Lahore smart city

Lahore smart city

Lahore Smart City is a momentous extend created by the FDHL and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.). They are devoted to providing a resourceful and intelligent lodging involvement at Lahore Smart City in its own commercial and residential zones. Land of 20,000 Kanal has been apportioned for the venture, where this competent residential extend is planning to be constructed. The prime area of the extension already makes it one of a kind in itself. It is found on Lahore Bypass close to the Lahore interchange. The property can be easily reached by the Grand Trunk road Lahore and the Lahore-Sialkot motorway. The area does not separate the city’s venture and gives a serene and organized environment absent from the city stress. Commercial zones of the town are a couple of minutes absent from this innovative residency venture.

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited (FDHL)

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited, moreover known as FDHL, is one of the driving real estate engineers famous for their outstandingly arranged ventures with exceptional designing compared to the other prominent builders. The objective of FDHL is to convert the living involvement towards a cutting edge and keen presence. FDHL, not as it were, keeps the ultramodern and luxurious way of life in intellect while creating their ventures but moreover provides outstanding client support and point by point consultancy to those in need. FDHL is an authoritative establishment that was first enrolled beneath the company law. Distinctive National and worldwide small affiliation firms met up together to form this trade endeavour. FHDL is a combination of two organizations, China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd (CLIC) and Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL). These two companies ace both specialized and administration aptitudes.

Lahore Smart City Location

Area expects a fundamental portion when making land decisions. An investor must think around the points of interest and drawbacks of a property’s region beforehand. With its different energizing highlights, Lahore Smart City will be the fifth formative wander of its kind incontinent and the second in the country. Drawing on the development components of present-day real estate improvements, the venture will encourage the most excellent eco-friendly activity within the city, ready for the stake-holding interests of both genuine buyers and speculators alike. Lahore Smart City is located on the Lahore Bypass, which is close to the Lahore Interchange.

The area holds prime esteem since it can be moreover gotten to effectively from the Grand Trunk road alongside, Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. All the popular commercial zones of Lahore are a couple of minutes absent from the extend. The new campus of UET Lahore is found on the western side of the project and can be reached within a few minutes drive from Lahore Smart City. One of the foremost well-known residential projects, DHA Lahore and Allama Iqbal Lahore Airport, is accessible on a drive of 18 minutes from the project. The head office of the Capital Smart City Lahore lodging society, in addition, is adjoining. The masters rehash the truth that Lahore Smart City’s proposed zone increases in value exceptionally. You can reach the project from 2 main roads meddling Lahore with the leftover portion of Pakistan. This is why it makes it a predominant wander central point for monetary sponsors looking for positive mid-long pull yields on their venture.

Lahore Smart City Location Map

The map above shows the area of Lahore Smart City, which is found on the Lahore Bypass. Accessible from the Ring Road, this private housing society will appreciate an astonishing arrange to various parts of Lahore. It is an astounding zone of Lahore where the foremost fabulous and modern headways are going on. This vital region makes it beyond any question that you just will encounter excellent society facilities in the near future. Diverse crucial roads and interstates are directly related to this zone, making this area more related and easily reachable from all over the society.

The developers have selected the marvelous and most central region of Lahore, where the residents will find out natural delights and comforts. The present-day financial specialists and clients will find this region perfect to live and contribute as the plot’s cost will be increased in the future. The way of life here will be luxurious and extravagant as all the fundamental spots are closely available. You are not compelled to go far from the venture to fulfil the basic and imperative needs of life. In this modern-day, everyone ought to live in a well-known and key zone since it is the first critical figure to select your house.

Smart City Lahore Master Plan

Lahore Smart City is planned to reach a top-level urbanized headway. This wander will surely progress monetary improvement and update the lifestyle of the residents. Inventive highlights and advancements are orchestrated to be associated with the edit to deliver more adroit. The sharp methods and propels will create an advanced system and far off innovative design, a much superior living environment for the tenants.

When initiating the Lahore Smart City master plan, the property developers imagined a residential society that would offer keen and spacious living spaces and inventive and consumer-driven workplaces. As per the intensified course of activity, the movement will consolidate three squares: the ‘Executive Block’, ‘General Block’, and the ‘Overseas Block’. Each of these blocks will consist of private plots of 5, 10, and 20 Marlas. The commercial block will offer first-class property proprietorship openings for buyers and investors living with in the country, even though the Overseas Square, as its title prescribes, will mainly cater to the meander requests of Pakistanis living overseas.

Main blocks of Lahore Smart City

  1. General Block
  2. Overseas Block
  3. Executive Block

General Block

This block is arranged to be sure of the common man’s necessities and investing control. The private plots accessible here are focused on middle-class families and are lower in cost as comparatively. Being the foremost budget friendly block, the inhabitants don’t miss out on the keen services provided by the venture, including parks, mosques, retail shops, and other everyday necessities. The square offers 5 Marla and 10 Marla private plots.

Overseas Block

As per the planned extend, the most residential region of the property is an Overseas piece with non-resident Pakistanis inhabitants’ confinement. As the title of the square recommends, the target group of onlookers of this piece are Pakistanis who have double nationality or are foreigners. The zone is built to reflect a remote culture whereas highlighting the extravagant highlights of the project. Overseas Square at Lahore Smart City offers private plots as well as private extravagance villas.

Executive Block

The Executive square reflects sumptuous and intelligent engineering. This square offers private plots and flats nearby mosques, shopping marts, jogging tracks, and parks. The costs are a bit higher than other pieces, but in return, the inhabitants of Executive Square will get much more extravagance civilities than the other accessible blocks. This block also includes 5 Marla and 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots for sale.

Plots for sale in Lahore smart city

Executive Block

The executive block includes 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots for sale. The price of a 5 Marla Plot is about 18 Lac while 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots are 33 Lac and 54 Lac, respectively.

Overseas Block

The Overseas Block includes 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots for sale. The worth of a 5 Marla Plot is around 19 Lac; however, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots are 34 Lac and 55 Lac individually.

Lahore Smart City Installment and Payment Plan

The designers’ foremost priority is to provide a problem-free lifestyle to the inhabitants, starting from an essential and sensible instalment arrange. As Lahore Smart City is as however, still under development, the instalment plan is moreover totally versatile. For a reason that of its prime location and excellent designing, the plots are as of presently offering out super speedy. In light of the most recent things, it is expected that the plots’ booking costs will increase more within the coming future. In case that you wish to reserve a property for yourself in this luxurious living involvement, currently, it is a perfect opening. Lahore Smart City is now advertising a 10% arrange after confirmation of instalment and proportionate quarterly instalments.

5 M125 SQ YDS2,160,0002,280,0001200014
10 M250 SQ YDS3,960,0004,080,0001500014
1 K500 SQ YDS6,480,0006,600,0001500014
 5 M10 M1 K5  M10 M1 K
1ST INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
2ND INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
3RD INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
4TH INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
5TH INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
6TH INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
7TH INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
8TH INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
9TH INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
10TH INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
11TH INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
12TH INSTALLMENT144,000264,000432,000152,000272,000440,000
TOTAL COST2,160,0003,960,0006,480,0002,280,0004,080,0006,600,000


  • An extra 10 per cent cost will be charged by the project in case of particular plots, such as plots located on main roads, corner and properties situated in front of a parking plot.
  • Furthermore, a 15 per cent extra cost is going to be charged for plots located on the boulevard that might cover 100 feet or more.
  • The project will give a return of around 10 % in the case of total payment.
  • A discount of 5% is also offered in case of total payment.
  • The project will take an amount of 12000 rupees as booking costs of plots up to 5 Marla and 15000 rupees as booking fee on plots more than 5 Marla.

Lahore Smart City Features

The project offers a state of the art living experience for its inhabitants. The concept of the developers is to provide a smart and modern lifestyle to people. It’s one of a kind venture in Pakistan. The futuristic developments and infrastructure make this project a perfect residential unit where you can see yourself living with your family. The prime location already makes this project a success. Moreover, the project provides several facilities and amenities, mainly because the developers’ priority is to create a calm and peaceful environment. Following are some of the features Lahore Smart City offers;

Silicon Valley

This valley is dedicated to specialized IT related work in order to maintain the smart city environment. Furthermore, this block will include all the workplaces and cooperate sector, which is also a great deal of investment from a business point of view. Warehouses, technical, operational offices, IT and technology-related units, retail shops, and customer care centres will be located in this block, which is named The Silicon Valley.


The project offers 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal plots dedicated to farmhouses in order to enjoy scenic views of the property. The idea behind this is to let the inhabitants have a place of their own to enjoy their leisure time with their friends and families. They can also keep their pets and enjoy whatever time they need close to nature without stressing their everyday lives.

Health Care Facility

The particular spot of this project is explicitly devoted to restorative clinics, including more than 500 beds for patients, which in the future will have all the most recent advances and medical gear alongside proficient staff to handle that restorative equipment. Be that as it may, this locale will have a few private plots and domains for specific business opportunities to allow food restaurants and a few retail shops.

Sports District

As the title proposes, this square is particularly arranged with keeping in intellect the sports exercises for the inhabitants. Lahore Smart City’s sports square plans to have numerous sports grounds and stadiums for diverse recreations and sports. Which can make this extend all in one for the inhabitants. The venture plans on constructing a cricket stadium, football stadium, badminton court, and a sports complex for indoor recreations. Besides, this square will incorporate private plots and estates, moreover, a few popular restaurants and cafes. For the comfort of the inhabitants, the project will moreover build retail shops and mosques.

Schools and Other Educational Institutes

An entirety square has been apportioned for the educational establishment of the venture. The arrange is to create a learning environment with the top progressed highlights and a comfortable environment. This place is not restricted to schools only; different colleges and instructive organizations are a part of the property arrange. The thought is to form a comfortable atmosphere for the inhabitants to discover their school or college adjacent without compromising the quality of education. As a resident, you will save quality time on transport when all the educational institutes will be in the vicinity.


The first block you see when you enter the property is the block that is allotted for the 4-Star and 3-Star hotels and guest houses. The guests can easily stay there and enjoy the comfortable environment alongside the hotel’s facilities and services. Like any other well-known hotel, they provide top-notch facilities for their guests. The first block is not limited to hotels. Moreover, there are residential and commercial plots also available for sale. Villas are also available in this block, along with retail stores, parks and mosques etc.

Commercial Block

This block is the commercial centre of the project. This commercial square includes all the offices, banks, conference and meeting halls, retail shops and superstores, and a shopping centre. We can call this block the heart of the property as all the offices, and operating units are present in this block. A few retail stores and restaurants for the comfort of the people working in the square. Lahore Smart City moreover plans on offering commercial plots for sale, which is an excellent business opportunity.

Lahore Smart City Features

Architecture and design

The property is unique in its way because of the design and architecture, which highly qualified and dedicated designers plan. Cutting edge plans, wide streets, and beautiful sights make Lahore Smart City an idealize living space.

Smart Living

As the project’s name is self-explanatory, the designers are dedicated to making a living situation that includes keen living. Most recent advances will be introduced and frequently updated to progress the foundation and unravel modern-day issues.

Uninterrupted Electric Supply

As Pakistani inhabitants, we all need to confront power outrages. A parcel of our everyday work is influenced because of power deficiency and load shedding. To dodge that burden, Lahore Smart City ensures that this private wander’s tenants deal with no such issues by any infer. To cater to any control out seethes, standby generators are accessible locally to guarantee a smooth and nonstop control supply.

Business Hub

The extend will encourage its inhabitants by presenting them outright. First, businesses put at the most commercial zone of the project, including worldwide financial investors and companies, to put money into the sublime community. Capital Smart City Lahore indeed plans to reason an assortment of businesses and organization of industry work, subsequently inciting Pakistan’s financial needs.

All in One

The privately-owned residential society is thought up in a way that builds up an amazingly comfortable vibe. The individuals can enjoy a peaceful and calm project that may shape into a central point for trade, sports, conceivable private outcomes, and opportunities without settling on lifestyle extravagances.


This private venture guarantees a secured neighbourhood with all high-tech security measures. It is surrounded by a security wall that, to some degree, has confined any undesirable way to enter society. The entire project includes hi-tech security and a committed team of a security official who is altogether prepared for any unwanted occurrence or incident. CCTV cameras are installed inside the complete extend to screen all the works out, giving a secure put to live.


Capital Smart City Lahore guarantees to attain a full-proof transportation framework for the convenience of inhabitants. An appropriate transport framework is to be built for car users, people on foot, and cyclists. The extend plans to present a state of craftsmanship framework.


The Lahore smart City is called Smart City, not somewhat since of its title, but in reality, it undoubtedly may be a smart city with all the modern development. It is being created on cutting edge urban arranging town standards and will be kept up with profoundly robotized mechanisms. It will be an innovative and sustainable private venture advertising all that you simply may wish for within the 21stcentury lodging society, counting lavishness and reasonableness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q- Who is the owner of Smart City Lahore?

Smart City Lahore is privately owned by the Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited, also known as FDHL.

Q- What is the FDHL?

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited is one of the driving real estate engineers that are famous for their outstandingly arranged ventures with exceptional designing.

Q- What is actually Lahore Smart City?

Smart City Lahore is a privately owned housing society that is the city’s first intelligent housing project. The project offers commercial and residential plots for sale.

Q- What is the location of Smart City Lahore?

You can reach the residential project located on the Lahore bypass and through the Lahore Ring Road and the Grand Trunk road Lahore.

Q- Does the project hold a valid NOC?

The developers are still working on getting the NOC of the project. However, they are expectant of NOC and permissions from LDA in the near future.

Q- What are the prices and instalment plans for the project?

The project offers reasonable plot prices and easy instalment plans; we have discussed the details in the article above.

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