CDA will construct an eight-lane, signal-free highway towards GT Road

CDA will construct an eight-lane, signal-free highway towards GT Road

CDA will construct an eight-lane, signal-free highway connecting to GT Road. The Capital Development Authority (CDA), according to news reports, has selected to construct an eight-lane signal-free highway connecting the PWD underpass to GT Road T Chowk. CDA intends to fund the PKR 9 billion projects entirely through its own resources.

As part of the project, an eight-lane road will be constructed between Kak Pul and Bhinder Bridge. The CDA would award the project contract exclusively to state-owned construction businesses, rather than private organizations, pursuant to section 42 (F) of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA). In this regard, the CDA has determined to accept proposals solely from the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), the National Logistic Cell (NLC), Railway Constructions Pakistan Limited (RC), and National Construction (NC).

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Apart from that, the administration has chosen to focus on the following development initiatives:

The CDA will award a contract for the construction of an underpass on Japan Road. A overview of the project will be presented at the next board meeting.
The CDA has awarded the FWO a contract to construct the road between PWD and Gulberg Greens.
Additionally, the CDA transferred to the FWO the PKR 550 million Korang Bridge construction project. Approximately half of the work was completed by a private contractor. The FWO will complete the remaining work in four months.
CDA has also approved the development of an interchange at DHA Rawalpindi, with DHA covering the cost.
Additionally, the CDA awarded FWO the PKR 2 billion Rawal Dam Chowk and PKR 2 billion Margalla Hills Flyover projects. The project will be completed by September 30th. 45% of the work has been performed thus far.

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