New City Paradise Booking Office

What is the process of New City Paradise booking?


New City Paradise is one of the newest real estate residential projects that would cater to the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Ever since its declaration, it has been receiving massive applause from the real estate experts of Islamabad. Investors from every financial household can easily make enormous profits as a return on their investment. Now, the latest online booking system for this housing project has made it easy for investors to buy properties for themselves. Some of the real estate investors had already begun their online registration for this housing project. It would be really important for the investors to at least visit New City Booking Paradise for more information.

Location & Map

Many of the real estate investors first check out the location of the real estate project, where they plan to invest their capital. The only thing they look for is the beauty and the accessible points of the housing project. The owners had recently updated the location and Masterplan of this housing project, which shows that it is locatable near M1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway. This ideal location is adjacent to Wah city that comes under the domain of Rawalpindi. Also, this housing project is about 10 to 15 minutes away from the main GT Road, and Burhan Interchange. The primary advantage about this location is that many of the economic zones are near to it. New City Paradise Booking Office would better guide you about the importance of Location along with the New City Paradise Booking.

New City Paradise Booking Process

The developers had announced the recent booking process through their New City Paradise Booking Office. As per the observation, it remains one of the simplest and most advanced methods for any real estate investor. One can easily book the plots through this website easily. It can be really easy for the investors to book a plot for themselves online, while working in their office. There won’t be any need of them to visit New City Paradise Booking Office for registration. The investors would require to book a slot for themselves during their call to sales representatives of this project. Online booking nowadays is really important for speedy proves of plot reservation. The online site of this housing project also contains other details like Payment Plan, or Masterplan.

New City Paradise Booking Office

The developers of New City Paradise have established a huge office that would cater to investors willing to invest their capital here. The official address of New City Paradise Booking Office is Brahma Bahtar Interchange of CPEC Motorway that is adjacent of M1 Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway. The investors would have the opportunity to meet the official developers behind such lavish project named Chaudhry Khaliq Zaman, and Saad Zaman. Both of them have a reputable name for themselves in the real estate domain. So, they are now waiting to meet their investors to facilitate them in their investment. Also, the investors would need to have valid CNIC cards to book a plot. The owners would show each evidence about this housing project that proves its legality. The legality of this venture has been fruitful, and it helped in attracting more investors.


The owners of New City Paradise would encourage their investors to visit New City Paradise Booking office for once. They intend to give at least half an hour to their investors, where they would help them out in better consultation. The entire housing project is a promising investment for real estate investors. The owners would personally explain the Master plan about this project in detail. For more evidence regarding the paybacks of this housing project, you should visit the office of Estate Land Marketing.


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