The area around Rawal Chowk is now going to be expanded

The area around Rawal Chowk is now going to be expanded

In this case, the government makes important decisions about the expansion of Rawal Chowk of Islamabad. At the Khanna Interchange office, there was a meeting where it was agreed to. Islamabad’s infrastructure has already grown a lot in the past few years. Many new roads also get built.

It would help if you went to the Rawal Chowk, one of the most important and important parts of Capita City. A lot of new information says that if three slips happen, it will get bigger soon. This decision is made for the sake of people.

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This is a well-known and important chowk in this city, so there is a lot of traffic. When people drive around here, they often run into problems that need to be fixed. During a meeting, Chief Commissioner Amir Ali Ahmed decides to make the Rawal Road bigger. He is also the head of the CDA (Capital Development Authority).

People also talk about how to make this decision in a meeting. Many important traffic officials and other authorities were also there at this meeting. People at the meeting spoke about the traffic problems and decided to widen the Rawal Chowk to make it safer.

There are a lot of important places in Islamabad that are near this road. So it must grow. All of the people who were there agreed on this point. Work on this project will start soon.

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