Real Estate Investment in Islamabad

Real Estate Investment in Islamabad

Real Estate Investment in Islamabad

Islamabad is recognized for its beautiful beauty and is a haven for individuals who enjoy being surrounded by nature. This well-planned metropolis recently drew the attention of property developers and investors. Well-known builders in Islamabad are creating International-level developments. In other words, Islamabad is on the move; it is spreading to the north, south, and east. Investing in new projects and prospective housing schemes presents beneficial conditions. Payment plans and pricing are available on a flexible schedule, as well as overtime. The content of this article will describe the top five real estate investment in Islamabad.

5 Real Estate Investment in Islamabad

We have a thorough list of all real estate developments in Islamabad, with each project highlighting its unique advantages. Though commercial buildings almost always have residential blocks associated with them, a commercial block on its own usually has a residence. Such a noble idea, in my opinion, is to be found in Islamabad, where each community is planned such that it is provided with everything necessary within boundaries and around it. They do not want the inhabitants to drive the furthest to have everything on-site, and in that way, the consumers and investors both gain. Therefore, a mutually beneficial scenario exists. Following are the real estate investment in Islamabad.

Capital Smart City

Future Development Holdings (a private Pakistani company) is partnering with Surbana Jurong (a Singaporean company) to build the Capital Smart City. Housing development criteria in Pakistan are set to be on pace with the modernized world courtesy of this approach. By investing in both state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge infrastructure, we achieve a Capital Smart City.

Claiming to be the only smart city in Pakistan, Islamabad’s Capital Smart City (CSC) is our top choice when looking at the top five new developments in the Pakistani capital. It also tells us what they will be doing in the future. For example, they aim to use a comprehensive IT facility to maintain an official database of operations, deliver automated utilities, use CCTV with suitable object identification, and many other valuable features.

As a result, the market for CSC’s international blocks is relatively high, making it the best investment opportunity in Islamabad 2021, especially among overseas Pakistani investors. The pricing is justified because of the high-end facilities they deliver. Investing in CSC is a beautiful chance for investors because, in the following years, they will make big returns, and at the same time, customers in Pakistan will have access to a good quality of life.

Gulberg Green

A future housing project in Islamabad is known as Gulberg Green. The credit rating of this cooperative residential building is known and trusted by many. It is an excellent project to invest in, as it is situated conveniently. It is situated near Airport Chowk on the major Islamabad Highway. In 2009, the development of the project began. Gulberg Green spreads over around 50,000 Kanal of land. Fully furnished 4, 5, 10 Kanal farms and 5, 7, 8, 10, 14 Marla homes and 1, 2 Kanal residential homes are all available for immediate possession and building in Gulberg Greens.

Gulberg Green is closer to the center of Islamabad than DHA and Bahria, which gives purchasers of Gulberg Green an advantage over their competition. The location makes the property one of the best investments in Islamabad 2021. If you have a spending plan of 15 lakhs, you can join a housing society nearby even if it’s at a higher price point than other neighboring societies. Also, they predict that due to its price, the supply would increase.

Faisal Hills

Developers of Faisal Margalla City, Faisal town, and Faisal Residencia have done a fantastic job with the Faisal Hills project. One of the profitable real estate investments in Islamabad, Faisal Hills, was built to provide a relaxing, tranquil, and quiet home for its people. This position is excellent since it is conveniently close to the city’s main highway, the Grand Trunk Road, and only a short drive from the Islamabad Expressway.

Because of its massive and well-maintained network of broad highways, the magnificent sight of Margalla Hills, along with a protected manner, makes it an excellent investment project. Faisal Hills is a venture developed by sound developers, which caused its 5 and 8 Marla lots to sell quickly. As a result, we anticipate that investors will enjoy impressive profits with this project, making it the best investment opportunity in Islamabad 2021.

G-Block B-17

Another noteworthy project in Islamabad is B-17, among the top five best investments in Islamabad 2021. G-Block, located in a well-populated and well-developed region B-17, has the best selection of plots in the entire area. Motorway interchange availability, a 21% reduction on full payment, and the ability to receive a plot number all inside one agreement is a superb mix of features for all investors. It’s a superb investment decision because of the enormous customer demand.

To the east of N-5 National Highway (known locally as Grand Trunk Road), the region is limited by the M-1 motorway. B-17 is a recently developed area in Islamabad Capital Territory’s Zone II. On 30 January 2008, the CDA authorized and granted a no-objection certificate (NOC) to MPCHS for sector B-17. The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) authorized the NOC to build schools in the community.

Top City

Are you looking for the best real estate investment in Islamabad? Then Top City should be your first pick. Top City-1 aspires to be the best city globally by focusing on accountability, durability, productivity, and customer happiness. It aspires to be Pakistan’s most abundant and first innovative housing development, envisioned as a comfortable and secure living area for the average man. The goal is to create a cutting-edge housing project that will serve as an example of sustainable development and establish new norms for community amenities and services with various futuristic and inventive concepts.

Top city is a standard pick among real estate investors. The best investment opportunity in Islamabad 2021, and investment in this housing program resulted in a 100% profit in 2017 once developers refreshed the prices. Due to several external circumstances, including its location at the M1 and M2 interchange, direct access to the Kashmir highway, a new airport, and the launch of a metro bus line to the airport. It is quickly growing since it is leveraging cutting-edge technology, as opposed to other nearby ventures.


Given the growing demand for high-quality and financially feasible residences in Islamabad, various private real estate developers continue to establish new enterprises. Though real estate investment is a feasible alternative and an enriching experience, choosing the best investment in Islamabad 2021 is just as crucial. Before investing your hard-earned income in any real estate project, industry professionals at Estateland and Marketing recommend conducting a rigorous study. It’s critical to do your homework since not every gated community guarantees a healthy return on investment.

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