The CM promises a Rs1 billion boost for Khwazakhela

The CM promises a Rs1 billion boost for Khwazakhela

The CM promises a Rs1 billion boost for Khwazakhela. Chief Minister Mahmood Khan launched a Rs1 billion special development package to construct a tehsil complex, hospital upgrade, increased water supply scheme, and other projects in Khwazakhela tehsil on Saturday.

He announced the package during his talk to the Pakistan Tehreek-i-workers Insaf’s convention in Khwazakhela tehsil on the second day of his Swat visit. Dr. Haider Ali, MNA, and Mian Sharafat Ali, MPA, were also in attendance.

The chief minister stated that he would make only those promises he could keep, as he did not believe in meaningless slogans and declarations. He stated that feudal lords, capitalists, and industrialists once governed this country, but an ordinary political worker is now the province’s chief minister thanks to the PTI.

He stated that incompetent individuals previously ran the country without planning or strategy, relying solely on external loans, which resulted in the nation confronting inflation today.

According to the government, practical actions are being taken to ensure the welfare of the populace.

He stated that the current provincial government was taking concrete initiatives to ensure the wellbeing of the populace.

“The current budget includes Rs10 billion for the food card, which would give needy households free rations regularly,” he stated.

Mahmood Khan stated that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is one of the best sites for tourism, but the industry has been ignored in the past. He stated that the current provincial government has set up substantial sums for the development of this industry.

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“This season alone, 2.7 million domestic and foreign tourists visited the province’s tourist destinations, generating a revenue of Rs66 billion for the province,” he said.

He stated that the current government was pursuing significant projects like the CRBC, Gomal Zam Dam, and Tank Zam Dam, which would bring millions of acres of land in the southern areas under agriculture.

“Similarly, initiatives are being done to promote industrial and business operations, with the expectation that people from other areas of the country will come to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to do business in the next five to six years,” he said. According to the chief minister, his government promotes other areas, including education, health, and agriculture.

He announced the approval of the Fatehpur Irrigation Scheme and the inauguration of the Guli Bagh water channel this year. He stated that feasibility studies for the Khwazakhela and Bahrain bypass highways were underway. Additionally, the tehsil would establish degree colleges for boys and girls.

Along with the Fatehpur-Miandam route, the chief minister inaugurated the Rescue1122 station and the Shalpin road.

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