Monal Islamabad to be transformed into a nature preserve

Monal Islamabad to be transformed into a nature preserve

Monal to be converted into a nature sanctuary. It’s hoped that the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) will turn Monal Restaurant into a wildlife educational center to help people learn more about protecting and preserving the Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP).

According to the details, the IWMB has proposed to set up this center, and now it will be presented at the formal meeting for final approval. The climate change ministry has already praised the court’s decision to close down Monal Restaurant, and it is likely to back the idea for this center. A report from AGP says that Monal Restaurant and the Navy Club are two of the 79 places infringed on.
Monal has decided against it.
Because two other restaurants are still open near the protected MHNP, the IWMB will also serve them with notices about the rules. People who built homes and businesses on land in the national park illegally took it, an official from the climate change ministry said. They are working on getting the land back.

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This will help improve biodiversity, promote plants and animals, and restore the national park’s ecosystem. He said this because the court’s decision will help significantly with that. The IWMB chairperson said, “Old Islamabad Zoo is being turned into a wildlife park with a separate rescue center for animals that have been hurt.”

She said, “Also, we want to turn Monal Restaurant into an educational/information center for the wildlife of MHNP.” They will be open to everyone. Both of these projects are good for the public, so the Capital Development Authority (CDA) doesn’t mind them at all. The projects will make people more aware of wildlife and teach them to respect and value the rich biodiversity of the national park, she said.

She said that for the Naval Golf Course, the land taken from MHNP would be returned following the court’s decision. “Monal Restaurant has been closed at least three times,” she said. Now, other restaurants in the area would also get a notification.

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