Government resumes the construction of the Naulong Dam in Baluchistan

Government resumes the construction of the Naulong Dam in Baluchistan

Government resumes the construction of the Naulong Dam in Baluchistan. According to news that was published on May 31, the province government of Baluchistan has resumed building on the Naulong Dam, which would irrigate 47,000 acres of dry land and create 4.4 megawatts (MW) of energy. Islamabad is the location of the provincial capital.

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According to the information provided, the process of building the dam has already been sped up. In accordance with the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Water Resources, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has transferred PKR 1,916 million to the Water and Power Development Authority in order to fund the construction of the dam (WAPDA). The detailed design of the project as well as the feasibility study have both been finished by the authorities. The issues that had been lingering in relation to the Naulong Dam have also been fixed.

After the dam is finished being constructed, the yearly benefits to the power sector will be PKR 0.413 billion, the annual benefits to the agriculture sector will be PKR 2.017 billion, and the annual benefits to fisheries will be PKR 0.018 billion. The building of the Naulong Dam will contribute to the creation of 23,500 jobs in the agriculture sector. In addition to this, it will be useful in preventing flooding in the catchment areas. The water that is stored behind the Naulong Dam will be used to irrigate the land in the surrounding area, specifically Gandawa, Khuzdar, and Jhal Magsi.

According to reports, the provincial government has started a plan called “100 Dam Baluchistan” in order to satisfy the province’s growing demand for water. In order to alleviate water scarcity and irrigate the land, the government has developed an all-encompassing plan that involves the construction of tiny dams for the purpose of flood management.

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