Top City Islamabad

top city one a housing society

Top City Islamabad

Top City Islamabad is regarded as an important construction in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital. The redesigned housing development is bright and beautiful and aims to provide tenants with a modern environment. The venture began in 2012 and has grown steadily since then.


The venture is trustworthy, and its venue is in the heart of the city, readily available from all directions. The initiative provides an advanced architecture that reflects a western lifestyle for those that want to remain current with technologies and live more efficiently.

The community is spread out over several acres of property in Islamabad, with lovely scenery and natural landscape. For anyone, making a home here would be a great opportunity. The combination of a western society and an environmentally sustainable climate allows this housing scheme attractive to buyers and architects.

In Rawalpindi, the basic framework for TopCity-1 was placed in 2012. It’s possibly the best brand in the Twin Cities real estate industry. The venture, which spans 740 acres, has been separated into several blocks, several of which are located near Islamabad International Airport. In addition, the masterplan for TopCity-1 includes several green spaces and garden centers.

The residential society’s amenities promote a smooth living environment with all of essential needs. The rates are reasonable, and a payment plan is in effect for the buyers’ convenience.

Top City Islamabad Location

Top city Islamabad is promoted as an international smart city to complement its high-profile neighboring housing town, Capital Smart City, the country’s first smart city. The residential project is located on the Kashmir Highway, near the new Islamabad International Airport.

The Kashmir Highway runs through the TopCity-1 area. That’s one of some Rawalpindi development projects with a great location. Many significant locations in the twin cities are easily accessible to tenants of this housing development.

It’s situated on the southeast side of the Kashmir highway, at the junction of the M-1 and M-2 motorways.

Moreover, it is located 3 kilometers from the New Islamabad Airport, and the H Block, G Block, and F blocks of Top City are close to the airport’s entrance. The nearest is G Block, which has been taken over with the CAA attributable to safety considerations

Top City Islamabad Map

TopCity-1 is just a few kms away from New Islamabad International Airport. Similarly, Shaker Parian National Park, a tourist hotspot is 30 kilometers away. From TopCity-1 Rawalpindi, you must navigate 41 km and 37 km, respectively, to hit Faisal Masjid & Centaurus Mall.

Top City-1 is easily accessible from Kashmir Highway, and the path is simple for everyone to follow. The town is really only ten mins apart from Islamabad City, and the Islamabad airport is also only 3 kilometers away. Because the Kashmir Highway Continuation from the motorway intersection near New Islamabad Airport is currently being built, Fateh Jang Road is being used as an alternative accessible route.

top city Islamabad map

NOC Top City-1

The modern society’s NOC has been accepted and reported with the RDA. It has obtained all necessary permits from RDA, as well as ICT, CAA, NHA, and the Department of Environmental Protection. All the above information can be checked on the RDA’s online webpage.

Top City Islamabad Master Plan

Islamabad is indeed a top city in Pakistan. The developers of TopCity-1 have also emphasized the development’s world-class infrastructure as a major aspect. The flooring of the area’s roads is well underway.

Besides which, billboards have been placed in this suburban neighbourhood to make it much easier for residents to locate addresses. This development’s objectives include hidden electrical wiring, adequate sewage systems, and waste disposal systems.

Top City 1 is a massive estate that stretches over 5906 Kanal and is classified into many blocks, including A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. However, due to the dangers of being linked to the Islamabad International Airport, CAA has taken over Block G of the town.

The venture also includes a variety of farmhouses in addition to residential and commercial properties. The following is a link to the housing society’s comprehensive master plan:

top city one Islamabad master plan

Top City 1 Development Status

The project development is nearly complete in Top City Islamabad Latest Information. In most cases, half of the construction has been accomplished. The one – Kanal plots in Block B are available immediately, while the blocks C, D, E, H, and F are undergoing rapid growth.

Billboards with road and street names have been placed in the residential complex to make it easier for tourists to locate various locations. Underground electrical, sewerage, and waste treatment facilities have also been completed.

Top City-1 also claims to be Pakistan’s only Smart City, incorporating many of the most cutting-edge technology such as fibre optics, smart meters, e-health providers, public Wi-Fi, e-tags, and smart surveillance programs. This housing project is groundbreaking because of all of these characteristics.

Possession of Plots

The 1 Kanal residential plots in the B block of the housing complex have been permitted custody to their owners, while the subsequent phases of the venture, blocks A, C, D, E, H, and F, will be given custody shortly after the rapid construction.

Top City-1 will be built much faster than neighboring home projects, such as Blue World City, because it will use the most up-to-date technology available to ensure quick construction without sacrificing efficiency.

Top City Islamabad Payment Plan

Top City Islamabad Payment Plan: Top City Islamabad Payment Plan: Top City Islamabad Payment Plan: The rates are fair and easily affordable to all. The following are the comprehensive payment arrangements for every one of the plot types and blocks:

Investors prefer 5 marla lands in Top City Islamabad because they are the fastest to deal and cost between PKR 4.5 lakh and 55 lakhs.

Similarly, a 10 Marla plot charge between PKR 20 lakh and PKR 80 lakh.

TopCity-1’s 1 Kanal plots are a little pricey, costing about PKR 50 lakh to 1.5 heart.

The price charged by this housing scheme are comparable to those offered by Park View City, another successful property development in Islamabad’s CDA district.

The following is a chart of plots for selling in residential blocks in Top City Islamabad:

Top city 1 Islamabad Payment Plans

Residential Plots

SizeBookingConfirmationAllocation33 monthly Installments5 Half Yearly InstallmentsAllotmentTotal
25 × 50450,000/-450,000/-450,000/-1,485,000/-1,350,000/-315,000/-4,500,00/-
35 × 65800,000/-800,000/-800,000/-2,640,000/-2,400,000/-560,000/-8,000,0000/-
50 × 901,500,000/-1,500,000/-1,500,000/-4,950,000/-4,500,000/-1,050,000/-15,000,000/-
75 × 1202,500,000/-2,500,00/-2,500,00/-8,250,000/-7,500,00/-1,750,000/-25,000,000/-

Top City Islamabad Plot for Sale

High-rise Apartment Tower Plots

SizeBookingConfirmationAllocation11 Quarterly InstallmentsAllotmentTotal
5,555 sq. Yds33,000,000/-33,000,000/-33,000,000/-209,000,000/-25,300,000/-333,300,00/-
7,253 sq. Yds43,500,000/-43,500,000/-43,500,000/-269,500,000/-35,185,000/-435,180,000/- 
9,779 sq. Yds58,700,000/-58,700,000/-58,700,000/-363,000,000/-47,640,000/-586,740,000/- 
7,483 sq. Yds44,900,000/-44,900,000/-44,900,000/-278,300,000/-35,980,000/-448,980,000/- 
6,805 sq. Yds40,800,000/-40,800,000/-40,800,000/-253,000,000/-32,900,000/-408,300,000/- 

Following is the Top City Islamabad Payment Plan 2019 of commercial properties

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

SizeBookingConfirmationAllocation11 Quarterly InstallmentsAllotmentTotal
30 × 402,670,000/-2,670,000/-2,670,000/-16,500,0002,156,000/-26,666,000/-

Plot Prices on Resale

As previously said, the society only offers residential plots of 5 marla to 10 marla, also 1 Kanal, as well as commercial plots of 5 marla. After the project’s official launch ten years ago, all of the plots accessible on the instalment plan have been reserved, and the plots have become available for resale in the market at the following rates:

The prices mentioned above are approximate price ranges for plots in different blocks, not precise rates. The cost of a plot varies based on its location, stage of growth, and features.

Important Characteristics

We’ve compiled a list of Top City-1 Islamabad’s basic scheduled features:

• 5906 Kanals (approximately 740 acres) of land

• Standard plot sizes of 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 Kanal are available.

• Specific areas set aside for farmhouses with larger plot sizes.

• The Farm Houses Area is also crossed by the Ring Road.

• Prime location land facing the Kashmir highway reserved for the development of a five-star hotel project • Land designated for high buildings facing the Lahore Motorway

Several more innovative facilities are planned for the society, such as clean water, a green and eco-friendly climate, upgraded construction, and high-tech safety measures, resulting in the providing of all luxurious and comfortable living facilities.

Other Amenities include: 

• a commercial area 

• a theme park • a cinema 

• a hospital • hospitals • a college • a school • cable television • 24-hour protection

• Gas and water supply • Garden • Family Park • Parks and Play Areas • Mosque • Children’s Play Areas • Standby Generators

Facilities in top city 1


The creators of TopCity-1 place a high value on safety. The gated community uses a unique security service monitoring and patrolling the region, as well as 24-hour surveillance through CCTV cameras. In addition, the city police are responsible for the protection of the inhabitants of TopCity-1, Islamabad.


TopCity-1 was designed to be a cutting-edge residential neighborhood. The development provides all of the cutting-edge living amenities needed to sustain luxury living standards. TopCity-1’s designers have incorporated schools, colleges, and institutions in the development’s master plan, paying attention to the idea of academic excellence.

TopCity-1 does include hospitals in its strategy aim of providing patients with medical support 24/7. TopCity-1 Islamabad residents will have proximity to a variety of commercial centers, shopping malls, cinemas, cafes, and leisure facilities to meet their daily lifestyle and entertainment demands.

Why to Invest in Top City 1

TopCity-1, Rawalpindi is an excellent investment opportunity because land prices in the community will skyrocket once the construction is finished. Since Block A and Block B are by far the most looked after regions in the development, they will see a tremendous increase. As a result, when looking for acquisition prospects in Top City, those seeking a high return should find both of these blocks.

Furthermore, the gated community is an ideal location to build your dream home, since it will begin the building process once you have taken custody. All of the modern features and amenities included in the housing project will ensure a convenient and luxurious lifestyle in the city’s most desirable area. Your children will enjoy a balanced and secure atmosphere thanks to the environmentally friendly atmosphere.

Top City Islamabad combines the best location with an RDA-approved legal residential society that provides citizens with secure investments. The construction work is progressing quickly, and the prices of residential and commercial estate are steadily rising.

The availability of a wide range of regular plot sizes is another advantage of purchasing in the society, since all measurements are readily marketable and can be resold if necessary. These factors work together to create this housing complex an excellent place to live, function, and build a better life.


Q1: Who is Top-City Islamabad’s owner?

This residential society is owned by Kunwar Moiz Khan, a land tycoon from Islamabad.

Q2: What is the location of Top City Islamabad?

The gated community is near the Islamabad Airport, at the junction of the M1 and M2 highways.

Q3: Is top City an environmentally friendly society?

Top City Islamabad is a fully green town with parks and green fields that provide a healthy and balanced atmosphere for its residents.

In the waste disposal scheme, the community has also preserved the natural environment and developed an effective sewage treatment programme.

Q4: Will there be educational institutions in TopCity-1?

Yes, Top City Islamabad will build well-known schools and colleges in the project, complete with qualified staff and robust infrastructure.

Q5: What will be included in Top City’s commercial zone?

A sky strip, five-star hotel and casino, business centers, shopping centers, Markaz and commercial outlets, gaming areas, parks, cinemas, and a community centre will be included in the society’s commercial district to appeal to the requirements of people of all ages.

Q6:How much do 10-marla plots cost in society?

In Blocks A and D, 10 Marla has between 55 and 75 laces.

Q7: What is the 5-Marla and 10-Marla instalment price plan?

The instalment schedule has eight parts, with a 5-Marla instalment costing 62500 and a 10-Marla instalment costing 112,500.

Q8: And what were the available plot sizes in the society?

The below plot sizes are available from the society:

• 10 Marla equals (25 x 50) 

• 5 Marla is (25 x 50) (35 x 65)

• 2 Kanal (75120) 

• 1 Kanal (5090)


Top City Islamabad is a tremendous combination of great spot, layout, and utilities, and its policy to capitalize on all of the prospects emerging from this region as a result of the construction of a new airport is exceptional, and it is precisely what distinguishes this society from the most of the housing ventures in the area, particularly University Town.