Inauguration of Miyawaki Botanical Forest Spring Landscaping Drive

Inauguration of Miyawaki Botanical Forest Spring Landscaping Drive

The Mega Spring Plantation Drive and Miyawaki Botanical Forest were opened by the administration of the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Multan on Wednesday, February 16, our sources say.

Multan’s DHA signed a deal with the “N-One Tower” project, which will be a mixed-use building.

Advisor to the Prime Minister and the Federal Minister started the project and planted a tree in the community’s M. sector at the start. Opener: The event will start on February 15th and last until March 31st, 2015. The federal minister praised the administration of the DHA for taking the initiative. There is a new landscaping project going on at Miyawaki Botanic Forest in the DHA Multan.

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Almost 200,000 plants were planted by the DHA team in 2020 and 2021, which is a lot. People were trying to get people to plant trees in Sarsabz-o-Shadab Pakistan Plantation at the time They want to plant about 2.5 million trees and 300,000 plants in the next five years. This is what they plan to do. As a bonus, the residents will also get to live in a smart, green, and clean place. The DHA Multan starts a spring landscaping project at Miyawaki Botanical Forest.

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