CDA to initiate two new construction projects in Islamabad

CDA to initiate two new construction projects in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday, Capital Development Authority has announced that it would discuss some new projects in its upcoming meeting. Those projects would involve renovation and expansion of Park Road along with the Bhara Kahu Project. A development working party of CDA is the organizer of this meeting, where the finalization of these projects might take place. (As per the reports from CDA sources.)

One of the representative of this organization claimed that the Chairman of CDA, Captain Muhammad Usman would preside the meeting.

The entire 7.4 km route has experienced huge traffic congestion due to the rapid growth of different homes and structures over the past two decades.

As per the CDA authorities, the first phase would add one more lane on every side, which makes it a three-lane artery, and renovation and overhaul work would be done on the existing lanes.

Two interchanges and two underpasses would be significant part of the entire venture. The CDA had originally planned to construct a 7.8 km long bypass road. However, it ultimately scrapped the whole project and then proposed a new, a huge 5 KM flyover.

The CDA representatives have also suggested that the CDA-DWP would start immediate working on Tuesday.

The government and CDA authorities are optimistic about the success of this project. They hope that construction work officially begins in the next few weeks. The prime minister of Pakistan has set a five-month deadline for its completion.

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