The construction industry has requested support from the government

The construction industry has requested support from the government

Construction industry seeks government assistance A rise in the prices of construction materials is putting a strain on the construction industry. The government should help them. The high cost of construction materials is a big problem for developers and for the projects that are still going on in public sectors.

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As the head of the Construction Association, Mr. Kamal Nasir Khan said in a media conference, the price of construction materials has gone up by up to 75% in the last two months. The price of materials has gone up, which has made it more difficult for public sector projects to move forward.

In the market, prices rose 10-15%. Developers in the public sector have to pay 60% of the extra costs. It also doesn’t take into account the new prices that aren’t included in the projects of the government contractors. Builders and contractors are looking for small loans from banks so they can finish their projects. As part of the meeting, Mr. Chairman also said that about 80% of public-sector development projects end up in the hands of small builders and developers.

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