Dream Valley Islamabad Muree Housing Project

Dream Valley Islamabad

Dream Valley Islamabad is one of the exceptional housing ventures developing for investors who enjoy the natural beauty and wishes to live nearby. Moreover, investors who are looking for eco-friendly housing ventures. Furthermore, this scenic housing venture’s developers offer an eco-friendly residing space at Margalla Hills. Most importantly, the panoramic views will increase the worth of the housing community. And this will make it the ideal living in the most suitable space. Lastly, the article will have the details for all investors and future inhabitants who want to enjoy a scenic and serene life.

Owners & Developers

M/S Canyon Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd is building this eco-friendly and scenic housing venture. Moreover, they planned to ensure that all investments can have the ideal asset in the Margalla hills. And their thought is to offer all future inhabitants a scenic and green lifestyle. Furthermore, their team of experts will help create premium-quality residing spaces for all prospective investors. And soon, all investors will have the best and ideal living standards and a valuable investment in the community.

Dream Valley Housing Scheme NOC Status

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and the Muree TMA have approved the housing venture. Moreover, the developers of the Dream Valley Housing Scheme Islamabad are happy to offer a legal residential option to investors and prospective inhabitants. Furthermore, it creates the confidence and trust factor among investors and increases the investment value here. Therefore, investment in the dream valley housing scheme will be a blissful real estate option.

Location & Map

The housing community will be at the Muree Expressway, close to Koran River. And the ideal site increases the value and worth of the residing investment. Moreover, the accessibility of this site is high from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Furthermore, Capital Hills Muree is also nearby this housing venture ensuring a worthy investment to all. Moreover, the quiet and serene location will be approachable with the vital access points in the surroundings. Lastly, to ensure that the investors get a clear picture of the site, here is the location map.

Dream Valley Housing Scheme location map


Payment Plans

The prices of the residing space here will be affordable and within reach of all buyers, like in the 7 Wonders City Islamabad. Moreover, there will be an instalment plan further to improve the buying capacity of investors and residents. Furthermore, there will be 48 monthly and four yearly payable times. And the downpayment is the mandatory amount to pay before buying. Lastly, the further segregation is as follows:

Residential Plots Payment Plan

There will be residential spaces of various sizes in the community, ensuring that all investors can make an ideal living and a long-term dream investment. Moreover, the investors are willing to make it the best and most healthy residential investment. Lastly, the residing space’s total amount starts from PKR 3,400,000/- to PKR 10,200,000/-. And here is another amount of information.

Dream Valley payment plan


Farm Houses Payment Plan

Farmhouses add serenity and value to all investors’ lives and minds. Moreover, the developers make it the best living experience for all residents. Furthermore, farmhouses will help create a high-quality lifestyle and leisure time with family and friends. The prices will range from PKR 15,300,000/- to PKR 25,500,000/-. Lastly, the other price information is these.

Farmhouses prices range

Master Plan

The Dream Valley Housing Scheme Islamabad will be an excellent and scenic investment opportunity for all, like in TAB City Rawalpindi. Moreover, the designer has made the environment and residing space the ideal and dream area to live sustainably. Furthermore, there will be numerous living facilities for most buyers. Additionally, farmhouses will be available to make leisure time for family members and friends. Lastly, the other properties’ details and availability are here:

Dream Valley housing scheme master plan

Residential Plots

There will be living spaces that will offer the ideal living to all buyers at the best site. Moreover, the remarkable aspect will be that all future inhabitants will have the best scenic views of Margalla Hills. Furthermore, the available sizes will make it easy for all investors to make a dream investment here. Most importantly, these will access all facilities necessary for sustainable growth, like electricity, water, and gas. Lastly, the availability of plots includes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Farmhouse Plots

There will be farmhouses available in the community that will increase the quality of future inhabitant living. Moreover, the farmhouses need leisure time during the busy routine. And these farmhouses will be the optimal solution to take a break and have the best time with family and loved ones. Moreover, all these farmhouses will offer the best necessities of life with luxurious features. Lastly, farmhouses sizes will be:

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal

Development Status

Dream Valley housing scheme Islamabad will complete the dream living of all investors. Moreover, the developers are working diligently for the timely availability of living space for all investors. Furthermore, the machines are now available at the site, helping to cut and levelling plots. And the most vital aspect for developers is to offer quality deliverables and living areas to all future inhabitants, which is why the process may require some time. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will inform all investors about the development and construction work here.

Dream Valley Features

Several features will be available in Dream Valley to assist investors in attaining the lifestyle they want.

  • World-Class Quality Infrastructure
  • Wide Main Roads
  • Optimal Drainage System
  • Parking Area
  • Commercial Zones
  • Apartments
  • Mosque
  • GraveYard
  • Farmhouses
  • Fitness Area
  • Scenic Hills Views
  • Eco-Friendly Residential Scheme
  • Secured Gated Project
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Community Center
  • Health Clubs
  • Educational Institutions


Several facilities will be available that will benefit the Dream Valley  residents. Moreover, the investors will enjoy these facilities:

Environmental Friendly Housing Project

As we know, the housing project will be in the Margallla Hills, increasing the quality of living to another level. Moreover, there will be a natural scenic view for all future inhabitants, enhancing their way of living. Furthermore, the construction work will be according to the international urban town planning standards, reducing waste during and after development. All these will be the benefits of living for all.

Access to All Basics

Dream Valley  developers will offer all the basics and essentials of living. Moreover, there will be the availability of electricity, without which the residents would not have adequate time for living. Furthermore, the water and gas provision will be available for all and future inhabitants who will help achieve a long-term lifestyle at the best rates. Lastly, the developers will offer these at inexpensive rates 24/7.


There will be the provision of a mosque that will allow residents a way to gain their religious goals. Moreover, the investors will ensure they have a quality of living in this housing venture. Most importantly, the Mosque’s infrastructure will be of premium quality, ensuring that all residents and investors will enjoy prayer time at the Mosque.

Health Care & Educational Facilities

The builders are keen to offer high-quality living to all investors, including the schools, colleges and medical facilities. Moreover, as per the latest information, the community’s international standard schooling system will allow the residents to attain valuable and dream studies. Furthermore, the medical facilities will have an international quality that will enable them to treat the patients as soon as possible.


Leisure time is the need of all residents and future investors. Moreover, the farmhouses will be of 2 Kanal and 4 Kanal. Furthermore, these sizes will let the investors gain quality of living and where they will also gain the best time to spend with their loved ones. Most importantly, the value of farmhouses will increase because the Margalla Hills have increased the views and eco-friendly element of the community.

Secured Gated Community

The final facility that all investors look at is the security level in the residing area. Moreover, the developers are ready to offer the best security level to all investors, including the provision of CCTV Cameras and Security guards. Both are mandatory to increase the level of confidence and secure living standards in the community.

Pros & Cons

Dream Valley Smart City investment will have several benefits. Moreover, the advantages will let the residents and investors make a sustainable living here:


  • Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
  • World-Class Infrastructure
  • Wide Roads
  • Provision of Basics
  • Scenic Margalla Views
  • Gated Community
  • Security Guards
  • Farmhouses
  • Apartments
  • Educational Facilities
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Inexpensive Rates
  • Eye-Catching Site
  • Mosque
  • Parkes and Grounds
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Street lights
  • Main Boulverads
  • Community Centre


  • Perception of expensive plots.

Why Invest in Dream Valley?

The developers will offer an exceptional and green investment opportunity to all. Moreover, facilities provided in the community are the optimal requirement for all investors and residents. Furthermore, a secure lifestyle will be available for all, including the latest technological types of equipment and security guards. Most importantly, there will be access to basics and facilities for all investors and residents at highly reasonable rates. The Margalla Hills are why all investors will have leisure time in their luxurious farmhouses. All these reasons are enough to make an ideal living at Dream Valley Housing Scheme.


Dream Valley housing scheme is an outstandingly exceptional housing scheme working hard for the timely delivery of all residing space to investors. Moreover, the developers are keen to offer one of its king housing ventures to all the investors. Furthermore, the site is the most catchy feature for all purchasers of the Dream Valley housing scheme is the Beautiful Scenic and green surroundings. And the best aspect is the value of money, which will help make a long-term and profitable living here. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing knows all the relevant information and would like to help them. So, without delay, connect with them and make a dream residential investment.


Q1. What is the Dream Valley housing scheme?

Dream Valley is one of the exceptional housing ventures developing for investors who enjoy the natural beauty and wishes to live nearby.

Q2. Where is the site of the Dream Valley housing scheme?

The housing community will be at the Muree Expressway, close to Koran River.

Q3. Is the site approachable from vital access points?

The accessibility of this site is high from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Capital Hills Murree.

Q4. Is this residing space legal?

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and the Muree TMA have approved the housing venture.

Q5. Will there be a provision for Farmhouses?

Leisure time is the need of all residents and future investors, so there will be a provision of farmhouses here.

Q6. Are the prices range payable?

Yes, the price range will be within reach of most investors, including the most payable instalment plan.

Q7. Who is building Dream Valley Housing Scheme?

M/S Canyon Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd is building this eco-friendly and scenic housing venture.

Q8. Is this housing venture worth the investment?

Yes, the amenities and scenic views make this residential investment worthy.

Q9. From where get the proper guidance and property here?

Estate Land Marketing knows all the relevant information and wants investors to make an ideal living and investment here.

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