ASF Karachi

Asf Karachi 

Asf Karachi 

Asf city Karachi is the unique housing society in Karachi. As the name suggests, it is the Project of Asf Karachi in collaboration with King’s Group. The total area of this housing society is 3000 acres. Furthermore, the location is the best feature of this real estate project. It is at M9-Motorway (Hyderabad-Karachi), making it the best property investment in Karachi 2021. As we all know, Asf Karachi is here to facilitate the Airport Security Force employees and the general public. Secondly, the master plan is vast and has several blocks and plots to fulfill the requirement of the investors. Lastly, to know more regarding asf Karachi, continue reading.

Owner & Developers

Asf Karachi is the real estate project building by the ASF Foundation and King’s Group. Moreover, both institutions are famous for their development work. They know the art of building magnificent housing schemes. Furthermore, ASF is the foundation that works for the welfare of Airport Security Force employees throughout Pakistan. Therefore, this trust has developed this housing society not only for airport security forces but also for the public, to offer them high-quality living standards in one gated community. Secondly, the king’s group is famous for its development project, especially in Karachi.

Location & Map

The location is the first thing that comes to all investor’s minds before making any real estate investment. Moreover, the site is the most appealing aspect of this housing society, as it is at M9-Motorway on Eastern Border. And, it is close to Thatta district and Jamshoro District. Furthermore, the location is highly accessible from all the adjacent sites. Most importantly, it is close to Jinnah International Airport, Bahria Town, DHA City Karachi, and Toll Plaza. Other comparable housing societies are Indus city, Gulshan e Naseem, Seven Wonders City,  Al Muntazar City, Al Qasim City Karachi, Al Mehdia City, and Ujala City Housing Society.


ASF Karachi Location

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is mandatory to gain the confidence of the investors. However, ASF Karachi is already famous for receiving tons of investors. But, to facilitate the investors more, the developers have legal status. Furthermore,  the housing scheme has approval under the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). Due to its legal status and the brand name, the development work here is going on at full pace. Lastly, the developers offer all amenities to their investors in one gated community.

Payment Plan

The payment plan is has a lot of importance from an economic point of view. As we all know, a dream home is a wish and need of every individual. Therefore, the developers are developing a highly affordable price range like the kingdom valley payment plan. Furthermore, there is an availability of an installment plan for the further facilitation of the investors. The payment plans are as follows with all the relevant details. Lastly, to know more updates regarding the latest price range, visit the official website of Estate Land marketing.

Residential Plots Payment Plan

The residential plots price ranges are as follows

ASF residential Payment plan

Residential Bungalows Payment Plan

The price details and all the relevant data is in the table below


ASF Karachi Bungalows


ASF Karachi Master Plan

The master plan is what this housing society is unique and filled with amenities. Moreover, the developers offer high-quality living standards to the investors and residents at affordable prices, just like the Blue World City Islamabad. Furthermore, there are several phases and blocks available here to meet the needs of the residents and investors. There are three phases here in this real estate project phases 1, 2, and 3. As the requirement of investors is large, so there are twenty blocks in this housing society. Lastly, all blocks have several facilities at an affordable price range. The detailed master plans are as follows:



ASF  Karachi Master Plan

ASF Karachi Development Status

The development work is going on at a fast pace. Moreover, at the end of 2022, the development and construction work will complete. All these stats clear one thing in mind that investment here will be valuable. Therefore, without wasting time, investing here will be beneficial. Furthermore, its development is its location and payment plan, suitable for all the investors and residents. And the legal status also encoring investors to invest in this real estate project. Most importantly, the provision of an installment program makes this housing society a suitable investment option for investors from all economic backgrounds. Lastly, to get more information about the latest development updates here, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.


There are several features available here some of them are as follows:

  • High-quality Infrastructure
  • Affordability
  • Grand Mosque
  • Health Care Units
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Community Support Center
  • Theme Parks and Play Grounds
  • Grocery and Shopping Malls
  • Eco-Friendly Project
  • Sports Complex
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Provision of all basics like electricity, gas, and water


From the numerous amenities, some facilities are available in this housing society.

Environmental-Friendly Housing Project

The housing society makes sure to follow the international urban town planning practices. Moreover, the process allows less wastage of the construction material. Furthermore, there is a plantation drive going on in the housing society to enhance the freshness and cleanliness of the community.

Grand Mosque and Graveyard Provision

Religious obligations are a mandatory aspect of every community. Therefore to fulfill this requirement of the residents and investors, the developers have offered the grand Mosque. It will facilitate them with the best religious experience.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The developers want to offer a high-end living experience to their residents with high-quality infrastructure. Moreover, it will increase the worth of this real estate investment. Lastly, the high-quality infrastructure also adds beauty to the housing society.

Healthcare and Education Facilities

Education and healthcare facilities are the basic every society need to grow sustainably. Moreover, to offer a high-living experience, the developers provide both facilities. Especially the healthcare units will be available 24/7 to facilitate the resident in an emergency. Lastly, the schools and colleges here comply with international education standards.

Business Opportunities

The master plan has a commercial area that will encourage the investors to grow economically. Moreover, the commercial plots are available at affordable prices where all residents can start their business according to their budget.

Foolproof Security System

The security system of this housing society is crucial as there will be the availability of CCTV cameras. The cameras will be recording all the activities going on in the community. Moreover, the security guards will be present 24/7 to help with any inconvenience.

Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of this residential project are as follows:


  • Availability of all basic 24/7
  • Schools and colleges
  • Health care units
  • Theme parks and grounds
  • Shopping centers
  • Commercial area
  • Peaceful and secured environment
  • Eco-friendly housing society
  • Well-planned drainage system
  • Police station


  • The only con is the misperception of high plot prices. However, the payment is highly affordable with an installment option.

Why Invest In ASF Karachi?

Asf Karachi is the housing scheme by Asf foundation and king’s group. Moreover, the housing society is filled with amenities to facilitate the investor’s high-end living standards. Furthermore, the housing scheme is highly affordable with an option of an installment program. The location of this housing society is also highly accessible from the Jinnah International Airport, Seven wonders city, and Bahria town. Moreover, These features are available in one gated community, making this housing society an ideal real estate investment. Secondly, the legal status of this residential project makes it a more responsible investment. Lastly, the development work is going on at a high pace, so that investment will be highly beneficial now. As the development work progresses, investors might see a spike in plot price.


The housing society has a unique master plan for all residents looking for high-end living standards. Moreover, the developers are famous for their mega-developing projects. Furthermore, the payment plan and location is the most appealing feature of this housing society. The location is accessible from all vital sites from the surroundings, especially from Jinnah International Airport. All these features make this housing society a valuable real estate investment. So, without wasting time, visit the location and seek guidance from the professional realtor before making any real estate investment. Lastly, to get the latest updates on this residential project, visit the official website of Estate Land Marketing.


Q1. What is ASF Karachi?

It is a residential project in Karachi.

Q2. Who is the developer?

ASF Foundation and the King’s Group are the developers of this housing society.

Q3. Is the housing society legal?

Yes! Under the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA), the housing society has a legal status.

Q4. Where is it located?

It is at M9-Motorway on Eastern Border

Q5. Is this residential project affordable?

Yes! The price range of plots is highly affordable.

Q6. Is there is an option of an installment program?

Yes! There is a facilitation of an installment program.

Q7. Is the location is accessible?

The location is accessible from various vital sites; it is incredibly close to Jinnah International Airport.

Q8. Is this will be a valuable real estate investment?

According to the housing society’s facilities, location, and payment plan, this is worth investment.

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North Town Residency

North Town Residency Karachi

North Town Residency Karachi

North Town Residency Karachi is a legal residential project. Moreover, the housing society is a project by GFS Builders and Developers. The developers aim to offer high-end living standards to their investors and future residents. Furthermore, the housing scheme is in North Karachi. The master plan includes a lot of amenities and plots; the sizes of properties available here are 80 to 120 square yards.

Furthermore, it was developed in 2015 and is the best property investment in Karachi 2021. Therefore, the housing scheme has done most development and construction work. Lastly, to get more information about this housing society, continue reading.

Owners & Developers

The owners and developers of this residential project are the Global Financial Solutions (GFS) builders and developers. Moreover, the developers are famous for their development projects in Pakistan. They aim to facilitate the residents or investors with a world-class living experience. Furthermore, the developers have been in this field for over 15 years, keeping the development project’s standards high. Their real estate projects are Clifton Luxuria, Lubaba Residency, North Town Residency (Surjani Town), and seven wonders city. Lastly, the developers are trustworthy, and investors are interested in their real estate projects.

Location & Map

Location is a critical factor that all investors and residents look for before making any real estate investment; the Blue World City Islamabad is the perfect example of the ideal location. Moreover, it is at North Karachi 5A/3 near 4K Chorangi. And, the site is highly accessible from all the vital locations of the surroundings like Gadap Town, New Karachi Town, Moon City Gadap Town, and Sultanabad New Karachi.

The other famous landmarks close to this residential project include Surjani Town, Gulshan e Maymar, and Gulshan e Fatima Society. All these sites make this development project a big hit. As we all know, accessibility is what people look at before doing any real estate business, whether for business or living purposes.


North Town Residency Location

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is the prerequisite for real estate investment. Moreover, the developers have gained legal status from Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) to facilitate the investors and residents. Furthermore, the housing society received its legal status in 2015 and has all the relevant legal documents. Therefore, this residential project is a trustworthy and valuable investment. Lastly, the legal housing societies take less development time, so it’s a plus for all the residents and investors.

Payment Plans

The payment plan is the first thing that all investors look for before making any real estate investment. Therefore, the properties’ price range is in every investor’s approach to facilitate the investors and residents, just like the kingdom valley payment plan. The central aim of north town residency Karachi is to offer high-quality living standards to the residents and investors at an affordable price range. That is why investors have an option of the installment plan. Lastly, the payment has developed, keeping the plot size and affordability factor in mind. The plot size range from PKR 2,195,00/- to PKR 4,800,000/-. And, the further details are as follows.

Residential Plots Payment Plan (80 sq. Yards)

The booking of the residential plot of 80 square feet starts from a minimal booking of PKR 100,000/-. Whereas the total amount of these plots are PKR 2,195,000/-. The other details are as follows:

payment plan

Residential Plots Payment Plan (120 sq. Yards)

The booking price of 120 sq yards residential plots starts at PKR 150,000/-. Moreover, the final cost of the area is PKR 2,595,000/-. Lastly, the further details are as follows:


payment plan


Commercial Plots Payment Plan (100 sq. Yards)

The booking price of 100 sq yards commercial plots are PKR  275,000/-. Furthermore, the final cost of these plots is 3,800,000/-. And, the latest updates are as follows:


Diamond Block Payment Plan (120 sq. Yards)

The starting price of the booking is PKR 300,000/-. And, the total amount of these plots are PKR  4, 800,000/-. Lastly, further details are here:

diamond payment plan

Superior Block Payment Plan

The booking price of this block starts from PKR 250,000/- to PKR 4,000,000/-All other relevant details are here:

payment plan

Master Plan

The master plan of this housing society has all its investors looking for high-quality living standards. Moreover, there are several blocks available in this housing society to fulfill the requirement of the residents. This housing scheme has two phases, phases 1 and 2. Furthermore, the master plan is here with the help of professional and experts who knows the art of making humungous developing projects. Lastly, from comforts to luxuries, the residents can have anything they can dream of their real estate investment.


north town residency master plan


There are mainly three blocks available in this real estate project, and their names are gold, diamond and superior. Moreover, other details are as follows.

Residential Plots

The residential plots are the central aspect of this housing society. Moreover, there are various properties available where investors can dream homes at affordable prices. And the plot sizes available here are 80 sq yards to 100 sq yards. Furthermore, the best feature is the payment plan with an installment plan.

Commercial Plots

The commercial area is the basis of every housing society. Therefore, the investors will have an option of having the retail location to start their business and startup according to their desires. Moreover, it will help the residents to grow themselves economically. All these facilities make this housing society a valuable investment.

Development Status

The majority of the development work is complete I this housing society. Moreover, according to the international urban town planning standards, all the work is here. And, some residents are living here with peace and high-quality living standards. Furthermore, the location makes this real estate project an ideal real estate investment. And, the payment plan comes where all investors find themselves economically secured. Furthermore, the developers are making sure to complete construction work with with-quality infrastructure. Lastly, to know more details regarding the housing society, visit the website of Estate Land Marketing.


  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Adequate Health Care Facilities
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Wide Roads
  • Optimum Drainage System
  • Theme Parks and Grounds for Recreational Activities
  • Sport Complex
  • Grand Mosque
  • Foolproof Security
  • Water Resources
  • Maintenance
  • Serene Environment
  • Commercial Areas


There are several benefits of this real estate investment. Some of them are as follows:

Environmental-Friendly Residential Project

The primary concern that the world is facing right now is climate change. Moreover, the housing society follows international town planning standards that allow less wastage and encourage environmental-friendly procedures. Furthermore, the housing society has a plantation drive to increase freshness in the air.

Grand Mosque and Graveyard

Religious obligations are mandatory to be fulfilled by every resident and investor; the housing society is here with the grand mosque. Moreover, the housing society has a graveyard to facilitate the investors in grief.

Hotels and Restaurants

Residents need some quality time to spend with the family. Therefore, to give the investors and residents more opportunities, the developers have provided an option of hotels and restaurants where families can go and have a fun time.

Community Center

Customers and investors are always right because they invest in real estate projects. Moreover, personnel hired are subject matter experts and know all the housing society’s ins and outs. Furthermore, the community center plays a critical role in keeping the residents updated regarding all information.

Business Opportunities

There is a provision of the commercial area that will allow residents to grow economically by starting their startups and business. Moreover, the investors can rent out the property or flip it to generate monetary benefits. Therefore, investment here will be beneficial for both investors and residents.

Healthcare and Education Facilities

Health is the primary precursor that tells if the community is developing. Therefore, to facilitate the investors, there is a provision of adequate health care facilities, and they will be available 24/7. Moreover, schools and colleges will cover the international level education system to promote the community in the right direction.

High-Quality Infrastructure

The infrastructure is what all investors look for better living. Therefore this housing society has to keep an eye on building high-quality infrastructure that will allow the residents a sense of high-quality living standards.

Secured Environment

Security is necessary to strive a healthy and sustainable living. Therefore, CCTV Cameras are available in the housing society with security guards available 24/7 to maintain a peaceful environment.

Pros & Cons

The privileges and disadvantages of this real estate project are as follows:


  • Availability of all basics
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Heath care Units
  • Parks and ground for recreational activities
  • Malls, groceries, and shops
  • Fully secured Environment
  • High-quality Infrastructure
  • Adequate drainage system
  • Eco-friendly housing project
  • Mosque and graveyard provision


  • Perception of high plots prices.

Why Invest In North Town Residency Karachi?

The north town residency Karachi has all its investors in their real estate investment. Moreover, from comfort to luxuries, the master plan covers everything. Various plots will be available to facilitate the investors according to their needs. Furthermore, the location is the center of attraction, especially for people looking to make a dream home. Another fantastic feature is the price range of the plots, which is highly affordable.

The payment is feasible and approachable for investors from all economic backgrounds. Secondly, there is an availability of an installment plan to further the facilitation of the investors. Moreover, the amenities the housing society is offering are marvelous. Therefore, investing here will be a valuable investment. Lastly, to know about the latest updates, visit the site o website of estate land marketing.


North Town Residency is the famous and unique housing society present in the surroundings of Karachi, making it a valuable real estate investment for the investors of surrounding areas. Moreover, the location and payment of this housing society are suitable for all the residents and investors looking for business opportunities as there is a provision of a commercial area. Furthermore, the amenities it offers, from basics to high-end living standards, the housing society covers all facilities for its investors. Therefore, investing here will be a beneficial and valuable asset.


Q1. What is North Town Residency?

It is a residential project in Karachi.

Q2. Where is it found?

In North Karachi 5A/3 near 4K Chorangi

Q3. Is this real estate project legal?

Yes! It is an approved housing society by Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA).

Q4. Who are the developers of this housing society?

The owners are the Global Financial Solutions (GFS) builders and developers.

Q5. Is the payment plan affordable?

Yes! The payment is highly affordable.

Q6. Do they have the provision of an installment plan?

Yes! They do have a provision of an installment plan.

Q7. Is investing here worth it?

Yes! The amenities it offers at an affordable price make it a worthy real estate investment.

Q8. Do they offer commercial plots?

Yes! There is a provision for the commercial area in the master plan.

Q9. Is the housing society developed?

Yes! Mostly the development work is completed.

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seven wonders city Karachi

Seven Wonders City Karachi

Seven Wonders City

Seven Wonders City is a theme-based housing society that offers all the world’s seven wonders in one gated society. It is just near to M-9 motorway in Karachi. This housing society spreads over 250 acres of land.


The developers of this housing project is Global Financial Solutions(GFS), a company that has been in the construction industry for more than a decade. They have worked on a wide range of projects, from residential to commercial ventures. Furthermore, they have managed clients’ investments in various fields. GFS brings high value to each of its projects.

Owners & Developers

Mr. Irfan Wahid is the CEO of GFS, who is one of the notable builders in Pakistan. He is a diversified builder with experience in supervision and engineer in New York and London.

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Location & Map

It is a gated society that is only 15 minutes away from ARY Laguna and DHA City. Seven Wonders City has a prime location away from the hustle and bustle of Karachi. The location of this project is just near Malir River Expressway and M9 Motorway. It has an ideal location, as it is also only one hour away from Jinnah International Airport.

Seven Wonders City Karachi location map

NOC Status

The Seven Wonders City Karachi is one of the unique societies with a NOC and an approved society. The approval of the layout out plan and the grant of the No Objection Certificate was possible because of Assistant Director of Planning and Development Control, Jamshoro.

Check NOC Status of: Blue World City

Payment Plans

The proprietor’s integral approach is to deliver a hassle-free way of life to the residents, commencing from a functional installment arrangement. As the housing society is presently under development, so the installment rates are much reasonable.

Seven Wonders City Karachi prices

Check Payment Plans of: Taj Residencia

Agra and Giza Cluster

Agra and Giza Cluster prices of seven wonders city

Farm Houses 1000 SQ. Yard

farm houses payment plan of seven wonders city

Farm Houses 2000 SQ. Yard

Farm Houses prices in seven wonders city

Phase 1 Extension

Phase 1 Extension prices in seven wonders city

Phase 2 Gold Extension

Phase 2 Gold Extension prices in seven wonders city

Master plan

The developers have designed this project in such a way so that it systemizes to become a high metropolitan project. It is further divided into commercial and residential clusters of diverse sizes with different themes. As of now, the construction is nearly complete, and the property is obtainable for abrupt ownership. The project also offers a safe environment with lush greenery and a fresh atmosphere.

master plan of Seven Wonders City Karachi

Check out Master Plan of : Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Development Status

The majority of the plots are around 80 to 120 sq. yards with Outdoor and Indoor Parks of International standards. The latest phase of the housing project is just near Nooriabad, about 1-hour drive from Karachi.


In this housing society, each wonder of the world would have its replica. Hence, making it ideal for the individuals looking to post something new for their social media snaps. The residents would likely come across

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Taj Mahal
  • Statue of Liberty
  • The Great Chinese Wall
  • The Stonehenge
  • Roman Coliseum
  • The Great Pyramid in Giza

All of these replicas would be located around the center of the Sectors. The replica of the famous Pakistani landmark known as Minar-e –Pakistan also be around the wonders. It is one of the exceptional features of this real estate project, as it enables you to visualize the dream destinations every day. Apart from that, it is also an exotic spot to take pictures and post them on social media sites to get more likes, without even wandering around these places in real.

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The Seven Wonders City has the potential of becoming the top housing society, as it also features some state-of-the-art facilities for its residents. Following are some of the features that make it one of the greatest real estate ventures in Karachi for property investors:

  • Grand mosque
  • Community parks and Water Parks
  • Clubhouse
  • Top schools of the City
  • State-of-the-art hospital
  • Cricket stadium
  • Kids play area
  • Mini-zoo
  • Health clubs
  • Arcade rooms
  • Civic centers
  • Library, with the latest stock

Pros & Cons


  • Seven Wonders City offers a lavish and comfortable lifestyle to its inhabitants.
  • This housing society would have replicas of all the seven winders in the world, which would be a source of attraction for visitors.
  • Efficiently planned system of waste disposal and sewerage.


  • Its further expansion might take more time than required due to its creative infrastructure with world-class amenities.
  • It is estimated to be more expensive in the market due to the huge level of fortune that the project developers are aiming for.

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Seven wonders city is one of the marvelous ventures in the real estate industry of Pakistan. This project wants to provide a high quantity of permanent assets for its potential stakeholder in Pakistan and abroad. It is becoming a convenient housing choice for Karachi residents due to its rapid construction. The developers are also aiming for Islamabad to establish itself nationwide. For further information, the investors need to contact Estate Land Marketing. Our team consists of real estate consultants looking forward to discuss about lucrative opportunities for potential investors in Real Estate.


Q1. Who owns Seven Wonders City?

Global Financial Services(GFS), an organization with a huge range of investment management and construction services, is the project’s owner.

Q2. Where to locate it?

It is locatable on M9 Motorway and a few miles away from Malir Expressway.

Q3. Does the society have its NOC Approval?

Yes, the housing society is legal with NOC endorsement from the Assistant Director of Development and Planning Control in Jamshoro.

Q4. Is it a good investment?

In a real estate market, investment in Residential plots, Farm Houses and Villas is among the few business options to safeguard your income. So we can say that investing in the seven wonder project is the best option to increase capital.

Q5. How to book a plot?

You will get all the information from Estate Land Marketing. You can visit our office in City Arcade Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, or get in touch with us through our official number,

Q6. What are the sizes of the plots?

The sizes of residential plots range from 80 square yards to 120 square yards, while the sizes of Farmhouses are 1000 sq. yards to 2000 sq. yards.

Q7. What is the concept of this housing project?

Seven Wonders City is a project by the GFS group to deliver the concept of a historical or cultural City in Pakistan for the first time.

Q8. Does it guarantee a high return rate on investment?

Yes, it does. Due to its ideal location with world-class features and replicas of well-known structures globally, the return rate of investment is going to be high.

Q9. Are there any commercial plots available?

As of now, the developers have not updated anything yet about the availability of commercial plots.

Q10. Does it have an installment plan?

Yes, a four-year installment plan is available for residential plots for Phase 1 and the Gold Block Extension of Phase 2.


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Gohar Green City Karachi

Gohar Green City

Gohar Green City

Gohar Green City Karachi is one of the housing developments that have been authorized by the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). The Medicam Group of Companies (MGC) and the Gohar Group of Companies are developing this residential community.

Furthermore, Gohar Green City is situated on the main Shahra e Faisal road, just behind Malir Court, in the city’s heart. Gohar Green was established in 2004 to provide all luxuries at a reasonable price to the community.

Developers & Owners

It is one of the best developers of this massive project by the Gohar Group of Companies, regarded as the fastest-growing real estate and business company in the country; it is one of the project’s developers. Moreover, the firm has achieved tremendous success in building and development, and it is continuously striving for greater heights of excellence, guided by the conviction that perfection is beyond bounds.

Moreover, The Medicam Group of Companies is another well-known name in the company’s corporate field, the Medicam Group Companies. And With massive development projects such as government and private hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets, and general shops under its belt, it is widely regarded as the market’s leading player in the corporate sector.

NOC Status

The NOC of this Society is approved by Sindh Building Control Authority. In contrast, The customer should be delighted with the legal state of the property they are purchasing. This housing society gives total satisfaction since it has been granted approval by the Sindh Building Control Authority and has received a certificate.

And Also, check out the NOC of Taj Residencia,

Location & Map

It is located in the prime location of Shahrah-e-Faisal, adjacent to Al Amin City and Malir Court Karachi. It is also close to the city’s international airport. The Medicam Group of Companies and the Gohar Group have collaborated to develop KN Gohar Greens City. KN Gohar Green City is a private development that is ultra-modern and where life unfolds fantastically.

Gohar Green City location map

Nearby Landmarks

The Society is close to the following landmarks and places:

  • Model Colony
  • Shahrah-e-Faisal
  • Malir Cantonment
  • Hassan General Hospital
  • Bagh-e-Malir Park
  • Civil Aviation Colony
  • Malir Railway Station
  • Al-Amin City
  • Bagh-e-Ibrahim Society
  • Jinnah Airport
  • also, Landhi Railway Station


  • Approximately 5 minutes drive from Korangi Road
  • About a 4-minute drive from Jamia Millia Road
  • Around 3 minutes drive away from Shahra-e-Faisal
  • also, Shah Faisal Town Road is nine mints on the industry.

also, check out the map of Blue-World-City

Payment Plans

This housing society provides renovated residential and business properties at the most affordable prices and with the most flexible payment options. Plots are available for purchase at an affordable price, with prices starting at PKR 2,000,000. In addition, The payment can be made at a single time or through an installment plan of a 1.5-year time frame.

Furthermore, there is the probability of achieving a bank loan. With the installment plan, you may pay half of the amount in installments, likewise with the remaining payment made via a bank loan facility. So The installments are monthly and quarterly, and the fees can be paid at each developmental phase.

Silver Payment Plan

Gohar Green city Karachi Silver payment plan is as follows :

silver payment plan of Gohar Green City

Gold Payment Plan

Gohar Green city Karachi Gold payment plan is as follows:

gold payment plan of Gohar Green City

Platinum Payment Plan

lastly Gohar Green city Karachi Platinum payment plan is as follows:

platinium payment plan of Gohar Green City

Master Plan

The master plan for Gohar Green City demonstrates the expertise of the engineers and architects who have made the most use of the available land in planning and building bungalows that are world-class in terms of infrastructure quality.

Furthermore, The larger sections will be used to build apartments, bungalows, and clubs, while the smaller sections will be used to build businesses and other modest buildings. The flats are also surrounded by a thoroughfare that connects to other streets. In contrast, there are good places for planting to improve the scenic character of the Society and filter the air, among other things.

Green City master plan

Lastly, there are sufficient spaces for planting to enhance the community’s attractive quality and cleanse the air.


There are currently no blocks available. However, the building is presently underway. However, There are four types of apartments: A, B, C, and D. The bungalows are divided into 3 class based on their level of luxury: silver, gold, and platinum which are following above.

Residential Apartments

So If you believe that apartments are small, congested residential areas, you will change your mind after visiting this Society. In contrast, This Society provides you with comprehensive, airy, luxury apartments with two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and four bedrooms at the most competitive prices in the area—residential Apartments.

Furthermore, The flats provide access to all of the most basic and up-to-date amenities around the clock. Likewise, there is an attached bathroom in each bedroom and a contemporary kitchen, an open-plan living area, and a terrace. The flats feature retail outlets on the first and second levels, respectively.

Commercial Plots

So the Commercial plots in Gohar Greens City are offered at competitive pricing, with simple payment and installment arrangements. Likewise, a bank loan choice helps the customers acquire a commercial property and begin their firm without additional delay.

You can also check out the master plan of Kingdom-Valley-Islamabad


Gohar Greens City is the best alternative if you want to live in an area where all facilities are just outside your door at the most reasonable prices. Secondly, The community provides you with luxurious apartments and bungalows in a contemporary design and access to all necessary amenities around the clock. 

Additionally, it is Built with skill; the apartments and bungalows have water, drainage, sewage, power, gas, telephone, and internet connectivity, to mention a few. The flats are light and airy, thanks to a well-designed ventilation system.

Furthermore, a wide range of residential and business plots are available, each unique size and pricing. And The housing plan provides a facility of simple payment plans for the convenience of customers from lower socioeconomic, allowing them to participate in the delightful experience of living in this community.

Moreover, the infrastructure is visually appealing, and the surrounding greenery contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the apartments. Such as schools, hospitals, banks, gyms, shopping malls, mosques, playgrounds, and various other amenities are available, all of which contribute to making the Society a desirable place to live.

Why Should I Invest In this Society?

So Profitable opportunity with a high rate of return on Investment, Gohar Greens City is a good choice. In contrast, this well-planned housing complex is equipped with everything a person could possibly require.

Environmentally Friendly

it is beneficial to both the surrounding environment and its residents; the Society’s developers have been working very hard. Apart from that, living in green communities such as Gohar greens city has a number of benefits, including improved health and well-being, increased resident morale, lower energy costs, and cleaner air. Furthermore, These kinds of communities are prevalent in this area. Even while the project’s principal goals include minimizing carbon emissions and fuel consumption, utilizing biodegradable and recyclable materials wherever feasible is also a major focus.


So The hospital’s emergency department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide emergency services to the general public. The Developers have demonstrated a solid commitment to the health and well-being of the community’s residents as they worked on the construction of clinics and hospitals.

The benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate has a number of benefits. For example, it has the ability to create a high rate of return on Investment, to mention a few advantages. Therefore, while making an investment in the real estate market, one may anticipate reaping a variety of rewards. Using this product gives you the following advantages, which are among the most important advantages of doing business with it.


Confidence in a financial situation

so investing in real estate if you have a surplus of money or an asset and want to preserve the value of that asset while also ensuring that the Investment’s value does not depreciate. In addition, The only sector capable of accomplishing this while also ensuring that the Investment’s value does not depreciate is the financial services sector.

source of income

Real estate investment has the potential to quickly establish itself as a stable source of income. as a result, think about the following possibilities. Acquire a piece of property with the intention of developing it or purchase a plot of land with the purpose of renting it out on a monthly or yearly basis. Furthermore, it is possible to argue that, as a result of this evolution, the situation is becoming more stable rather than more unstable.


Maintaining Investment in the same way you would hold a living thing after it has been completed is not required. Only you have to be troubled about one thing, and that is your health. in addition, You regularly monitor your property to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands of encroaching parties.

The Benefits of a Passive Income

A person may be able to create passive income from a real estate investment by renting out the property. So, In this case, the investor would acquire a pre-existing building or piece of land and then give it rent out, guaranteeing that they get steady revenue.

Supply of Electricity, Water, And Gas

Power utilities are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the Gohar greens city. However, owing to load shedding difficulties in the major cities, this is not the case.


  • Ideal location
  • Security guards
  • Affordable rates
  • Swimming pools
  • Shopping centers
  • Easy payment plans
  • Secure boundary wall
  • High-class restaurants
  • The facility of bank loan
  • Floriculture and greenbelts
  • Central cooling and heating
  • Drainage and sewage system
  • Streets and roads for smooth traffic
  • Approved NOC and construction plans
  • Standard commercial and residential plots
  • Mosque
  • Praying area for a woman
  • Society own club(free membership)
  • Swimming pool
  • Commercial area
  • Wide parking area
  • Ventilated apartment
  • CCTV camera
  • Secure project boundary wall
  • Security patrolling police
  • High standard secondary school
  • in addition, KN academy branch for society kids education
  • Playing area for kids
  • The green boundary at the side of the roads
  • Sewerage system
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Jogging tracks
  • Basketball area
  • Cards game hall
  • Football game area
  • Nanny’s room
  • Pool table
  • Table tennis hall
  • Gated Society
  • Luxury / decorated environment
  • World-class hotels
  • KN Gohar Green City Hospital
  • 24 hours emergency
  • Hotels
  • Cafeteria
  • furthermore Latest security system with walk-through gates and CCTV cameras

Pros & Cons


  • Schools \ Colleges
  • 24/7-water
  • Security cameras and armed guards
  • 24/7Electricity
  • in addition, a solid waste disposal system
  • Carefully considered drainage and waste disposal systems
  • 24/7Gas
  • Grocery stores, markets,
  • shopping centers
  • A green and environmentally friendly housing society
  • Amenities such as recreational areas and amusement parks
  • A peaceful, healthy, and secure atmosphere
  • in addition, a Police Station to maintain peace


  • The perception of high plot costs, 
  • also, Gohar greens city has stringent rules, and severe limitations may deter some investors from locating their businesses there and investing.


Gohar Green City Karachi is one of the housing developments that have been authorized by the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). The Medicam Group of Companies (MGC) and the Gohar Group of companies develop this residential community. Moreover, KN Gohar Greens City is a gated community with 24-hour security, and life truly takes care of you. Your exquisite lifestyle and modern at KN Gohar Green City are safe and secure like no other because of the perimeter walls, round-the-clock CCTV monitoring, private security patrolling, and active security guards. Likewise, Gohar Greens City gives a lavish lifestyle as it will be equipped with all of the most current facilities and the greatest in class housing. Lastly, If you have any questions about Gohar green city, Please you may get in touch with us.directly at Estate land marketing.


Q1: Where is Gohar Greens City located?

ANS: It is on the prime location of Shahrah-e-Faisal, adjacent to Al Amin City and on the rear of Malir Court Karachi.

Q2: Who are the developers of Gohar Green City?

ANS: So, Gohar Greens City Karachi is a joint project by Medicam Group of Companies (MGC) and Gohar Group.

Q3: In Gohar Greens City, what is the average size of a typical apartment?

ANS: In this community, you may choose between 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom apartment units, as well as single and double-story bungalows with an 80-120 square yard space.

Q4: Does the Housing Society offer an installment plan?

ANS: An simple 1.5-year payment plan is available from the Society.

Q5: What is the booking procedure?

ANS: Gohar Green City provides a straightforward approach for purchasing a plot of land. Initial payments include a 5% down payment and a confirmation fee.

Q6: Is it an approved and legal housing society?

Ans. the NOC and all other documentation of Gohar Greens City Karachi are approved by SBCA.

Q7: What exactly is Gohar Greens City, and how does it vary from the other housing complexes?

ANS. So, It was designed and built with the goal of providing exceptional living space at an economical price. Engineers, architects, and other specialists have spent a significant amount of time and resources on the design and development of the project.

Q8: How can I buy a plot?

ANS. If you have questions regarding this housing Society, Additionally, contact us 0331 1110234.

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Marwa Hill View Karachi

Marwa Hill View Karachi

Marwa Hill View Karachi

Marwa Hill View is a housing society in Karachi. At a reasonable price, it is one of the first profitable housing developments to provide top living choices with high-standard amenities and a premium quality lifestyle in a safe and secure environment. The new urban living idea has been presented as a way of life that is meant to promote community-building and the preservation of the natural environment in the most transparent manner possible.

It is being developed while adhering to and fulfilling all applicable international and local regulations. So The layout design incorporates all of the necessary facilities and amenities, making it the finest housing complex in Karachi. in addition, Investors will find the Marwa Hill View Surjani Town Karachi to be one of the most promising investment options in the city.

Developers and owners

The developers and owners of Marwa Hill View Surjani Town are well-known in Karachi and across the country. Moreover, The Marwa Hill View Karachi is AMS Enterprise & AR Builder & Developer’s flagship project.

The developers have firsthand knowledge in developing a variety of real estate projects at the most reasonable rates. Secondly, Over the years, the investors have also established a strong sense of trust and transparency. This is also one of the concerns for the project’s success investors already have faith in the creators.

NOC Status

The SBCA is seen to have granted the No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Marwa Hill, according to reports. In addition, The projects that have been approved have a better probability of being completed and developing quickly. Investors have also expressed confidence in the approved real estate developments.

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Location Map

It is situated in Surjani Town sector 11 and closed to North Town Villas, at Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeem Road, near the M-10 Motorway.

Marwa Hill View Karachi location map

Acess Points

  • Located at Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeem Road
  • 10 min drive away from M-10 Motorway
  • Five mints drive away from Lyari Basti Road
  • 10 mints drive away from maymar Avenue
  • 21 mins drive away from M-9 Motorway
  • 19 mins drive away from Hub Dam Road
  • 25 mints drive away from Lyari Expressway
  • 41 mins drive away from Quaid e Azam International Airport Karachi

Nearby Landmarks

  • Surjani Town
  • M-10 Motorway
  • M-9 Motorway
  • Karachi University
  • IBA Karachi
  • Gulshan e Iqbal
  • Gulberg Town
  • Noman Royal City
  • New Karachi Town
  • North Nazimabad Town

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Payment Plan

Marwa Hill View payment plan is cheap and flexible for investors. likewise, Booking begins at Rs. 100,000/-. Bookings for plots for sale Marwa Hill View Surjani Town are now available.

Marwa Hill View Karachi plot prices and payment plans

Master Plan

the payment plan for Marwa Hill View Karachi is both cheap and flexible in nature. similarly, The Booking may be made for as little as Rs. 100,000/-. Plots for sale in Marwa Hill View Surjani Town are now available for reservation at competitive prices.

The Marwa Hill View provides a variety of residential plots, which include the following options:

  • 80 square yards and 120 square yards are available.

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A few examples of the services and facilities that the lodging society provides are listed below.


The neighbourhood will provide environmentally friendly, close-to-nature living while still providing all of the contemporary comforts and services that people expect today. In the first place, The close connection to nature, it is expected, would offer a unique experience that cannot be duplicated in Pakistan’s housing developments. Furthermore, as city life grows increasingly stressful and detrimental to one’s health, people are becoming more separated from the natural environment.

The Great Mosque

The community aims to satisfy all of the needs of its citizens, including their religious obligations. Furthermore, developers are constructing a massive Jamia mosque in order to accomplish this objective. Because of it, the mosque will be bright and include cutting-edge technology and architectural features.

Water Resources

The Water Society has taken the needs of the people into account. Moreover, Residents will be provided with enough water for everyday needs such as bathing, washing, and cooking, as well as irrigation. Additionally, filter plants will be included as part of the community to guarantee that inhabitants have access to safe drinking water.


so Every society’s structure is incomplete without a cemetery, and this is no exception. Second, death and life are unavoidable aspects of the human experience. As a result, the residents may choose to bury their deceased relatives and pray for the success of their eternal existence. Visits to loved ones buried within the organisation are also allowed.

Community Centres

As a result, community centres will serve as a hub of social activity for residents, encouraging them to become more involved in their communities. As a result, while they are here, they will be able to participate in and enjoy social events.

Hospitals and medical centres

In particular, the developers have given careful attention to the availability of medical services in the surrounding area. The development team will accomplish this by constructing state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics globally. In addition, the emergency department will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and staff and doctors will be available at all times to assist patients.

Education Complex

in the first place, It is our responsibility to guarantee that students get an education of the greatest possible quality on an international level. In addition, the teaching staff will be competent and well-trained in their respective fields, guaranteeing that students get the best possible educational experience.

Along with the needs of the residents, including economic and commercial circumstances, Hub for Business and the developers have taken into consideration all of their concerns. Because of this, society will develop a commercial complex that will encompass everything. Consequently, people who live in these areas will be able to meet all of their business requirements while remaining inside the neighbourhood.

safe and secure neighbourhood

A successful housing society needs community security, which the state provides. Also, A gated neighbourhood adds security. Furthermore, in addition to providing general safety for people it protects, a security system includes properly positioned 24/7 CCTV cameras as well as extra security cameras to further enhance the overall protection.

High-quality Road Infrastructure:

A high level of quality and equipment is used in the construction of the roads and other infrastructure to guarantee that it is of the highest quality possible. Not only but also, The main boulevard and surrounding streets are broad and open enough to give off a magnificent appearance on their own.


  • Retail Area
  • Club House
  • Modern Spa
  • 24/7 security
  • Maintenance
  • Boundary Wall
  • Grand Mosque
  • Water Resources
  • Gated community
  • Education Complex
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Beautiful entrance gate
  • waste disposal system and Sewerage
  • World-class infrastructure development
  • Sports complex
  • moreover, Medical Facilities are offered by dispensaries, Hospitals, and clinics.

Why Should I Invest in this society?

Marwa Hill View is a profitable investment opportunity with a high return on investment. As a result, this well-planned housing complex has everything a person might possibly need.

Environmentally Friendly

Aside from that, developers have worked tirelessly to produce a clean and green atmosphere that is helpful to the surrounding ecosystem. So Living in a green community like Marwa Hill View Karachi offers several advantages, including better health, lower energy costs, and cleaner air. Moreover, it is one such community. Reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption is the goal; utilising biodegradable and recyclable materials wherever feasible is also a goal of the project. So When it comes to the creation of an ecologically aware community, green spaces are essential. So Growing community gardens, trees, and parks allow people to reap the benefits of reduced CO2 emissions, greater fitness, and improved mental health as a result of more green space in their surroundings.


As they work on the construction of clinics and hospitals, the developers have shown a strong dedication to the health and well-being of the inhabitants of the lodging community. Moreover, Emergency services are available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the hospital’s emergency department.

Benefits of Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate has several advantages. For starters, it has the potential to provide a high rate of return on investment. So It is important to remember that it will only be beneficial if done correctly on the first try. As a result, while making an investment in the real estate industry, one may anticipate a variety of benefits. The following of the most important advantages of using this product:

Financial Security

If a person has an excess of money or an asset and wants to keep the value of that asset high while also ensuring that the investment’s worth does not depreciate, real estate is the sector that can do this while also ensuring that the investment’s worth does not degrade.

Stable Income

In this way, investing in real estate has the potential to provide a person with a stable stream of income very quickly. For example, one might acquire a plot of property and develop it, or one could purchase a plot of land and rent it out on a monthly or yearly basis. Moreover, the rent gets raised annually. As a result, It is fair to make the claim that the situation is getting more stable rather than less stable.


It is not essential to maintain an investment in the same manner that you would maintain a living thing after it has been finished. Consequently, the only thing you will have to worry about is checking on your property on a regular basis to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands of encroachers.

Earnings from A Passive Source

Once a person has made a real estate investment, he or she may be able to generate passive income through rental income. For example, investors may buy a constructed building or develop open land and then rent it out, ensuring a steady stream of income throughout the year with no interruption in operations.

Pros and Cons


  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • 24/7-Gas
  • 24/7-water
  • 24/7-Electricity
  • Security system
  • CCTV Cameras & guards
  • Theme Parks/Recreational Areas
  • Peaceful/ healthy/secure environment
  • Grocery/shopping center/Markets/Malls
  • furthermore, Solid waste disposal mechanism
  • close to the central locations and other societies
  • Well-planned drainage & waste disposal systems
  • Green, innovative and sustainable housing society
  • moreover, Police stations to keep the law and order
  • Roads, streets, lanes, and walkways for pedestrians
  • moreover, The vast and well-planned carpeted main boulevard


  • Some visitors complained that it was too far away from the main city.
  • The perception of expensive plot costs: the fact that certain blocks have yet to be built.
  • The fact that the Marwa Hill tight regulations of strict restrictions may discourage some investors from making investments there.


Marwa Hill View is a housing property in Karachi. To offer a premium quality lifestyle in a safe and secure environment, likewise, is one of the first profitable home projects. It is a style of life that encourages community development and environmental preservation. Il complies with all international and local regulations. Furthermore, The finest housing complex in Karachi, with all the necessary facilities. Marwa Hill View Surjani Town Karachi is one of the city’s most attractive investment opportunities. For instance, if you Have more questions about Marwa hill view? make sure to check out our website or directly connect us Estate land marketing


Q1 Is it a housing society that has been authorised and is legal?

Ans. Yes, The SBCA has approved the Marwa Hill View Karachi.

Q2: Is it an affordable housing society?

Ans. The simple Marwa Hill View Karachi instalment plans. The management has been instrumental in balancing elegance and affordability.

Q3: Does this society has a potential high yield investment return?

Ans. Yes, Because the payment schedules are appealing to families, small investors, particularly those from humble origins, are interested in large investments.

Q4: What is the location of Marwa Hill?

Ans. Marwa Hill View Karachi is situated in Surjani Town, near to the M-10.

Q5: Who are the developers of Marwa Hill?

Ans. Marwa Hill View Karachi is a project that is creating AMS Enterprise & AR Builder & Developer as well as other technologies.

Q6: What exactly is Marwa Hill, and how does it differ from other housing developments in the area?

Ans. So, Marwa Hill View is being developed to offer affordable eco-friendly living. It was developed by a group of highly skilled engineers, architects, and other experts with extensive expertise.

Q7: How can I buy a plot?

Ans: Please get in touch with us 0331 1110234

Q8 What is mean a society in real estate?

ANS: its means Gas, Water, Parks, Hospital, Sewerage, not only-but also Linking Road Network, and Electricity etc.


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Saima Arabian Villas Karachi

Saima Arabian Villas Karachi

Saima Arabian Villas Karachi

Saima Arabian Villas Karachi is an approved housing society by Sindh Building Control Authority. It is located in Sector 5-A of Gadap Town, North Karachi. This housing society in Karachi is developed by the Saima Group, also known as (Saima Builders & Developers). This well-known residential project is among the best and state-of-the-art residential projects in Karachi.

Saima Builders and Developers have completed several highly successful and profitable real estate projects in Karachi. Therefore, since the start of this housing project, the investors have shown an immense deal of interest due to their trust in developers. Saima Arabian Villas Karachi is divided into multiple blocks while offering a range of luxurious Villas for the investors and residents. Furthermore, they are offering facilities and amenities like no other housing society in Karachi.

Owners & Developers

The Saima Arabian Villas is developed by Saima Group (builders and developers), and the company has been renowned for delivering top real estate projects since 1985 with a 100% success rate. In total, the group is proud to announce that they accomplished 40 property projects with absolute customer satisfaction. Moreover, a high level of dedication and commitment enabled the group to earn 40 medals in Pakistan’s whole real estate industry and created a well-known identity in the real estate market. As a result, the Saima Builders and developer has attained a dynamic and progressive portfolio among other real property developers in Pakistan and leading by example.

some of the most successful and profitable real estate projects by Saima Group are as follows:

  • Twin Tower
  • Arabian Apartments
  • Comforts
  • Arabian
  •  Luxuria
  • Apartments

The Saima Group Builders and Developers

Saima Group has become a dynamic and progressive organization with a brilliant past and a promising future. Moreover, through an extensive regional network across Pakistan, the company has become a leader in the industry. Additionally, they now stand for quality, trust, authenticity, durability, and high status in real estate planning & development and constructing residential and commercial mega projects. They have a team of professionals consisting of qualified and experienced architects, civil engineers, consultants, managers, advertisers, marketers, technicians, electricians, masons, carpenters, workers, and labor force who are greatly capable of effective planning and execution following the international standard and given specifications.

Location and Map

The location of Saima Arabian Villas is ideal and prime as it is situated in Sector 5-A of Gadap Town, North Karachi. Furthermore, it is also near Surjani Town and Etihad Town. Additionally, the M-10 Karachi Northern Bypass is just a few minutes away from the Saima Arabian Villas. Moreover, two major roads provide direct access to the society and areas of Karachi, such as Surjani Road West, Mangohpir Road, and Hub Dam Road. It is in the heart of North Karachi and surrounded by numerous popular residential and non-residential areas of Karachi.

Saima Arabian Villas Karachi Location Map

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Saima Arabian map location is easily accessible from various areas of Karachi. Following are the accessibility points to the Arabian Villas by Saima Group:

  • Surjani Road West
  • Hub Dam Road
  • Manghopir Road
  • 15 minutes drive from M-10 Karachi Northern Bypass
  • 09 minutes drive from Orangi – New Karachi Link Rd
  • 07 minutes drive from Al-Amna Ave, Gadap Town, Karachi
  • 11 minutes drive from Lyari Basti Road
  • 25 minutes drive from Karachi – Hyderabad Motorway

Accessibility Points of Saima Arabian Villas

Nearby Landmarks

The location of this housing society in Karachi is also prime because the following landmarks and places are located very close to the Arabian villas.

  • Surjani Town
  • Taiser Town
  • Ittehad Town
  • New Karachi Town
  • Gulshan-e-Fatima Society
  • Gulshan-e-hijri Scheme-33
  • University of Karachi
  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal
  • Gulshan-e-Maymar
  • Gulberg Town
  • Nazimabad
  • Federal B Area
  • North Nazimabad Town
  • Baldia
  • Orangi Town
  • Azad Nagar
  • Mazar-e-Quaid, Quaid-e-Azam Mausoleum

Nearby Landmarks to housing society in karachi

NOC Status

The housing scheme is a legitimately legal society as it attained approval forms and documents for all the constructions going on within its premises from Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). Furthermore, this implies that it has legal authorization for all the developments inside the housing society, and no legal issues will arise in the future. No -Objection -Certificate (NOC) is approved by the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). No. SBCA/DD-(D-II)/996/ADV-579/2012, dated: 17-09-2013. Often, it is difficult for the housing societies to get a NOC for the supply of electricity and gas. Still, Saima Arabian Villas has NOC for the supply of gas and electricity, making it a highly desirable housing scheme in Karachi.

The NOC approval is attached below:

No Objection Certificate of Saima Arabian Villas

Read about the NOC Status of DHA Karachi

 Master Plan

Saima Arabian housing project is a remarkable and trustworthy housing project. Moreover, the master plan is designed with high precision and international standard equipment with the help of experienced professionals. Furthermore, all the modern facilities and luxury is taken into account during the designing and development phase.

The detailed master plan of this stunning and remarkable housing society in Karachi is given below:

Master Plan of Saima Arabian Villas Housing Society in Karachi



  • A Block
  • B Block
  • C Block
  • D Block
  • E Block
  • F Block
  • G Block
  • H Block


  • A Type
  • A-1 Type
  • B Type
  • R Type
  • R-1 Type
  • R-P Type

Plot Sizes

  • 120 square yards (Single Floor)
  • 160 square yards (Single Floor)
  • 240 square yards (Single Floor)

Payment Plan

The management has finalized a flexible and affordable payment plan while keeping in view that the real estate prices keep changing with time. Moreover, sometimes market rates skyrockets, and sometimes the price drops, just like Dollar prices in Pakistan. However, a detailed payment plan is attached below:

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Type A and A-1

Payment Prices Saima Arabian Villas housing society in Karachi

Type R-P

Payment Schedule Saima Arabian Villas Housing Society in Karachi

Salient Features

Following are the most salient features offered at  Saima Arabian Villas Karachi:

  • 24/7 Security
  • Well Gated
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Security Guards
  • Boundary Wall
  • Cinema with a silver screen
  • Clean Environment
  • Broad Roads
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Proper Drainage System
  • Filtered Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Jamia Mosque
  • SBCA Approved
  • Mosques
  • Open Streets
  • Parks
  • PlayGround
  • Sewage System
  • Shopping Malls
  • Recreational Activities
  • Street Lights
  • Markets
  • Fuel Stations
  • Graveyard
  • Gardens
  • International Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Gyms

Facilities and Amenities

Basic Utilities

The Saima Arabian Villas Karachi provides the inhabitants with basic utilities, including electricity, water, gas, underground sewage system, and drainage system to filter out the rainwater. Moreover, the availability of pure water is continuous, and the supply of gas and electricity is consistent.

Electricity Backup

The housing scheme has installed proper heavy power backup systems to deal with the issues like load shedding and other power outages.

Wide Roads and Main Boulevards

The roads and main boulevards of the housing society in Karachi are extremely wide and open with smooth texture. Moreover, they are lined with streetlights and plants. Additionally, the streets of the housing society are also widely constructed and spacious to ensure the smooth traffic flow.

Safe and Secure

The residential scheme provides a high degree of security to its residents as the residents themselves can see that the residential society does not take any chances or risks when it comes to the safety of the residents. The housing society in Karachi has installed many CCTV cameras to monitor the security, and armed guards continuously patrol the residential community’s surroundings.

Business and Commercial Hub

There are various grocery stores and shopping centers within Saima Arabian Villas Karachi from where the residents can purchase all the essential items for their daily use. Moreover, many up-to-date shopping centers located inside the housing scheme offer the residents several grocery shops, clothing stores, shoe shops, book stores, mobile shops, jewelry stores, restaurants, cafes, and playing zones for the kids. Furthermore, several other famous shopping centers are located in the vicinity of the housing society as well.

Provision of Health Care

The developers of Saima Arabian Villas are to construct a hospital within the vicinity that offers quality checkups to the residents of the housing community. Moreover, several renowned hospitals and clinics are located in the area of Saima Arabian Villas:

  • North Karachi Hospital
  • Medi-Call General Hospital
  • Ziauddin Hospital
  • Family Health Clinic
  • Fatima Medical Complex
  • Daniya Clinic
  • Tariq Medical Center
  • Geo Life Hospital
  • Children’s Hospital
  • Grand Mosque

The architects of the Saima Arabian Villas Mosque is an exquisite and architectural masterpiece. It is located very close to the Villas. Several other mosques are located within the housing society to worship in a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.

Environment-friendly Atmosphere

The housing society in Karachi promotes a healthy, green, and eco-friendly environment. Moreover, there are numerous lush green parks and gardens located within the housing society. Additionally, the developers plan to construct more parks, playgrounds, and gardens into the infrastructure of the residential scheme of Saima Arabian Villas.

Luxurious Housing Society in Karachi:

Saima Arabian Villas Karachi is a housing society project by Saima developers and builders. The reason for this project’s popularity is that the owners have put a lot of effort into developing this area and made it a luxurious society that adds immense value to the entire residential area.

Sports Facilities

The management has taken care of all the sports-related activities by developing playgrounds and other sports complexes for the residents. Moreover, the sports activities will ensure a healthy environment for the residents and promote good health.

Water Filtration Plant

To ensure clean drinking water, the management has built a proper water filtration plant for the residents. Additionally, Inhabitants may take away the drinking water in containers with them to their houses.

Pros and Cons


  • Water 24/7
  • Electricity  24/7
  •  gas 24/7
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Theme Parks/Recreational Activities
  • Grocery/shopping centers and Malls
  • Peaceful/ healthy and serene environment
  • Gated community with security gates, surveillance systems, CCTV Cameras & guards
  • Very near to the main locations & other societies
  • Wide planned carpeted main boulevard, roads, streets, lanes & walk-ways for pedestrians
  • Well-planned drainage & waste disposal systems
  • Green, smart and sustainable housing society in Islamabad
  • Police Station to keep the law & order
  • Security system
  • Solid waste disposal system


  • General perception of higher prices

Pro Tips

  1. Ensure that you always verify all the documents before engaging in a legally binding contract with the other party.
  2. Inquire about the No Objection Certificate before making any official deal
  3. Ensure that your funds align with your purchase and sale intention


Saima Arabian Villas is an SBCA-approved housing society built with one target: to provide a high-quality living experience to the residents. Moreover, Luxurious amenities and location are the main attractive features of this society, and various popular housing societies in Karachi also encircle it. Therefore, it provides luxurious and elegant villas in several areas at really affordable rates. Additionally, it offers an extremely secure, friendly, and comfortable environment. Similarly, it promotes an eco-friendly environment. For further information regarding real estate and housing societies all over Pakistan, contact or visit us at Estate Land Marketing.


Q1: What is Saima Arabian Villas Karachi?

Ans: Saima Arabian Villas Karachi is a remarkable  housing society in Karachi.

Q2: Where are Saima Arabian Villas located?

Ans: The villa in Karachi is located in Sector 5 A of Gadap Town in North Karachi making it a prime location.

Q3: Who is developing  Saima Arabian Villas Karachi?

Ans: This is a residential real estate project by Saima Group  also known as Saima Builders & Developers.

Q4: Is Saima Arabian Villas a legal project?

Ans: Yes, Saima Arabian Villas is a completely  legal real estate project, and SBCA approves its NOC.

Q5: What plot sizes of Villas are available in Saima Arabian Villas Karachi?

Ans:  The Villas offers villas of 120 square yards, 160 square yards, and 240 square yards.

Q6: Does Saima Arabian Villas provide an installment plan?

Ans: An easy and convenient installment plan is available

Q7: Is the development work in full swing?

Ans. Yes, the development is happening at a rapid pace without any delay.

Q8: Is it an affordable housing society?

Ans. Yes, there is no doubt because of the easy and flexible installment plans they offer.

Q9: Does this society have a potential high yield investment return?

Ans. The offered installment schedule is immensely attractive to families even from a modest background, and small investors are interested in investing in large numbers. Henceforth, increasing the chance of high-yield investment returns.

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Bahria Greens Karachi

Bahria Greens Karachi

Bahria Greens Karachi

Bahria Town is a residential area of international quality. Bahria town position among the famous housing developers. The land in Karachi is covered by 44,000 hectares. The organization has set new standards for the sustainability of the household in the area. Bahria Town Karachi offers its people an excellent lifestyle. It provides a variety for both commercial and residential plots of various properties. The first-ever low-cost home property in Bahria Town Karachi launched its Bahria Greens block.

It is a Bahria Town Karachi project. Bahria Town Karachi Lifestyle is now giving cheap living for low-income households. The Project offers a limited residence of 75 sq. yards with a surface area of approx. 1,700 sq. ft. and two floors, four beds, and a space. The most extensive low-cost plan in Pakistan for each Pakistani to live. Residents of Bahria Town Karachi in the more prominent communities would benefit from the facilities provided.

It provides high-tech housing, an office, a luxury hotel, and a shopping Centre. The residential Project is the most desirable.

Owners and Developers

This Project was developed by Bahria Town and Malik Riaz developers. The project developers want to provide their residents and anyone who wants to invest here with a life-changing experience. The development work will be carried out reasonably, like previous projects in Bahria and Malik Riaz, as the Bahria developers are dedicated to delivering. The developments are designed to give residents and tourists numerous outstanding amenities and facilities.

Design Your Own Dream Home

Bahria Greens Karachi offers outstanding opportunities for investors. Bahria’s is also open to builders who are willing to use the enormous potential of Bahria Karachi as a high-performance and short-term choice; it is a location for living with standards and for relating peace. Bahria has made the excellent vision a reality. They are well before the time in their world-class communities with contemporary facilities. All developments have the country’s most sophisticated infrastructure and world-class facilities.

Details of Bahria Greens Karachi

  • Plot size: 75 yards (15’x40′) Plot equivalent to 3 Marla
  • Construction permit: 2 floors and ground floor.
  • You can develop your own 4-bedroom home that is about 1700 sq. ft. covered.
  • Also included is a separate dedicated block in which only the Pakistani nation may acquire a plot.

Project Plan

Bahria Greens Karachi is a major residential project that covers a vast area. It is 65 percent of the territory with green places and lovely parks, and a region of 35 percent is built. The best site of Bahria Town has been chosen to provide the residents of Bahria with convenience, while the trade environment shows a strong investment rate and promising future. Moreover, Bahria Town has developed a distinct “Overseas Block.” Also, for Overseas and local people, this Project is designed with varying heights. It will be an excellent site for investing in Karachi and starting a new and sophisticated way to live. The state-of-the-art residential complex with about 10,000 plots of 3 Marla’s. On these newly announced modest plots, Bahria City will enable Ground +2 Floors (4 Bedrooms). Most significantly, Bahria will help you acquire a dream property loan as well.

Want to Know Project Plan of : Blue World City

Location Map

Location is one of the significant concerns of anybody who buys property in a newly constructed company. The site attracts more than one-third of its investors and purchasers, but all this is solved by now. Situated at around nine km from the Toll Plaza on the Super Highway and not too distant from the central city, Malir Cantt and Jinnah are easily accessible. Seven Wonders City, DHA housing company, commanders of the town, scheme 33, the ASF City, and Karachi Golf City are nearby housing companies. In addition, it has schools, universities, hospitals, marts, banks and every other need for everyday living. Within minutes, Bahria’s Karachi is positioned in the significant region of Karachi and will allow its inhabitants to visit numerous industrial and commercial sites. The Bahria Adventure Land Amusement Park, the day and night zoo (DanZoo), and the Raiha Cine Gold Plex cinemas are in the surroundings. It is an excellent location for entrance.

Bahria Greens Karachi location map

Accommodation at Bahria Greens Homes Karachi

Bahria’s has approached Karachi with a master plan mega-lodging concept, which claims to make the most sophisticated facilities for Karachi, living in a quiet, serene environment the world’s most appealing choice. However, it mainly targets the middle class in Pakistan, so there are limitless booking applications for property, houses, and apartments from all corners of Pakistan. According to the society administrators, the residents had three layouts: the ground level, the first, and the second floors.

The plan includes the following:

  • Ground floor Kitchen, lounge, dining, Power Room, staircase, rear passage, store
  • Second Floor: 2 bedrooms with bathroom, Balcony one room, lobby.
  • Third Floor: 2 bedrooms with bathroom, Balcony, one room, lobby.
  • If you also want to, the resident can create your own house and exhibit his creativity,

floor plan of Bahria Greens homes Karachi

Master Plan of Bahria’s

This Project includes some unique features, like Central Park, a golf course, and many more. It is all set to be at the top of the city’s purchasing areas. In addition, the people of this megaproject must not leave the premises in search of any fundamental installation because it supplies its people with all the amenities, and everything inside its frontier wall is available. As you can see from the above-noted master plan, residential units/plots are designed to allow easy access to all facilities by every residential block.

master plan of Bahria Greens Karachi

Villas Elevation

Bahria City has released the design villa that you will develop in your 3 Marla plots. The villas are set according to contemporary standards, and maximum room for ample accommodation is used.

Here is the picture of the villas’ front lift:

villas elevation in Bahria Greens homes Karachi

The photos of the living room and bedrooms follow: Following are:

villas elevation in Bahria Greens homes

In the previous 2 to 3 decades, several housing society projects have been designed and built throughout Pakistan. And many more housing complexes are continuously being created and developed. Capital Smart City Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, and Park View City.

Payment Plan

­With a 4-year flexible payment plan, 3 Marla (75 Sq’Yards) plots are available at reasonable costs. Reservations begin with only a 20% down payment, and 16 equal quarterly installments pay the remaining four years. All the sales agreements, registration and processing fees, and transportation charges are provided to customers as necessary. Investors should submit all

allocations, ownership, and transfer of plots bylaws under the management of the competent authorities of owners of companies.










(4 Years 16 Inst)





RS. 1675,000



RS. 295,000



RS. 86,250



75 SQ YARD (15’x40′)


Installment Plans

 3 Marla Residential Plots on Installments

Bahria’s intelligently designed a low-cost housing complex. But it’s also a location where you’ll discover your goals and desires in their lifestyles. It offers the most significant three parcels of the Marla residential property. The total price for 3 Marla sales plots in Bahria Town Karachi is 17.50 lakes. The cost of the property is four lakes, whereas the rest is pay in simple payments. With four years of the flexible payment plan, all 3 Marla plots are available. Payment plan information and pricing are

Taj Residencia society is also offering the best plan at moderate prices.

Features and facilities

  • Latest rescue and security system.
  • Master Planned and Gated Community located
  • Backup power 100 percent (No Load-Shedding).
  • Kids Play Area
  • Sports complex
  • Each apartment’s water supply.
  • Each apartment’s Sui gas supply.
  • Close to restaurants, quality foods for you.
  • Cinema
  • Public parking
  • The international theme park, dolphin arena, and zoo,
  • Medical and hospital centers
  • Street lightening
  • Shopping centers
  • Commercial areas
  • The most delicate fabric in Bahria City with state-of-the-art amenities.
  • Cricket Stadium, Community Center, Gym
  • telephone, electricity, and gas connections
  • Mosque and Hospital, Fully functional School
  • maintenance services and 24/24 security

Plan and layout of Bahria Greens Karachi:

The 3D blueprints and layouts given by the designers show you how this block is functioning. Residents frequently use home finance services to develop buildings. It is an overseas block built for expatriates only. The projects now under progress are growing at a fast rate. On the other hand, fund managers would make their homes as established by the administration of the community. The position of the parts is assigned and finalized the following demarcation temporarily.

How to Book in Bahria Greens Karachi?

Its Residential Packages are offered for reserve on a first-come, first-service basis. You can use the Bahria Town website to view the booking form and charge the deposits at any UBL, Allied Bank, or Bahria Town branch in Pakistan or elsewhere,

if you like to reserve a spot, contact the head office or its site office, including all these necessary documentations.

  • 1 CNIC Copy of next of kin
  • Processing Fees Rs. 5,000
  • 1 CNIC Copy of client
  • 2 Passport Size Photographs of client
  • Form Fee Rs.1000
  • Down Payment Rs.2,95,000

Why should you choose the Bahria Greens Karachi?

Bahria’s is peaceful and cost-effective. The concept is developed so that you may comfort and be free to live alone in a safe and secure neighborhood. The dwellings are space-efficient because you may utilize a two-story design with a total of 3 stories. For you, your family, such as your siblings, parents, and children in the house, you may create four bedrooms there. It’s ideal for people that seek the maximum input value. The most significant part of this design is the Greenery and Parks in Bahria. The roadways are substantial and will be wholly carpeted. It is a unique choice because of the optimum ratio of 35% of the building and 65% of parks.

Benefits of buying a property in Bahria Greens

In addition, you may live in a famous neighborhood by purchasing a home in Bahria Greens. You can invest in a future capital gains project. You also can hire a third party from your future home. This Project is near some of DHA’s and Bahria Town’s most prominent residential and commercial projects. The Project is a fantastic opportunity to put your house where your energy is restored rather than drained via increased levels of urban stress. Your home may be secure in a thriving location with a modest investment now. The reward may be huge, and the reservation has already been limited to a period of one month after launching. The Project will also have proper leisure centers and residential buildings in place. Without paying a high amount, you may live in a beautiful place. If you have a placement or company location nearby, it might be even better for you.

Low price accommodation

Indeed, the concept of a modest strategy is an excellent opportunity. In a high-class company, charges are highly competitive and reasonable for any middle-class group.

Don’t lose the chance at this particular fantastic company to develop a magnificent residence.

Routine basics available 24/7

The management staff of Bahria’s will provide 24-hour energy, sui gas, and water maintenance. Each block includes schools, colleges, malls, hospitals, and medical centers.

Housing system of high quality

The first thing we talk about Bahria town in Karachi is about the region’s major corporations.

Premium rental

It is located in Bahria City, as previously noted. However, the Bahria’s Karachi housing development is not yet stated by officials.

But it is possible to enter Bahria’s Karachi residences using the M-9 Karachi Hyderabad highway.

The modern way of living

Bahria’s citizens will experience every luxury they wish. Hundreds of restaurants and cafés are located all across society. The company builds theatres and entertainment facilities. There are magnificent green, clever places distant from the thrill of Karachi city Centre.


Bahria Greens Karachi is another beautiful Bahria Town at the low-cost home complex. Bahria Town of Karachi offers Bahria a fantastic residential complex for the inhabitants of Karachi. Pakistan’s largest low-cost scheme currently offers Bahira Town Karachi lifestyle for an inexpensive living. 75 sq Yds (15’x40?) Residential Limited Plots.

Build your own dream home 4 Bed for the Overseas Pakistanis, covered area 1700 Sq ft (approx). The total cost is roughly Rs 1750000 for these plots.

Have more questions about the Model town Multan Be sure to check out our website or directly connect us the estate land marketing.



Q1- Who is the proprietor of Bahria greens?

ANS: The Project of Bahria Green Karachi’s owner. This scheme has been launched by Malik Riaz- A well-known entrepreneur.

Q2- Has the scheme started?

ANS: No, just a pre-start was done right now.

Q3- Where is the exact location?

ANS: to get more details, kindly contact us on this number; +923008262866 or reach us via WhatsApp;

Q4-How can I confirm my plot number?

ANS: Call the Bahria helpline and tell your application number. They will say to you plot #.

Q5-why should I invest my money in your company?

ANS: because we are giving the best service, it is designed for families’ peaceful environment, which provides luxuries services at low prices.

Q6-what is the price of Plots?

ANS: At now, as much as 100% of banks’ loans support the low-cost plan. The current prediction is that the property will double concerning its pricing in the coming fiscal years. The current price is Rs 1 675 000. However, this is simply the price that is very likely to change at present.

Q7-What is a society in real estate?

ANS: Gas, Water, Parks, Hospital, Sewerage, Linking Road Network, Electricity

Q8-How can the plot in the company be paid?

ANS: The plot can be paid in actual cash. However, if you can afford it, the authorities of companies will provide a simple 4-year installment plan. In the article, find these plans.

Q9-How can I get more information through the website?

ANS: there is an official website Bahria Karachi. After clicking onto the projects menu, you will get there.

Q10-what is the condition of electricity?

ANS: electricity condition is outstanding full-time battery backup

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DHA Karachi

DHA Karachi

DHA Karachi

DHA City Karachi is Pakistan’s first-ever ecological, smart, and green city, with a 20,000-acre territory. It’s also broken down into 16 different sections The top-notch solar power park, which they developed to address the electricity crisis, is one of the primary highlights. The solar energy park will guarantee that residents in the vicinity have access to electricity at all times.


In 2009, the DHA City plan in Karachi was unveiled as a housing project. The project was hailed as Pakistan’s first-ever smart & green housing scheme, causing a tidal wave in the country’s property market. DHA City Karachi (DCK) is a one-of-a-kind residential/commercial project that is being created quickly in compliance with the latest engineering and architectural principles. DCK was masterfully planned with a forward-thinking strategy to make it a citizen city regarding healthcare schooling, family-friendly, and easy access. To establish DCK as a clean and green city, a hydroponic component has been creatively implemented.


Every investor is interested in learning more about the builders and their track record in the property market. We are glad to inform you that the developer is the Defense Housing Authority, which collaborates with other best-in-class contractors. These contractors are then required to follow the DHA’s world-class requirements.

In the real estate industry, DHA has established a distinct character. A rigid strategy of no negotiation on the quality of production at the best prices of properties in the property market enabled this special position.


It is situated in Gadap Town, Karachi, roughly 55 kilometers from the city center and adjacent to the M-9 Motorway. Additional research into the DHA’s location explains that the Toll Plaza is only 20 kilometers distant, and well-developed residential properties like Bahria Town, Karachi are only a 38-minute short drive. If you’re concerned about the commute, you should know that the Malir Motorway’s construction will significantly shorten travel time between the city center and DHA City. It will cut a two-hour trip down to one hour (or less). Apart from DHA City’s theme parks, residents of DHA City will have accessibility to a variety of Bahria Town attractions, including The Day and Night Zoo (DANZOO) and Bahria Adventure Land, all of which are great locations to visit with kids.

location map of DHA Karachi


The first concern that comes to mind for an investor is whether or not the housing project they wish to invest in is lawful. So yet, there has been no reliable evidence about any unlawful issues involving DHA. We always remind our valued readers and customers that you must first obtain a fully issued No Objection Certificate (NOC) before making any property purchase.

Master Plan

DHA has a large housing society to match its enormous popularity. It covers a total of 20,000 acres of prime property in Karachi. Every square inch of this landmass has been developed to give it a modern appearance. The DCK project can give residents with a modern, secure, and pleasant living environment. DCK’s international prestige is owed to its continued fast-track development with institutionalized strength, international level project management, supply of world-class amenities, and globally recognized sustainable status. DHA has made numerous notable interventions in DCK during the previous year, giving the project a new dimension and significant value. Several MoUs have been signed-in this direction to develop famous academic institutions and medical facilities in DCK.

Two amusement parks, a golf course, DHA Suffa University, IBA campus, Shaukat Khanam Medical, and Research Center, Dow Medical University, a state-of-the-art Liver Transplant Center, 20 high schools, and 40 schools are all part of DCK’s planning. In 2011, the DHA City Development Plan was unveiled, with the project divided into 16 sectors. Each of these sectors is divided into subsectors A, B, C, D, etc. The master plan displays some subsectors as red & others as yellow, indicating that the red zone is now under construction and will be completed by 2018. On the other hand, the yellow zone is the territory that the developers will build between 2020 and 2021, so it is a long-term plan.

DHA City Karachi Residential Plots Plots for sale and purchase are accessible at the most competitive prices in the real estate market. The project is divided into eight phases. Sectors and blocks are then created from these steps. Each phase also features its business districts to provide the finest possible living experience & convenience to the residents.

master plan of DHA Karachi


Each phase also features its business districts to provide the finest possible living experience & convenience to the residents. DHA City Karachi includes a total of 17 sectors. Every sector is further subdivided into A, B, C, D, and so on. These sub-divisions of sectors are made up of plots of various sizes. The current pricing in DHA City Karachi differs from plot to plot.

Plot Sizes for Sale

These phases provide plots ranging in size from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal for sale or purchase at the most competitive pricing. On these plots, various sizes of residences are built, with various numbers & sizes of bedrooms, lounges, lawns, etc.

Developed Phases

Sector 3, 5, and 7 maps are currently accessible, with a map of sector 2 coming soon. Sector 3 development work is nearly complete, and it is scheduled to be handed over shortly, trailed by sectors 5 and 7, where project development is likely to be completed shortly. In this marvel of modern development, DHA City Karachi is intended to contain all living amenities and all important elements of life. It will have a central business district with all-important health and educational institutions and banks, corporate and government offices, parks, cemeteries, masjids, petrol and gas stations, playgrounds, nurseries, and other amenities.

Streets and Lanes

DHA City Karachi is made up of six different types of streets and lanes:

  • Regular streets and lanes; • Commercial streets and lanes
  • The streets and lanes of Gizri.
  • The streets and lanes of Zamzama.
  • Sunset street and lanes. • South/Central/North street.


Another prominent feature of the project is the recently finished DHA Oasis (Farmhouses and Chalets) project, which is well-ordered to redefine high-end existing in a resort-like set in the city outskirts. The landmark project is now in the planning stages. These innovative and beautiful interventions are a testament to DHA’s legitimacy as a strong housing and development institution in the country.

Plot Prices

Since the project was accessible to the public for booking, various categories of plots have been allocated to Armed Force’s current and former officials, DHA serving and retired personnel, Civilians including abroad Pakistanis, Civilian Government Officials, and others. The initial booking costs were quite cheap, with really flexible payment options of 10 & 20 years but profit margins on each class have risen dramatically in the last two years.

The following are the many categories:

  • Civilians were given plots in the J-category.
  • Serving Army Officers were given plots in the A- category.
  • Retired Army Officers were given B-Category plots.
  • DHA Officers were given plots in the K-category.
  • DHA employees were given S-category plots, which are fully paid plots.
  • Civilian Government Officers were given plots in the I-Category.

Residential plot sizes are 125 square feet, 200 square feet, 250 square feet, 300 square feet, 500 square feet, 1000 square feet, and 2000 square feet, while commercial plot sizes are 200 square feet, 300 square feet, 500 square feet, 1000 square feet, and 2000 square feet. Each category has varied prices & payment plans that range from 10 to 20 years of installments.

Payment plans

Development Status

With far less than half of DHA City Karachi presently under construction, we can expect a modern city that will greatly expand and utilize all planned services and designs by 2030. However, the residence will begin in a year or so, beginning with the vanguard sector 3, which is almost available to be handed over. There are now 16 residential sectors on the market, with files from sector 17 also being auctioned. The sectors listed above are expected to be completed by 2021, with more new sectors being added to the mega project throughout time.

DHA City Karachi is rapidly improving in terms of quality. Because it is 56 kilometers from the city center, key transportation systems such as the Karachi Bus Rapid Transit System or BRT have been extended to DHA City, ensuring quick access to and from the project. It is also interconnected to other DHA sections by the Malir Motorway project, which will greatly reduce the distance and make it around a 20-minute commute via Malir Motorway.

Facilities and Services

DHA City in Karachi is outfitted with all of the world’s best facilities and services. To back up our claim, the project has attracted the attention of some of Pakistan’s most prestigious institutions, such as Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), and Shifa University, among others.

The following are some additional significant elements of DHA City, Karachi:

  • DHA City in Karachi is Pakistan’s first green and sustainable city project.
  • Markets, stores, and religious buildings are all within easy walking distance of the housing project’s potential tenants.
  • DHA Metropolis, Karachi’s master plan, comprises a sports hub, amusement parks, and a medical unit city. In several of the facilities, development has already begun.
  • For 250 families, a 400-yard commercial area has been built, requiring prospective homeowners to drive vast distances for basic and common household products.
  • A magnificent mosque with seating for 1000 worshippers is part of the concept.
  • A total of 105 acres of land have been set aside for medical & healthcare facilities as part of the plan. The initiative has piqued the interest of prestigious institutions such as Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. In Sector 3, however, a branch of the University of Health and Sciences has already been built.
  • The establishment of a solar energy park in DHA City, Karachi, attempts to address the issue of electricity shortages.
  • The DHA City project proposes to create a “Knowledge Park” that will include several educational institutions, including Suffa University, the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), and the National Centre for Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (NCRIE).
  • Sector 3 in Karachi’s DHA City has concluded its progress work and is now entirely operational, with a kindergarten plus primary school.
  • The DHA has created a comprehensive transportation plan for the residents’ convenience, including trams, buses, and pedestrian bridges.


Like any other gated community around the world, DHA City Karachi provides all of the necessary state-of-the-art amenities and services to its investors. Thanks to the developers’ ingenuity, this is the kind of community that a household dreams of. DHA City Karachi is Pakistan’s first smart, green, & sustainable city housing project, with houses built and designed so that people don’t have to drive far and have everything they need close at hand.

Jamiah Mosque

Each block of the project will feature specially designed mosques for the residents of each block, allowing them to worship comfortably and fulfill the sincere religious commitment without being inconvenienced. Jamiah Mosques are planning to be developed throughout the development for the convenience of the society’s residents and tourists to better suit people in Friday prayers.

System for Waste Management

One of the most important components in the venture’s performance is a failsafe waste management system. DHA City intends to set up a rubbish disposal system that the residents will maintain. This will be a completely automated and professionally managed design for the residents’ convenience. DHA City Karachi has also designed and constructed a unique sewerage system with huge sewerage pipelines to efficiently drainage storm water and trash.

Infrastructure and Roads

DHA City Karachi’s 17 sectors have been constructed and designed to accommodate transportation and traffic as efficiently as possible, even during peak hours throughout the day. Pedestrian paths have also been installed for safe walking. To retain the complete movement, the streets, houses, and sturdy framework are built with beautiful capabilities and the most up-to-date development equipment. It is made possible by the architects’ and workers’ perseverance in providing a modern and luxury residential society throughout the project.

Recreational spaces and parklands

DHA City Karachi is more than simply a collection of buildings; it is a modern planned residential society in Karachi that prioritizes the health of its members by creating parks and play places. So that residents can live a nice lifestyle while staying healthy.


The strategy includes high-quality schools and institutions. To provide the leading educational facilities to the citizens, these institutions are equipped with the best and most qualified and experienced teachers and staff.

Salient Features

  • The infrastructure of the highest grade includes cutting-edge features.
  • Roads, streets, and lanes with carpeted surfaces
  • For pedestrians, there are paved walkways.
  • Essential amenities such as water, gas, and electricity are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (Solar power Plant)
  • Boundary wall constructed to gated housing society
  • Hospitals and dispensaries with highly qualified medical doctors, nurses, and employees to deliver the best care are available. These healthcare facilities also have the most up-to-date hardware and software.
  • Payment plans & plot rates that are affordable
  • Schools and colleges are examples of educational facilities.
  • System for sewerage management and garbage disposal that has been well planned
  • Business districts, marketplaces, and shopping malls are all examples of modern business districts.
  • Parks, for example, provide enjoyment and recreational opportunities.
  • Jamiah mosque

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Water is available at all times.
  • Electricity (Society’s Power Plant) is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Gas is available around the clock.
  • Schools
  • Planned Parks/Recreational Areas
  • Markets/grocery stores/shopping malls
  • An environment that is peaceful and healthy
  • Gated community with security checkpoints
  • The main locations and various societies are close by.
  • Roads, streets, lanes, and walkways with carpeted surfaces for pedestrians
  • Well-planned drainage systems
  • Green, a smart and environmentally sound housing society in Karachi


  • Commercial regions have low prices.

Why should you invest in DHA City?

Investors and people alike have put their faith in DHA City Karachi. This reciprocity is because DHA has always kept its promise of providing high-quality housing societies at low prices, which no other housing plan in Pakistan can match. DHA City Karachi is a success in and of itself.

DHA City Karachi’s most appealing characteristic is its affluent and secure living. It is a residential society that has developed top-notch infrastructure. In Pakistan, this degree of buildings and equipment in such a good location at such affordable costs is uncommon.

Summers in Karachi are notorious for their oppressive heat and humidity. Karachi Electric’s power cuts are a common occurrence. To remedy this issue and get it over with, the DHA City Karachi management has established a solar power plant, which plans to develop over time to meet the entire society’s electricity needs.

DHA City Karachi provides properties for sale in the perfect place in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi. This is why investing in DHA City Karachi is suggested. Such a site with high-quality infrastructures and all of this at affordable pricing is like a dream come true.


DHA City Karachi, which highly trained architects designed, has attracted many property investors and estate hunters. A tramway system for transportation within the project’s boundaries is one of the project’s many facilities and amenities, complementing investment and visual appeal. There isn’t a single individual in Karachi who doesn’t want to own a property in DHA City. This is due to DHA’s unwavering passion and dedication, which has never wavered in the face of adversity.


Q1. What is the location of DHA City Karachi?

DHA City is located near Gadap Town, around 55 kilometers from the city center and close to the M-9 Motorway. The project is about 20 kilometers from the Toll Plaza, and well-developed housing societies such as Bahria Town in Karachi are only 38 minutes away.

Q2. Is DHA Membership different from DHA City Karachi Membership?

Yes, DHA City Karachi membership is not valid. DHA City Karachi plots require a separate DHA City Karachi membership.

Q3. Can we give our membership to a family member?

No, membership is only available to the individual and therefore can not be transferred to their spouse, children, or anyone else.

Q4. How do I sell my DHA City Karachi plot?

After obtaining DHA City Karachi membership, you can sell plots on Information Letter after paying the membership registration cost and 25% of the remaining amount. The transferee will pay the outstanding payment balance according to the timetable.

Q5. Is the property likely to yield a high rate of return on investment?

Yes. The returns on investment will be reasonably good due to the great location and high-end facilities and services supplied to the residents. It’s a significant entry point for anyone wishing to reside in the city, and the builders are anticipating a high return.

Q6. Does the plot pricing seem reasonable?

Currently, the project offers a variety of plot sizes as well as basic installment plans at a fair price. This is a very reasonable price that anyone on a budget can easily afford.

Q7. Do you have any commercial plots in society?

Yes, commercial plots of various sizes are offered in the project. A 400-yard commercial area has been built, with commercial plot sizes of 200 square yards, 300 square yards, 500 square yards, 1000 square yards, and 2000 square yards. Each category has varied prices & payment plans that range from 10 to 20 years of installments.

Q8. Has the project’s development begun?

The developers have already begun the development process, which is scheduled to be completed in the next years.

If you’re looking for similar properties to invest in Islamabad or Lahore, Smart City Lahore and Capital Smart City are two alternatives. You can easily read details about these projects on Estateland Marketing’s blog section.

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