Bahria Greens Karachi

Bahria Greens Karachi

Bahria Greens Karachi

Bahria Town is a residential area of international quality. Bahria town position among the famous housing developers. The land in Karachi is covered by 44,000 hectares. The organization has set new standards for the sustainability of the household in the area. Bahria Town Karachi offers its people an excellent lifestyle. It provides a variety for both commercial and residential plots of various properties. The first-ever low-cost home property in Bahria Town Karachi launched its Bahria Greens block.

It is a Bahria Town Karachi project. Bahria Town Karachi Lifestyle is now giving cheap living for low-income households. The Project offers a limited residence of 75 sq. yards with a surface area of approx. 1,700 sq. ft. and two floors, four beds, and a space. The most extensive low-cost plan in Pakistan for each Pakistani to live. Residents of Bahria Town Karachi in the more prominent communities would benefit from the facilities provided.

It provides high-tech housing, an office, a luxury hotel, and a shopping Centre. The residential Project is the most desirable.

Owners and Developers

This Project was developed by Bahria Town and Malik Riaz developers. The project developers want to provide their residents and anyone who wants to invest here with a life-changing experience. The development work will be carried out reasonably, like previous projects in Bahria and Malik Riaz, as the Bahria developers are dedicated to delivering. The developments are designed to give residents and tourists numerous outstanding amenities and facilities.

Design Your Own Dream Home

Bahria Greens Karachi offers outstanding opportunities for investors. Bahria’s is also open to builders who are willing to use the enormous potential of Bahria Karachi as a high-performance and short-term choice; it is a location for living with standards and for relating peace. Bahria has made the excellent vision a reality. They are well before the time in their world-class communities with contemporary facilities. All developments have the country’s most sophisticated infrastructure and world-class facilities.

Details of Bahria Greens Karachi

  • Plot size: 75 yards (15’x40′) Plot equivalent to 3 Marla
  • Construction permit: 2 floors and ground floor.
  • You can develop your own 4-bedroom home that is about 1700 sq. ft. covered.
  • Also included is a separate dedicated block in which only the Pakistani nation may acquire a plot.

Project Plan

Bahria Greens Karachi is a major residential project that covers a vast area. It is 65 percent of the territory with green places and lovely parks, and a region of 35 percent is built. The best site of Bahria Town has been chosen to provide the residents of Bahria with convenience, while the trade environment shows a strong investment rate and promising future. Moreover, Bahria Town has developed a distinct “Overseas Block.” Also, for Overseas and local people, this Project is designed with varying heights. It will be an excellent site for investing in Karachi and starting a new and sophisticated way to live. The state-of-the-art residential complex with about 10,000 plots of 3 Marla’s. On these newly announced modest plots, Bahria City will enable Ground +2 Floors (4 Bedrooms). Most significantly, Bahria will help you acquire a dream property loan as well.

Want to Know Project Plan of : Blue World City

Location Map

Location is one of the significant concerns of anybody who buys property in a newly constructed company. The site attracts more than one-third of its investors and purchasers, but all this is solved by now. Situated at around nine km from the Toll Plaza on the Super Highway and not too distant from the central city, Malir Cantt and Jinnah are easily accessible. Seven Wonders City, DHA housing company, commanders of the town, scheme 33, the ASF City, and Karachi Golf City are nearby housing companies. In addition, it has schools, universities, hospitals, marts, banks and every other need for everyday living. Within minutes, Bahria’s Karachi is positioned in the significant region of Karachi and will allow its inhabitants to visit numerous industrial and commercial sites. The Bahria Adventure Land Amusement Park, the day and night zoo (DanZoo), and the Raiha Cine Gold Plex cinemas are in the surroundings. It is an excellent location for entrance.

Bahria Greens Karachi location map

Accommodation at Bahria Greens Homes Karachi

Bahria’s has approached Karachi with a master plan mega-lodging concept, which claims to make the most sophisticated facilities for Karachi, living in a quiet, serene environment the world’s most appealing choice. However, it mainly targets the middle class in Pakistan, so there are limitless booking applications for property, houses, and apartments from all corners of Pakistan. According to the society administrators, the residents had three layouts: the ground level, the first, and the second floors.

The plan includes the following:

  • Ground floor Kitchen, lounge, dining, Power Room, staircase, rear passage, store
  • Second Floor: 2 bedrooms with bathroom, Balcony one room, lobby.
  • Third Floor: 2 bedrooms with bathroom, Balcony, one room, lobby.
  • If you also want to, the resident can create your own house and exhibit his creativity,

floor plan of Bahria Greens homes Karachi

Master Plan of Bahria’s

This Project includes some unique features, like Central Park, a golf course, and many more. It is all set to be at the top of the city’s purchasing areas. In addition, the people of this megaproject must not leave the premises in search of any fundamental installation because it supplies its people with all the amenities, and everything inside its frontier wall is available. As you can see from the above-noted master plan, residential units/plots are designed to allow easy access to all facilities by every residential block.

master plan of Bahria Greens Karachi

Villas Elevation

Bahria City has released the design villa that you will develop in your 3 Marla plots. The villas are set according to contemporary standards, and maximum room for ample accommodation is used.

Here is the picture of the villas’ front lift:

villas elevation in Bahria Greens homes Karachi

The photos of the living room and bedrooms follow: Following are:

villas elevation in Bahria Greens homes

In the previous 2 to 3 decades, several housing society projects have been designed and built throughout Pakistan. And many more housing complexes are continuously being created and developed. Capital Smart City Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, and Park View City.

Payment Plan

­With a 4-year flexible payment plan, 3 Marla (75 Sq’Yards) plots are available at reasonable costs. Reservations begin with only a 20% down payment, and 16 equal quarterly installments pay the remaining four years. All the sales agreements, registration and processing fees, and transportation charges are provided to customers as necessary. Investors should submit all

allocations, ownership, and transfer of plots bylaws under the management of the competent authorities of owners of companies.










(4 Years 16 Inst)





RS. 1675,000



RS. 295,000



RS. 86,250



75 SQ YARD (15’x40′)


Installment Plans

 3 Marla Residential Plots on Installments

Bahria’s intelligently designed a low-cost housing complex. But it’s also a location where you’ll discover your goals and desires in their lifestyles. It offers the most significant three parcels of the Marla residential property. The total price for 3 Marla sales plots in Bahria Town Karachi is 17.50 lakes. The cost of the property is four lakes, whereas the rest is pay in simple payments. With four years of the flexible payment plan, all 3 Marla plots are available. Payment plan information and pricing are

Taj Residencia society is also offering the best plan at moderate prices.

Features and facilities

  • Latest rescue and security system.
  • Master Planned and Gated Community located
  • Backup power 100 percent (No Load-Shedding).
  • Kids Play Area
  • Sports complex
  • Each apartment’s water supply.
  • Each apartment’s Sui gas supply.
  • Close to restaurants, quality foods for you.
  • Cinema
  • Public parking
  • The international theme park, dolphin arena, and zoo,
  • Medical and hospital centers
  • Street lightening
  • Shopping centers
  • Commercial areas
  • The most delicate fabric in Bahria City with state-of-the-art amenities.
  • Cricket Stadium, Community Center, Gym
  • telephone, electricity, and gas connections
  • Mosque and Hospital, Fully functional School
  • maintenance services and 24/24 security

Plan and layout of Bahria Greens Karachi:

The 3D blueprints and layouts given by the designers show you how this block is functioning. Residents frequently use home finance services to develop buildings. It is an overseas block built for expatriates only. The projects now under progress are growing at a fast rate. On the other hand, fund managers would make their homes as established by the administration of the community. The position of the parts is assigned and finalized the following demarcation temporarily.

How to Book in Bahria Greens Karachi?

Its Residential Packages are offered for reserve on a first-come, first-service basis. You can use the Bahria Town website to view the booking form and charge the deposits at any UBL, Allied Bank, or Bahria Town branch in Pakistan or elsewhere,

if you like to reserve a spot, contact the head office or its site office, including all these necessary documentations.

  • 1 CNIC Copy of next of kin
  • Processing Fees Rs. 5,000
  • 1 CNIC Copy of client
  • 2 Passport Size Photographs of client
  • Form Fee Rs.1000
  • Down Payment Rs.2,95,000

Why should you choose the Bahria Greens Karachi?

Bahria’s is peaceful and cost-effective. The concept is developed so that you may comfort and be free to live alone in a safe and secure neighborhood. The dwellings are space-efficient because you may utilize a two-story design with a total of 3 stories. For you, your family, such as your siblings, parents, and children in the house, you may create four bedrooms there. It’s ideal for people that seek the maximum input value. The most significant part of this design is the Greenery and Parks in Bahria. The roadways are substantial and will be wholly carpeted. It is a unique choice because of the optimum ratio of 35% of the building and 65% of parks.

Benefits of buying a property in Bahria Greens

In addition, you may live in a famous neighborhood by purchasing a home in Bahria Greens. You can invest in a future capital gains project. You also can hire a third party from your future home. This Project is near some of DHA’s and Bahria Town’s most prominent residential and commercial projects. The Project is a fantastic opportunity to put your house where your energy is restored rather than drained via increased levels of urban stress. Your home may be secure in a thriving location with a modest investment now. The reward may be huge, and the reservation has already been limited to a period of one month after launching. The Project will also have proper leisure centers and residential buildings in place. Without paying a high amount, you may live in a beautiful place. If you have a placement or company location nearby, it might be even better for you.

Low price accommodation

Indeed, the concept of a modest strategy is an excellent opportunity. In a high-class company, charges are highly competitive and reasonable for any middle-class group.

Don’t lose the chance at this particular fantastic company to develop a magnificent residence.

Routine basics available 24/7

The management staff of Bahria’s will provide 24-hour energy, sui gas, and water maintenance. Each block includes schools, colleges, malls, hospitals, and medical centers.

Housing system of high quality

The first thing we talk about Bahria town in Karachi is about the region’s major corporations.

Premium rental

It is located in Bahria City, as previously noted. However, the Bahria’s Karachi housing development is not yet stated by officials.

But it is possible to enter Bahria’s Karachi residences using the M-9 Karachi Hyderabad highway.

The modern way of living

Bahria’s citizens will experience every luxury they wish. Hundreds of restaurants and cafés are located all across society. The company builds theatres and entertainment facilities. There are magnificent green, clever places distant from the thrill of Karachi city Centre.


Bahria Greens Karachi is another beautiful Bahria Town at the low-cost home complex. Bahria Town of Karachi offers Bahria a fantastic residential complex for the inhabitants of Karachi. Pakistan’s largest low-cost scheme currently offers Bahira Town Karachi lifestyle for an inexpensive living. 75 sq Yds (15’x40?) Residential Limited Plots.

Build your own dream home 4 Bed for the Overseas Pakistanis, covered area 1700 Sq ft (approx). The total cost is roughly Rs 1750000 for these plots.

Have more questions about the Model town Multan Be sure to check out our website or directly connect us the estate land marketing.



Q1- Who is the proprietor of Bahria greens?

ANS: The Project of Bahria Green Karachi’s owner. This scheme has been launched by Malik Riaz- A well-known entrepreneur.

Q2- Has the scheme started?

ANS: No, just a pre-start was done right now.

Q3- Where is the exact location?

ANS: to get more details, kindly contact us on this number; +923008262866 or reach us via WhatsApp;

Q4-How can I confirm my plot number?

ANS: Call the Bahria helpline and tell your application number. They will say to you plot #.

Q5-why should I invest my money in your company?

ANS: because we are giving the best service, it is designed for families’ peaceful environment, which provides luxuries services at low prices.

Q6-what is the price of Plots?

ANS: At now, as much as 100% of banks’ loans support the low-cost plan. The current prediction is that the property will double concerning its pricing in the coming fiscal years. The current price is Rs 1 675 000. However, this is simply the price that is very likely to change at present.

Q7-What is a society in real estate?

ANS: Gas, Water, Parks, Hospital, Sewerage, Linking Road Network, Electricity

Q8-How can the plot in the company be paid?

ANS: The plot can be paid in actual cash. However, if you can afford it, the authorities of companies will provide a simple 4-year installment plan. In the article, find these plans.

Q9-How can I get more information through the website?

ANS: there is an official website Bahria Karachi. After clicking onto the projects menu, you will get there.

Q10-what is the condition of electricity?

ANS: electricity condition is outstanding full-time battery backup

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