1947 Housing vs Capital Smart City Where to Invest

1947 Housing vs Capital Smart City Where to Invest


1947 Housing vs Capital Smart City is the question that arises in all investor’s minds. Moreover, both the housing societies are developing to provide the best lifestyle to all the investors around the country. Furthermore, both of these real estate projects are here on the premises of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, like Blue World City Islamabad. And both of these housing societies are affordable and have fine locality. Moreover, these aspects encourage investors to invest in this real estate project. Most importantly, both housing societies have several properties, including both residential and commercial properties. Lastly, continue reading to know more about 1947 Housing vs Capital Smart City investment benefits.

1947 Housing

1947 housing is a futuristic real estate project that offers high-end living standards to all the investors of twin cities. Moreover, the signal developers are building this housing society. Furthermore, 1947 Housing vs Capital Smart City is the central question for investors’ minds because housing societies offer the best facilities for their investors and future residents. And this housing society is close to the Islamabad International Airport, Srinagar Highway and M2 Motorway. All these sites make this residential scheme highly approachable. Therefore, investing here will yield many benefits. Lastly, keep reading to know more about the payment plan of this residential plan.

1947 Housing Payment Plan

The plot prices are highly affordable, encouraging investors from all economic backgrounds to invest here. Moreover, 1947 Housing vs Capital Smart City is the comparison that investors always look at before investing in any twin cities adjacent to housing societies. And the instalment plan will further enhance the buying capacity of the investors. Therefore, the investment here will be beneficial for all the investors. And the price range of the properties starts from PKR 1,090,000/- to PKR 3,600,000/-. Lastly, visit the Estate Land Marketing website to get the latest plot prices.

1947 Housing Investment Benefits 

Several benefits are here that will benefit the future residents. Moreover, the owners are here various properties that will help fulfil the requirements of the future residents. Furthermore, 1947 Housing vs Capital Smart City offers the best living standards to the investors while keeping the affordability factor in mind. And there will be all essential luxuries present in the housing society as the owners aim to provide high end and sustainable living standards to all the investors.

However, there is a perception that the investment here is expensive. Moreover, to get the details regarding the buy here, personally visit the site or attain the information from the experts and professional realtors. Therefore, visit the website of Estate Land Marketing to get the latest real estate investment details.

Capital Smart City

The other housing society in the 1947 Housing vs Capital Smart City comparison is Capital Smart City. Moreover, the housing society is developing in the surrounding of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Furthermore, it is also close to Islamabad International Airport, M2 Motorway and Kingdom Valley Islamabad. And Future Holdings Developments and Habib Rafiq (PVT) are the developers of this great residential scheme. Moreover, the best feature is the housing society’s amenities that ensure the best living standards for all the residents. Lastly, the properties prices are also highly reasonable, and other details of the payment plan are as follows.

Capital Smart City Payment Plan

In the choice between 1947 Housing vs Capital Smart City, the Capital Smart City offers the best facilities at affordable prices. Moreover, the property prices are highly affordable, enhancing the investors’ buying power. Furthermore, the instalment plan is also here to help the investors from all spectrums of life. And several sizes of plots are present here, including residential and commercial properties that will help the investors choose the suitable real estate investment for them. Lastly, to know the latest plot prices visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

Capital Smart City Investment Benefits

If we compare 1947 Housing vs Capital Smart City, the facilities present in this residential project are magnificent. Moreover, the housing society provides several facilities like electricity, gas, water, commercial area, Grand Mosque, parking area, parks, grounds, cinema, fitness area, shops, malls and many more. Furthermore, the interesting fact is all these amenities available at reasonable prices. And as we know, the housing society is a legal residential scheme by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).


1947 Housing vs Capital Smart City is the fundamental question that arises in the investor’s mind before making any real estate investment. Moreover, both housing societies offer the best lifestyle to all future residents. Furthermore, both are legal residential schemes, providing several. And the location is the fascinating aspect of investing here. And the process is also not the exception in facilitating investors around the country.

Most importantly, these real estate projects are developing at a fast pace. Therefore, the investment in both of these residential projects is vital. And it is the preferences of the investors where they want to make a valuable asset. Lastly, visit the website of Estate Land Marketing to gain more relevant details.

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1947 housing society NOC approved or not guide 2022


1947 Housing Society an upcoming real estate project in Islamabad that aims to fulfil residential needs of the investors. Moreover, the developers of this project are working hard to provide the best lifestyle and residential facilities to the people of Islamabad. Furthermore, the master plan of this housing project has some of the world class facilities. The best thing that the developers of this project have done is that they designed affordable payment plans. The payment plan of this project encourages investors from every type of economic backgrounds. This housing project is ranked among the top ten housing societies in Pakistan 2022.

The owners of this project are Sigal Developers are working on this excellent housing project. Moreover, they have urban town planning standards to provide high-quality living standards to all their future residents. The developers are famous for their previous excellent projects for their investors. Some of their best projects are the MS Tower Lahore, Muree Oaks, Sigal Villas and Row Apartments. All these projects prove that the developers believe in delivering high-quality infrastructure to the residents. At last, one can say that the investors have trust and confidence on the developers.

1947 Housing Society NOC Approval

The no-objection certificate is an official file that highlights the legality of a housing project or any other commercial project. Moreover, the developers of this project are looking to legalize the housing project. As per the sources, they will receive their No Objection Certificate from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) within few months. As we all know, legal housing project have timely completion. Lastly, the NOC approved housing societies have the trust and confidence of the investors and the future residents.

NOC Approval Update

The developers of this housing project are talking to the relevant authorities for the NOC approval, which they would get very soon. However, it is not an illegal housing project. The developers of this project have requested Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) for the NOC approval from the regulatory authority. Even before the NOC approval, the response of investors towards the housing project is extremely outstanding  and overwhelming.

Moreover, the only reason behind such good response is the trust that the investors have in the developers of this project. Furthermore, officially, the whole NOC approval process needs time as it involves several other approvals. The approvals involve consist supply of gas, electricity, water, and transfer of land to the buyer. Hence, one can understand that the NOC approval requires time as the developers have to get approval from all the relevant departments. Overall, the entire procedure might take more than a year.

NOC Approval Importance

NOC is a common term that a lot of real estate experts utilize for the No-Objection-Certificate for the real estate venutures. The no objection certificate is important for the developers and owners of real estate projects. The developers provide all the important documents to the regulatory authorities. As a result, after different verification and modifications, the management gives planning permission to the owners of housing project. Moreover, the housing project becomes illegal, if it does not have a proper approval from the relevant authorities.

Afterwards, the relevant authority includes it in the official list of legal real estate ventures in their domain. If any housing project fails to receive approval from authority and starts construction, then the owners of that project might face criminal cases. So, the regulatory body includes that project in the list illegal housing project, after which the residents may have to face some financial difficulties. Moreover, the relevant authorities also order utility providers to stop giving their services to the illegal housing projects. Therefore, one cannot ignore that importance of NOC approval.

NOC approval effect on rates of property

The rates of property in 1947 housing society are expected to increase substantially as soon as it receives the NOC certificate. This clearly shows the importance of NOC certifications, as they highlight that the project is now legal. So, the investors and residents would not face any legal problem after they buy a plot. The NOC approval indicates that rates of plots are going to increase swiftly.


The developers have suggested that 1947 Housing Society would get the NOC approval from Rawalpindi Development Authority very soon. Therefore, this housing project is the best investment opportunity currently. Investors need research carefully about this housing project and the importance of NOC before investing in any housing project. Moreover, an individual must always take a wise investment decision without any pressure. They must be careful of fraudulent activities and transactions in the name of real estate investment. Moreover, Estate Land Marketing acquires a team of highly trained real estate and marketing experts, who guide the entire process of buying a property in 1947 Housing Society.

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