A steering committee will look at the Gwadar projects

A steering committee will look at the Gwadar projects

A steering committee will look at the Gwadar projects. According to a story in the top newspapers on June 10, Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif has set up a Steering Committee to look over the projects in Gwadar and make sure they are done on time.

PM Shehbaz went to Gwadar to check on how projects were going. During the trip, the minister told the Planning Division to give the Gwadar Development Authority the money that it needed (GDA). He asked the GDA to finish the third phase of the Gwadar Water Supply and Distribution Scheme by September 30, 2022.

According to the details, the Steering Committee’s Terms of Reference (ToRs) are:

To make it easier for government departments to work together and get projects done in Gwadar.
To look at the development plans for Gwadar and the areas around it.
Think about and agree on how projects in Gwadar will be carried out and finished.
Any issue that the Steering Committee needs to think about
Every two weeks, the Steering Committee will get together.
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During the visit, there were also talks about other projects. It was decided that the National Highway Authority (NHA) will give the contract for the Ratodero-Gwadar Motorway (M-8) Section, and the Pakistan Infrastructure Development Company (PIDCL) will start working within a month.

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