CDA provides data on anti-encroachment campaigns launched in 2022

CDA provides data on anti-encroachment campaigns launched in 2022

Islamabad: On January 30, news sources said that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had stopped more than 1,142 encroachments in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) during the year 2022.

As a result of the anti-encroachment operations, about 6,295 illegal structures were taken down in the federal capital’s markets, roads, green belts, and sidewalk tracks. The authority also got PKR 4.082 million in fines and penalties for different violations of land and building rules. The information came out in the CDA’s annual report, which said that the operations were run by the Enforcement Directorate, Directorate of Municipal Administration, which works under the control of the Municipal Corporation, Islamabad (MCI).

It’s important to know that the CDA has recently stepped up its efforts to get back state-owned land from people who take it without permission.

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Gwadar International Airport's first test flight is in March

Gwadar International Airport’s first test flight is in March

Islamabad: According to a news source, a test flight would be done in March from the brand-new Gwadar International Airport, which is designed to accommodate large cargo aircraft from all over the world.

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According to the specifics, the test flight will depart from the cutting-edge runway located on the green field of Gwadar International Airport and built to handle large cargo aircraft. By June of this year, the airport’s construction should be finished. The development of contemporary air traffic controllers was highlighted.

According to the news source, the aforementioned airport is being built under the open sky policy in cooperation with China, Oman, and the Pakistan Aviation Authority (PAA). It’s crucial to remember that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor includes the Gwadar International Airport (CPEC). The new airport will accelerate Gwadar’s growth after it is finished and will also promote trade between China and Pakistan. The new Gwadar International Airport will simplify the geopolitical position of the area on new lines, it was further noted.

Additionally, the old Gwadar Airport on the Arabian Sea is being built close by as the new Gwadar Airport is. A single runway of three and a half kilometres long has reportedly being constructed on the new Gwadar International Airport, according to information supplied. In September of this year, it will begin operating for international flights, making it Pakistan’s largest and most advanced airport.

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LDA to build affordable housing in Sheikhupura, Kasur, and Nankana

LDA to build affordable housing in Sheikhupura, Kasur, and Nankana

Lahore: The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) will build affordable housing projects in Sheikhupura, Kasur, and Nankana Sahib. These projects will be modelled after the LDA City housing project. This news was published on January 31 in the national dailies.

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According to the details, the authority is allowed to build housing projects and field offices in the capitals of the districts of Sheikhupura, Kasur, and Nankana Sahib. The LDA will be able to plan and design the housing projects once the field offices are set up. The news source said that the goal of the proposal was to create good, affordable housing and bring in more money so that the authority could stay in business.

An official, whose name was not given, said that the government wants to ease the strain of Lahore’s growing population by building well-thought-out and affordable housing projects in those districts. When they talked about the housing plans, they said that the land for the projects was bought by selling developed plots.

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CDA issues notice to illegal buildings on Park Road

CDA issues notice to illegal buildings on Park Road

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) sent notices to the owners of 39 buildings on Park road in Islamabad on Monday, January 30. The owners have two weeks to make the buildings legal, or they will be fined.

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All of the building owners on Park Road have been asked by the CDA to fix up their buildings within 15 days of receiving the notice. If they didn’t respond or get their land and buildings in order, the law would take action. According to the notice, the CDA will have the right to seal off the property or tear down the buildings of landowners who don’t follow the rules or respond within the given time frame. It was pointed out that the notices were sent to a number of places, including apartment complexes and public buildings (hospitals, schools and shopping malls).

It’s important to know that the CDA just put out a report about operations and drives to stop encroachment in the year 2022. According to the authority, it has done more than 1,100 operations in the city, tearing down hundreds of illegal structures and getting back valuable state land.

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The Kalma Chowk Underpass will be monitored regularly: Minister

The Kalma Chowk Underpass will be monitored regularly: Minister

Bilal Afzal, the Punjab Minister for Excise and Taxation, said on January 30 that the government will check on the Kalma Chowk Underpass project every three days to make sure it is finished on time.

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Minister Bilal said this while he was at the project’s building site. He said that Mohsin Raza Naqvi, the Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab, really wants to finish the project before the deadline. He also said that the government would make sure the contractors had everything they needed to finish the project early because it was so important to the public. Riaz Hussain, the Executive Director of Technical for the Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA), later told the minister about how the project was coming along. He said that the government had finished all of the work on the piles and that the slabbing of the barrels would be done in the estimated time. Heavy machinery has been brought in to speed up the development process, as the Chief Minister asked.

It’s important to know that the Kalma Chowk Underpass and Flyover Project is part of the government’s big plan to make the city’s traffic flow better. The Central Business District (CBD) authority is in charge of running the project. Once they are done, the underpass and flyover will make it easy to get to the Gulberg Main Boulevard and CBD Downtown.

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New City Paradise Booking Office

What is the process of New City Paradise booking?


New City Paradise is one of the newest real estate residential projects that would cater to the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Ever since its declaration, it has been receiving massive applause from the real estate experts of Islamabad. Investors from every financial household can easily make enormous profits as a return on their investment. Now, the latest online booking system for this housing project has made it easy for investors to buy properties for themselves. Some of the real estate investors had already begun their online registration for this housing project. It would be really important for the investors to at least visit New City Booking Paradise for more information.

Location & Map

Many of the real estate investors first check out the location of the real estate project, where they plan to invest their capital. The only thing they look for is the beauty and the accessible points of the housing project. The owners had recently updated the location and Masterplan of this housing project, which shows that it is locatable near M1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway. This ideal location is adjacent to Wah city that comes under the domain of Rawalpindi. Also, this housing project is about 10 to 15 minutes away from the main GT Road, and Burhan Interchange. The primary advantage about this location is that many of the economic zones are near to it. New City Paradise Booking Office would better guide you about the importance of Location along with the New City Paradise Booking.

New City Paradise Booking Process

The developers had announced the recent booking process through their New City Paradise Booking Office. As per the observation, it remains one of the simplest and most advanced methods for any real estate investor. One can easily book the plots through this website easily. It can be really easy for the investors to book a plot for themselves online, while working in their office. There won’t be any need of them to visit New City Paradise Booking Office for registration. The investors would require to book a slot for themselves during their call to sales representatives of this project. Online booking nowadays is really important for speedy proves of plot reservation. The online site of this housing project also contains other details like Payment Plan, or Masterplan.

New City Paradise Booking Office

The developers of New City Paradise have established a huge office that would cater to investors willing to invest their capital here. The official address of New City Paradise Booking Office is Brahma Bahtar Interchange of CPEC Motorway that is adjacent of M1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway. The investors would have the opportunity to meet the official developers behind such lavish project named Chaudhry Khaliq Zaman, and Saad Zaman. Both of them have a reputable name for themselves in the real estate domain. So, they are now waiting to meet their investors to facilitate them in their investment. Also, the investors would need to have valid CNIC cards to book a plot. The owners would show each evidence about this housing project that proves its legality. The legality of this venture has been fruitful, and it helped in attracting more investors.


The owners of New City Paradise would encourage their investors to visit New City Paradise Booking office for once. They intend to give at least half an hour to their investors, where they would help them out in better consultation. The entire housing project is a promising investment for real estate investors. The owners would personally explain the Master plan about this project in detail. For more evidence regarding the paybacks of this housing project, you should visit the office of Estate Land Marketing.


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Capital Smart City Launches La Mer District

Capital Smart City Launches La Mer District


Capital Smart City La Mer District is a futuristic, enthralling and promising venture, tapping on all needed & wanted aspects of the investor. Moreover, maintaining the line of personal & professional balance for a smart lifestyle is highly important. Well, Capital Smart City is doing it splendidly – standing out & with a great prestige. The newly launched district, La Mer, is all about serving highly in the professional, business & leisure capacities. Furthermore, right after the launch, the potential investors & general masses are taking the opportunity hands-on.

In addition, the influx of commercial possibilities along with the magnificent infrastructure is precisely what’s attracting the masses. Whether an investor intends to opt for business inclination, seek job opportunities or go for the start-up, the district has all facets. In addition, the entertainment aspects & splendid scenery of La Mer are something to look out for.

Capital Smart City Investment

Capital Smart City is under the experienced & highly skilled supervision of Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Ltd & Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd., a mighty & giant name in the real estate market. They have deservingly earned a huge name over the years by delivering mega-successful and high-end housing ventures.

Moreover, the designing process of La Mer District is helmed by the globally known Surbana Jurong SJ, just like all other blocks of the Capital Smart City. There’s, however, no compromise on the magnificence & splendidness of the infrastructure. The society has last launched other blocks including Capital Smart City Overseas prime 2 & more with the same bar of excellence.

La Mer District

Thoroughly approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, La Mer District focuses mainly on creating a giant & one-stop commercial hub for investors. Furthermore, three sectors are in keen consideration for the district;

  • Retail Sector
  • Food
  • Beverage

There will be out-of-the-world shopping centers with all major brands available, several business outlets, thematic parks, cinema & more. Furthermore, as per reports post the recent launch, there will also be floating restaurants and boating availability. Anyhow, all facilities laced with entertainment, dining, shopping & business-oriented possibilities are available in one place, La Mer District.


The location aspect holds exceedingly high importance as it ensures how commercially rich & personally beneficial the investment will be. Well, Capital Smart City locates at the most ideal, key & commercially rich location in the twin cities. Directly reachable from the New Islamabad International Airport, the society resides at Main M-2 Motorway. Thus, this perfect location translates into its sub-districts too.

Moreover, for a place as commercial as La Mer District, the location aspect is exceedingly essential. Therefore, the developers chose the Jahan Dam locality, which is directly & easily accessible from all parts of society. The scenery & surrounding is a treat to the eye; therefore, there will be a massive influx of visitors at all times.

The added precincts in the La Mer District are;

  • Lakeside Precinct
  • Entertainment Precinct
  • Downtown Precinct
  • Resort Precinct
  • Central Precinct

Access Points

La Mer District is accessible in;

  • Just 35 mins from the New Islamabad International Airport
  • Just 21 mins from Rawalpindi
  • Only 10 mins from Adiala Road
  • Just 8 mins from Jarrar road
  • Just 12 mins of drive from the ever-commercial Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2

Master Plan

The master plan & payment plan of the La Mer district has not been announced as yet. However, seeing the massive interest & awaiting of the investors, it will soon be announced by the developers of the Capital Smart City. Apart from that, investors willing to invest in other blocks can visit the official website & get the wanted Capital Smart City Blocks List & related information.

La Mer District – Salient Features

Business-oriented investors always look for opportunities that bring not only present-time lucrative possibilities but also those that stay in the long run. Therefore, La Mer District comes with facilities, features and facets which are perfectly synonymous with perfection & magnificence. However, the unique word, La Mer, translates to the phrase “By the Sea.” However, these are some distinctive features;

  • There is a total of 21,00 car parks facility available in the district.
  • Total outlets included are 120. Among them, 10 will be service outlets, 12 L & E facilities, 12 Artisanal Shops, 22 Apparel Spots, 8 fine dining, 12 dining restaurants, 44 F & B Restaurants & much more. A perfect package by all means.
  • There’s also an information center for visitors.
  • Locates in the most memorable terrain in the Capital Smart City vicinity.
  • After parking their cars, the visitors can roam around the area in electric vehicles.


La Mer – Shop, Dine and Play. That’s what the newly launched La Mer District of Capital Smart City is all about. A perfect investment venue to earn & gain profit, not only today but in the future too. It’s only wise to initially avail the reasonable & economical price range, as it will likely skyrocket considering the massive interest. Moreover, Capital Smart City La Mer District is an investment reaching novel & newer heights of innovative & advanced infrastructure. So, what’s the wait for? For any ambiguity, assistance & booking, do reach out to the most experienced & reliable Estate Land Marketing.

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Is Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan 2023 Available?

Is Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan 2023 Available?

The easiest & feasible Blue World Payment Plan in all its blocks is grabbing the deserving yet needed attention. The trade center, in particular, counts among the best & finest investment choices in Pakistan. The facilities, features, and facets it offers are entirely at par & next to perfection. That too in every department. Therefore, investors, both locally & globally, are taking the opportunity hands-on. In addition, all blocks in Blue World City Islamabad make sure that the personal & professional means of a perfect and advanced lifestyle are covered in their respective way. Thus, giving the lifestyle that any other society rarely taps on.

Moreover, talking about the blocks, the Blue World Trade Center is Pakistan’s first-ever property exchange sky-scrapper. Not only does it bring a flood of business opportunities on board, but it also makes the residents and general masses’ lives much more ideal & perfect. Through it, trading for investors has become way more feasible and easier.

Blue World City Investment

As mentioned earlier, the Trade Center is the finest and most impeccable trading opportunity for investors, but there are a whole lot of other aspects that society needs to cover. Well, all blocks in Blue World City take the entire’ investor’s wants & needs gamut’ into high consideration & provide them with great excellence. In addition, Blue World City approved NOC status also holds great importance.

Another more important factor is the incredibly highly skilled & experienced developers of the society. The masses have great trust and confidence in Blue Group of Companies because the firm has served for over 20 years. The CEO, Saad Nazir, has not only stepped & delivered perfectly in the real estate industry but there are multiple other industries in which he is a maestro. The company has covered it all, whether it is the marketing, printing, Blue Bricks, Blue Palm, clothing brand, retail sector, architectural services, or more.

Blue World Trade Center

First & foremost, the trade center is one of the finest spots for investors regarding professional, trading, and business capacity. The residents can take their ideas & businesses to great peaks by believing in the concept. In addition, it rarely happens when society provides a perfect package of all these in one place. Well, Blue World City Islamabad does & with great prestige.

Blue World Payment Plan – Trade Center

The importance of luxury doubles when it becomes affordable to all social classes without any difference. That’s precisely where it stands out among other housing ventures, as Blue World City price range is highly seamless & easy. An incredible package of viable, economical & affordable investment, lucrative for today & the future. Here’s the Blue World Trade Center payment plan;


The block offers 6,12, and 18 Marla to the investors. Investors can choose from varied & diverse plot choices as per their wants & needs.

  • 6 Marla costs 1,790,000 with 175,000 as the down payment. The monthly installment, however, is only 17,500.
  • For 12 Marla, the price is 3,150,000, while the down payment is 315,000. The monthly installment, however, is 31,500.
  • 18 Marla costs 4,200,000 with 420,000 as the down payment. The monthly installment is just Rs42,000.

Remember that the installment plan will carry on for 40 months.


In the commercial zone, the block offers 5 Marla at the moment;

  • The price for 5 Marla is 8,000,000, with just 80,000 as the monthly installment.

Location & other Facets

We must take the Blue World Trade Center Location map into great consideration prior to investing. It is so because of the influx of facilities and amenities that the block brings on board, the prices, in comparison, are way much more economical & easier. It is located in one of the highly commercial & rich venues in the twin cities. Being adjacent to the Main Chakri Road & accessible via the high commercial, Islamabad International Airport, and M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, the investors are in for a great treat.

  • In addition, the Trade Center is a replica of the globally known ‘The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia.” It was once known as the hugest building around the globe.
  • However, the Blue World Trade Centre is a massive 27-story tower.
  • Due to the infinite influx of high-end & non-stop business opportunities and career options, it is undoubtedly one of the best corporate world options. There are infinite Blue World Trade Center jobs available at your doorstep.


Blue World City, one of the biggest, thriving & futuristic investments, does come bearing all pleasant and good news for the residents. With the flood of facets & facilities, the investors of the Trade Center and all other blocks are on the edge of a much more secure and more beneficial tomorrow. Although it is highly advisable to be completely aware and informed, setting your investment priorities right is necessary. Otherwise, highly skilled, legitimate & experienced real estate firm like Estate Land Marketing is always at your service. Do connect in case of any assistance, ambiguity, or booking.

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Is Blue World City the first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan?

Is Blue world city the first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan?

The splendid Blue World tourist city features are one of the major reasons why the society is attracting major attention. Furthermore, investing in this housing venture is all about aspiring for a future that stands for security and luxury & comfort. But unfortunately, only a few housing societies in Pakistan manage to provide it. Blue World City, however, not only ticks these aspects but is considered the best and first purpose-built tourist housing venture. The finest among them all. Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic investment venture? , therefore, the first reason, however, is that BWC is in collaboration with the globally acknowledged Chinese real estate firm – Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Corporation.

There will be no compromise on the splendid infrastructure, framework & amazing master plan of the society. It will also be a perfect investment opportunity because it lives up to the international standard & at par lifestyle. There are multiple other reasons why Blue World City is widely known as the finest and first purpose-built venture; we will tap into most of them.

Blue World City Investment

The question of investment to stand out & be beneficial today and tomorrow needs a few aspects. Therefore, the thoroughly NOC-approved Blue World city ticks all the departments. Whether it is the location, highly economical payment plan, splendid master plan, or just the fact that a perfect balance of personal & professional life meets, investors from all across the globe can find infinite career, professional, and commercial opportunities for a prosperous future. While a magnificent personal (residential) lifestyle is also very much there.


The location of BWC is also one of the reasons why the attention around the society keeps increasing. It is directly reachable from the Main Chakri Road, M-2 Lahore -Islamabad Motorway & even the New International Islamabad Airport. One of the closest routes to society is CPEC. Making it a highly commercial & key place in the twin cities.

Blue World Tourist City – First Purpose-Built

Pakistan’s real estate industry has seen significant growth over the years and reached international standards of luxury, infrastructure & comfort. Blue World City tourism – a housing venture, however, becomes the first to take it to the next level.

Magnificent Features

Another reason why Blue World City Tourist City (first purpose-built) is that it brings the world to the investor’s doorstep. Through globally acknowledged, the finest replicas of the world in society are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of them;


Setting a benchmark for competitor societies & an asset for the future, the splendid Burj-Al-Arab replica is one of its kind. It counts as one of the significant parts of the commercial hub that society has to offer. There will be infinite business, career & job opportunities. It sure is going to be the finest & best option for professional means, along with being a magnificent scenery spot.

Blue Mosque

One of the most admired, visited & adored places in the world is the Blue Mosque in Turkey. Its magnificent replica is only available at BWC, and with what prestige? In addition, it emphasizes rooting the Islamic values & culture for the residents & general masses. Therefore, it will act as the great Blue World City tourist city, attracting people worldwide to the great vision, scenery, and infrastructure.

Horse Mascot

The tallest horse mascots in the world are available only in Blue World City Islamabad. The sculptures are not only the best addition to the beauty & splendidness of society but also act as the best tourist spots for masses all around the globe. It is around 125 feet in height from the ground, creating much hype and deserving a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Largest Cricket Stadium

Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium is a part of society. There will be at least 15,000 visitors’ space at once. It is great and optimistic for all sports enthusiasts around the globe.

Commercial Hub

Attracting the world’s finest & impeccable business opportunities for investors & bringing them to their doorstep is what the BWC investment rewards. Not only is there an influx of professional means within the society’s vicinity but in its outer surroundings too. There are multiple vital points & thoroughly rich venues of the twin cities which provide numerous benefits. However, investors who intend to go for start-ups will be at the end of finding the proper & spot-on facilities & amenities right at their doorstep.

Pak- China Collaboration Venture

Blue World City is the only housing society in Pakistan to get the globally known Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Corporation on board. It is a Chinese real estate company; therefore, the infrastructure & framework is solid & next to perfection. Also, this project is more like two countries creating more business opportunities by joining hands & opting for a more peaceful & prosperous future. Inviting the world to tour the incredible Pakistan & see the beauty it holds.

CPEC Route

The society is closest to the CPEC Route; therefore, the trade is on the way to reaching newer & novel heights. Besides, BGC will also opt for the most incredible Chinese techniques & development methods in society.


Blue World City aims to ensure a quality & impeccable lifestyle available to all social classes while maintaining the world-class standard. Well, it certainly manages to do that since not only the paperwork but the execution & development are right next to perfection. It sure is attracting tourists from all across the globe. Well, it was how society aimed in the first place. The first purpose-built tourist city in Pakistan. For any other information, assistance & booking, do connect with Estate Land Marketing, the exceptionally skilled & experienced.

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Is there any New City Paradise Official website available?

Is there any New City Paradise Official website available?


Most fundamental investors in Islamabad are searching for the New City Paradise Official Website to get more details about the investment. Furthermore, they want to look for some reliable info that aids them in coming up with long-term and feasible investment opportunities. So, the owners of this housing project are willing to promote a transparent communication platform, which would provide its investors with all the primary details i.e. payment plan, and location. Furthermore, the most dynamic feature would be the validity that all investors would get while visiting the official Website. So, the internet presence of New City Paradise would be helpful in gaining the confidence of the stockholders and patrons.

Owners & Developers

The real estate professionals behind the development of New City Paradise are Chaudhry Khaliq Zaman, and Chaudhry Saad Zaman. Both these developers are striving hard to create a unique real estate infrastructure for their investors. They are willing to make this project a unique and perfect long-term residential investment opportunity for the investors in Islamabad. They are considering providing some world-class facilities, so that the resident gets a best living experience. They have hired a skilled team of specialists and designers who are working on the optimal infrastructure of this project.

Blue World City Location

One of the most important reasons that make this housing project as the best investment option for investors is its location. The investors would have an excellent opportunity to create a lucrative and long-term investment opportunity because of the location. The important part about the site is that it will be reachable from eminent landmarks and access points. It is locatable at the M1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway site that also comprises of some economic zones. It would be adjacent to Burhan Interchange which is only a few miles from the main GT Road. International Airport.

New City Paradise Official Website

The New City Paradise official website is available to provide help to investors in gaining details about their plots. Their investment properties in this project would be a valuable long-term assets. The Website is operative and resourceful, as it comprises of huge details about this housing project. It would be beneficial for clients to book plots for themselves through this Website.

Even the New City Paradise booking has become more accessible due to New City Paradise’s official Website. It has also been easy for the owners to gain the trust of their investors. The internet presence is something that the majority of real estate clients are looking for. The developers have even shared important information about the payment plan of this housing project through its Website. It would be easy for the real estate investors to verify all the documents for booking the plots.

Specifications Of New City Paradise Website

Apart from the booking process, the New City Paradise official website comprises all other information about some essential factors available here. Some of the significant aspects of this housing project are mentioned below.

Master plan

The owners of this housing project have designed the Masterplan that shows the sizes of residential plots, and some other commercial projects. It also shows that there are huge carpeted roads, and huge boulevards within this housing project.

Payment Plans

The developers have just released a new payment plan for this housing project through the New City Paradise official website. Therefore, one can conclude that the plots would be available at a lesser rate, so that more people invest here.


The blue world city official Website is something that the investors of this housing project must check out. It is the best online opportunity, which provides all kinds of luxurious housing features. One can simply check out the reasonable payment plan and exotic location of this housing project through the Website. Investors, who want to build a dream home here must contact Estate Land Marketing for further information. Our real estate agents are officially skilled enough to give good guidance to the real estate investors.


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