The construction of a PWD underpass on the Islamabad Expressway has been postponed

PWD underpass on the Islamabad Expressway has been postponed.

The PWD underpass on the Islamabad Expressway, which was supposed to be finished by July 31, has been postponed by two months.

To alleviate traffic flow on the Islamabad Expressway, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and its contractors began building the PWD underpass towards the close of last year. The underpass and bridge over it were supposed to be available to traffic by July 31.

According to a project official, completing the building activity would be challenging even by the end of this month. According to the official, 80% of the work on-site had been completed. Still, the job balance, including road work, had been delayed due to the persistent rains, which had slowed activities on several occasions. The project will cost Rs432 million, all of which would come from CDA’s funds.

The CDA had authorized a development budget of Rs40 billion for various projects in the federal capital. However, they will cover most of the development costs through an auction of commercial properties elsewhere in Islamabad.

The major projects planned for the current budget year are the low-income housing program in Farash Town Rawal Chowk signal-free corridor, Margalla Avenue, I J Principal, PWD underpass on the Islamabad Expressway, women club, and slaughterhouse.

Only last week, the CDA auctioned 24 commercial plots in the Blue Area and business hub, which raised over Rs37 billion, accounting for more than 90% of the fiscal year 2021-22 development budget.

The highest offers accepted by the auction committee would receive final approval from the CDA board. It’s worth noting that one of the auctioned plots received the highest bid of Rs8 billion.

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