Pakistan First Property Podcast Review

Pakistan First Property Podcast Review

The following blog contains all the needed information on Pakistan first property podcast including the review and assistance. Moreover, one must keep in mind that podcasts are a great way to gain information. That too on every topic about a certain niche. That is precisely why real estate podcasts have become one of the biggest sources to gain information. In addition, among the top communication mediums, podcasts do have a certain repertoire/standing.

Well, in this read, we will be talking about the globally known and promising Pakistan first property podcast and review it thoroughly. Along with it, there will be a whole lot of things, which are extremely ways of being.

Podcasts Pertinence

Before talking about the Pakistan First Property podcast, we will give a go at what are podcasts and how they are done. Well, podcasts are mostly audio – often video-graphed versions of discussions on a topic. In addition, people, experts, & the host sit at a place and talk keenly about a certain topic. Anyhow, the pertinence and importance of the medium are huge, especially considering the immense mass reach.

Pakistan first property podcast

Let’s get into the detailed discussion on Pakistan first property podcast which has been and still is making huge hype within the market. In addition, it shall also be mentioned that this podcast sheds light on all kinds of concerning and needed topics including strategies and podcasts which surely come under the category of top 10 real estate podcasts.

 Authenticity & Transparency

Investors, stakeholders, and even the general masses look for the facets of authenticity and legitimacy. It is because real estate investment comes up a few days a lifetime only, therefore, being wise and sharp is necessary.

Therefore, having access to society and desired property is important and podcasts like Pakistan First Property podcast are extremely helpful.

Content diversity

There is an extreme need for content diversity which viewers and audiences are always looking for. Furthermore, to cater to investors of all kinds, the developers of the podcasts need to make sure they are entirely satisfied.

So, catering to all kinds of investors is the main goal of Pakistan’s first property podcast and that is why it is exceedingly popular and known. In addition, they also talk about all other types of podcasts including Property management podcasts and others. 

Industry Progress

In addition to this, they also talk about the very phenomenon of how the industry is progressing and flourishing. All the ways that the developers and even the general masses can excel in this industry. Well, that requires awareness and know-how of everything in this particular niche. Well, nothing to worry about there as Pakistan first property podcast kind of content has got you covered well. Therefore, content like this does help the industry grow and flourish in the larger picture.

How to make the best investment?

Since we have shed light on what Pakistan’s first property podcast has to bring to the table, here is another pertinent thing. Investors are always looking for novel, refreshing, and beneficial investments. That is precisely what the main core of this venture is. Whether it is about knowing or being oblivious in this industry, or just hoping for the best, you will have all the things you need.

The creators of Pakistan first property podcast opt & promise to bring you the information that you need and that will be beneficial to you.


The Real Estate industry is huge and, thus, requires a massive set of efficiency and transparency in all its departments. Therefore, the way of awareness is the way ahead. That is precisely why Pakistan first property podcast kind of communication mode comes in handy. Making the lives of all the investors extremely easy and seamless. Anyhow, do tune in right now if you want to make an investment, the podcast will guide you throughout. However, do not forget to double-check the information. Estate Land Marketing, however, is always at your service to fulfill all real estate-related demands.

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Bigger Pockets Blogs Benefits for realtors

Bigger Pockets Blogs Benefits for Realtors

The individuals who are planning to begin their journey into real estate business can checkout some best BiggerPockets Blog. The blog portal of biggerpockets podcast website included numerous articles that would guide new investors to kickstart their career. Those articles involve abundant information about real estate business that would help the investor in getting huge return. The authors of these articles are real estate professionals with their expertise of more than 10 years. So far, many of the real estate experts had also provided positive feedback for the blogwriters of this podcast.

BiggerPockets Blog

How to Invest in Medium-Term Rentals

This BiggerPockets blog talks about Investor-friendly agents with invaluable experience, and what they need to learn about any rental property. They should be enthusiastic about current trends of the rental market and can identify areas with lesser values. The ones who own any rental properties should also provide insight of first hand. Such move is necessary to replicate their accomplishments and avoid their errors. After finding some prospective properties, now comes the phase to run the numbers. The investors would have time to estimate expenditures like services, conservation costs, coverage, and property levies, and then one needs to think about income. This blog has some positive BiggerPockets Podcast Review due to its knowledgable guidance.

How to Read Your Property Insurance Policy

This BiggerPockets blog highlights that buying satisfactory landlord or property insurance for the investment property is important. Especially, if one wants to protect the income and maintain financial security for longer term. However, the investors who have insurance are dependent on the financial term and condition of housing policy. That particular insurance would entirely depend on the terms and conditions of provider’s policy.  The investors need to read each clause of the property insurance policy before going ahead with the deal. The investors should compare insurance deals while taking help with some insurance expert to make a better decision. Some  insurance providers may offer lesser rates, and not deliver full insurance for protection from any financial damage.   Such strategy has been widely discussed in some BiggerPockets podcast episodes.

Maximizing Your Portfolio: How to Get the Most Out Of Your Real Estate Investments

Many of the real estate investors prefer a market that offers positive cash flow with high appreciation to get most of ROI. However, real estate investors want to go for necessary markets, which means one needs to be active in the search. If investors learn to look for areas with strong growth potential, then they would be ahead of their competitors in real estate sector. This BiggerPockets real estate podcasts emphasizes that Determining potential of cash flow requires more than simply decreasing numbers. It might be in interest of investors to lay out a strategy for incremental goals that align with their long-term vision. A proper plan should include a calculated approach to make rational decisions for alleviating the risk of costly mistakes. Many of the bigger Pockets Podcast hosts also recommend this strategy to get more profits.


As many of the real estate investors prefer BiggerPockets as an important source of real estate information. It would be better for them to learn all the pros and cons of real estate business through BiggerPockets Blog. The author behind such blogs have a tremendous amount of experience, and they share their best experiences. For more details about these blogs, you can visit the official site of Estate Land Marketing.

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Best Real Estate Podcasts For Agents

Best Real Estate Podcasts For Agents

Many real estate agents might face a hectic schedule, so they might not know about latest Real estate update. The agents can listen to some best real estate podcasts for agents, if they have less time. These podcasts are helpful in growing real estate skills. These podcast include many professional real estate guests, who are familiar with ins and outs of this industry. There area some other real estate agent podcasts that help in growing sales in the real estate business.

Best Real Estate Podcasts For Agents

Real Estate Rockstars

This is one of the best real estate podcast for agents that shares tips to make more money in commercial real estate. The host behind this podcast is Pat Hiban, who is a billion-dollar professional and a famous real estate author. He runs this podcast and shares tips to earn higher commissions, and generate huge profit return. This podcasts has more than a million downloads with more than 900 episodes. It includes some famous real estate professionals like Robert Kiyosaki, David Osborn, and Barbara Corcoran. The hosts and guests in this podcast also tell us about methods to earn profits, similar to the ones in BiggerPockets Podcasts.

Lab Coat Agents

LabCoat Agents was Facebook group around 8 years before, and the admin of this group was Tristan Ahumada. After a year, this group became popular among various real estate vendors, agents, brokers, speakers, and financial experts. They started collaborating with each other to establish a best system to generate leads. Now, it has become one of the best real estate podcasts for agents that discusses techniques of business growth. One can also consider it one the best real estate podcasts, where anyone can learn about ways to get more clients.


This Podcast airs two times a week, where expoerts discuss best marketing strategies to generate more sales. The host behind this show is Brady Winder, who helps in negotiation, and video marketing. This podcast is important for professionals looking ways to have a strategic mindset to expand their business. This podcast is quite similar to Tom Ferry Podcast, where one gets motivation to start their own venture in real estate sector.

The Massive Agent Podcast

This is one of the best real estate podcasts for agents, whether they are fresh or professional. The host of this podcasts is Dustin, who motivates his guests to do something new in this business. He offer best advice regarding lead generation and unfiltered marketing tips of loan officer, and brokers. The whole purpose behind such podcast is to enable real estate professional to next level. Just like BiggerPockets Real Estate podcast, this podcast has its own importance due to its involvement with real estate professionals.


It is important for professional real estate agents to listen to these podcasts, in order to improve their business skills. These podcasts serve as a best platform to the ones, who aim to establish a huge business empire in real estate. They might be earning huge profits after few years of stepping into this business. Estate Land Marketing is here to provide you more information about such podcasts in detail. Our consultancy firm website has a lot of information about real estate blogs that are helpful for real estate professionals.

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Best Real Estate Investing Podcast

Best Real Estate Investing Podcast

As the entire world has become a digital way to connect, it is very easy for individuals to hear any news from anywhere. Many of the real estate investors follow finance websites to keep an eye on finance-related news. So, the real estate investor can listen to some podcasts that are important for their knowledge. There are different Real Estate Investing Podcasts that provide the best guidance about real estate finance and profits. Amongst them is the BiggerPockets Podcast, which more thousands of listeners.

Real Estate Investing Podcasts

Here is the best list;

Joe Fairless’ “Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show”

This is one of the best real estate investing podcasts with more than 3000 episodes. The host of this program is Joe Fairless, who himself is a real estate professional. He has invested around 2 billion dollars in the real estate business while writing several books that provide the best real estate advice. His podcasts present valuable insights about residential and commercial real estate investment. He invites other finance and real estate professionals, who have good experience of house flipping to house rentals. Joe Fairless also explains the latest trends in real estate on BiggerPockets Podcast Website by writing several blogs.

Real Estate 101″

If you plan to establish yourself as a real estate professional or want to improve your knowledge about this business, then this real estate investing podcast would help you. The host of this podcast is Robert Leonard, who worked previously as a loan officer and finance analyst. He has hosted this program with another real estate entrepreneur named Patrick Donley, and this program caters to learners. New episodes appear at least thrice a week, and these hosts speak to real estate investors. They even talk about some best industrial real estate podcasts to explain commercial real estate in detail.

Passive Real Estate Investing with Marco Santarelli”

Macro Snatarelli is the CEO of Norada Real Estate Investments, a firm that deals with property investments. This Real Estate Investing Podcast is for those, who aim to tackle the problems that real estate professional faces. This podcast is important for the ones, who are willing to rectify their blunders. They should listen to these real estate podcasts to learn new strategies to avoid losses in this business.

Rental Income Podcast

The host of this Real Estate Investing Podcast is Dan Lane, who helps investors learn new lessons. He interviews landlords and investors to explain how they stepped into this business. The latest episode talks about a woman who has built up a real estate portfolio of 1 million dollars, and generates 10000 income. Investors looking forward to expanding their business must listen to Rental Income Podcast for more knowledge.

Tom ferry Podcast

This is one of the best podcasts that has even received appreciation from various real estate experts. Tom Ferry Podcasts are all about improving negotiation skills by gaining insights into real estate trends. He involves guests, who are best-selling authors, and teaches the ways to grow the business. This Real Estate Investing Podcast shows updated trends and also enables listeners to learn from experts about their portfolios.


If you plan to grow your real estate business and gain profits, a Real Estate Investing podcast is mandatory for you. Such podcast helps in improving business skills to market and negotiate any agreement. For more information regarding such podcasts, you should check out the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our Real estate professionals have links with different real estate owners in Pakistan and would provide you with better consultation.

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BiggerPocket Podcast Website a hub of real estate knowledge

BiggerPocket Podcast Website a hub of real estate knowledge


BiggerPockets Podcast website is one of the best thing that aims to help real estate investor to help in their investing experience. It caters to all kinds of investors, whether they are residential or commercial ones. This website tells the ways to flip houses and supplement income from those houses to earn more money. The vital thing about this website is that it got appreciation from famous news outlets like CNBC, FoxNews, and Forbes. One must listen to BiggerPockets Podcasts to have an important information about the ways to start the career in real estate business.

BiggerPockets Podcast Website

There are variety of podcasts that are all about discussion on real estate business. BiggerPockets is one of the best sources of such discussions, where one also learns about real estate strategies. BiggerPockets real estate podcasts are best thing to hear BiggerPockets Podcast Website. Also, the hosts in these podcasts are have best experience in real estate business, and they share their past experiences. The podcasts episodes appear on this website twice a week atleast, where the listeners get to learn new things. The best thing about these podcasts is that they offer unlimited knowledge at lesser cost. Anyone can listen to the podcasts in BiggerPockets Podcast Website, while they are having lunch, or doing any other activity. Another best thing about these podcasts are that people get to learn aspects of financial freedom through the professional real estate hosts.


BiggerPocket Reviews is one of the best thing of this website, as they are very positive. BiggerPocket Podcast Website also involves some webinars, where different real estate experts have their session with listeners. The website also involves some of the guides, which many of the real estate experts have themselves compiled to provide good information. Those guides involve various information like home loans, ways to screen tenants, and earn huge profits in real estate business. This website also explains that how any individual can develop its portfolio in real estate business. Many of the real estate investors have utilized this website to enhance their marketing and negotiation skills.


BiggerPockets Podcast website is one of the best revolutionary step in the real estate business. Many of the organization like Real Estate Investors Association highly recommend the podcasts in this website to learn from real estate professionals. Also, in this website, the real estate investors can find best investment deals. Whether you aim for residential or commercial real estate investment, this website serves you best. This is an incredible online resource, where one can also find ways to earn profits from rental real estate. Other than that, you can also find some of the other best real estate information from Estate Land Marketing. Our website comprises of best information about the real estate project that are near the completion in different cities of Pakistan.

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Why is BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast important.

Why is BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast important.


BiggerPockets is one of the popular American company that provides insights about real estate business. This company is based in Denver, Colorado, and provides real estate investing education and rental properties investment benefits.  Biggerpockets real estate podcast is an important source of knowledge for real estate enthusiasts, as they might learn way to improve their marketing skills. It is becoming a important podcast for those looking forward to establish their career in real estate business.

BiggerPocket CEO

The CEO of BiggerPocket Real Estate Podcasts is Scott Trench, who is one of the popular real estate of Denver. He used to be habitual listener of this podcast site, and became member of this company around decades ago. He started working as an Operations Director in 2014, and then got the presidentship in 2018. His main recognition is being a passionate real estate investor, and professional finance enthusiast. Apart from that he wrote a book named First Time Home buyer, in which he mainly talked about real estate experience. He has also been writing articles about real estate in different news outlets like NBC, and Bloomberg.

BiggerPockets real estate podcast

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast is one of the most important sources to learn real estate finance. Many of the analysts in this podcast believe that people might take years to purchase their first rental property. Some people were lucky enough to purchase rental within three years of their entry into real estate business. Jeeni Vega is one of the popular hosts of this podcast, who discussed her experience of cash flow. She explains golden triangle method on investment, through which she bought properties with lesser value. Properties were cheaper though but still managed to make huge profits. Jenni learned such strategy, when she worked as saleswoman in Cutco. Apart from that, it is important for the investors to hear Tom Ferry Podcasts in BiggerPockets to learn about real estate in depth.

How do these podcasts operate

BiggerPockets have adopted advertising and monetization means through people are able to hear BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast. The ad requests in these podcasts provide value to users. The hosts of this podcasts have partnered with some real estate entreprenuers that provide valuable insights on this industry. Other than that, this enterprise offer upgraded membership in its LinkedIn Handle. The have also adopted strategies of Social media marketing for real estate agents podcast to gain more listeners. 


The ones who are willing to earn more cash can try their luck in real estate business. For that, it is important for them to hear biggerpockets Real estate podcast for once. There are numerous real estate professionals in this podcast, who offer smart strategies to make money from this business. Many of the host and guests in this podcast have professional experience of working as a real estate agent. These podcasts also explain the kind economic circumstance reliable for real estate operations. For more knowledge about these podcast, you better look into the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our firm involves numerous real estate professional, who have a good experience of marketing and advertising properties.

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Real estate rookie podcast by Ashley Details

Real estate rookie podcast by Ashley Details


As real estate business is gaining popularity worldwide, there are new entrants in the market, who want to be successful. So, BiggerPockets Podcast run Real Estate Rookie Podcast once in a Week. Ashley Kellar is the host of this podcast, who is writer of a famous book known as Real Estate Rookie: 90 Days to Your First Investment. She has been working as a professional real estate representative for last eight years after she purchasing a rental property. Now, she has completely diversified her portfolio due her buy and hold strategy for different real estate ventures. The other co host of this Program is Tony Robinson, who own Robinson Equity, a firm that deals with acquisition of rental properties. He has a skill of scaling partnerships, and also an educator of real estate business.

Real estate rookie podcast

The real estate podcasts allow the realtors in making the best possible investment decisions.

Rookie Reply: Don’t Chase Cash Flow! 

This is some of the knowledgable Real Estate Rookie Podcast, as it discussed the importance of cash flow. The host explain that flow of cash is mandatory, while analyzing new real estate deals. A lot of rookies are not familiar with this, when they count the number. Another important metric in this aspect is cash on return, which determined the worth of an investment property. Ashley and Tony further discuss the ways to calculate the cash on return, and lines of credit in funding deals. The investors must know the ways to pitch sellar financing option that would be acceptable for both the agreeing parties. Tom Ferry Podcast are also helpful in explaining these things

Achieving FI with Fewer Doors: The Small and Mighty Real Estate Portfolio

This Real Estate Rookie Podcast explains importance of financial freedom for purchasing rental properties. Many of the real estate investors believe that huge units of such properties result in huge profits. But harsh truth is that nobody is willing to apply such strategy, as it is very risky. However, one can consider it as means of passive income, along with pursuing it as a passion. One needs to have financial freedom on his own terms, and must not rely in exterior factors. However, acquiring more property units should be the final goal of investors. So, they can also looking into Ninja Selling podcasts to learn ways of selling their units for profits.

Don’t Have 20% Down? Here’s How to Fund Your Next Investment

Ashley and Tony explain that small investment of 20 percent downpayment might not be important to purchase first investment property. Although, many of the real estate experts believe that huge downpayment is mandatory to purchase property. However, one can get some external funding i.e. investing income of the multiple properties that one owns. It might be helpful, if one get in touch with the private money lender. A lot of investor have already begun taking loans, in order to fund their next investment. This Real Estate Rookie Podcast explains the importance of external funding, and how it may help to create wealth faster. Even, some of the important Brandon Turner BiggerPockets Podcasts emphasize on saving some money, while making investment.


Tony and Ashley are one of the important real estate experts, who have 5 years’ experience of real estate sector. Ashely herself is an expert of creative financing, and leveraging partnerships, so mainly discusses the ways to negotiate successfully. She worked as an accountant before pursuing real estate career, which highlights her talent as finance expert. Many of the real estate enthusiasts, who are followers of BiggerPockets must listen to Real Estate Rookie Podcast by Ashley. Such podcast help in improving negotiation and marketing skills to be successful in real estate sector. Estate Land Marketing is here to guide more about such podcasts in details.

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How do real estate professionals benefit from the Tom Ferry podcast?

How do real estate professionals benefit from the Tom Ferry podcast?


Tom Ferry is one of the famous business coach, who has been helping a lot of business enthusiasts in utilizing their talent. He has his own private podcast in the name of Tom Ferry Experience, where he talks about methods to start business. Majority of Tom Ferry Podcast are all about motivating others, in learning and implementing new strategies. He also hosts few shows BiggerPockets Podcast, where he talks about transforming mindset, in order to achieve an aim. Majority of his shows involves professional real estate consultants and authors, who give guidance for sustaining in real estate business.

Tom Ferry Podcast

here are some of the real estate podcasts that allow investors to make the right decision at the right time.

The Recruiting Calls that Team Leaders Need to Make

In this Tom Ferry Podcast, tom emphasizes that one has to make recruiting calls, if there are plans to organize a team. Tom Ferry hosts this show with Lisa Chinatti, who has been working on various leadership roles. Team planning is necessary, if one is serious about scaling in business, or catering to the real estate clients. Lisa shares her own experience by revealing that she was not immune from making calls daily. Within few months, she onboarded agents from 72 to 115. In the entire podcast, Lisa explains that why leaders must be making recruiting call to agents, and what things they need to say to them. Also, the hosts tell that what things are important to create huge profits in real estate business. One must listen to some Ken McElroy podcasts to learn about the team planning.

From Content to Contract: The Real Estate Process

Being a real estate expert, Tom discusses that having a mutual consent and signature to an agreement must be the ultimate goal. He advises that one must produce a lot of video content about such things to address the issues. Content might be one of the best ways to enable other individual to sign the agreement. He recommends some popular content creators named Chris Kwon, and Jen Dillard, who have executed brilliant strategies to attract clients. One should also learn some strategies of Social media marketing for real estate agents podcast to attract more clients. This is one of the most vital Tom Ferry Podcast, where people would learn about marketing strategies to start a real estate business.

Regaining Confidence and Certainty in Today’s Market

This Tom Ferry Podcast explains that certainty and confidence are mandatory things in a real estate business. These two things implicate that what thing are important to have a deal at first phase, and the deal doesn’t rely on ones feeling. Tom feels that the current scenario of the industry is all about lack of certainty and confidence. There are a some of the agents, who are lost and unhappy of the current trends in this market. Tom has hosted this podcast with Jason Patana, and Jeff Mays, who are notable real estate experts. All the host emphasize that having confidence is the only way to get the real estate business on track. One should listen to some best real estate agents podcast to learn about ways to gain confidence in real estate market.


Tom Ferry Podcast is one of the best source of  knowledge about real estate business, but also offer optimistic glimpse of real estate profits. A lot of real estate enthusiasts must listen to these podcasts to start their business with confidence. Also, one must look into the current economic trends, and then make up their mind to invest in real estate project. To learn more details about these podcasts, you should visit the website of Estate Land Marketing. Our agents have a best hands on experience in real estate business, and looking forward to consult you.

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Best Pakistan real estate podcast

Best Pakistan real estate podcast

The search for the best Pakistan real estate podcast is going to be seamless. It is because the industry is huge, thus, thriving, resulting in having a plethora of information available for all. Now, the question of what makes a certain communication mode worthy of being declared or considered good. It is when a particular phenomenon covers all the departments, topics, sectors, and departments. The investors are covered from all boundaries, so much so that they do not have to do much research.

Now, real estate is a huge industry. Taping into and then trying to find secure footing in it is a hard task. Well, first and foremost, one needs to be highly informative and updated along with massive experience. How about one finds this in a single medium? That is exactly what all the top channels offer including the best Pakistan real estate podcast. We will have a look at all the facets and features, so keep reading.

Pakistan Real Estate vs. Digitalization

As we are highly familiar with all kinds of foreign and international exposure when it comes to real estate. Well, the Pakistan industry too is massive, thus, offering a bunch of facets and features. Anyhow, we will talk in massive detail about the best real estate education podcasts.

In addition, people will get inspired by acquiring a whole lot of information and subject expertise. Well, before going ahead, it is important to mention all these real estate podcasts cover subjects and topics of various things. All of them come under the niche of real estate though.

Makkaan kay Mehmaan

One of the giant, massive, globally acknowledged, and most importantly, offering a plethora of information. Makkan key Mehmaan is also gaining a whole lot of attention and eyeballs from the masses within the industry and even outside.

In addition, it should also be noticed that Makkan itself is a huge real estate firm, probably one of the biggest and finest. I served in the industry for years and years, so my sheer skill set and impeccable experience speak aloud. Anyhow here are some of the facets, that make Makkaan kay Mehmaan count in the top 10 real estate podcasts.

Distinctive Features

In order to make it even more comprehensive and distinctive, these are the facets that play a keen role.

Top Real Estate Developers

There is nothing that comes close to having to listen to the first-hand experience. Well, that is precisely what Makkaan Kay Mehmaan brings to the table. They invite all the top developers of all the biggest housing societies and make it a personal experience.

In addition, the developers talk about their journeys, aims, ambitions, aspirations, hustles, future plans, and everything in between. So, being the best Pakistan real estate podcast, it truly lives up to the expectations.

Authentic and transparent Discourse

All an investor wants are authenticity, truth, and transparency. Therefore, all kinds of discussions that happen on this podcast stay authentic. That is why people have managed to build sheer trust and bonding. Therefore, talking about all kinds of strategies and podcasts including commercial real estate podcasts, general, and more are great marketing tactics. They truly prove to be extremely helpful for the listeners. It is because they trust the information.


Another factor that makes it a giant, massive, and magnificent Pakistan real estate podcast, is that diversification plays a huge role. In addition, people get to see experts talk about all kinds of pertinent topics and discourses.

Anyhow, the diversification and all the unique approaches do play a huge role. Anyhow, if one wants to get a wholesome, thorough, and deep analysis – Makkaan kay Mehmaan is the choice.

Experts Opinion

The podcast successfully invites all kinds of experts who have a say in multiple and varied sectors of real estate. Whether it is;

  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Agency owners
  • Realtors
  • Real estate consultants

These aspects surely make it the best Pakistan real estate podcast – helping the industry flourish. In addition, it also targets audiences, content consumers, potential investors, and viewers of all kinds.


In this particular blog, we discussed thoroughly the best and finest Pakistan real estate podcast. It is not only creating great waves but also helping the industry flourish in more ways than one. So, it is only wise to get the needed information and make secure, profound, and beneficial investments. Well, for those purposes and everything else, Estate Land Marketing is here to take it up.

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David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts

David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts

David Greene is one of the prominent name in real estate business, who has earned huge profits in this business. He started of his career as a police officer, and now has a decades old experience in real estate business. In his career, he  purchased and managed more than 20 single-family rental assets. Now, he has an ownership of numerous multifamily mortgage notes, studio apartments, and other triple net properties. He has hired a professional team of real estate agents, along with Kellar Williams for the success of his company. He currently runs a famous mortgage firm in USA known as One Brokerage. One must listen to David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts to learn more about real estate sector operations. Those BiggerPockets Podcast Reviews are very positive among real estate experts.

David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts

Is Buying a Bad Decision in 2023?

The host behind this podcast is Daryl Fairweather, who is also a Chief economist in Redfin. He state that purchasing a home may not be a good thing in 2023. One might have to go through a different hurdles to come under the terms of contract. At first, one has to look for homeowner willing sell the home. Then, one needs to convince them that lowering down the price for more value. After that securing funding for the housing might be difficult, due to  seven percent interest rate. It is one of the important David Greene BiggerPockets recommended real estate podcasts, as it discusses appropriate time to buy houses. As home affordability is low nowadays, so it might not be a good idea to buy house. Brandon Turner BiggerPockets Podcast might provide additional guidance about such issues.

The Fed Just Got One More Reason to Hike Mortgage Rates

This podcast highlights the aspect of mortgage rate hikes, and how they cause difficulty in real estate market. The federal authorities often get frustrated, if the interest rate get higher. It becomes hard for the real estate investors to invest their cash in various housing projects. Many of the crowdfunding platform often go bankrupt due to such hikes. It is also one of the most vital David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts, as it tell ways to sustain in such conditions. As the current job reports are painting a bleak economic picture, so the real estate investor might have to ask for expensive loans. The ones who own short term rentals might need to sell their assets, as platforms like AirBnb are earning less income. One should then go for core plus real estate investment opportunities to thrive in market.

Untold Story of 7-Day Workweeks to 7-Figure Net Worth

In this podcast, David Greene himself tells about importance of Cash flow in establishing a real estate business. For some individuals, this business seems to be lucrative, yet making cash is very problematic in this business. One has to do hard work to make sure that their business thrives in the every type of scenario. This also an important David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts, as David shares his experience of financial stress, and failures. He also has a diverse portfolio of having shares in cash flowing companies, to owning rental properties. One should also learn about ways to manage real estate business through Ninja selling podcast. It also tells that how one has to value every second of the day, in order to get profits from this business


David Greene has been very influential in the real estate sector due to his motivational knowledge of real estate. He shares his personal experiences to make sure that no other individuals repeats such mistakes to avoid losses. David Greene BiggerPockets recommended podcasts are instrumental in enabling the real estate investor to make a rational decision. For further information, you better reach out to real estate professional of Estate Land Marketing.

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