The Aab-e-Pak project is launched in Rawalpindi by the Governor of Punjab

The Aab-e-Pak project is being launched in Rawalpindi by the Governor of Punjab

The Aab-e-Pak project is one of the projects being undertaken by the Governor of Punjab. Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar launched 116 water projects in the Rawalpindi division.

Provincial ministers and MNAs such as Muhammad Basharat Raja, Rashid Hafiz, and Sadaqat Ali Abbasi were present. In a press conference held at Governor’s House in Rawalpindi, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar stated that the PTI government wished to offer clean drinking water to all areas without party affiliation which is the primary concern of this Aab-e-Pak project

We will start 116 water supply projects in the Rawalpindi division under the ‘Aab Pak Authority’ guise to alleviate the water deficit. According to him, these projects will cost Rs270 million to complete. He also stated that they would install filtration plants in the territories of opposing parties. We intended to fulfill all essential needs without political prejudice because we worked under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision.

He claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan had tasked him with ensuring that Punjab has clean drinking water. However, he claims that 80% of the population is drinking contaminated water. Several departments are striving to deliver water, but it is in vain, according to him.

To reduce illness ratios, we needed to establish filtration plants in all locations which is the basic plan of the Aab-e-Pak project. Unfortunately, even after a year, we have not been able to constitute a Water Board Authority. He noted that an ordinance was required to handle all water-related issues.

He stated that if the Prime Minister provided him with a sewerage system, he would renew the entire Punjab sewerage system. He said that the ‘Aab Pak Authority’ has a comprehensive plan to provide Punjab with clean drinking water. The Aab-e-Pak project will serve the best in the interest of people.

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