The Bhimber Dam construction will be completed in 2024

The Bhimber Dam construction will be completed in 2024

On Wednesday, an official source said that the Bhimber Dam project, which has a 2MW capacity, should be finished by March 2024 and will cost Rs. 86.089 million.
The Bhimber Dam Project is on the Bhimber Nullah, about 10 km upstream of the Bhimber-Gujrat Road Bridge in the District of Bhimber in Azad Kashmir.

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On September 30, 2020, the Government of AJ&K approved the Bhimber Dam Project to be added to the current Financial Year’s Annual Development Programme with a budget of Rs. 60.564 million.
WAPDA will do everything it can to finish the project study within the PC-II cost that has already been submitted, and it has asked for approval of PC-II, allocation, and release of funds.
The PC-II Proforma for the feasibility study was sent to MoWR on January 14, 2021, so that it could be approved by the right forum.

DDW told WAPDA to use consultants to do the feasibility study.
Based on what was said at the DDWP meeting, the PC-II proforma for feasibility study, detailed engineering design, tender documents, and the PC-I have been made and are being sent to MoWR so that they can be looked at at the next DDWP meeting.

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