A foreign firm wants to control an explosion at Nasla Tower

A foreign firm wants to control an explosion at Nasla Tower

A foreign company expresses interest in a controlled explosion at Karachi’s Nasla Tower. On Monday, made on decision on how the Supreme Court-ordered demolition of the Nasla Tower in Karachi would be carried out, four out of five companies submitted bids for manual demolition of the 15-story structure. At the same time, a foreign firm offered to raze it via a controlled implosion blast.

According to sources, an eight-member committee for the demolition of Nasla Tower met at the deputy commissioner (DC) office for district East. It deliberated extensively on the bids and proposals submitted by four local and one foreign firms and the method and date of the tower’s demolition.

DC Asif Jan Siddiqui told Dawn that the committee deliberated on the bids and decided to convene the bidding businesses on Wednesday (tomorrow) to present their respective proposals for the demolition method and time required. “We will unquestionably use the safest technique possible to demolish the building,” he stressed.

Commissioner Iqbal Memon established the committee to award the contract, with the DC-East serving as its chairman.

Additionally, four local firms have requested for manual demolition of the 15-story structure.

Significant media regarding the safest and quickest method of dismantling the 15-story residential structure. The Commissioner’s office in Karachi made the offer.

Nasla Tower is a residential development spanning 1,121 square yards on Plot No193-A under the Sindh Muslim Cooperative Housing Society, or SMCHS, in Sharea Faisal.

According to experts, a controlled detonation was not feasible since it would also cause the Nursery overpass, surrounding buildings, water, and other utility pipelines to fall.

Furthermore, they stated that a controlled detonation was impossible due to the building’s location in a densely populated region with a high traffic volume.

According to analysts, the country’s detonation facility is used to destroy mountains, but “applause theory” was necessary to destroy Nasla Tower, and such a facility does not exist in Pakistan.

According to them, primarily the explosion blast in mountainous regions.

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Previously, the Supreme Court Registry issued a written judgment in the Nasla Tower case, ordering the deployment of contemporary controlled devices to demolish the high-rise building and ensuring that no more damage to the sides occurred during the demolition.

According to the court decision, this work should be done within one week and should follow the procedure used in other nations for building demolition.

Additionally, the highest court directed that the owner of Nasla Tower bears the expense of destruction and that if the owner did not pay, the commissioner should sell the land.

On October 26, the Supreme Court ordered that Nasla Tower’s utility connections be cut.

Earlier on June 16, the apex court denied the builder’s motion to review the court decision ordering the demolition of the Nasla Tower and ordered the structure’s demolition.

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Nasla Tower case has heightened the sense of injustice

Nasla Tower case has heightened the sense of injustice

Law enforcement in the Nasla Tower case has heightened the sense of injustice. THE last act in the struggle over Karachi’s 15-story Nasla Tower has begun. The Supreme Court ordered on Monday that the structure be abandoned by today and demolished by controlled explosion within a week; considering that the Sindh government admits it lacks the skills for such an operation, there are legitimate safety concerns.

A three-judge apex court bench determined that a substantial portion of Nasla Tower had been built on encroached land intended for a service road and ordered its demolition. Last month, the building’s fate was sealed when the court denied the owners/builders’ review petition and told the residents one month to vacate. To summarise will bury many residents’ hopes of owning a home beneath the debris of the Nasla Tower.

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Addressing the widespread land-use inconsistencies that exist throughout Karachi — encroachments on amenity plots, unauthorized allotments, and unlawful construction, to name a few — is an admirable endeavor. For several years, the priceless real estate in Pakistan’s financial metropolis has been transformed into a stage for brazen racketeering. Numerous government officials and unscrupulous builders have flouted regulatory restrictions, conspiring to earn unlawful profits and deprive state coffers of the necessary money. Law enforcement in the Nasla Tower case has heightened the sense of injustice.

However, one cannot disregard the human pain that frequently arises from attempting to rectify decades-old wrongs. On Monday, this point was also made when the Supreme Court expressed disappointment with the Sindh government’s slow progress in rehabilitating thousands of people displaced by demolitions along with the Gujjar, Orangi Town, and Mehmoodabad nullahs. Additionally, the sense of injustice is heightened when the writ of the law appears to be selectively applied. Law enforcement in the Nasla Tower case has heightened the sense of injustice. At the same time, some offenders operate with impunity in defiance of the top court’s orders.

Consider that most encroachment clearance has occurred on land governed by the Sindh government. Structures illegally constructed in cantonment zones continue to stand despite demolishing orders dating back to August 2018. The authorities are responsible for enabling the encroachment on public places through electricity and gas connections should be held accountable and sanctioned. And this accountability must be uniformly applied throughout Karachi so that the city’s numerous land-owning agencies understand that their ‘institutional clout’ will not protect them.

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