Citi Housing Peshawar is the forthcoming housing endeavour emerging for the locals of Peshawar. The developers have already shown the investors the quality deliverables to all investors. Moreover, the location and payment plans suggest that the investors will have the best lifestyle investment opportunity. The investors fully find the owners reliable and trustworthy. So, the housing project will see the community’s massive investment rates. The residential society is selling several commercial and residential plots.

Further, the project spans 1,000 acres in total. So, it covers a big area. One of Peshawar’s major housing estates is this one. The blog will explain all investment details in the community with the assets creation opportunity available for all investors. So, without delay, let’s look into the investment prospect in the community.

Owners & Developers

The project is developing by Citi Housing Pvt Ltd. Moreover, the developers have shown previous projects. Moreover, their high-quality infrastructure projects are why investors trust their projects. As we know, their projects are spread over the country. Further, they have a team of professionals who believe in working hard and delivering the best lifestyle and facilities to all investors and prospective residents.

Previous Projects

Renowned real estate developers have shown outstanding living spaces to all investors. Moreover, they can also construct luxurious projects throughout the major cities. They experience great success in the industry. Some famous projects include Citi Housing Multan, Citi Housing Gujranwala, Citi Housing Jehulm, Citi Housing Sialkot, Citi Housing Kharian, and Citi Housing Faisalabad.

NOC Status

Citi Housing Peshawar’s NOC is still in the processing stage, and soon the investors will hear the noc approval news. Additionally, developers are attempting to meet all statutory criteria. As a result, it will ensure society complies with the requirements. Further, the NOC will soon be approved. Moreover, this makes it a significant turning point. It will inspire confidence among customers. After that, a legal Society will exist. Lastly, checking the NOC before purchasing a plot here is generally wise.

Location & Map

The project is developing nearby the Nowshehra-Charsadda Road, adjacent to the popular Charsadda Nisatta Motorway Interchange. Additionally, it is a crucial highway in Peshawar. It connects it to the remainder of the KPK. Additionally, it is in a prime site. Also, the city is not far away. Also, it is serene, and the project has good accessibility to the rest of the metropolis. So the buyers have easy access to all the main freeways. Further, all forms of public transit are close by.

Citi Housing Peshawar map

Access Points

Here are some access points that will facilitate the investors in reaching the housing society effectively. Also, they will be going to enhance the worth of the housing community.

  • 1 minute Drive from Nova City Peshawar
  • 4 minute’s drive from Nisatta
  • 5 minute’s drive from Charsadda
  • A 30-minute drive from the Nowshehra
  • 25 minutes away from the Peshawar City Area
  • 34 minutes away from Mardan
  • Bacha Khan International Airport is a 40 minute’s drive

Citi Housing Peshawar Payment Plan

According to the available updates, the Citi Housing Peshawar payment schedule will be affordable, just like the Citi Housing Sialkot Payment plan. As a result, any buying group can invest in this amazing project. Additionally, the developers wish to prevent financial hardship for the investors. Moreover, they will also provide a simple instalment plan. Also, this will enhance the buying capacity of prospective investors. In addition, it is in a desirable area and an outstanding investment opportunity. That will undoubtedly drive up the cost of it in the future. Here are the available payment plan details.

Citi Housing Peshawar payment plan

Master Plan

The master plan for Citi Housing Peshawar is meticulously designed. Also, the project is located on more than 1,000 acres of land in the Peshawar outskirts, per the available resources. Moreover, the project will have residential and commercial property facilities. Furthermore, this magnificent home has a lot of distinctive features. There will be several green areas. There will also be professional hospitals and schools there. Also, it is a project of the Citi Housing Group. The developers are well-known. As a result, the master plan will build a sustainable community. That will improve the value of life for individuals.

Citi Housing Peshawar master plan

Residential Plots

It is a brand-new home development in Peshawar. Moreover, there are currently a lot of residential properties here, and it will be a high-end project like the Citi Housing Multan. Therefore, investment here will benefit the buyers and prospective residents. So investors should not pass up this special investment opportunity. Lastly, the residential properties soon available to all investors will be:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Currently, society is still developing as it is at the nascent stages. Thus, not all of its details have been made public. Further, the information regarding commercial plots is also now private. But it will also contain a provision for commercial properties. So, check back at estate land marketing often for updates. Lastly, according to the speculated news, the commercial properties obtainable in the dwelling will be:

  • 2 Marla
  • 66 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Development Status

This area is still under development. Additionally, the initiative is still in its nascent stages. However,  the construction of the infrastructure has already begun. Within the following five years, developers are keen to finish it. Also, the authorities closely oversee its performance. Soon the project will receive legal status, and the investment rates and development will fasten up. Therefore, the project will adhere to the laws and regulations. Additionally, the developers have experience with a lot of effective housing initiatives. Lastly, they are certain that they can finish it on schedule.


Countless features will be available to all prospective residents at Citi Housing Peshawar. Some of them are here on the blog.

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Theme Parks
  • Green Belts
  • Filtration Plants
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Malls and Shops
  • Parking Lots
  • Grand Mosque
  • Grid station
  • Sport Complex
  • Community Center
  • Cemetery
  • Wide Roads
  • Gymnasium

Citi Housing Peshawar Amenities

This society offers several fascinating services. Additionally, it will provide city dwellers with an excellent housing alternative. So, investing and starting a dream lifestyle will be a fantastic residential project.

Healthcare Centres

The society will have a hospital, and it will have the most modern medical facilities. Also, It will feature qualified medical professionals and nurses. Additionally, it will provide various services, including emergency to chronic and fatal situations. Most importantly, modern equipment will be present. Lastly, the cost of the treatment will be inexpensive here. So, it offers high-quality living standards to all shareholders and prospective occupants.

Academic Hub

Numerous international schools will be present to provide a range of instructional activities. Moreover, it has a solid and robust curriculum employing qualified instructors. Also, they will raise the children according to international educational criteria. Lastly, it will also be a useful technique to teach the kids. As a result, it will provide the city’s top education.

Family Parks

There will be several theme parks in this area. It also provides a selection of rides that will offer diverse recreation prospects. Communities of all ages will enjoy these parks. As a result, they will give the locals a fantastic spot to have fun. Further, the investors and prospective residents will have greater leisure time with their loved ones in the community. So, investment here will not only help in asset creation but also helpful in making the best family memories opportunity.

Sports Center

This project includes several sports complexes. Also, they will provide a range of sporting amenities, like football grounds, fields for cricket, and tennis courts are also present. Moreover, swimming pools will also be available. And  It’ll motivate the prospective residents to get moving. As a result, it will give the younger players opportunities. Therefore, attaining a lifestyle and long-term investment opportunity in the community investment is necessary.

Pros & Cons

Among numerous pros and cons, these are prominent and significant community investment amenities and benefits. The developers are keen to facilitate the prospective inhabitants in gaining the ideal living standards at highly affordable rates.


  • Affordable Plot Prices
  • Ideal Site location
  • High Access Points
  • Healthcare Centres
  • Educational Hub
  • Renowned Developers
  • Fast Development Pace
  • Grid Station
  • Shopping Malls
  • Parking Ares
  • Sports Facilities
  • Grand Mosque
  • Filtration Plants
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Project
  • High-Quality Infrastructure Properties


  • Perception of high property rates.

Why Invest in Citi Housing Peshawar?

This Peshawar housing society will be first-rate and set a fresh tone for future projects. Moreover, the project is well-maintained and will add value to the city. Also, there are numerous benefits to ordering a plot in this outstanding project. It also has all the amenities and high-quality features. Further, the location is also in a separate city. For foreign investors, it will be a fantastic investment opportunity that can help them earn high returns on investment. Lastly, kindly contact the estate land marketing official website for more investment detail and the finest offers or visit our head office.


The housing project will soon be accessible to all shareholders, especially to the resident of Peshawar. Moreover, there will be countless facilities and features will be waiting for all investors in the community. Also, the investors believe the developers because of their previous housing projects. There will be time completion previously seen by the developers. Further, the payment plan also indicates that the asset creation here will be highly reasonable, along with the instalment plan fostering the shareholders to make an excellent asset creation chance in the community.

Moreover, the development location will also raise the worth of this project. Lastly, Estate Land Marketing will help guide in making the best investment opportunity in the community. So, do contact them and create lucrative and profitable assets.


Q1. What is Citi Housing Peshawar?

Citi Housing Peshawar is the forthcoming housing endeavour emerging for the citizens of Peshawar.

Q2. Where is the Citi Housing Peshawar Location?

The endeavour is building adjoining the Nowshehra-Charsadda Road, adjacent to the Charsadda Nisatta Motorway Interchange.

Q3. Is the Citi Housing Project Noc Approved?

The developers have proposed all the necessary details, and soon the shareholders will hear the good news update of NOC authorization.

Q4. Who are the developers of this Citi Housing project?

The endeavour will be the next project of  Citi Housing Pvt Ltd.

Q5. Is there any provision for the payment plan?

A highly affordable payment plan is available for all investors and prospective residents.

Q6. Will there be commercial plots available in the dwelling?

Yes, the developers will officially announce the provision of commercial properties.

Q7. Will the investment in the Citi housing project be worth it?

Of course, as per the previous project’s status, this housing project investment is mandatory for Peshawar investors.

Q8. Where to get the finest offer in the housing project?

From Estate Land marketing, they deal with the best real estate investment opportunities for all investors countrywide.

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