very refreshing atmosphere in the city. The Mivida Pakistan position seems to be well and utilized in particular.

The most enticing residential community is currently being developed. However, the majority of its progress is nearly complete.

NOC Status and Approval

To be classified as a legal property, the residential property project must follow certain rules. Rawalpindi Development Authority is the governing body in the situation of Mivida (RDA). The plan has been approved by the RDA, and Mivida is scheduled to obtain its non-objection certificate (NOC) shortly.

A large number of investors have expressed concern in purchasing land in Mivida City Islamabad. This is a topic that many buyers and investors have posed because it is their primary concern. However, the latest news on Mivida Pakistan’s NOC is that it is on the verge of being released.

Master Plan for Mivida City Islamabad

Mivida City Islamabad’s architects and manufacturers have extensive foreign expertise. The Master Plan for Mivida was created by Singapore’s Meinhardt Group. The architecture of this society has made use of advanced innovation Mivida is located on a piece of land that has many access points.

Blocks in Islamabad’s Mivida City

The community is spread out over an area of even greater than 70,000 Kanal ground. For buyers, Mivida has a number of blocks available. There are a variety of residential and business blocks of various sizes. Clients are fully pleased, so investors can expect a reasonable rate of gain on their contributions in both residential and commercial blocks.

Mivida’s overall layout programme is classified into many neighborhoods, along with a Resort Society, a Golf Society, an ECO Society, a Mix-use Society, an Entertainment Society, a Medical Society, an Education Community, a Retail Society, and a Sports Society. In the meantime, Mivida is offering the following investments units:

• Corporate & Retain New Business Areas 

• Chalets & Resort Living 

• Low & High Rise Housing Apartments 

• Premium Villas 

• Organic Farmlands 

• Club Membership

For the time being, residential plots are available in the preceding divisions.

• 5.5 marlas 

• 8 marlas 

• 10 marlas 

• 14 marlas 

• 20 marlas


Healthcare facilities, Medical Colleges, and Academic Facilities are some of the lifestyle facilities. General Utility Departments, Banks, Fire Departments, Local Bus Stations, Playgrounds, Gardens, Mosques, Multi-Propose Facilities, Retail Stores, Cafes, Coffee shops, Organic Supermarkets Clubs, Gyms, Sports Complexes, and Cricket Fields Cinemas, Gaming Centers, and Aquarium.

Water, gas, and power are accessible without disruption, as are academic institutions with standardized schools and universities, mosques, dine-in restaurants and bars, social clubs, fitness centers, shopping malls, gaming fields, retail stores, one-stop Markaz, firehouse, park, shuttle bus terminal, organic shops, garden and vibrant green space and hiking and cycling trails.

In this massive plan, all needed and anticipated facilities of international quality are acutely focused. It is designed in a creative way to provide an outstanding lifestyle:

• Clinics, hospitals, and wellness centers

• Educational Complexes, Universities, Medical Colleges

• Playgrounds, Parks, Mosques, Multi-Propose Halls 

• Retail Stores, Eateries, Coffee shops, Organic Marketplaces 

• Public Service Offices, Banks, Fire Stations, Shuttle Bus Stations 

• Playgrounds, Parks, Mosques, Multi-Propose Halls

• Cinemas, Gaming Zones, and Aquaria 

• Clubs, Gymnasiums, Sports Complexes, and Cricket Ground


The Housing Authority is the town’s first-ever environmentally friendly community. Numerous environmentally – sustainable facilities have been incorporated in the grand plan, making it environmentally friendly. A bio-filtered waste and water management system offer nutrients to the soil and grass despite wasting any of it. To maintain the area healthily and green, bio-domes are being used as an active ventilation device. The rainwater harvesting storage dams can help conserve water which can be used later, thanks to a device developed for the purpose of avoiding storms.

• Bio-domes with Passive Cooling System 

• Bio-filtered Wastewater Reuse 

• Decreased Water Usage 

• Energy Production by Solar Farms, Wind turbines, and Bio Plants 

• Waste Management Facilities, Recycling Facilities, and Buckets

• Water Storage & Water Treatment Plants (WTP) 

• Wastewater Recycling & Treatment Plants (WWTP)

• Aqueducts Irrigation Ponds 

• Rainwater Collection Ponds 

• Storm Water Management Infrastructure 

• Grey Water Management at Housing Infrastructure

• A smaller carbon output

How is MIVIDA City a Pakistani smart project?

Mivida’s designers have developed the framework of this eco-sustainable community using cutting-edge technology. The modern facilities were created specifically for this purpose. Smart traffic planning to prevent traffic jams, smart street lighting to maintain the town light, smart waste collection to keep the town clean, smart fire/hazard safety network, smart car charging places where charging vehicles can be used, CCTV protection with smart control centers, and most importantly, smart monitoring and surveillance are some of the advanced resources available in Mivida. Mivida City is a Pakistani smart project for the following reasons:

• Surveillance and security system that is smart

• Monitoring and smart metering system

• Intelligent Charging Stations and Points for Electric Vehicles

• Garbage Collection System with Intelligence

• Fire/Hazard Safety System (Smart Fire/Hazard Safety System)

• Air Pollution Management That Is Smart

• Resident Portals and Platforms that are Smart

• Intelligent Street Lighting

• Intelligent Traffic Management

• Finding a Smart Way

• Ingenious Parking

• Smart Grid 

What distinguishes the MIVIDA housing project from other Pakistani housing projects?

• Easy access to both the M-2 Motorway and the Chakri Road Ring Road 

• Active Commercial Central District 

• Green Belts in multiple sectors 

• Public Realm Walkways with a 10-15-minute walk from home to Markaz 

• IT Park and Education Complex 

• Neighborhood Markaz 

• Grand Jamiah Mosque and Sector Mosques 

• Open and Inviting Square with Ground-Level Activity

Payment Plans

mivida city payment plan

Mivida City Islamabad offers home and business plots, as well as retail and business areas, on a payment schedule. This community is also developed with the finest cottages and resorts living in mind. In Mivida City, Islamabad, you will also figure out the finest flats and premium villas.

Residential plots are offered in different sizes of 5.5, 8, 10, 14, 20, and 40 Marla. It’s a great investment strategy because it only needs a 10% down deposit, and the remaining balance will be paid over the course of 3.5 years. Pre-launch reservations for a restricted number of residential lands are now available on a first-come, first-served format.

Mivida Housing Scheme has plots available in both residential and commercial buildings. Mivida is an excellent investment choice with attractive discounted prices and a simple payment schedule. Payments may be provided over a period of 3.5 years, with perhaps a 10% down payment required at the outset. Aside from that, the buyer would get a 10% rebate on the total amount transaction and a 5% rebate on the half fee.

While cutting a deal at Mivida, there are a few things to keep in mind:

• If you need a corner plot, a plot overlooking a park, a plot with three edges free, or a plot on the main road, you will indeed be charged an additional 10% of the entire amount.

• After 90-days from the date of booking, the property confirmation will be due.

• The 1st Quarterly Payment is due after 90 days from the date of reservation.

• Production fees are not included in any of the rates.

• The following is a payment plan map for Mivida’s Residential Block:

• A 5 Marla plot costs Rs. 150,000 for booking and registration, with 14 quarterly instalments of Rs. 75,000 – Rs. 149,000 due over ownership.

• The cost of booking and confirmation for an 8 Marla plot is Rs.200,000, which can be paid in 14 quarterly instalments of Rs. 100,000 – Rs. 199,000 due over custody.

• The booking and confirmation expense of a 10 Marla plot is Rs. 225,000, which can be paid in 14 quarterly instalments of Rs. 125,000 – Rs. 199,000 over ownership.

• The booking and verification expense of a 14 Marla plot is Rs. 150,000, which can be paid in 14 quarterly instalments of Rs. 75,000 – Rs. 149,000 over ownership.

• The booking and approval expense of a 20 Marla plot is Rs. 500,000, which can be paid in 14 quarterly instalments of Rs. 215,000 – Rs. 489,000 over ownership.

• The booking and confirmation expense of a 40 Marla plot is Rs. 850,000, which can be paid in 14 quarterly installments of Rs. 425,000 – Rs. 849,000 over ownership.

• The purchasing method necessitates the following:

• A copy of your national identification card.

• A copy of your passport.

• The buyer must fill out the form of the concerned community.

• Legalities and procedures that will be well-guided at the time of purchase.


Category (Marlas)Sq. YdsSizeLand PriceBookingConfirmation14 Quarterly InstallmentsOn Possession
5.513925 × 501,499,000150,000150,00075,000149,000
820030 × 601,999,000200,000200,000100,000199,000
1025335 × 362,399,000225,000225,000125,000199,000
1435042 × 752,999,000300,000300,000150,000299,000
2050050 × 904,499,000500,000500,000215,000489,000
401,00075 × 1208,499,000850,000850,000425,000849,000

 Why should you invest in Islamabad’s Mivida City?

  • Investment in Islamabad’s Mivida City. Mivida City is Pakistan’s first environmentally friendly housing community. It is quickly establishing itself as the greatest real estate investment opportunities in the nation. It is not only a great place to invest, but it is also a wonderful place to work.
  • It is suitable for industry, trade, and residential purposes because it was created using advanced design concepts.
  • Overall, Mivida City Islamabad is an excellent investment opportunity. If you’re always looking for a justification to invest, here are some of the most compelling arguments. Mivida’s complete profile can be found here. To learn more, go here.
  • Mivida City is the world’s first eco-sustainable housing community, providing smart, safe, healthy, and cost-effective living options.
  • It’s a perfect project for new buyers and end-users looking for an ambitious investing and living experience. Mivida City is a fantastic place to do business, save, and live for all.
  • Anybody can comfortably invest in long-term investment yields that are competitive.
  • Mivida City Islamabad provides a diverse selection of assets at competitive prices. Since this community is still in its early stages, all of these items are accessible on flexible payment plans.
  • Smart emerging innovations are being implemented to boost people’s living standards. This culture would undoubtedly redefine what it means to live in a city.
  • It is readily available from different routes due to its ideal position in the area. Mivida City has excellent access to its surrounding areas.
  • It is a venture by Pakistan’s best construction firm. People can spend their hard-earned money with confidence and benefit handsomely.
  • It is also famous from others by its state-of-the-art facilities and modern construction, as well as excellent town planning.
  • The residences for sale in Mivida City Islamabad are extremely valuable. However, these are generally offered at a reasonable price There are plots, houses, villas, resorts, stores, offices, and other properties in this area.


Mivida City Islamabad is the city’s first-ever environmentally sustainable real estate development. The community offers an abundance of services, amenities, and cutting-edge features. The planning system is fantastic, and the place is phenomenal as well. Mivida’s dealers and developers are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

For a safe investment, the Mivida residential project is strongly encouraged by developers and buyers. By far, this project has created a lot of buzz, as both venture capitalists are extremely pleased.

The monthly payment is simple and reasonable, and it will undoubtedly pay for itself.

Islamabad’s Mivida City Frequently Asked Question

The following are some frequently asked questions about Mivida:

1- Is the Community a legitimate organization?

The RDA has approved Mivida, and its NOC will be given to the authority soon.

2-Where will this project placed?

Mivida is situated on Chakri’s main thoroughfare.

3-Can you tell me about Mivida’s surrounding landmarks?

Mivida is bordered by Blue World City and Capital Smart City.

4-Are the dealers reputable?

The dealers are dependable and have a proven track record in the industry.

5-Can you tell me how long it takes for custody to be held?

Just after the booking fee is paid, the confirmation may take a month. However, it can take three or four months for the owner to receive custody.