TEPA Lahore wants to modify building codes to rooftop gardening

TEPA Lahore wants to modify building codes to rooftop gardening

TEPA Lahore proposes changes to building codes to promote rooftop gardening. TEPA (Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency) Lahore has suggested amendments to construction ordinances that will encourage rooftop gardening and plantation in the city, according to recent reports.

Faisalabad breaks a world record by planting 100,000 trees, according to a recent report.

According to Abdul Razzaq Chauhan, the TEPA’s Chief Engineer, the first phase will entail the planting of indigenous trees atop the newly constructed commercial buildings in the area. The plantation of balconies and rooftops of tall structures will take place during the second phase. On top of that, he stated that the appropriate authorities are working together to encourage the planting of trees on commercial structures.

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Furthermore, TEPA Chief Engineer Chauhan stated that the planting of these trees would help to minimize air pollution and haze in the area. He went on to say that the rooftop planter will also help to increase urban agriculture. In this fashion, people would also cultivate fresh vegetables and other agricultural things, for example.

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The chief engineer described the technical requirements for the rooftop plantation, emphasizing that the structural integrity and strength of the structure were important factors to consider before starting the plantation operation on the roof. Certain variables, such as the weight of the rooftop garden, should also be taken into account, according to him. A waterproofing system with appropriate drainage, as well as rainfall management systems and protective mats, should be installed on the structure.

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