The CEO of a railroad freight company has resigned

The CEO of a railroad freight company has resigned

The CEO of a railroad freight company has resigned. Jawaid Siddiqi, the Pakistan Railways Freight Transportation Company (PRFTC) CEO, has resigned, giving the department one month’s notice. It is a big change for the company.

His first job at the PRFTC was in July last year.

Sources said that “typical bureaucratic behavior” was to blame for the officer’s problems, which led to him quitting his job.

“As far as I know, Mr. Siddiqi is a very good professional who can lead the PRFTC, a subsidiary of the PR, and help the department’s declining freight revenue.” But unfortunately, he had to leave because of PR’s decades-old, out-of-date system that he didn’t want to work with.

Under rules and regulations, he has given a one-month notice.

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Previously, Azam Khan Swati was a strong supporter of Mr. Siddiqi. He came out in defense of Mr. Siddiqi’s appointment when it was called into question because of his connections to a company bidding for the PR’s freight wagons.

After interviewing a lot of people, we decided to hire him. The minister told Dawn on July 16 that Siddiqi had been named CEO. “We think he’s one of the best for this job,” the minister said.

There is no conflict of interest as long as I’m looking at everything.

On Tuesday, when Mr. Swati wasn’t available to talk about Mr. Siddiqi’s resignation, this reporter called PR’s CEO, Nisar Memon. Memon confirmed that the CEO of the PRFTC had resigned.

“Yes, he has given one month’s notice of his resignation,” the PR head said.

A person who works in the private sector told him that people in the private sector are used to making quick decisions because they usually work for a company or firm run by a single person.

The PR manager thought that in the public sector, like the railroads, there are a lot of rules and procedures that need to be followed before any project, activity, or intervention can be started or approved.

So I think that’s why.” As of right now, Mr. Memon says that his resignation has not been accepted yet.


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