The CDA restores the waterfall at F-9 Park

The CDA restores the waterfall at F-9 Park

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has fixed a broken waterfall at F-9 Park that had to be rebuilt and repaired after the work was done.

On Sunday, a spokesman for the authority said that it was working on several projects to make the federal capital the best place to go for fun.

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He said that the waterfall was near the Islamabad Art Gallery in F-9 Park.

The waterfall was decorated with colorful lights that make it look even more beautiful at night. This makes it the best place for people, especially kids, to have fun. F-9 Park has a lot of beautiful plants and water features, but in the past, because people didn’t have enough time, these things were damaged.

These places are being repaired and renovated as well. Chairman CDA told them to do this, so they are.

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