The CDA has launched a new public service helpline

The CDA has launched a new public service helpline

The CDA has launched a new public service helpline. ‘1819’ is a phone number that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has set up for citizens to improve service and make things easier for people to get things done. Consequently, citizens can now benefit from the CDA, E&T, and the Islamabad Capital Police (ICP), all from the same place.

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People who work for the CDA say that opening the NRCP’s helpline and back-end services will help speed up service delivery, improve compliance, and cut down on red tape when citizens get services. Citizens can also call the helpline to ask about the service and give feedback.

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The private cellular company will take care of the technology infrastructure and how well the company is doing. After the helpline is set up, people will be able to file complaints and check on the progress of services. A new facilitation centre has also been built to help people with land transfers, estate administration, income, and one-stop shopping. For example, people who want to check on the status of property transfer applications and complain about overpriced goods like groceries can use the same helpline.

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