The Malir Expressway to Quaidabad has a deadline

The Malir Expressway to Quaidabad has a deadline

The Malir Expressway to Quaidabad has been given a deadline for development. Syed Murad Ali Shah, the CM of Sindh, has asked the local government department to build the part of the Malir Expressway up to Quaidabad in eight months, according to a news report from April 21.

CM Shah was in charge of a meeting to look at the progress of the 39-kilometer-long Malir Expressway. The minister was told that construction on the project was moving quickly during the meeting. So far, 15 kilometers of earthwork have been done from Jam Sadiq Bridge to Quaidabad, but there are still a lot of issues to deal with.

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Furthermore, the people who came were told that construction was still going on. Temporary service roads were built to make it easier for construction equipment to move smoothly, as well as grubbing and cleaning on the main path. In addition, it was also found out that there was a dispute over who owns land. CM Shah has told the chief secretary to fix the problem with help from the right people so that work can keep going. According to reports, the city’s police chief has been asked to set up a police picket line at the construction site of the Malir Expressway in order to keep workers and machinery safe. He also asked that the local government department keep looking at the site to make sure it was done on time.

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