Mid City Islamabad


Mid City Islamabad is going to be Pakistan’s First Aerotropolis Housing development. Further, the living space will soon be available for all investors looking to attain a life that offers world-class opportunities and investment perks. Moreover, the affordability and the location are what all investors are looking for in this housing project. Residential, commercial, educational, medical, and recreational facilities will be available for all prospective investors. Further, the prime location will enhance the investment rates in the community. Also, its closeness to Islamabad International Airport makes it the most desirable real estate investment opportunity. So, keep reading to know all the updated housing project details.

Owners & Developers

Apex Group (real estate division) is building this magnificent urban living standards for all investors. Further, they have been in the field since 2005, creating unique living spaces for investors and residents. Moreover, the developers believe in delivering high-class investment opportunities to all prospective investors. Most importantly, the highly skilled team of professionals is part of the team who ensures that all development work goes as planned and most efficiently and effectively.

Several projects available by the developers are popular among investors, and the best examples are Mid City Lahore, Al Razi Heights, Urban Enclave Lahore, and Star Mall Gujranwala. Lastly, these examples of their work will help increase trust and credibility among investors.

NOC Status

The housing project will soon attain Noc authorization from the concerned agencies. Moreover, the developers will quickly boost the investor’s interest in long-term investment in the community by providing approved NOC status. Most importantly, they have submitted all the mandatory documents to the concerned departments, and the process will not take long to grant the approved status. For more updates regarding the NOC status, keep visiting the official website of Estate Land Marketing.

Location & Map

The Housing Project occupies a key location in the city’s centre and offers quick access to all areas of Islamabad. Additionally, it is close to the New Islamabad Airport and provides easy access to significant local attractions. Also, it offers quick access to well-known locales, including Thalian Interchange, Blue Area, and Zero Point. Residents may easily and quickly access these landmarks because they are near the area. Also, the housing community is an appealing option for investors due to its easy accessibility and excellent growth potential.

Mid City Islamabad location

Access Points

The housing endeavour is close to significant housing projects and the locations that make this project highly accessible. Moreover, here are the essential sites increasing the investment charm in the housing project. So, without delay, let’s look at the site’s names.

  • Mumtaz City
  • Qurtaba City
  • Islamabad Marina
  • Top City
  • Capital Smart City

Mid City Payment Plan

The residential plot payment plan is available so far, giving a sense of affordability. Furthermore, the developers will soon share the other block’s payment plans. In addition, the instalment plan provides a provision that makes it easier for all investors to make long-term investments more efficient. Further, the details of the payment plan are available here. And for other payment plans and investment details, keep visiting our website.

Mid City payment plan

Master Plan

The housing project will have residential and commercial properties for investors to invest in and strive for sustainable living standards. Moreover, the properties available in the community will be of high quality and equipped with international standards, amenities, and facilities. However, the in-depth details of the master plan and properties will be available soon. But here are some of the available information on the housing project.

Residential Plots

The residential plots available in the community will be of high infrastructural quality. Furthermore, the developers promise the deliver the residential properties as soon as possible. So, investors can enjoy luxurious living standards at highly affordable rates. Lastly, the residential properties dimension available at the community will be:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 15 Marla

Commercial Plots

The developers are yet to unveil the commercial properties in the community. However, they have ensured that corporate spaces will soon be available for all investors where they can start any startup according to their wishes. Also, the corporate features and facilities available will help attain the desired business goals. Further, it will help in generating high returns on investments. Here are the speculated commercial plots dimensions.

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla


Mid City Islamabad has several features available in the community that will enhance the livelihood among the prospective residents. And some of the significant features are these:

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Family Park
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Educational Institution
  • Grand Mosque
  • Commercial Properties
  • Shopping Malls
  • Parking Lots
  • Eco-Friendly Housing project
  • Secured Gated Community
  • Green Belts
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Filtration Plants
  • Cemetery
  • Gymnasium
  • Grid Station


Mid City Islamabad has to offer many services and facilities to its shareholders. From essential to high-end facilities, the housing project is becoming the best spot to start a dream life. And here are some of the reasons.

Provision of all Basics

The future residents will easily have Essential essentials like power, gas, and water. Furthermore, there will be water filtration provisions in the housing community to guarantee that all future shareholders have access to clean, safe drinking water. Further, electricity and gas provision will also be available. Most importantly, they will be accessible at affordable prices and have favourable living conditions. Lastly, the owners want to create an entity where every investor can get their ideal lifestyle.

Secured Living standards

The housing endeavour will provide all shareholders with an exceptional standard of living. Additionally, the neighbourhood will retain high-tech assured standards, giving potential residents a sense of security and tranquil life. Moreover, there will also be guards to maintain the ground-level environment’s safety and to control any unforeseen events in the neighbourhood.

Educational & Medical Services

The builders ensure that medical facilities will improve living conditions for all incoming residents. Further, it will be equipped with advanced medical technology to serve as the best medical facility for everyone. Also, the neighbourhood will have educational institutions, making it the ideal place for everyone to live. Most significantly, these amenities will be accessible at the most competitively priced levels.

Sustainable Housing Program

The community will have plants, making it a peaceful and tidy place. Also, the housing community follows urban town planning strategies to save waste during development work. Moreover, family parks and grounds will be in the residential area to provide leisure and quality time to all future residents.

Exceptional Infrastructure

All investors and future residents will enjoy the highest possible living conditions thanks to the fantastic architecture. Additionally, there will be investors who will benefit from the top-notch infrastructure in the commercial setup, which will help them generate a ton of money in return. Further, all of these advantages of living here are affordable. Lastly, future investors are prepared to commit to the twin city long-term.

Business Zone

The business zone will provide the possibility to develop and live a perfect life. Moreover, the availability of high-tech features and amenities will make the investment more profitable and ideal for conducting business professionally. Also, the charges will be pretty affordable for most potential investors, which is crucial for the success of any business initiative.

Pros & Cons

The housing projects investment will bring many pros to the investors’ lives, and few of them are enlisted here. So, without delay, let’s explore them.


  • Ideal Site Location
  • Affordable Plot Rates
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Educational Institutes
  • Family Parks
  • Commercial Zone
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Project
  • Gated Community
  • Shops & Malls
  • Filtration Plants
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Parking Lot
  • Green Belts
  • Cemetery
  • Grand Mosque
  • Grid Station
  • High-Quality Infrastructure


  • Perception of expensive properties

Why Invest in MID City Islamabad?

There are countless factors to make a living at the housing venture excellent. Moreover, the neighbourhood will also contain luxurious, profitable amenities, making it the ideal long-term residential investment for everyone. Moreover, the infrastructure will also contribute to a perfect, joyful living environment here. However, a safe living environment will most critically provide everyone with a dependable way of life. Additionally, various properties will be accessible here to offer all investors a comfortable way of life. And there is no hesitation that the asset creation here will significantly advantage locals and overseas investors.


Mid City Islamabad will soon be available for all twin city residents and investors looking for sustainable and profitable housing investment. Moreover, the developers are creating one of its kind Aerotropolis development in the area that will help attracts a vast number of investors. And it’s not only for local but also for overseas investors. Owners will also create a favourable and lucrative natural environment, resulting in substantial incentives for all shareholders. Most importantly, features like family parks, medical facilities, educational institutions, and community centres will be available to everyone, making it the most desirable place to invest. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing keep sharing valuable information, so stay updated with them.


Q1. What is Mid City Islamabad?

Mid City Islamabad is going to be Pakistan’s First Aerotropolis Housing development.

Q2. Where is the Mid City Islamabad Location?

It will be close to the New Islamabad International Airport and provides easy access to important local sites.

Q3. Will the site be accessible?

It will be accessible from Thalian Interchange, Blue Area, and Zero Point.

Q4. Is there any Mid City payment plan available?

Yes, an affordable residential payment plan is available for all prospective investors.

Q5. Who is the Mid City Islamabad owner?

Apex Group (real estate division) is building this magnificent urban living standards for all investors.

Q6. What is the housing project Noc Status?

Soon the developers will receive the NOC approval from the concerned authorities.

Q7. Is the housing project developing fast?

The construction work will soon begin and be available with all facilities to the investors.

Q8. Will this investment be worth it?

The international standards available at affordable rates will enhance the investment rates and their worth.

Q9. From where to get the best investment deal here?

Estate Land Marketing will offer all its investors the best investment deals here and guidance.

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