Star Avenue Rabia Residency also know as star enclave housing society in Islamabad

Star Avenue Rabia Residency, also known as Star Enclave, is one of the  societies latest development in the vicinity of the New Islamabad Airport. This new residential project has a cutting-edge, modern design that provides affordable homes with high-tech features. It would be a state-of-the-art apartment development. This housing society sets out to meet the various housing needs of Pakistanis. therefore, it provides  the opportunity to enjoy decent living conditions while controlling their spending. The housing project is 2500 Kanals in size. This Star Avenue development is underway.


The Rabia Residency previously known as Star Enclave program. This initiative, certified by TAM Potohar, falls under the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) umbrella. After the authorities gave this project the green light, Star Marketing purchased the development and renamed it Star Enclave. Moreover, RDA’s referral name ” Potohar Village”  for this this gated community now known as “Rabia Residency. ” This project, formerly known as Star Enclave, obtains from  Star Marketing and relaunches as “Star Enclave.” Sadly, the society’s new name, “Star Enclave,” didn’t pass, and the developers, therefore, the project  title “Star Avenue Rabia Residency.


Green Land Developers is the primary developer of Star Avenue. This company dedicates itself  to creating an international quality community for society’s less fortunate citizens. As previously said, numerous developers are already working on such residential projects. It is, however, out of reach for the middle and lower classes. Star Enclave is the ideal investment option in this area.

Green Land Developers

Greenland Holdings Private Ltd., mostly recognized as Greenland Group, is a publicly traded Chinese property developer. Therefore, It began services on December 31, 2016, as a government-owned company. Furthermore,  By floor space under development and sales income, it was the world’s largest real estate developer.

Star Marketing Private Limited

The Star Marketing Private Limited is the only company in Pakistan that has completed many real estate projects. Marketing and booking planning, advertising, consulting, and collateral support are among their key offerings. Star Marketing is launching Star Avenue, its housing development. Moreover, they acquire a keen interest in promoting and advertising their housing development. Moreover,  Star Marketing markets other property projects a which offers buyers informed about market changes. Typically, they choose projects that would transform Pakistan’s cities into contemporary, metropolitan areas that satisfy international standards. They give developers and builders ethical consulting services.

Location Map

The Star Enclave situates on the distinguishable and famous Chakri road in the Rawalpindi district of Islamabad. It is incredibly near to the new airport, about a 15-minute drive away. Rawalpindi Ring Road is only 3 kilometers distant. The proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road would allow inhabitants to access their homes to important Rawalpindi and Islamabad destinations directly. Moreover, The gated community is on the CPEC’s eastern corridor and is located on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. It’s a 10-minute drive from the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway & a 5-minute drive from Islamabad’s Thalian interchange.


Points of Entry

The Star Avenue Islamabad has a remarkable plan and experts think that the complex experiences a boom or complexes. The community will have easy access to the M-2 motorway connecting Lahore & Islamabad, the New Islamabad International Airport, Rawalpindi City, GT Road, Bahria Town, and DHA Islamabad, well as other significant places in the twin cities

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NOC Status

This is a valid NOC for a modern housing society. The society’s name, which is formerly recognizable as Rabia Residency Islamabad, is currently under modification. Moreover, with the RDA approval the property is legal and has an amazing plan. However, due to recent name changes, RDA will grant a new NOC to society. Within a few weeks, they would subject the fresh NOC for Star Enclave Islamabad. So, don’t be concerned whether you’re considering investing in Star Avenue Islamabad or have already done so! On Chakri Road, there is an outstanding housing society. It’s a legal residential community where you can put your hard-earned cash to work and make more money

Master Plan

The master plan demonstrates meticulous preparation and commitment. Star Enclave is a stunning housing society that provides inhabitants with modern and stylish living options. It’s a spot where you can make use of all of the best amenities right outside your door. Not only does Star Avenue have excellent amenities, but it also has a quiet setting. The lodging society has around 2500 Kanal of land. Thus, The project development is now underway.

The Star Enclave Layout Plan is well-thought-out. This future housing society is dedicates itself to facilitate and offer residents with a fantastic living. First and foremost, it is locatable and situates in a tranquil area that is ideal for living. Natural surroundings entirely surround it. The location of Star Avenue is excellent for getting away from the city’s pollution.

master plan of rabia residency housing society


Rabia Residency is a trendy and cheap housing project in comparison to all other residential buildings. This modern and economic residential society development aims and targets for people’s interest in purchasing a plot of land for their future home. Residents of the Star Enclave have access to a park, a school, a lake, a hospital, shopping centers, and many other amenities.

Rabia Residency has several distinguishing traits,  listed below:

  • Located in the most excellent position on Main Chakri Road
  • RDA approved location and area
  • Google Maps shows the location of the home plot.
  • Security officers and CCTV cameras for surveillance
  • Three-year payment plan with flexible and easy payments
  • Big open zones and parks for a diverse array of recreational activities
  • Stunning view of the massive lake within the society
  • Streets at least 35 feet wide
  • Accessibility to Ring Road Interchange in Rabia Residency
  • Enjoying state-of-the-art shopping areas
  • State-of-the-art Modern Academic Institutions
  • Presence of hospitals for modem patients

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Residential Plots

Star Enclave separates and is divisible into two primary blocks. The first is the “General Block,” which provides Pakistani investors with plots in several categories. Meanwhile, the other referral is  as “Overseas Block.” It is only available for ex-pats and foreign investors. Both of these buildings provide outstanding amenities to help inhabitants. In addition, all plots are within walking distance of the entrance gate and Main Boulevard. No property  face traps in any form in this fashion. Moreover, The residential plots is separable  into the following groups.

  • Sq. Ft.: 20 x 40 (Approx. 3 Marla)
  • 50 sq. ft. x 25 sq. ft (Approx. 5 Marla)
  • 30 sq. ft. x 60 sq. ft (Approx. 7 Marla)
  • 35 sq. ft. x 65 sq. ft (Approx. 10 Marla)
  • Sq. Ft.: 50 x 90 (Approx. 1 Kanal)

It is separable into two blocks, as previously stated. Let’s take a closer look at each of the Blocks individually.

General Block

Star Enclave’s general block subdivides into 8 Blocks. Block A to Block H is the names of the blocks. Moreover, The General Block is the society’s entrance door. In the meanwhile, it is close to Main Boulevard as well as commercial zones. Aside from that, Apartment Buildings plans for Block D. However, no information on the Flats in Star Avenue is released. 

Overseas Block

The International Block has nestled away. It is nestled in a serene and tranquil area of Rabia Residency. This sector has immediate accessibility to Main Boulevard and, as a result, the Main Entrance. Moreover, The overseas section is divided into four sections.

Commercial Plots

In Star Enclave, along Main Boulevard, there are commercial properties. It works in this way across society. Additionally, each block’s residents have direct access to shops and markets. At the company’s main entryway lies the primary commercial zone. Furthermore, Despite having a direct link to major thoroughfares such as Bahria Enclave Road, many areas are set aside for parking. Moreover, The following dimensions of plots are available:

  • 30 sq. Ft. × 30 Sq. Ft (Approx. 3.3 Marla)
  • 40 sq. Ft. × 40 Sq. Ft (Approx. 5.8 Marla)
  • 45 sq. ft. x 40 sq. ft (Approx. 6.6 Marla)
  • 45 sq. ft. x 60 sq. ft (Approx. 10 Marla)

The Master Plan for Star Avenue is based on worldwide standards. All of life’s requirements are within a few minutes’ drive of your home, as well as inside society. Moreover,  Each block is outfitted with modern conveniences that we take for granted in today’s environment.

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Payment plans

For the selling and acquisition of plots within the Star Enclave Housing Project, Star Avenue Payment offers convenient three-year installments. Moreover, Properties of 3 marlas to 5 marlas are available in this housing plan. There are seven marlas, ten marlas, and one kanal. We provide you with a service that you can book just after paying 10% and receiving confirmation and allocation. Moreover, Following this 10% payment, you will pay the remaining balance over three months in convenient monthly and semi-annual installments.

 rabia residency rawalpindi payment plan

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

commercial plots payment plan of Star Avenue-Rabia Residencia


Overseas Block Payment Plan


overseas block payment plan of star avenue-Rabia Residency

Additional Details

  • Pre-launch item pricing is open to change at any time.
  • Arranging category properties on the corner, properties opposite the park, and properties facing the central road incur additional fees.
  • A corner plot costs 10% more than a regular plot.
  • A plot on a significant road costs 10% more than one on a minor road.
  • A plot having sight of a park will set you back 10% extra.
  • Side and main thoroughfare plots have different rates of 15%.
  • You may choose the plot number on the residential society’s map, which gives the purpose for booking + confirmations + allocation if you pay 30% in advance. You must pay it at the point of booking.
  • Development expenditures are not included in the quoted price.

Rabia Residency Development Status

The housing venture is developing to meet the living standards of its investors. Moreover, heavy machinery is now in the community, aiming for rapid construction and development work. Furthermore, the levelling of the plots is happening with the cutting of these properties. And the developers are hoping that soon they will start the construction work that will offer the best and most luxurious lifestyle to all investors. Most importantly, the infrastructure will be of premium appearance and strength, enhancing the residents’ way of living. Lastly, the Estate Land Updates will offer everyone the latest development and updates. So, stay in touch with them.

Rabia Residency Development Status


Every block, if it’s general or foreign, has its park. Protection swings, strolling and jogging pathways, flora, fauna, and sitting seats are all included. However, the playgrounds are equipped with the necessary equipment for each sport, such as a pitch, a net, and so on. In addition, the entire civilization is encircled by a jogging track in a natural setting. This space has been set aside for future expansion. Therefore, It is now the best track.

Family and Community Clubs

It has provided family and neighborhood clubs to keep residents interested in healthy and active activities. These clubs are well-equipped with modern conveniences. It’s a tremendous move in the right direction to keep the glow alive in the community.

Entertainment Zones

It is dedicated to providing residents of the twin cities with a high-class lifestyle. It serves as a center for recreational activities for that aim. Furthermore, You’ll find a contemporary cinema, high-quality amusement parks, cutting-edge banquet rooms, and a variety of additional ways to have more fun than ever before.

Medical Clinics

Residents of the housing scheme have 24/7 access to the medical centers in the housing scheme for any health-related issues. Hospitals will treat a wide range of severe and minor diseases, disorders, and physiological function anomalies. Moreover, Hospitals also encourage health, provide preventive illness information, and provide curative care.

Advance Education

Don’t need to drive for hours to find good educational institutions. Star Avenue welcomes branches of well-known chain institutes. All of these academic institutions will provide education that meets the needs of today’s students. Furthermore,  They will also feature modern computer laboratories, experiment labs, activity rooms, and other amenities.

Religious Environments

The Rabia Residency master plan also includes a large mosque with a contemporary style. With a 1 Kanal area, it is located in the heart of civilization. Meanwhile, each block has its masjid on Main Boulevard.

Underground Utilities

The lodging corporation has started laying water, gas, and electrical pipelines. External wires are not allowed to hang over the structures because of the underground utility infrastructure. Moreover,  In case of a power outage, the housing plan also has backup electricity generators.

Green Spaces and Lakes

Lakes are significant suppliers of water. They are ideal for fishing, boating, recreational activities, and tourism. The residents of the lodging society will use the lakeshores for conversational walks as well as other enjoyable and sporting activities such as boating and fishing. Furthermore, It’ll be a peaceful and contented environment.

Surveillance for security

For the occupants, the developers have created extra security precautions. Security is maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a team of guards patrolling the city at night. There’ll be an identity system at the gates to ensure that no one unauthorized enters the housing plan.

How do I reserve a plot?

Because the plots are provided in a first-come, first-served situation, the booking process is simple. The technique is easy to follow. To reserve a property, simply follow the instructions below:

  • First, get the booking form from the lodging society’s main website.
  • Fill in all of the relevant fields on the form.
  • Deposit with a pay order, check, or demand draught in the name of “Green Land Developers.”
  • Include any papers that have been requested.
  • Finally, send your booking form, applicable documentation, and a check to Green Land Developers.
  • You will need the following documents:
  • Candidates CNIC (2 Copies)
  • Photographs of Applicant (2 Copies)
  • Nominee’s CNIC (2 Copies)

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Eco-Friendly Environment

The residential strategy of Star Enclave Islamabad is environmentally friendly. Within the confines of the lodging society, there’ll be beautiful green gardens in different locations and a magnificent lake. Therefore, The main goal is to produce an environment that is entirely organic, green, and pleasant.

  • Shopping Malls 

In addition, There will be several shopping centers in Star Avenue / Rabia Residency Islamabad that cater to your every need. Furthermore, Aside from the retailers in these commercial hubs, they plan to build a large retail center to provide inhabitants with their essential household necessities in one location.

  • Reliable Owners

The project is being overseen by a highly skilled team of architects and planners.  Moreover, The excellent master plan demonstrates the developers’ brilliance. Furthermore, Investors are sure to book their property there because of the developer’s stellar track record.


  • Waiting Time

There is indeed a waiting list for the housing plan that has much to offer. Moreover, the project is now in the pre-launch stage, with preliminary development continuing.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Star Enclave?

Many factors come together to create a profitable home business. Builders’ ability must always be the most critical feature, and Star Avenue / Rabia Residencyhas some of the best builders and developers in the world. The following are some of the arguments that can assist investors overcome any doubts they may have about investing in this fantastic project:

Exceptional Location

Rabia Residency you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase a dwelling system in a highly competitive location. Numerous housing plots have been created in the area, making it probably the most sought-after locale. Moreover, A housing society in a superb location can be an abundant living entrance to the land.


All of the home plots in the Star Avenue /Rabia Residency are currently available at the lowest possible pricing. Moreover, Following an extraordinarily reasonable booking sum and easy and simple payment plans, the residential society should be appropriately referred to as the public housing initiative.

Environmentally friendly

The entire community is surrounded by nature, making it a desirable location to reside. Furthermore, a significant section of the population is dedicated to preserving trees, plants, and flowers, among other things.

Up to Date Security

Star Enclave Islamabad plays a significant role in the housing society’s security network. Moreover,  The network has a substantial number of security personnel on standby 24/7 to keep inhabitants secure. Furthermore, CCTV cameras are installed around the city to monitor activities and guarantee that no non-relevant people enter society.


For the complete comfort of its residents, society has built new hospitals and medical facilities. With a 24-hour operation, trained and qualified doctors are constantly at your disposal. Moreover, It offers an emergency service with an ambulance available at all times to attend to you as soon as possible.


Star Avenue is dedicated to providing high-class living to residents of the Twin Cities. Because of this, it is a hub for outdoor activities. Furthermore, You’ll discover a new cinema, premium amusement lands, advanced banquet halls, and a plethora of additional opportunities to have more fun than it has ever been.

Management of Resources

The Star Avenue’s master plan is designed so that the society’s infrastructure is created in such a way that it increases society’s inherent capabilities while remaining as environmentally friendly as feasible. Moreover, A proactive sound waste management system is incorporated into society. Furthermore, water is one of the primary necessities of the creative house strategy and new sources of energy.

Evolving Territories

The Islamabad International Airport has wholly transformed the region’s appearance and expanded both Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s residential bounds. Moreover,  The CPEC corridors have drawn economic prosperity, resulting in an increase in land values and speedier growth in the region.


All of Rabia Residency residential plots are currently available at the lowest possible pricing. The residential society can legitimately be named a public residential venture. Therefore,  it is due to, its meager booking fee and straightforward payment options.


Many factors come together to make a profitable home venture. Furthermore, Still, developers’ ability should be the most critical feature, and Star Avenue has exceptional builders and developers. Furthermore, Green Land Developers and Star Marketing are two of Pakistan’s most well-known real estate companies. Consequently, the shareholders have complete faith in this housing development. Furthermore, With the latest amenities and features, there is no question that Star Enclave/Star Avenue will be one of the most profitable residential units in the neighborhood. To read further about comparable establishments in the region such as Capital Smart City please visit Estate Land Marketing.


Q1: What sets this project apart from others in the housing market?

Star Enclave is the latest and most unique new housing complex, built with cutting-edge technology, and revolutionary progress.

Q2 – Where is the housing society located?

The staring enclave is located near the new Islamabad International Airport on the busy Chakri road.

Q3- Is the Star Enclave a legal society?

The RDA has approved its NOC, which you may verify on the RDA’s official website.

Q4- When will society’s project development begins?

Main Boulevard is currently underway, and plot numbers have been assigned.

Q5- When would the society give the plots to the members?

Residential plots are anticipated to be handed to investors by the first half of 2022.

Q6- What specific and cutting-edge services will this society offer?

The Star Avenue Islamabad is a  housing society with numerous unique features such as an urban appearance, a fun center, a caring touch, lakes and parks.

Q7- Is this project an excellent place to invest in, in the short or long term?

As previously said, society is still in the planning stages. Therefore, it is a long-term commitment.

Q8- Is my investment safe in the project?

Yes, the project offers excellent investment returns, which is why the investments placed in the project are highly secure.


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