Which Block is Best for Investment in Blue World City?

Which Block is Best for Investment in Blue World City?


Investment in Blue World City allows investors to create suitable residential and commercial provisions, especially for all investors from the twin cities. Moreover, there will be several units where future residents can start affordable and high-end living standards. The developers also keep world-class town planning standards in mind to make it one of the unique areas to live in and attain the living goals. Furthermore, several Blocks are now part of the community. Therefore, the blog will mention the best suitable options for all investors.

Blocks for Investment in Blue World City

Several blocks available in the community allow investors to make an ideal and profitable investment according to their preferences. The Blue World City Blocks Lists 2022 guides future investors in making long-term investments.

Blue World City General Block

The block will help the Investment in Blue World City be more feasible and profitable. Moreover, several features will be part of the residents’ lives to make them more sustainably sound. The Blue World City General Block price is in the range of most future investors. Most importantly, there will be the provision of both residential and commercial units.

Blue World City Waterfront Block

The Blue World City Waterfront Block Map allows investors to make an ideal and worthwhile investment. Moreover, there will be scenic views and serenity for all the investors in the community. The Blue World city waterfront location is the most prominent feature that motivates all investors to make an ideal investment. However, the blue World City Waterfront block payment plan is also highly affordable.

Blue World City Awami Block

Awami Residential Complex Blue World City is another block available in the community that helps investors make an ideal and preferable investment. Moreover, Awami residential complex payment plan is highly affordable and one of the housing community’s reasonable blocks. The price plan details will be on the Blue World City Official website. So, do check their updated information from there.

Blue World City Overseas Block

Blue World City Overseas Block Payment plan 2022 indicates that investors love making a suitable investments in the community. Moreover, the seven marlas to two kanals plots will be available for all the prospective residents. Therefore, according to blue world city overseas Block New Rates, the investors can ideally build a dream residential investment here.

Which Block is Best for Investment in Blue World City?

Investment in Blue World City will be a blissful experience for all residents and investors. Moreover, the overseas block is one of the popular and famous blocks where investors are looking to make an ideal investment.

Overseas Block

The block is known for the best features and facilities available for all prospective residents. Moreover, the developers are making it the best and world-class space where all overseas investors can attain peace and sustainability. The Blue World City Overseas Block Updated Details will let the investors make a suitable asset there.

Location & Access Points

The site locates on M2 Motorway, which makes it even more accessible for all investors. Moreover, it will be nearby the new Islamabad Airport. Furthermore, the block is accessible from and to the Defense Housing Society and Bahria Town Islamabad due to its closeness to Chakri Road. So, the Investment in Blue World City will be a blissful asset creation option for the residents of the twin cities.

Properties Available

Several inhabiting and business entities will be available in the area, making overseas investors’ in making Investment in the luxurious home dwelling easier and smooth. Here are available details, and the latest information can be attainable from the Estate Land Marketing Website. Moreover, all options will have the best living facilities and features provisions.

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Features & Amenities

There will be several reasons that attract the country’s overseas assets, which details are available here. The developers are willing to build a space where all overseas investors can feel at home. Therefore, will be the availability of these specifications.

  • Safe & Secured Living Space
  • Variety of Properties
  • Fool Proof Security System
  • Ideal Site
  • Overseas Lagoon Club
  • Reasonable Payment Plan
  • Grand Mosque
  • Premium Quality Infrastructure
  • Educational Units
  • Medical Facilities
  • E-Tag System Provision
  • Green Service Area


Several blocks available in the community make the Investment in Blue World City profitable and sustainable. Moreover, the developers offer a variety of world-class features in a single gated community, which makes living standards high. The location is another reason the residing experience is more accessible and approachable. Furthermore, the premium structural qualities make the lifestyle more feasible for all investors.

Among several block options, the overseas block has to offer a lot to investors from the country and outside. Additionally, with lucrative features and facilities provision, it is easy to make an ideal living here. The other details of the block are available in this blog. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will help investors create long-term assets here.

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What Makes Blue World City Location Ideal?

What Makes Blue World City Location Ideal?


The Blue World City location is here to cater the investors, especially residents of twin cities. Moreover, there will be several benefits to investing in a perfect place, like efficient access to vital landmarks. Most importantly, facilities like schools, colleges, medical units and essential utilities always increase the worth of the housing projects. Therefore, to meet the living quality of investors and the residents, the developers are making this complex highly approachable site. The blog will cover the details of investing in Blue World City as a suitable and profitable asset for all prospective investors.

Blue World City NOC

The Noc is the first aspect that comes into all investor’s minds before making a long-term investment. Moreover, the builders of Blue World City Islamabad are making it feasible for all purchasers to create an ideal living here by offering a legal living space. The concerned departments will soon escalate the process of approving the housing society and make it a valuable investment option for all. However, the developers are building a unique and spectacular housing venture to grab investors’ trust.

Blue World City Location Map

Sites are usually the first reason for making a valuable investment and change of residence. Moreover, several reasons motivate the prospective residents to create an ideal living here; the location will be at Chakri Road, leading to Chakri Interchange. Second, the M2 Motorway is boosting the accessibility of this housing venture. Third, the blue World City distance from Islamabad attracts the most investors from the twin cities. Finally, the blue World City Google map indicates that the investors can make an ideal living because it is close to the main requirement of all residents, like the New Islamabad International Airport.

Nearby Landmarks

Blue World City’s location offers several benefits, one of which is its accessibility to significant landmarks. Moreover, living here will create a sustainable living standard for all future investors. The Blue World City Islamabad location google map suggests these nearby landmarks. The prominent and vital landmarks are the twin cities, New International Airport, Bahria Toen, DHA Islamabad, Capital Smart City, Mumtaz City, and the University Town. Therefore, living here will create long-term benefits for everyone.

Access Points

The Blue World City also offers several access points that enhance the worth of living here. Blue World City location is highly accessible from vital sites. Therefore, some of them that are essential sites that enhance living and investing here will be:

  • At Chakri Road & Chakri Interchange
  • 5 Minutes Away from Sihal
  • 13 Minutes Distance from the Rawalpindi Race Club
  • 30 Minutes Distance from New Islamabad International Airport
  • 32 Minutes from Khanial Homes
  • 47 Minutes Drive from N-5 National Highway
  • 1 Hour Drive from the Bahria Town Islamabad
  • 60 Minutes Away from Saddar
  • 29 minutes away from the Parial Hunting Club, Rawalpindi

What Makes Blue World City Location Ideal?

Blue World City to Islamabad distance increases the housing venture’s worth. Moreover, it the close to Islamabad International Airport, Chakri Interchange and the new Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Rawalpindi Ring Road

The impact of closeness increases the uniqueness and worth of the housing community. Moreover, this provision will offer several perks in all investors’ lives. The best benefits will be it will increase the investment rates in the community, better traffic flow, and better accessibility from the essential sites. All these benefits will make a living and investing experience in the housing venture more suitable for everyone. Lastly, the Blue World City location will be an enhanced and worthwhile option for investors from the twin cities.

 M2 Motorway

The housing community is near M2 Motorway, which indicates that residents can access the best living standards at this housing complex. Most importantly, the closeness to the New International Airport and the nearby vital landmarks approachable vis M2 Motorway increases the Blue World City location’s worth. Therefore, the housing venture’s site is unique because it is close to different residential communities.


The Blue World City location is the most lucrative feature that increases investment feasibility here. Moreover, several access points and landmarks close to the housing community make this a profitable asset. The developers are keeping the accessibility factor in mind, which will help investors make a sustainable living here. Furthermore, the site will be accessible from several housing complexes, making the investment profitable. Again, the nearby provision of the M2 Motorway and Rawalpindi Ring Road will make a living here more suitable. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will offer similar information and guidance to its investors. So, keep up with them.

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Blue World City Development Updates 2022

Blue World City Development Updates 2022


Blue world city Islamabad is the newest housing scheme developing near the twin cities to offer the best lifestyle to all the residents and the investors. Moreover, the country’s housing schemes are growing fast to provide a sustainable lifestyle. Most importantly, the housing societies will be available to all the investors at inexpensive rates. Furthermore, the master plan includes several plots, including commercial and residential properties. And not only this, several sizes will be available where the investors can invest according to their requirements. Moreover, the development status is the main factor that all investors look forward to making a sustainable living here. Lastly, continue reading about the Blue world city development updates here.

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad is a unique residential project with outclass facilities. Moreover, the housing society is looking forward to getting its approval from the concerned authorities again. Furthermore, the developers have included several properties in the community with all the basic and high-end facilities. And the blue group of companies are now developing a housing scheme with the best possible features and facilities. Most importantly, the accessibility of this housing scheme is high as it is at the M2 Motorway and near Srinagar Highway, Rawalpindi Ring Roan, and Islamabad International Airport. Therefore, investment here is now mandatory, especially for the investors from twin cities. Lastly, the blue world city development updates are here.

Blue World City Development Status

The residential project is developing fast because the developers are keen to provide the best lifestyle to all the future residents soon. Moreover, the investors are also looking for this development. Lastly, the details are as follows:

Blue World City Development Updates 2022

World’s Tallest Horse Mascot

The world’s tallest horse mascot is complete. Like the Seven Wonders City Islamabad, the housing society is here with a unique infrastructure. Moreover, the blue world city development status shows tremendous growth. Furthermore, the developers are pleased to announce the news by releasing a video. And the video indicates that it has blue and green lights, enhancing the mascot’s beauty.

Second Cup Coffee Franchise

The famous coffee franchise is now part of the community. Moreover, this will be the favourite blue world city development that all investors will love. Furthermore, the developers believe in offering a world-class lifestyle to all the residents. So, they no longer need to go out to spend quality time with friends and family.

Overseas Block Gate Construction

The oversea gate is under construction. But moreover, this blue world city development will facilitate overseas investors. And as we know, the housing scheme’s overseas block is here with the outclass features and facilities. But furthermore, the housing scheme is here to bless the residents with the most peaceful and secure living standards. And not only this, there will be CCTV Cameras at the construction site that will record all the tasks happening there.

Water Theme Park Construction

The construction of water theme park is also under construction. And it is also an exciting feature that all investors are looking forward to under the blue world city development. Moreover, this is the first time in Pakistan that a housing scheme will offer a water theme park, and as the constriction world is going on, the investors will soon benefit from this facility.

Forces School Flagship Campus

The developers are concerned with providing high-quality living standards to all the investors. Moreover, education is the primary facility that all future residents will need. Therefore, the construction of this school is going at on fast pace. And all five floors are almost completed. Lastly, the soon the developers are going to facilitate this feature.

Business Square Development

The business opportunities are available here to housing society residents. Moreover, the investors are also looking forward to this blue world city development. Because once the business square construction works entirely to its full potential, the residents can benefit from it.

Sports Arena Construction

Another blue world city development that will complete soon is the sports arena. Moreover, the idea behind building the aport arena is to provide investors with the best living conditions. And it will also improve the investors’ and future residents’ health and longevity. Furthermore, the construction work will soon complete here with the best facilities.


The blue world city development work is soon going to be complete. Moreover, the developers are building this magnificent housing scheme with international urban town planning standards. And it will have all the basic and luxurious features and facilities available to let the residents live a happy and sustainable life. Moreover, the construction work here is also growing daily, indicating that all the investors will soon be living here with all the facilities. Due to construction work, the investment ratio here is increasing, and the worth of the residential endeavour is expanding. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing has all the development updates, so visit their official website.

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