Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad


In a short time, this project has to turn into an exceptionally appealing private venture in Pakistan just because of its landscapes and innovative advancement. This project is planned to give an eco-friendly ambience to its inhabitants. To live with your family in an idealized space, this society has numerous highlights. Capital Smart City will carry out the commercial and lodging needs of individuals.  A land of about 55,000 Kanals has been allotted for this private housing society. The venture will be among the closest residential projects to the New Islamabad International Airport.

Moreover, this project seems to be an ideal venture possibility. Qualified engineers and originators from different countries worldwide have come to Pakistan to provide a fantastic set of facilities to its tenants. Capital Smart City is a combined excellent work of two developers FDHL and Habib Rafiq Pvt. LTD.

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited (FDHL)

Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited is one of the prime real estate developers popular for their extraordinarily organized wanders with remarkable planning compared to the other conspicuous builders. The purpose of FDHL is to change over the lifestyle of inhabitants into modern-day and smart living. FDHL maintains a new and sumptuous way of life in mind, making their wanders and gives exceptional client support and in detail consultancy to everyone. FDHL is a foundation that was initially enlisted underneath the company law. Multiple national and international small-scale alliance firms joined to create this company. FHDL mainly combines two companies, China Liaoning International Financial and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd (CLIC) and Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL). Both of these companies are expert in both technical and organization capabilities.

Habib Rafiq Pvt. LTD

Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd stands out as a development and advancement cooperation stationed in Pakistan. It has launched a few prestigious products and designing ventures for the last 50 years. Its accomplishments have been the coordinated result of immaculate commitment and dedication to their client requests and required within the country and other countries. It moreover earned ISO 9000 certification because of its outclass administration. HRL has been the innovator in insurgent the face of lodging framework and advancement within the last 15 years and is presently considered within the market’s most well-known names.

Capital Smart City Address

When an investor decides on buying land or property, the first thing he or she concerns is the location. The reason behind the site’s importance is that the area we deal in provides a sense of security to our mind. If we live in a room with no contact with the city, it will eventually become a hassle more than ease. An investor needs to make sure the location is accessible from all the required central points to attain maximum returns. With its different energizing highlights, the project also holds a significant location.

Capital Smart City holds a model locality in the city. The project is located at the main Motorway M2, which is relatively close to the New Islamabad International Airport. It is additionally a unique extension to have an affirmed interchange that interfaces right to the motorway. Moreover, the city is near the east route of CPEC, guaranteeing that the topographical area of the project offers total comfort of portability to the individuals dwelling there.

Capital Smart City Location Map

capital smart city location map

In the above map, you can spot the project. Available from the M2 Motorway, this private lodging society will enjoy a superb orchestration to different parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is a bewildering zone of the twin cities where the preeminent marvellous and advanced developments are going on. This imperative locale makes it past any address that you will experience fantastic community services within the near future. Assorted significant streets and interstates are specifically related to this zone, making this range effectively reachable from all over the twin cities.

The engineers have chosen the most significant locale. The inhabitants will discover out every day and rejoice along with luxury. The modern-day investors and clients will look at this region as an ideal space to live and invest as the plot’s value is expected to increase within the future. The lifestyle here is meant to be sumptuous and lavish as all the elemental spots are accessible. The residents don’t have to go distant from society to fulfil the essential and basic needs of life. In today’s world, everyone needs to live in a renowned and central zone as it is the primary figure to choose your house.

NOC and Approval

NOC of Capital Smart City Islamabad was affirmed by the RDA and is one of the legitimate lodging ventures in that range. In any case, the primary NOC allowed to society is beneath modification due to the extra land procured, so the community is anticipating its NOC for the changed arrange for the amplified pieces within the project. It is expected to be allowed before long.

Capital Smart City Masterplan

capital smart city master plan

Smart City is arranged to reach a high-level lifestyle progression. This meander will, without a doubt, advance financial enhancement and upgrade the way of life of the inhabitants. Creative highlights and progressions are coordinated to be related with the alter to provide more dexterous. The keen strategies and tactics will make a progressed framework and distant off inventive plan, a much prevalent living atmosphere for the residents. When starting the Smart City Islamabad project, the designers envisioned a private society that will give smart and open living spaces and creative and consumer-driven working environments. The masterplan of this project can be divided into three sectors;

  1. Residential Sector
  2. Commercial Sector
  3. Recreational Sector

Residential Sector

This sector of the project can be further divided into the following further blocks:

  • Hills Vista:

This can be a private segment inside Capital Smart City, which offers diverse plots and villas alongside golf courses and farmhouses for those who are fascinated by contributing to Capital Smart City Rawalpindi. All of these plots add up to the 18-hole golf course built in the block. Moreover, a clubhouse found adjacent. There’s additionally a golf institute for those who would cherish learning the sport.

  • Crystal Lake:

This block is also known as a residential and commercial centre inside the society. This block includes a shopping centre, lodgings, cinemas, a dancing fountain, and a floating village. The area’s central point is Precious Stone Lake, with multipurpose properties on sale within site.

  • China Village:

China Village is situated adjacent to the Crystal Lake and is currently offering plots for multiple uses. Additionally, this block will include a shopping mall. It’s expected to have a lot of entertainment spots for the inhabitants.

  • Overseas Block:

The Overseas Square has especially been planned to offer abroad Pakistanis a good speculation possibility inside Pakistan. Local people can make the maximum of the excellent craftsmanship community and appreciate the amenities that it has got to offer by contributing to Capital Smart City Islamabad. The extend offers private plots and estates as well as medical centres, schools and mosques. The overseas block is found within the upper zone to the right area of the boulevard of the project.

Commercial Sector

The commercial sector of this project can be further divided into the following squares:

  • Financial Square:

Although the Financial Square also offers private apartments, this venture’s main reason is to advance commercial speculations in Smart City Islamabad. There are setups and spaces for offices and co-operate sectors that include banks, with rooms including conference and exhibition lobbies that are perfect for workshops. Lodgings built within the zone can moreover accommodate guests that are visiting for corporate purposes.

  • Aviation Village:

Having The Islamabad International Airport exceptionally near the project, the venture will be a space to an Aviation Village that takes coordination to another level. Having huge stockrooms with cold capacity offices and exhibition lobbies, corporate workplaces, and lodgings can be the ideal space to cater to the aviation sector’s coordination and hospitality needs.

  • FDH Buildings:

The FDH Buildings are outlined to cater for the need of sales exhibitions for individuals curious about buying property in Capital Smart City. The whole administration of the offices found inside the extend is additionally performed from this business center.

Recreational Sector

This sector of Capital Smart City consists of mainly two attractions; Holiday Park and Golden Parks.

  • Holiday Parks:

Inhabitants of Capital Smart City don’t ought to travel far away to look for amusement. The Holiday Park is expected to include a theme park and a bird park, along with a garden for food stalls so that you can appreciate roadside food of the finest quality near to your house. The region will also include a holiday resort for guest who may be willing to visit Smart City, essentially for the amusement it offers.

  • Garden Parks:

Attempting to keep the environment clean and green, Smart City offers little parks and three devoted sorts of gardens, each claiming its reason. The parks will have flower gardens, which will include flowers of each season, linear parks that use space-sparing strategies for cultivating and heritage gardens, which will reflect our cultural legacy with the assistance of gardening.

Features of Capital Smart City

smart city features

The venture offers a modern-day living encounter for its occupants. The priority of the designers is to give a thoughtful way of life to individuals. It’s one of a kind wander in the country. The cutting edge advancements and framework make this extension a perfect living space where you’ll see yourself living along with your family. The prime area as of now makes this project a victory. Besides, the venture gives many services and conveniences, primarily since the developers’ need is to form a calm and serene environment. Taking after are a few of the highlights CSC offers;

  • Infrastructure:

The venture offers a helpful street and transport arrangement, with a 14-lane Central Boulevard that’s about 350 feet wide, with a coordinate association to the M2 Motorway. The complete improvement is secured with tough walls. Society has its running and cycling tracks beside an abundance of street lights to make sure there’s light in the ways at night. The whole venture moreover brags astounding greenery.

  • Healthcare City:

This segment inside the venture will be committed to progressing the medical services accessible to Islamabad individuals. It’ll include several healing centres, clinics, and research facilities to guarantee that the local people are given vital restorative help.

  • Education City:

Guaranteeing that inhabitants have a bounty of choices, this city offers instructive institutes at each level, including schools, colleges and universities. There will be campuses of restorative colleges inside the project, and daycare centres will be profited by working guardians to guarantee that their children are being looked after by experts in their nonattendance.

  • BRT System:

Apart from giving the perfect living situation, society offers a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System that administrates two of the primary transport passages. Also, there are a few centre points for transport and open transport with multiple access to interchange, with all of these services being satisfactorily kept up.

  • Urban Facilities:

Capital Smart City takes urban utilities’ arrangement to modern statures, advertising not only a power grid station and solar power parks. Moreover, it offers plants for sewerage system and consumable water situation. Aside from that, there’s a water system to preserve the green environment and a more robust administration framework to arrange waste fittingly. When we talk about security, it is also one of the best features of this venture. CSC has its police station, firefighting framework and secured environment that is CCTV observed with a gated entrance to the project.

  • Smart City Services:

This smart city has particular highlights, which makes it separated from similar projects. These incorporate mechanized traffic controls, the mechanized supply of essential utilities, no load shedding, CCTV is checking with facial as well as to object recognition, computerized road lights, free Wi-Fi spots all through the project, computerized air conditioning facility as well as the arrangement of electric bikes that are available for the inhabitants.

Payment Plan of Overseas Block

The block currently is offering plots of different sizes for sale to foreign investors. The payment plans are divided into an easy 42-months payment plan that is a 3.5 year instalment plan. Currently following plots are available.

  1. 7 Marla
  2. 10 Marla
  3. 12 Marla
  4. 1 Kanal and,
  5. 2 Kanal plots.

Following are the prices of the plots as mentioned above:

7 MARLA3,475,000347,500347,50033,000199,140
10 MARLA4,565,000456,500456,50043,500260,713
12 MARLA5,050,000505,000505,00048,000289,140
1 KANAL6,845,000684,500684,50065,200391,083
2 KANAL13,440,0001,344,0001,344,000128,000768,000

Smart Villas Payment plans


Capital Smart City Commercial Plots Payment Plans

The commercial areas discussed above of the society are advertising plots extending from 4 Marla to 8 Marla plots on a 3 year simple installment arrange. Following are the details of the installment arrange for your better understandings.

4 MARLA10,530,00014
6 MARLA14,040,00014
8 MARLA17,550,00014


CONFIRMATION (after 30 days)1,053,0001,404,0001,775,000
1ST INSTALLMENT (after 90 days of booking)702,000936,0001,170,000
2ND INSTALLMENT702,000936,0001,170,000
3RD INSTALLMENT702,000936,0001,170,000
4TH INSTALLMENT702,000936,0001,170,000
5TH INSTALLMENT702,000936,0001,170,000
6TH INSTALLMENT702,000936,0001,170,000
7TH INSTALLMENT702,000936,0001,170,000
8TH INSTALLMENT702,000936,0001,170,000
9TH INSTALLMENT702,000936,0001,170,000
10TH INSTALLMENT702,000936,0001,170,000
11TH INSTALLMENT702,000936,0001,170,000
12TH INSTALLMENT702,000936,0001,170,000
TOTAL PRICE10,530,00014,040,00017,550,000

Capital Smart City Farmhouse Payment Plan

The payment plans of the farmhouses are planned in a 36 easy monthly payments with a total of 14 payments quarterly. Details of the plan are as follows:

4 KANAL29,500,00014
8 KANAL49,000,00014


1ST INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
2ND INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
3RD INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
4TH INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
5TH INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
6TH INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
7TH INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
8TH INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
9TH INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
10TH INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
11TH INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
12TH INSTALLMENT1,965,0003,265,000
TOTAL PRICE29,530,00049,000,000

Payment Plans for Villa Apartments

660 SQ FEET2,685,000268,500268,50022,375135,250
856 SQ FEET3,610,000361,000361,00030,083180,500

Documents required for bookings

  • A copy of the buyer’s CNIC
  • A copy of next to kin’s CNIC       
  • A passport size picture 
  • Booking cost via cheque, pay order or cash.


  • Smart Economy:

Concerning Smart Economy, the extend guarantees to provide nearly 90,000 job openings, whereas advertising multiple centres for exchange and businesses. Cutting edge designs and framework to points to offer practical and speedy commute to the inhabitants on well-paved streets, alongside an open transport framework being put inside the society to permit simple access to Islamabad.

  • Smart Housing:

Smart Lodging alludes to the quality of life being advertised at Smart City. The extend has private and multiple-use plots available for sale, with a full range of services in the midst of a fully-developed and green society that invites both nearby and worldwide speculators equally. It provides more than 30,000 lodging units whereas supporting a populace of around 200,000 people.

  • Smart Environment:

This project is entirely self-sustainable and eco-friendly, which is why a smart environment in this advancement relates to the productive utilization of the accessible assets, where inhabitants can appreciate an adequate and solid supply of water and power. Moreover, the city guarantees that fool-proof waste management is done mindfully and that the open regions are clean and green all through, with a most extreme strolling distance of 500m near open spaces.

Capital Smart City Development Status

The advancement in Smart City Islamabad is experiencing very rapidly. Society has marked many understandings between the world’s top companies to bring cutting edge innovation and high-end highlights within the society. Services of Harradine golf have been obtained to construct a universal standard 18-Hole Golf Course. Movenpick will develop their upcoming Hotel and resorts to offer the top hospitality services within the project. MOU with National Defense University has too been marked for the development of the new campus of the college in this beautiful project. The improvement work has outperformed its beginning stages at Smart City Rawalpindi. The advance has sped up within the final months after the official inauguration of the extend. The levelling and plotting of the area are close to accomplishment with the support of cutting edge and high tech devices.

FAQs Capital Smart City

QUE: What is a smart city, and how is it diverse from other cities?

ANS: Smart City is an inventive modern lodging extended with cutting-edge innovation and progress advancement and a present-day foundation. It is diverse from other lodging societies for its high benchmarks, smart applications, never seen offices, eco-friendly and smart environment, and key developments.

QUE: Why is the Capital Smart City Islamabad project in case it falls beneath Rawalpindi Development Authority?

ANS: The format plan of Islamabad city is beneath amendment. This society may well be included within the most up to date arrangement because it relatively on the edge of the current Islamabad zone. Thus it is alluded to as Smart City Islamabad.

QUE: When will the work on the Capital Smart City interchange start?

ANS: The society has gotten endorsement from FWO for its assigned interchange from the M-2 motorway. The development work has started.

QUE: Is the Capital Smart City a legitimate society?

ANS: Yes, Capital Smart City is a 100% legitimate and secure society to contribute to. RDA endorses its NOC, and you’ll be able to confirm it from the official site of RDA.

QUE: When will the advancement work start in society?

ANS: the advancement work has begun within the society, the yield on Primary Boulevard is nearly completed, the development of the mosque has too started, among other advancements. For more points of interest, refer to the Capital Smart City Development heading in the article above.


Numerous highlights contribute to making a lodging venture a victory. Still, the foremost critical one is the proprietor and engineer’s notoriety. Habib Rafiq is one of the leading trusted names within the Real Estate industry in Pakistan. So actually, the investors have full complete trust within the extend. More than half of society’s plots have been sold out and are presently resold at a higher price. The improvement and the ace arrange both look exceptionally encouraging and contribute to creating Smart City, a significant venture. It’ll be a one of a kind and total bundle for all people of society. With all the updated highlights and services, there’s no question that Smart City will be one of its kind and most effective lodging plans within the region. With all the focal points and benefits this society is advertising, there’s no question that it is worth contributing from brief to long term speculation arrange for the greatest return on investment.