The CM laid the cornerstone for Kandian Road in Kohistan

The CM laid the cornerstone for Kandian Road in Kohistan

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister (CM) Mahmood Khan laid the foundation stone for the 32-kilometre-long Kandian Road in Kohistan district, according to news from June 16.

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According to the details, CM Khan unveiled the plaque that marks the opening of the first phase of Kandian Road and the 75-kilometer-long Spotgah Valley Road. It was said that the Kandian Road project will cost about PKR 5 billion to finish, while the Spotgah Road project will cost about PKR 8 billion to finish. During the trip, the chief minister gives a speech at Dasu, which is in Upper Kohistan.

During his speech, the minister said that the government had set up a complete local system and given representatives in the province more power. He also said that in the next financial year, PKR 37 billion will be given to all of the local governments in the province for use on development projects. He also said that all of the districts, from Dera Ismail Khan (DI Khan) to Chitral, were making quick progress on development.


Also, PM Shehbaz was told about the Babusar Tunnel, which is 66 km long, and how the current road will be fixed up. People were told that the project also includes building snow galleries to keep traffic moving smoothly in the winter.

The prime minister said that the project should be done according to international standards and stressed how important it was for promoting tourism in the northern territories.

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