Swabi Development Authority auctions plots for 90 million

Swabi Development Authority auctions plots for 90 million

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, news sources said that the Swabi Development Authority was going to auction off nine residential plots for a price (SDA). A lot of money came in from the auction. SDA made about $90 million from the sale.

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According to the reports, the Swabi Development Authority (SDA) auctioned off nice residential plots of 1-Kanal in four sectors: Sector B, C, D, and E. The Swabi Development Authority (SDA) also sold off a lot of other nice residential plots. For example, the government got 10.3 million for one plot of land in sector E. Participants were asked to pay a guarantee fee of Rs 300,000, which will be refunded to the people who didn’t win the bid.

As soon as the bidding process is over, the winners are supposed to deposit 25% of the total bid value in the first week, and the rest in three months. Investors and other people in the area thought the policy was good for business, so they thanked Swabi Development Authority (SDA) for this.

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