The CDA approves a request to build two small dams

The CDA approves a request to build two small dams

The CDA approves a request to build two small dams. On Friday, Islamabad’s city administrators approved a proposal to construct two small dams and opted to repurpose the F-9 Citizen Club building as a convention and culture center.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) board, chaired by Amer Ali Ahmed, constructed the small dams at Chiniot and Shahdara. Additionally, it decided to approach the federal government to fund these dams via the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP).

According to a board member, Chiniot, located on the upper side of Simply Dam, is under the Punjab government’s control. The authority has chosen to approach the government for approval to build the dam. The F-9 Citizen Club will be converted into a cultural and convention center.

He stated that Chiniot Dam would act as a feeder for Simply Dam. The CDA stored approximately 20 million gallons daily (MGD) of water for emergency release to Simly Dam.

He stated that he undertook a feasibility assessment for this dam in the 1980s but did no more work. CDA is forced to squander water from Simply and Rawal dams during the monsoon by opening their spillways.

Additionally, the CDA board of directors established the Ghandhara Heritage and Culture/Convention Center at the F-9 Citizen Club. Prime Minister Imran Khan also paid a visit to the club, which has remained vacant since it was built. The CDA approves a request for the construction of two small dams.

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The prime minister had requested that CDA chairman and architect Nayyar Ali Dada submit a realistic utility plan for the structure, which spans 22 acres and has a covered space of 265,000 square feet.

The building features restaurants, an indoor pool, a fitness center, a lobby, an aerobics area, and a fitness center.

The CDA began the project in 2008, and once the structure was completed, the Supreme Court took up the dispute in 2010 and declared that the structure could not be used as a club.

According to sources, the board established guidelines for the center and agreed to run it through a board of governors. Additionally, it was determined that the public would have access to the facilities and that there would be no necessary membership.

“We determined that citizens may use the facilities but that no mandatory membership is required,” a board member explained.

He stated that he might utilize the center for conventions, exhibitions, and sporting facilities, including a gym. The CDA grants authorization for the construction of two small dams.

When queried about the Covid-19 immunization center established in the building, the member stated that it would be relocated to the nearby environment office, which would relocate to the Shakarparian Art and Craft Village. The CDA grants approval for the construction of two small dams.

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