CDWP authorises projects worth PKR 1800 bn for FY23

CDWP authorizes projects worth PKR 1800 bn for FY23. News sources say that on June 4, the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) approved development projects worth PKR 1800 billion for the fiscal year 2022-23. 22 projects have been added to the Public Sector Development Program by the government (PSDP).

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Ahsan Iqbal, who is the Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives, is said to have been in charge of the meeting. The report says that the following projects are part of the PSDP:

The Diamer Basha Dam Project-Power Generation Facility is worth PKR 933.347 billion.
PKR 399.812 billion for the revised PC-I for implementing Universal Health Coverage under the Health Insurance Program in Punjab.

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The Sehat Sahulat Program has set aside PKR 237,734 billion for the PC-I of building the Chashma Right Bank Canal, which will cost PKR 55,553 billion (2nd revised)
The 500kV Sialkot Substation will cost PKR 25,430 billion.
For the upgrade of the current 220kV Vehari Substation to a 500kV Vehari Substation, PKR 13,418 billion has been set aside.

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  • The FBR is considering putting a luxury tax on big houses in nice neighborhoods.
    The Allama Mohammad Iqbal Scholarship for Afghan Students has been given PKR 12.686 billion (Phase-III).
  • PKR 11,976 billion has been set aside to improve 500kV and 220kV transformers at existing grid stations so that NTDC system constraints can be taken care of.
  • PKR The 48MW Shounter Hydropower Project will cost $11,274,000,000,000.
  • PKR 9.9880 billion for the PM special package to implement skills for all strategies as drivers for the TVET Sector Development Program.
  • PKR 9,665 billion to do a feasibility study and buy land for the Islamabad Model Special Economic Zone (IMSEZ).
  • The 40MW Dowarian Hydro Power Project in Neelum Valley will cost PKR 9,396 billion. This money has already been set aside.
  • The 500kV Arifwala Substation has been given PKR 8.457 billion.
  • Mirwaiz Molvi has been given PKR 3.245 billion to help build it. Muhammad Farooq Shaheed Medical College Muzaffarabad costing PKR 1.698 billion to provide medical equipment for seven PAEC Cancer Hospitals, PKR 1.128 billion to build 20 small dams in KP.
  • Havelian Abbottabad’s gravity-based safe drinking water supply system has been given PKR 3.336 billion. KP
  • The Greater Water Supply Scheme for Central Hunza from Attabad Lake has been given PKR 1.220 billion.

CDWP authorises projects worth PKR 1800 bn for FY23

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CDWP approves Rs191 billion health and housing projects

CDWP approves Rs191 billion health and housing projects

CDWP approves Rs191 billion health and housing projects. On Monday, the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) approved two major projects worth Rs191.722 billion. They were in the fields of health, physical planning, and housing. The CDWP approved the projects on Monday.

The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Jehanzeb Khan, presided over a meeting of the CDWP, which approved one project and sent it to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council for more review.

There will be a blood transfusion project in Islamabad that costs Rs528 million to ensure it’s safe.

An official statement said projects in health, physical planning and housing, education, and information technology were shown at the meeting.

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The meeting of the CDWP talked about the first revised project of the Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme K-IV 650 million gallons per day, which is now called K-IV (MGD). At the cost of Rs191.194 billion, the project was put forward by the Ministry of Water. After much thought, the CDWP recommended that the project be sent to Ecnec for more consideration.

260 MGD of water at the cost of Rs126bn was recommended for the project. Before the project was sent to Ecnec, a committee was set up to deal with issues.

PC deputy chairman: There was a lot of water shortage in Karachi, so the project had to be done quickly.

The CDWP approved a project worth $528.383 million. The money will set up safe blood transfusion services in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). The project is supposed to be paid for with money from the Public Sector Development Program and other countries.

Its main goal is to build a high-tech Regional Blood Center (RBC) in Islamabad to provide safe blood and blood products to the linked blood banks of the ICT in Islamabad. Putting hospital blood banks under RBC 3 Islamabad to supply safe blood products eliminated duplication of services, made things more efficient, and cut costs. More people will donate blood without getting paid for it in this project, and blood and blood products will be used in the right way.

The CDWP also agreed to two Position Papers (PP) worth Rs3.176bn at the meeting. The first PP came from the Ministry of Federal Education and cost Rs1.253 billion. It was used to set up the Directorate General of Religious Education. The second PP came from the Ministry of Information Technology and cost Rs1.922bn for Cyber Security for Digital Pakistan Phase-1 ICT, the first part of the project.

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